I met Fred when he backed into my car as he was parking. I’d just pulled into the curb, shut the engine off, and was in the process of gathering my papers and the trash from the front seat floor. When the car was rocked and a loud crunching sounded out, my head hit the dash because I was leaning far to the right.

In spite of the noise the collision had made, there wasn’t enough damage to my vehicle to call the insurance companies. Fred apologized and gave me $50 to replace the parking light lens and I agreed to ignore it. Fred introduced himself and said he’d feel better if he could buy me a drink or even dinner some time. I looked him over. He was a few years my junior I thought, but he was also handsome with a nice smile. It was one of those smiles I’d learned to regard as sort of dangerous. He was definitely a ladies man, I thought, but I still gave him my number. Two weeks later, on our third date I drank more than usual and we ended up in his bed.

The start of our sexual relationship was normal enough. After a few more dates he did something that surprised me. After we got cozy he asked me to trust him. I told him I did. He told me that for the next half hour, nothing I said to him or asked him would be acknowledged. I was puzzled but I agreed. He placed three pillows in a pile in the middle of the bed. When he positioned me over them I began to get the message. He wanted to fuck my ass. I had always been curious about it, but I’d also always been too shy to ask for it. I had a blue dildo that had done the job when I was alone, but — just as with my pussy — I was pretty sure that a dildo was nothing like the real thing. So I thought I knew what was coming but I was more than casino şirketleri willing. I started to get nervous but I knew I’d go through with it anyway.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Instead of feeling cool lubricant being smoothed into my butt, I felt a hand slap my left cheek as Fred spanked me. It was something else I’d been curious about, but it wasn’t what I had prepared myself for. After the first few swats, I objected and tried to get him to stop. I tried to move away but he held me down. When he let me know he was determined to do it, I accepted it. It hurt and I yelled. Then it stung and I cried. Nevertheless, the slapping noises continued to fill the room.

Then the weirdest thing happened. I gritted my teeth and felt each swat but didn’t feel them. I mean, I felt them of course. But the pain was just ‘out there’. It was all around me and I was inside it. And it was all okay. It was right. And it felt good to know that. The spanking turned into something good. I started expecting and wanting the next swat. Fred’s hand would land on my ass, lift up, and before he could bring it back down I was lifting up, eager for it. I moved my legs apart and reached down between them. Arching my back, I reached my ass out to him for the swats. I rubbed my pussy and my clit furiously. I scrubbed the orgasm right out of the center of my body and my soul. I whimpered and moaned. I’d never had a stronger one.

Fred was still spanking me when I screamed into my orgasm. I was propelled into a space I’d never suspected even existed. It was a totally sensual, sexual, physical and spiritual place where all of those things became one. And I became that one thing. Fred stopped casino firmaları swatting me and rubbed my sore butt. It felt like he was stroking it with a cactus, the skin was so sensitive. But it was still all okay and my pussy was still giving me little contractions and oozing more juice than it ever had. The next thing I knew Fred was kissing my neck and I realized I had been asleep.

I woke up on my side. When he saw I was awake, Fred moved back from me. I rolled to my back and winced when my ass contacted the cool, smooth sheet. The pain was just pain again. At the same time it was a badge that I had earned. I felt fulfilled when I received the spanking. The fulfillment remained now, but my ass hurt like hell!

I rolled back the other way and got to my elbows and knees. I looked at Fred. He grinned. “Will a cool shower help?” I asked him. He laughed and pinched my nipple.

“A shot of Stoli will help. I’ll bring you one in the shower.” He helped me to my feet. I was so enervated my legs were shaking. After a few steps my balance returned and Fred released me into the bathroom. I adjusted the spray to lukewarm and shivered as it washed over me. The only thing that wasn’t cold was my ass. I leaned on the wall and felt the cool water wash it. The throbbing faded. When Fred stepped in with a double shot of frosty vodka I stood away from the wall. He held it to my lips and gave me a sip. I would have downed the whole thing. Then he took a drink and set it aside. I understood we were supposed to share it and that he was in charge of dispensing it.

We washed each other, turning the hot water up until I wasn’t shivering any more. My ass still hurt but the ‘blush” had eased. I was güvenilir casino sober, despite the earlier drinks and the little bit of vodka in the shower. It was while he was shampooing my hair that I realized he hadn’t even tried to fuck me.

I wiped the water from my eyes and turned to him. His thick cock was standing straight up, angled just slightly out from his belly. When I wrapped my hand around it he smiled and removed it. “No, Billie,” he said. “I need to do things my way. The time will come for that but tonight is not that time. I’ll explain next time…if there is a next time, that is.” His eyebrows rose, turning his statement into a question.

I hugged him to me, feeling the heat of his erection against my own belly. “Oh, there will definitely be a next time. You’re the strangest man I’ve ever met.” We finished rinsing and dried off. For some reason, despite the strength of my orgasm, my pussy was aching to be filled. I couldn’t force him, though, so I was forced to accept his self-denial. Then it hit me: force…control. That was what Fred was about. I didn’t feel that he was dangerous, just in control of his drives.

The whole strange evening would require a great deal of thought. At the door as I was leaving, I asked him to refrain from calling me. I told him we were okay, but I needed to think and absorb this new dimension of myself that he had shown me. He agreed. I lasted a week. I think he might have lasted a year but the end result would have played exactly the way it did.

“Hello?” his voice sounded good to me.

“Hi. Would tonight be a good time?” I asked, not identifying myself.

“Tonight would be perfect, Mindy,” he replied. “Be here at 7:00.” The line went dead. I got hot. I knew what I’d done. I had surrendered to him. It felt good to me. My pussy — and my ass — were already tingling in anticipation. Controlled or not, I was determined to get fucked before dawn.

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