Fantasy with a friend


Fantasy with a friendight now l’d like to be playing with your cock while you lay back and watch porn-stroke a little run my tongue around the head then up and down your shaft take just the head in my mouth and tease you a bit all the while running my hands up and down your stockinged legs23:39oh but wait ! l’ll then slide my mouth down your shaft taking in as much as l can and start sucking harder as l side my lips up and down your cock. one hand moves to your balls and gently kneads them as i fuck with my mouth.l work my way between your legs and start to lick and suck your sac running my tongue up your shaft and around the head back to to your balls l raise your legs a little and start moving down from your balls teasing your tight little butt hole with my tongue every few strokes putting your stocking legs up over my shoulders23:40l slowly work you closer to the edge of the couch raising your legs to lay you back and start to lick from your ass back your balls sucking them gently slowly l start to concentrate on your tight little hole licking andkissing it slowly working my tonguearound in circles probing as l stroke your cock with my hand l work my tongue around and in a little faster and harder massaging your stockinged legs and ass slowly spreading your cheecks l bury my face inyour ass licking and probing deeper wth my tongue l start to rub around your now soaked and puckered little starfish feeling your legs quivering on my shoulders23:41as l rub around your little bakırköy escort hole l hear you start to moan deep inside and feel your hips start to move with my rythm,llick it some more and start to enter you with the tip of my tongue feeling you lay back and open your legs wider for me l’ slowly insert 1 finger just to the knuckle and start moving it back and forth and in and out slowly working it deeper as l go your hips again match my movements as l sstart to push my finger in and out your ass l move my mouth back to your cock and start to bob my head up and down your shaft as l start to work a second finger slowly into your ass using the spit and juices as lube as l slowly work the 2 fingers in and out your ass while l suck ap and down your shaft your hips are rocking back and forth riding my fingers and fucking my mouth your moans are getting louder and you push head down into your crotch23:42as l keep my fingers moving around and in and out your ass while i suck and lick your cock l get the wonderful taste of precum from your slit making me all the crazier after a few minutes l start to kiss and nibble my way up your belly and start nibbling and sucking your nipples while l play with your cock you reach down and find my already hardening cock and start stroking pull me up and take my cock in your mouth wasting no time you take me deep down your throat and start going up and down my shaft while stroking me and playing beşiktaş escort with my balls- l work you around and lay you back on the couch letting you suck me a little more while l play with your nipples and stroke your cock then l climb on top of you in a 69 position and lower my cock into your wating mouth23:42as you start hungrily taking my cock in your mouth l bend over and do the same for you taking you deep in my mout while l reach around and play with your balls and ass .As l rub my fingers around your little hole you start to moan and fuck my mouth lifting your knees and exposing your ass for me to play with l slowly work in 1 then 2 fingers and youstart moaning louder your hips going crazy riding my fingers while we blow each other. l finally get off you and turn you so your leaning over the back of the couch as l reach between your legs and start to rub your balls you bend further exposing your ass. l bend down and start to lick and eat your ass which makes you start moaning louder and push yourself back against my intruding tongue23:43as l lick and probe your ass with my tongue l reach around to stroke your cock but you push my hand away and in a moaning voice tell me that you want to feel inside you fucking you so l grabbed your hips and drove my face hard into your ass as l ate it l reached over and grabbed a condom and slipped it on my raging hardon then l got off my knees and stood you up l got you to stand with your beylikdüzü escort legs apart bent over leanig on the back of the couch giving me wide open access to your sweet ass l spred lube on my cock and put lots on your ass fingering a little in your hole then l slowly started rubbing my cock around your hole making you moan and push your hips back against me in anticipation l pushed the head of my cock against your hole and worked it slowly until the head started to work its way in opening up your tight little hole the head slid in with a pop and you stopped stiff l just let you get comfortable and used to the feeling then you started moving again rocking your hips slowly taking more and more of me inside of youyou started to moan again and move a little faster pushing back until l was buried deep in your ass l started to pump in and out faster and harder your moans got louder and you started telling me to go faster and harder moaning as you pushed back on my cock then l pulled out and told you to lie on your back on the couch l pulled your ass to the edge and kneeled between your nylon coveredlegs putting them over my shoulders and put my cock against your ass you immediately started twisting and pushing working your way onto my haed cock until l was buried deep inside your ass again l started pumping harder and faster hearing you moan in ecstcy bucking and riding my cock until l felt the pressure was about to blow l pulled out of your ass ripped off my condon and jerked my load right onto your cock and belly after a second l slowly started to kiss your cock taking it in my mouth licking up all the warm cum licking it off your belly then you guided me up and licked a little off my cheek then pulled me closer and we shared the cum in a deep and sensual kiss23:44Today

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