Farm Boys know how to make you feel like an a****l

Farm Boys know how to make you feel like an a****lThis past Friday after work a few friends of mine asked me out to dinner with them so I agreed we went to LongHorn Steakhouse and we chatted a bit then had some drinks till our meal came after we ate Sue and I were checking out some of the guys at the bar plus we were alittle buzzed and Sue bet me we could get the numbers from the cute guys so not thinking clearly I agreed and she and I went up to the bar one ate a time sue went first she sat down at one of the vacant chairs and started talking to this one guy after about 5 minutes he got up and left not sure what happened there but the next guy she started chatting with bought her a drink and after a few minutes they both got up and she came over to the table and sat down I didnt see where the guy went she was talking to and sue said Wendy its your turn I luaghed and said you didnt get his number and she said yes I did not only did I get his number he is taking me out Dancing tonite so now it your turn I said ok what are the confitions and sue said he has to buy you a drink and you guys do something fun dosent matter what it is and I have to see the number for proof ok? So I agreed and started watching the bar and seen this younger Really Good looking guy cum up to the bar and started ordering his drink after a few minutes I noticed he saw me as well sue said go on girl go talk to him I blushed and said he,s not interested in me and was looking down at the table she said you better look again he is checking you out so go talk to him or you lose our bet ok? So I agreed and got up and walked over there and said a nervouse Hello and he said Hello back and Introduced himself as Sam we started to chat and he bought me a few drinks as we chatted I told him what kind of work I did and a few friends of mine brought me here for dinner and drinks and thats when I noticed you checking me out and he said yes I was and he Thought I was Beautiful and asked what I was doing later I said Idont know why? he said let me use the restroom and we can go somewhere and have some fun gaziemir escort I said ok thinking yes Im gonna win my bet and he got up and went to the restroom and I went back to my table to gloat at sue and gater my things and sue laughed and said I guess you win lol I will see you monday at work have fun hun and as I turned to go back to the bar sam was waiting for me and we left to go to his vehicle.As we were leaving sam asked me what I would like to do and named off a few things and I told him howa about a movie and he agreed but had to go home first to feed his farm a****ls then we could go and I said farm a****ls you didnt tell me you owned a farm he said Im sorry I guess I forgot I told him I love farm a****ls and asked what kind he had and said he had Goats and pigs and chickens and a few dairy cows that he sold there milk for to keep his farm afloat in this economy I said I would love to see them could I and said sure you can even help me with them if you like so we left the parking lot and headed toward his farm after we got there he had me feed his chickens that was scary a few of them tried to peck my legs he laughed and said I wasnt feeding them fast enough thats why they are chasing me after that he feed his goats and horses and took me to the dairy barn where he kept his dairy cows as we went in he was explaining to me how he milks them and what all he has to to to get them ready to milk I was intrigued by all the cows and he came up behind me and placed his arms around me and started to kiss my neck and lick my ear lobe and this was turning me on as he licked my neck and ears he ran his hand over my tits and down my thighs and he whispered in my ear as he rubbed my tits and made my nipples hard he said I love big women who are beautiful like you they remind me of my cows I was really turned on hearing this I should have been offended but I was getting excited instaed I could feel his cock some what straining against his jeans getting harder as he played I started to rub his growning cock through his pants making himthat much more into escort gaziemir it he said I wanna treat you like one of my cows and have my way with you as hot as I was and how buzzed I was I said yes in a ragged breath and he started to strip my clothes off of me rubbing each exposed tits and my pussy as he went he lead me to an empty stall and had me get on my knees in front of him as he stripped his clothes off when he took his pants off his cock sprang free and sticking straight out I took it in hand and stroked it some as I did I heard him moan so I kept stroking him a few more inutes and then took him in my mouth and began to suck his cock as I stroked it in my hands and he moaned even louder this time as I sucked him he played with my titties and pinched my nipples and I heard him say wow as I let out a little moan as he pinched he said you would make a good cow for milking and laughed I just kept on sucking after a while he had me lie down and spread my leggs as he mounted my missionary style and started pumping his huge cock he must have been at least eleven inches in me and all I could do was moan it felt so good he was picking up his pace going faster and faster then I could feel his balls slappiming my ass as he pounded my pussy that I orgasmed really hard he rolled me on my side with one leg between his and one in the air and kept pounding my pussy he was like a machine he pounded my pussy so good thay I was moaning really loudly and I lost count of my orgasms then he stopped andpulled out and said are you ready to see how they are milked I said yes panting from my excitement before I knew it he had placed the cows suction device on my tits and turned it on low and had me roll over in my hands and knees and stuck his still hard cock back in my wett sopping pussy and started to pound my pussy again as he did i felt the machines pick up sucktion and as he pounded me I could feel it down in my clit as it pulsed on my tits and he turned it up almost all the way and wow what a sensation I was really turned on and sqiruting hard as he pumped gaziemir escort bayan his cock in me and said baby thats how I milk a cows udders and I would love for you to be my human cow as he said this he turned it up all the way and I felt something attach to my clit he slipped another suction device to my clit as he pounded me I was moaning from the feeling and screaming from the pleasure he pounded my pussy for a while and pulled out and rubbed it up and down my swollen clit taking alot of my juices on his cock and placed the head of his cock in my ass all I could do was moan I felt like I was in Heaven.After a few minutes of him trying to push his cock in my now wet ass he slid it in as far as he could and slowly pulled it almost out and then back in again again and agian going faster as he went finialy he was pounding away at my ass like he did my pussy and My face was burried in stray moaning loudly as he fucked my ass and his machine turned me into his human cow I loved it after about fortyfive more minutes of him pounding my ass he pulled out and had me sit up as he jacked his cock off all over my human cow tits and he took his cock and rubbed it in then he turned his suction device off and freed my nipples from it they were and still are sore to the touch he knelt down and licked them gently and took each one in his mouth and sucked on the softly I came again just from that and he asked me if If I like that and I said yes baby I do and he said good and if I wanted to still go catch a movie I said with you baby yes I would what ever movie he wanted to see By this time it was late and I said how about tomarrow we catch that movie and he said ok but it was his choice and I had to wear something very sexy with nothing underneath it and I agreed so he took me home and I took a shower and my nipples were really swollen and sore but while soapinh them up I orgasmed again and again from the soap and the water as I rinsed them and myself off as I laid in bedthat night I could hardly sleep from thinking of what just happened to me and what he had in store for me the next day when I awoke my nipples were still somewhat swollen and sore to the touch and busied myself with house work naked till it was time to get ready for Sam to pick me up but that story will have to wait awhilelike till later today or tomarrow.

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