Fateful Accident


I’m not putting this into a category you might expect after reading it. It could go into lesbian, but that would be misleading, because of some things regarding the sex happening. I’m not putting this into transsexuals, because the mindset isn’t fitting for that.

The keyword here is basically ‘artificial dick’, so you know what to expect, even if it may spoil a little bit of the fun.


It took quite some effort to get to know what was wrong with my best friend Misha recently. We were as close as best friends could get, but about two weeks ago, she had suddenly disappeared and only rarely taken a call. She had done everything to prevent me to check in on her and I had been sitting on hot coals for the whole time. Until I couldn’t stand it anymore and paid her a visit.

To my relief, she wasn’t obviously ill or injured. She was looking horrible, though. Not like in being a mess, but like in crying whole nights and flirting with suicidal ideas. I knew immediately that I couldn’t go home again, let alone go partying, as long as we hadn’t solved whatever problem was bugging her. With that, the investigative part started.

Misha wasn’t happy to see me at first, but I had her crying in my arms after a short while. I let her release that tension and listened to her sobs and the rare comprehensible words. Some kind of accident must have happened at work. I figured she might have damaged something valuable or so, because she was totally freaked out.

I soothed her like a true friend had to. I didn’t have to tell her that I was willing to help with anything. She knew that. I could only imagine that her problem was of the embarrassing sort and that she had been too ashamed to even tell me about it. Meaning that it had to be a serious mess. I wouldn’t get to know as long as she was all tears, though. I had to be patient.

It may have been about an hour, before she calmed down a bit. In the meantime, my worries had found some more fuel. As much as she needed someone to hold her and soothe her, she didn’t give in completely. It became pretty obvious that she was trying hard to keep her lower body from touching me anywhere even accidentally. The possibility of her hurting down there was absolutely horrifying, for it might mean that somebody had… injured her there.

Naturally, I couldn’t just ask for that. I was certainly preparing the most violent and cruel punishment ideas in the back of my head just in case, though. If anybody had forced himself upon my best friend, I wouldn’t leave it with cutting his dick and balls off. I would feed them to him and that was only for the warm-up. When she was calm enough to tell me a bit more, I was already furious and did my best not to show her.

What she told me didn’t fit my worries, though. Her story went into a completely different direction and left me totally puzzled…

“I had an accident in the lab last week,” she explained hesitantly. “I was working on a formula on my own, even though I didn’t have any permission to do so. I… I wanted to try something and make an impression, y’know?”

I could only nod. I knew that she wanted to impress her bosses. She was ambitious and talented, although I didn’t understand most of the stuff she did. She was a chemist and biologist, working for a large research and development company. They did mostly medical stuff, but the gobbledygook went far, far beyond my horizon, even considering my experiences with things I didn’t understand, but had to sell as an advertising specialist.

“I was working on some stuff from another department. It’s a dead end project. The substance was thought to be useful in prosthetics. Imagine a biological replacement limb, not made from normal flesh, but from an artificial mass with biological properties.”

Seeing my confusion, she paused and tried it another way.

“Imagine play dough,” she suggested. “Just that it can be attached to the body and even grow alongside. It’s living material, and still artificial in nature and reprogrammable if necessary.”

“Sounds like… good for children, huh?” I answered.

“For example, yes.”

Well, I got it so far. It was still beyond my horizon, but I was following. The weird part came then, though.

“The stuff didn’t exactly work on the large scale,” she explained. “Limbs are pretty complicated and although the substance theoretically should be able to get the job done, it didn’t perform up to specs in tests. Even a finger was beyond its capabilities, but it was a close call. So I… I figured… Well, I thought it might work for dicks…”


“Dicks,” she answered, blushing deeply. “Penises.”

“I got that. I just… Why?”

“Because one of the scientists from the original project said that the only thing they could use it for was penile reconstruction, but nobody would need a cock he couldn’t really feel with,” she defended her idea. “So I tried to increase the sensory capabilities. That part worked pretty well…” şişli rus escort

“Wait a second,” I interrupted. “You developed some modeling clay that could be used to form functional dicks that can even feel?” She nodded. “Now you got my attention! I know dozens of potential customers, already.”

“It’s not meant for cosmetic purposes, but for prosthetics,” she chided. “Although… I guess the whole project could probably turn that way, from the looks of it…”

I could have made a bit fun of that, but looking at her I got an inkling that she wasn’t only serious, but the other shoe was about to drop. If she was right, she had made quite the discovery, though. I really knew some men who would have liked – or direly needed – a bit more flesh on the pole. A dependable method to increase penis size would probably be the most valuable discovery of the decade, if not the century.

“What happened?” I asked softly and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. “You know, you can tell me.”

“I don’t know if I can tell anybody…,” she whispered, letting her head hang down.

“Is it that bad? Did you… spoil the mixture and delete the formula? Or are there side effects?”

“Hah!” she made cynically, her head coming up again. “Side effects. That’s a cute way to put it…”

I just stayed silent and showed her all my support. Admittedly, I was pretty curious by now.

“I worked until deep at night,” she went on quietly. “I was close and in the end, I thought I got it. I had a sample react perfectly and work like it should. I even fed sensory data from a real penis into it and it worked like a charm.”

“You mean you had a dick on your desk?” I cautiously inquired.

“On my desk and then inside of… me,” she whispered. “It looked so nice. Long and thin, but still juicy. I… I figured, I could try it out and make sure it… performed like it should for real and not only in theory…”

“Oh well, I guess, I would have done the same,” I tried to calm her down.

If anybody had walked in on her, she had all reason to be embarrassed, but it wasn’t worlds end. It wasn’t like she was suddenly sporting a…

“I fell asleep with the thing inside of me,” she said, barely audible anymore. “And when I woke up, it had… become attached…”

Alright, this time my hackles rose. I stared at her wide-eyed and held my breath. Attached didn’t sound very nice if applied to something sticking in a pussy. Judging from her former behavior, the problem wasn’t exactly solved, either.

“You have… it inside of you still?” I cautiously asked.

“N-not exactly, no,” she replied with a trembling voice. “The… substance adapted, I guess. It’s all over the place down there, but the worst thing is… that!”

Turning and straightening a bit, she offered me a look into her lap and even though she was wearing a light, loosely falling dress, I could certainly see the bulge.

“Ohmygod!” I gasped and almost reached out to touch it and see if it was real.

“Exactly…” she sighed. “You see why I went into hiding? I have a boner and it’s impossible to hide. It hurts way too much to… bend it out of the way.”

“It h-hurts? Y-you… feel with it?” I yelped.

“Unfortunately,” she nodded. “It even makes me horny, but I can’t really do anything about it. My… my whole… crotch is covered with the substance and I have no idea how far it goes. I… I can pee and all, but it feels… funny, to put it mildly. A-and I have to watch out, or I pee out of that thing…”

“Fuck…” I gasped.

She nodded and tears rolled over her cheeks. I embraced her immediately, but no amount of soothing could solve this problem. I certainly understood why she hadn’t told me until now.

“C-could you… look at how bad it is down there?” she sobbed. “I-I’m afraid to do. I’m afraid to find my cunny sealed tight or anything.”

“Sure, sweetie,” I agreed without hesitation. “I’ll help you.”

Admittedly, I wasn’t all-eager. The thought of what I might find there horrified me a bit. I wouldn’t let her down, though. I couldn’t even let her see any hint of disgust or worry on my face. She needed reassurance now. Somehow, we would find a way to solve this problem. After finding out how bad it was…

She had all my sympathy when she stood up and turned her back to me to pull the dress over her head. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She almost never used bras and panties were probably kinda ruled out, given her problem. I didn’t tell her that I noticed a bit of a rubbery substance peaking out from the crack of her butt.

Misha turned again and her face had blushed crimson. I shot her my very best reassuring smile, but that didn’t really help her with her embarrassment. She sat down on her bed and scooted back, until she could bring her feet up, knees bent. Lying down onto her back, she slowly parted her trembling legs. I swallowed hard upon seeing the whole mess, but it wasn’t out of şişli türbanlı escort disgust. Apart of the fact that she was my best friend and a real beauty, I just didn’t see anything disgusting. Quite frankly, it was kinda… sexy.

Imagine the sight. A lithe, raven-haired beauty of five feet seven was splayed out on her bed. Her face was deeply flushed, her eyes closed and her body was lightly trembling. The round, firm breasts on her chest – a full c-cup, as I knew – were sporting completely hardened nipples, testament to the arousal she had spoken about. Below that, her small waist made her hips look very feminine, even if they weren’t particularly wide. Her legs were legendary among our circle of friends, for they were long and slender and seemed to never end when she was wearing the right heels and dresses.

My friend was certainly stunning and I was admittedly envious sometimes. I was a good three inches smaller and even more delicate than she was. My boobs were a meager b-cup and although they were nicely firm, they were just too small in my opinion. People called me cute, where she was called beautiful. My freckled face and strawberry hair were probably mainly responsible for that. Naturally, I found her way better than me overall.

Now, I wasn’t into girls and neither was she. If I had been, she’d been my dream girl, though. I was the pixie and she was the princess. She had class and style and dignity and I had… uhm… freckles and more brazenness than enough for both of us. She was a woman, while I was still a bit indecisive and had my girly days… or weeks. We were a perfect match as friends. But now she had a cock and it was admittedly kinda standing between us.

It was pretty much sitting where it belonged, but on her perfectly female body it was an oddity. The texture looked rubbery and it was darker than her naturally tanned skin. Not much, but still visibly. Cautiously estimated, it was about seven inches long and not quite as thick as some I had seen, but sill… pretty juicy, as she had said.

It was extending from her body right where her clit should have been and sure looked almost as if it belonged there somehow. Maybe because the strange substance it was made from also coated all of her pussy and clearly her butthole, too. If it hadn’t been for the cock, it might have looked like a very strange, oddly sexy, strapless thong. One that didn’t block anything, because her orifices looked like they probably should, apart from the coating. Her pussy even looked… wet and quite puffy, to be honest.

“H-how bad is it?” she asked hesitantly.

“Actually…” I mused and knelt down in front of the bed to get a closer look. “Not that bad…”

“What…?” she wondered. “How so…?”

“It sure looks almost real…” I went on. “It’s even throbbing with your pulse.”

“I-it feels real,” she admitted. “I didn’t do much touching, but I can feel it as if it was a normal part of my body and I feel touch with it quite clearly. I have to admit that the last ten days have given me some insight regarding men and their boners…”

“I see…” I breathed and leaned in a bit closer, not really listening closely.

“M-my c-cunny,” she stammered. “Is it… sealed?”

“Doesn’t look like it, but… I’d have to touch it to be sure,” I explained. “You sure have a nice peach there, sweetie.”

“T-thanks, I guess,” she mumbled. “G-go ahead…”

I was thoroughly concentrated on the sight. I touched her softly with both hands and copped a feel at her dick. It was definitely nice and hard. With my other hand, I cautiously touched her pussy lips and the combined sensation made her gasp quietly. It wasn’t a sound of discomfort, if I wasn’t mistaken.

“It may be so hard, because you’re so worked up,” I mused.

Her pussy emanated heat and was a bit slick. Her dick sure twitched upon the touch. Her answer wasn’t more than a little grunt and I didn’t push for one. Instead, I let my index finger slip between her folds and dive into her depths. To say that it seemed to be welcome would have been a massive understatement. It got practically sucked in!

The tensing of her body and the clearly audible moan from above electrified me. My best friend was obviously horny as fuck. My finger in her snatch found her insides wet, hot and quivering. If she was in a state like this for ten days, she had to be on her last legs. I couldn’t have refrained from touching myself, if I had been that pent up.

Looking up to her cock, I studied it more thoroughly and compared it to all the dicks I had seen so far. If a man was that hard, he usually became quite insistent. I had been called a cock tease and heard guys mutter about blue balls for getting somebody hard like this and leaving him hanging. Even though she didn’t have balls, she sure looked like she was in dire need of release.

In fact, this dick seemed to beg to me to get touched and wanked and probably licked and sucked şişli ucuz escort as well. God, why did it have to be so deliciously juicy? I fucking liked this dong, even if it was attached to my best friend. Or… maybe because of that? It… sure didn’t hurt the appeal to be attached to a beautiful body like this…

“Trix, w-what are you doing?” Misha asked with a trembling voice.

I snapped from my reverie and looked up to her. She had propped up on her elbows and was staring down. Her gaze was flicking back and forth between my hand in her lap and my face. Only then, I realized that my hand was wrapped around the rubbery appendage and slowly massaging up and down. It felt even more real now, apart from the strangely synthetic texture. It certainly pulsed and even swelled…

“Ups!” I made, feeling my cheeks blush. Curiously, I didn’t stop moving my hand.

“A-are you rubbing it?” she asked meekly, as if it wasn’t obvious to both of us.

“Is it… uncomfortable?” I asked back.

I was pretty sure that I already knew the answer. I could see her flush, the sparkle of arousal in her eyes and trembling of her body. I could hear and see her quickened breathing and my hand on her rubber-covered nethers felt the twitching of strong arousal. My finger inside of her was practically getting massaged by her channel and bathed in heat and thorough wetness. I could sense the tension all over her body, just like I felt her horror regarding the whole situation. Although, that feeling seemed to fade ever so slowly.

Yes, I knew that it couldn’t feel bad, even though it might be making her feel self-conscious. And in a way, that spurred me on. She needed comforting and soothing. Her mind had to be taken off of the bad stuff and if I knew something about dicks, it was that massaging them always got their owners distracted from anything else.

Misha was attempting to answer and her lips parted, but at the same moment, I tightened my grip a bit and stroked upward, just like I would have done with a man’s cock. I could even feel a little bulge, as if there was a pronounced cockhead at the tip.

Whatever she wanted to say became a soft moan, while her head fell back. Her hips raised a little and I followed the hint, just like I would have done with a guy. When I stroked down firmly, she moaned again and raised her hips even more. This time, I could clearly see the rubbery helmet swell upon my hand reaching the base.

The other thing I couldn’t miss was the little wave of wet heat at my other hand. Whatever this stuff did, it certainly didn’t prevent her wetness from getting out. It was quite obvious how much this turned her on and it was quite surprising how much that aroused… me! I highly doubted that I’d ever gotten so giddy by playing with a guy’s dick before, even though I did enjoy that greatly.

“Trix-ieh!” she whimpered and it made me smile deviously.

“You like that?” I breathed huskily.

“N-no?” she squeaked in defiance.

I worked my hand up and down again in a swift motion.

“Ahh!” she yelped and bucked under my playful hand. “Fuck! O-okay, yes!”

“Aaand… that?” I asked and slipped two fingers into her pussy, as if I did that to a girl every day and not for the first time.

Her reaction was beautiful and pronounced. This time, she arched her whole back quite a bit and raised her lower body up to meet my touch. I held onto her rubbery cock firmly and allowed my fingers to get sucked in by her quivering pussy.

Her moan was deep and deliciously helpless. Watching her delicate hands grasp for the sheets in vain was a true sight to behold, as was the wonderful tension of her muscles. I had to admit that it was much more beautiful than to watch a guy writhe in pleasure. It slowly occurred to me that I wasn’t as straight as I always pretended to be, but in fact able to appreciate a woman. As long as she had a cock, as crazy as that may sound…

Holding still, I let her come down and relax her muscles a bit, until she was able to speak again under her rapid pants.

“Trix, don’t… Hahh… Don’t do… Hahh…,” she pleaded. “I can’t…”

“Then don’t…” I whispered suggestively and bent my fingers inside of her just a little bit, causing her to yelp and buckle from that alone. “Let it go, let it go, don’t hold it back anymore,” I offered in a little singsong.

“Please!” she squealed pleadingly.

“What? Please stop?” I asked, taking up my massage of her dick again and crooking my fingers even more. “Or please go on?”

It was pretty cruel, but… God, did I love this! She arched her back right again and whimpered so incredibly sexy. I had often enjoyed the power over men when I held their dicks in my hand or mouth. It was the best part of pleasuring a guy, without getting any attention in return. Now I had my best friend in this exact situation and it was even better.

She was so extremely worked up and totally helpless against my ministrations. She was so fucking beautiful in her desperate arousal. Was I willing to go the whole way? Fuckyes! Whatever happened when she got off, I wanted to see it. And she deserved a release, didn’t she? She had tried to cope with this and the strange feelings it forced upon her for almost two weeks now. She so deserved to get off!

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