Feminization Training – Brat Perversions

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Feminization Training – Brat PerversionsMiss Brat needs some diversity today. Her it is a crossdressing day! Her sissy boy is ready and set for some really hard lessons. Let’s call him a “she”. She is excited for the beginning of the session. What do they say? Man in a body of a woman? Whatever, she feels sexy by dressing like a real woman, a slutty woman who seeks for cock and action.Miss Brat is the right girl for this mission, to train a crossdressing sissy.Miss Brat gave him some sexy clothes, pretty much a schoolgirl outfit. He went to change and the “she” was ready and willing to do everything that Miss Brat has to demand. Starting this fetish session with a walk, yes, Miss Brat told her to walk around the room like a woman. The effort of that man trying to be effeminized was awesome. sissy trainingThe high heels were the only problem here, everything else was good to do. A blonde wig, long fake nails, lips all red, samsun escort high heels, ponytail and some stockings. She was looking like a slut for real. He turned into a ho’ in no time and Miss Brat was actually amazed by that, but like always, you will not get anything from Miss Brat for free, because she is in charge here and her quality standards are very high. Almost impossible!Miss Brat told her to open a box, that has been on the floor all the time. Guess what was inside? A big black dildo, thick and ready to be used. First of all, or dear sissy had to suck it like a real street whore. Simulating that he was giving head to a big black guy, a real bull full of power and sexual strength.The second step was to stand in Doggystyle position. I guess that you already guess what is going to happen now. That’s right, Miss Brat put on her favorite strapon dildo, a big one in pink color. She when siirt escort down on Sissy’s ass and made her feel the pain of a real cock! Enough to be said that despite he (or she) was doing it right, or little Miss Brat is never satisfied. The new step was to suck on the big black dildo while having her ass pounded by Brat’s strapon.Now things are getting way much better! Stop everything, because Miss Brat is very inconstant and is already tired of this position. Her wishes are the law here and her demands must be fulfilled right away. It is time to take that useless cock outside of the pink pants. No, you will not see Miss Brat sucking that small and flaccid cock, at least for now. It is time for some spanking, dick, balls, everything becomes red and the pain is very strong. His or her face can’t lie about it, but the pain is pleasure in this case.sissy2nfMiss Brat is becoming happy about this sissy, escort bayan at least a little bit happy, so now is time for some face sitting. It is better to get that tongue working pretty fast or the consequences will be painful. The big black dildo, much longer and thicker than the pink one, is ready to drill that ass hole without any kind of mercy. Only pain is guaranteed, no pleasure will be felt for sure!Miss Brat is sitting on her face, shaking it up and down with a lot of energy. Now is time for more excitement, maybe it is a lucky moment for this sissy and something interesting will happen soon. Miss Brat is merciless now and stops the face sitting, for now, it is time to give a hand to the sissy’s dick. It is time to put it hard, nothing that a finger doing a prostate massage couldn’t help. This is a real looser who can’t put himself standing hard, help is needed. That is simply typical of a Sissy.Miss Brat jerks that cock with very strong moves, so strong that it becomes also painful. Don’t worry everything is under control. The lucky little cock is now allowed to cum. Hot cum is now spread all over Brat’s hands. Guess who will clean it with the tongue?–Brat Perversions

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