Finally Got Him


When I heard the car door, I grabbed her plate of food and put it in the microwave, so it would be ready about a minute after she came inside. It wasn’t cold, and I had turned a bowl upside down over it to keep it warm after getting her text that she’d be late. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was little later than her usual late, and I was glad for the opportunity to have her dinner ready.

I heard the door open, and her cheerful call, hello-o, in her singsong manner. At least she wasn’t grumpy for having stayed late at work.

“Up here,” I called out, “your dinner is almost ready.” I heard her climb the short stairs to the upper level. I was at the table, reading the paper, and heard her footsteps stop at the doorway as the microwave beeped. I waited, but she didn’t come over to me, and I didn’t hear her open the microwave. I looked up.

“Your foods in the … What?” She was standing in the doorway with a giant grin, and doing that silly I’ve got a secret dance, just ever so slightly shifting from one foot to the other. She looked at me expectantly; her grin was infectious, and I found myself grinning back. “All right,” I said, “out with it. You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.”

“Not a canary,” she said, and the wiggly dance continued.

“Come on,” I said, pulling back my chair and exposing my lap for her to sit. “Come here and tell me.” She could never keep a secret, no matter how she tried. She once told me about my surprise party after mailing the invitations. I could tell she had something to tell me by the look on her face. She stepped to me and sat on my lap, and joining her hands behind my neck as she settled on me.

“So?” I asked. “Spill it. You’re about to explode.”

“Too late,” she grinned. “It already exploded.”

“What, did you get a raise? You’re awfully cheerful for working late. “

“I wasn’t at work late,” she hinted, “but I was working pretty hard.”

“Oh, come on, what is it? You know you want to tell me, don’t make me guess!” I said, laughing with her.

“One more guess,” she said, “but I’ll give you a hint.” And she leaned in and kissed me.

And I knew right away.

I pulled back from her, my mouth open in astonishment, staring at her face. Her eyes were wide with excitement. “You didn’t!” I said, knowing that in fact, she had. I felt my dick stirring in my pants. She nodded.

“Uh-huh, I did,” she grinned proudly.”Finally!” And on the side of her face, near her ear I saw it, a lingering drip that she had missed. Looking at her now, I could see her lips were a little puffy; I’d felt it when I kissed her. But the taste had been the first clue.

“Finally?” She nodded again, and then leaned in for another kiss, longer and hotter this time, and our tongues danced and played like children, playful and teasing and filled with joy. She moaned into my mouth as her ass squirmed on my growing erection.

Then she pulled back, and the floodgates opened and her story spilled out. “Oh, my god, it was incredible!” she began, and then barely took casino şirketleri a breath for the next fifteen minutes as she told of her adventure. “I finally got the nerve to ask him, at lunch today, and he said yes, so after work, we met at the bar, and had a drink, and I was dying to get at him, I swear, I could hardly hold up my end of the conversation. It was all I could think about!” She squirmed a little more, and pulled me closer. “He was kinda leering at me, so finally I just downed the rest of my drink, and I stood up and told him, enough of this get to know you shit,” she giggled, “do you want me to suck your cock or not?”

“Oh, Christ, baby, you are evil!”

“Nah, I was just horny as fuck. You know I’ve been thinking about blowing him for a while, and once I make up my mind…”

“There’s no stopping you,” I finished. I kissed her on the nose. “So, what’d he do?”

“Duh! What any red blooded guy with a big dick would do! He banged down the rest of his drink, grabbed his change and led me out to his car. God, was I so excited as he held my hand and led me out, I just knew that everyone in the bar knew I was going to blow him. It got me so wet.” She pulled her skirt up and grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs so I could feel the steamy swamp of her cunt through her panties. She moaned appreciatively and squeezed her thighs on my hand, holding it against her. “When we got outside he put his arm around me, and by the time we got to his car, I swear I was starting to drool, just thinking about his big, hard cock in my mouth.” She panted a little and rubbed her thighs together, pushing my hand against her wet pussy. “I had been thinking about it for so long, you know? And now, here it was so close, I could practically taste it! I was such a horny bitch for his hard cock!”

She squirmed a hand between us and gripped my erection through my pants. “And you are a hard cock for your horny bitch, aren’t YOU!?” She rubbed her ass onto my crotch, feeling my erection underneath her, then continued.

“So, he opens the front door, but I said no, in the back, it’s easier, and he grins, like a goofball, like I’m gonna propose marriage or something. So I jumped into the back and scooted over and he jumped in next to me, and he was barely in the seat before I was reaching for his pants. My fingers were shaking, I was so excited, I was fumbling for the zipper, and couldn’t get it, so he did it for me while I rubbed his bulge, and I was going, come on, come on, gimme that cock, I wanna suck your big cock, hurry; I think I was starting to scare him a little,” she laughed. “So he opens his pants and lifts his ass and pulls his pants and underwear off at the same time, and when he lifted like that his crotch was right up at my face, you know? And when he pulled his pants down, his cock popped out, like half hard already, and its right in my face! And, oh, it was better than I imagined, so big and fat, and sexy, and I just grabbed it and shoved my mouth down on it.” She spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side, and pressed my hand into casino firmaları her wet pussy. I slipped two fingers into her soaking volcano. She let out a grunt as I entered her, and started fucking her with my fingers, hard.

“Fuck, baby, his cock was so nice, he tasted so good, and his skin was so smooth inside my mouth. He was hard like, in an instant, and I started pumping my head slowly up and down, feeling the size of his cock in my mouth. I was fucking drooling on him , and spit was spilling out of my lips, and I rubbed it into his balls as I sucked his beautiful cock. I could hear him enjoying it, making all kinds of sounds, but I really wasn’t paying attention. Cuz you know me, it’s not about making his cock feel good for me; it’s all about me when I’m blowing a big dick. I just want to feel it in my mouth; you know how I get off on that.”

I moaned my assent as she squirmed on my fingers.

“By this time I was so excited I had to stop playing with him. I had one arm on the seat holding me up, and I got the other one between my legs, and starting fingering myself, rubbing my clit and fingering my wet cunt, and I looked up at him, you know, guys like that; and I looked at him and then pushed all the way down, all the way to the root, and I played with my cunt as his cock pushed into my throat. Damn, I thought he was gonna cum right there! He let out a howl and pushed his hips up, and when I pulled up I pulled all the way off and looked at him and said, you like that? He couldn’t even talk! He just, like grunted, and nodded, so I did it again, a couple of times, fucking his cock with my mouth, drooling on him and gagging myself on his cock. Fuck, it was so good. He really penetrated me deep into my throat, and you know how I like that!”

I felt her pussy getting wetter as I fingered her and she told her story and relived her dirty victory. I felt her orgasm approaching, and she started panting through the rest of her story. Her sentences became a little choppy as her climax neared.

“So I deep throated him. A couple of more times. And then I pulled off again. And I said, you wanna fuck my face? He just looked at me. I had to ask him again. I want you to, I told him. I got on my knees, and pulled him up, but he couldn’t kneel up. So I laid on the backseat. And I pulled him down on me. And I just opened my mouth. Unh. His cock slipped right back in. Oh! And he started fucking me, unh, fucking my face, yeah, using my mouth like a cunt, oh, fuck, it was so fucking hot! Oh, fuck! Fuck!”

She was right there, right at the edge, and I pulled my fingers back so she wouldn’t cum.

“Oh, you fuck, don’t stop, you bastard!”

“No way,” I replied, “not until you finish your story!” I grinned at her; my cock was so hard, and I quickly stripped off my pants and released it.

“M-mm, nice,” she said, “I want some of that!”

“And you can have it, you cocksucking little slut!” I told her, and scooted down in the chair, my hips at the edge, my cock sticking straight up. “Why don’t you get on it and tell me the rest of your story?”

She güvenilir casino sprang onto me, straddling my hips, and in one stroke I was buried deeply within her steaming hole; she eased up and down, groaning, until I grabbed her hips and held her still, my cock buried to the hilt inside her.

“Talk,” I said, leering at her. “Use your mouth for something besides sucking other men’s cocks.”

She leaned down and kissed me, her tongue digging into my mouth as she squirmed her hips on mine. She lifted her face, and said, “God, I love you, you sexy, sexy man!”

“He was fucking your mouth?” I reminded her.

“Yeah, baby, I was on my back, and he was above me, shoving his beautiful, big hard cock into my throat, gagging me, fucking my mouth like it was a wet cunt!” She started shifting back and forth, and I let her, feeling her moving my cock against her walls and rubbing her clit against the base of my rod. “It was so nasty, getting my face fucked, you know how I like it when I get that. He was really getting into it, and I just opened my mouth as wide as I could, stretched my jaw out, covered my teeth and stuck my tongue out flat, and let him have his way with me!”

“Fuck you are so nasty when you’re horny for cock!”

“M-mm h-mm, you know it.” She started lifting herself up and down now, stroking my cock in and out of her wet pussy. “So then I hear him start to grunt, you know, like he’s getting close, and he starts pushing a little harder into my throat, and I feel him swell and harden a little more, and now I know it’s coming, he’s gonna shoot his cum into my mouth, but I don’t want it in my throat, ’cause then I can’t taste it, so I slip my hands to his hips, and just as he starts to blow his load I push him a little and pull my head back, so I can wrap my lips around the head of his big cock.” She started moving more quickly now, and her voice betrayed her impending climax, just as I felt mine spurred by her description, knowing how it would end, but wanting to hear her say it.

“Then he fucking exploded, and my tongue was splashed by his hot cum, and I held my lips closed as he filled my mouth, fuck, he was yelling like it hurt, and he was looking right at me as I sucked his cock, and my mouth filled with his nasty hot cum. He started pumping me a little, and I worked my mouth up and down his shaft, feeling his cum coating his cock, and sucking the rest of his load out of him, and – oh! Oh! Oh, fuck! FUCK!” She yelled as she came on my cock, and the image of her taking his hot load into her mouth like a slut pushed me over the edge, and I exploded inside her, bathing her pussy with my load as she collapsed on me, trembling and breathing heavy as she rode out her orgasm.

Finally I felt her lift up, her hands on my shoulders, her head hanging down, her satisfied face grinning and sated. I grinned back at her, feeling my cock softening in her squishy hole.

“So, who’s next on your hit list, you slut?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m not moving on yet, I waited so long for his, and it was so good, I’m gonna do him again,” she told me, and kissed me on the lips. “He’s coming over tomorrow night. I’ll let you watch, if you want…”

“You know I do!”

“And if you’re nice to me,” she teased, “I’ll let you kiss me right after!”

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