Finding My Pleasure


I started this story from a writing competition entry and it just kind of took off. I want to thank my editor, CopperSkink, for all his hard work and suggestions. I really appreciate it, and if there are any further mistakes, they are mine and mine alone. I hope you enjoy. – Jane


“God, it’s hot out here. I don’t know how you can stand it,” my husband Greg said.

“It’s easy when I want to tan,” I replied. I had gotten tan lines earlier this week and I was trying to get rid of them. I wanted the “California girl” look this summer. I had even dyed my shoulder-length brown hair a, in my opinion, natural blonde color.

“You’ll get heat exhaustion,” Greg warned.

“No, I won’t. I’ll be sure to keep hydrated and if I feel too hot, then I’ll come inside,” I told him.

“Alright; just don’t complain to me when you turn into a lobster and can’t stand to be touched. I’ll be in the media room watching a movie in the dark, cool, almost-slightly chilled room; and you can sit out here in the bright, sunny, hundred-degree heat,” he pestered as he walked through our French doors into our house.

I was lying on a lounge chair in our private backyard. My only clothing was a wrap-around white skirt that fell to my ankles. My breasts were hanging free and fully exposed to the heat and light of the sun. When I wore this skirt to sunbathe, I tied it to meet in the middle of my waist which created a slit that started at the juncture of my thighs. I liked to wear this skirt while sunbathing because I could un-wrap it and lay out naked, but I could also quickly cover myself if I needed to. The only danger from being seen came from the house directly behind ours and across the alley. It was a two-story home with an upstairs window that looked directly into my backyard. It had just sold, and I hadn’t yet met the new neighbors.

Even if they did look out the window, then at least maybe someone would enjoy the show since my husband was oblivious. At thirty-three, I still looked damn good. My legs were long and toned my waist small and trim and I had high, firm tits.

It’s typical that Greg didn’t even mention my topless state. I was lying outside with my chest exposed and my skirt opened at the slit with my knees slightly bent and fallen to the sides. I’m sure he could have gotten a clear view of my pussy if he had wanted. But that might actually require some effort and heaven forbid he put any of that into our life. Sometimes he drove me crazy, and not in the I-want-to-fuck-your-brains out way.

After several minutes of lying on my back, I unwrapped my skirt and rolled over to my stomach, exposing my ass to the sun’s warm rays. I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard a loud bang coming from across the alley. I lifted my head and looked over my shoulder to see a young man in the window of the house behind me.

Oh my. Look at him, I thought.

He was staring at me like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Maybe he would enjoy seeing what my husband ignored.

I smiled and lifting my torso up, rolled back over to reveal my naked body. I continued to look at him for what must have only been a few seconds but felt like several minutes as we made eye contact. He was gorgeous, with dark hair and his muscled chest bare from the waist up. The window stopped me from seeing past his waist, but I liked to think he was watching me while he was completely naked. I hoped his cock had lengthened and hardened while he took in my nude form, my shaved pussy and my tits displayed for his lustful eyes.

He lifted his right hand and gave me an arrogant wave. I felt my pussy clench and start to moisten. I smiled back and threw him a little wink as I reached over to take a sip of my drink. When I looked back up, he was gone. The only sign that he had been there at all was the swaying curtain.

I wondered if he was the man of the house, or whether he lived with his parents. He looked pretty young, and I thought he was probably in his early twenties or so. Julie, my next door neighbor, had said the new neighbors were a family of three. Surely he wasn’t the husband with a wife and child?

I needed to welcome the new family sooner than I’d thought. I decided I was done tanning for the day, and went back inside the cool house.

“Hey Greg; I’m done,” I said to my husband while I stood in the doorway to our media room. “I’m going to go take a shower and get all this sweat and tanning lotion off.” I had wrapped the skirt around my waist, leaving my upper body bare, and the cool room was turning my nipples into hard little pebbles.

“Okay, babe,” Greg replied, looking at my uncovered chest. Now he notices, I thought. His movie must be done.

I walked across the hall and through my bedroom into the master bath. I leaned down to turn on the shower and adjusted the temperature to my liking. As I was bending over, I wasn’t surprised to feel a hand touch my back. When I looked over my adalar escort shoulder, I saw Greg was standing behind me, smiling and staring at my covered ass. Slowly, he moved his hand down onto my butt; he squeezed a handful and then continued on to move his hand in between my legs.

As he rubbed me, he said, “I thought maybe you could use some company.”

“Always,” I replied. And maybe this time do you think you can work up the energy to get me to come? were the words I left unsaid.

I stood to remove my skirt and his hand dropped from me to join the other in removing his clothes. As we stepped into the glassed-in shower, I noticed Greg’s semi-erection. His cock is a respectable seven inches when fully erect and it was already at half-mast. He has a nice body and he works hard to keep from getting soft around the middle. With his blonde hair and striking blue eyes, he has what I would typically call “pretty-boy good looks”. People say we make a nice-looking couple.

I quickly turned my body towards the showerhead and rinsed off. Greg grabbed the soap and worked up lather on his hands. He then reached around me and started working the lather onto my breasts. He rubbed around the orbs and slowly worked in towards my nipples. When he pinched the tips, I felt the shock all the way to my cunt.

One of Greg’s hands slid down my stomach, past my bald pussy mound, and stopped on my clit. He started stroking, and I felt my pussy starting to get wet in anticipation of a hard cock being inside. While Greg was working my clit, he started sliding his cock in between my legs, and I could feel it gliding across my pussy lips, wanting entrance.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on the tiled wall, preparing to let him use my body. Greg pulled his hips back and when he thrust forward again, I felt his cockhead slide into me.

“Oh God!” I squealed. I wasn’t as ready or wet as I needed to be, and I could feel my walls protesting the intrusion. He grabbed my hips and continued to thrust forward until I felt his pubes rubbing against my ass.

“Shh,” my husband whispered.

Greg likes it when we’re quiet because he likes the sound of our bodies mating. I love to talk while I fuck, so I always have to concentrate on not making a sound for him. When we first got together we used to compromise; but now if I start talking, he loses his hard-on. I’m sure that means he’s imagining I’m someone else or some such shit and when I talk I ruin the fantasy; but I need sex, so I keep quiet.

Greg continued to thrust against me and into me. With every thrust and withdrawal of his penis, I felt my body produce the required moisture. I wanted release. I wanted to feel the all-consuming pleasure that takes over a body and releases a flood of bliss. I focused on the sensation of the engorged flesh sliding into my now-drenched cunt, ignoring everything but the feeling of the warm rigid flesh moving and gliding against my walls. I started to feel my orgasm approaching and I pushed back against him. I wanted the thrusts deeper and harder, but Greg kept them shallow. He lost his rhythm, and I knew that meant he was close to coming.

I reached one hand behind me to grab and pull on his hip to keep him thrusting, but it didn’t work. I felt his cock swell and then explode inside me as he shot his load. Damn! I’m almost there!

He withdrew his cock from my still-needy cunt and kissed my shoulder blade. I felt the cool air against my back as he opened the shower door and said, “Thanks, babe. I’ll let you to finish your shower now.”

I turned my head to watch through the frosted glass as he picked up his clothes from the floor and walked out of the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and left me alone and unsatisfied. I wished I could say this was the first time, but it wasn’t; it had been like this a lot for the past couple of months, and I was getting pretty damn tired of it.

I continued to lean forward and moved one of my hands to my now semen drenched pussy. My arousal hadn’t left me; and as I pushed two fingers into my soaking cunt, I could feel my orgasm building again. I closed my eyes and, suddenly, the image of the young man in the window came to my mind. I saw him staring at me again, but this time I could see his full body. In my mind, he was naked; and as I watched him, he reached down to grab his cock and started to stroke himself in front of me. One, two, three plunges of my fingers, and I was coming. I felt my pussy muscles clench, milking my fingers, and I continued to finger-fuck myself through the pleasure as my mental image faded.

When my heart rate settled down, I removed my fingers and finished my shower.


“Hi; my name is Kim. I’m your neighbor across the alley.”

“Nice to meet you; my name is Tommy,” the man who opened the door replied. He was not the guy I had seen in the window. This man was an older and fully-dressed version of the anadolu yakası escort window guy, wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts. He must be the father, which was confirmed for me a few seconds later. “My family and I just moved in a few weeks ago.”

“I know; I saw the trucks. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to come over earlier; this summer has just been so crazy for my husband and me. I brought you brownies as a welcoming gift,” I said, handing him the plate I was carrying. Greg had decided not to come over with me; and after I had gotten dressed and ready, I left him at home taking a nap. In case I saw the window guy again, I had decided to dress both a little casual and sexy with a tight black t-shirt, no bra, and cut-off jean shorts with flip flops. I had pulled my hair back in a ponytail and put a little make-up on.

“Ah, a bribe. Come in, come in,” he said, pulling the door open wider.

I stepped into the foyer and saw the house was exactly like my own except to the left of the front door. Instead of the long hallway leading to the bedrooms ending in a large hall closet, this hallway ended at stairs leading to the second floor.

“Keller!” Tommy yelled. “Come downstairs and meet the neighbor!” He turned to me and motioned towards the living room. “Have a seat; my son will be down shortly. My wife is out grocery shopping; she’ll be disappointed she missed meeting you,” he then said to me. I moved into the living room and sat on one of the two brown leather sofas. Tommy placed the plate of brownies on the coffee table in front of me.

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll meet her another time. So, where are you from?” I asked.

Before Tommy could answer me, we heard steps coming down the stairs and we both looked in that direction. From where I sat, I could see the hallway leading to the stairs; and sure enough, Keller was the guy I had seen through the window, the guy I had envisioned while I masturbated earlier that afternoon.

“Keller, meet Kim, our new neighbor. Kim, this is my son Keller,” Tommy said.

I stood and turned to shake Keller’s hand. He had the most adorable shocked look on his face. I could practically see the thoughts running through his head. Is she here to tell my dad I was spying on her? Is she here to rat me out? Will she say anything, or keep quiet? I decided to play with him a little.

“Oh, we’ve kind of already met. Earlier today, actually,” I said to Tommy, keeping my stare on Keller, whose eyes widened slightly at my words.

“Really? I didn’t think you had left the house all day, Keller,” Tommy said, looking at his son.

“What? Oh, yeah, I, uh, went out to my truck in the driveway earlier and, and ran into Kim,” Keller replied his eyes pleading with me to keep quite. I smiled and I wondered if his dad could tell he was lying.

“Yeah, I was out in my backyard and heard some noise from your house. I looked to see what it was and saw your son,” I told Tommy, keeping up the fib.

“I hope I didn’t disturb you. I was looking for my iPod and knocked something over.” Keller said to me. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” I saw the lust flair in his eyes as he realized I wasn’t here to confront him and he took his first good look at me from close up.

“No; I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be around,” I said to him. Turning to his dad I said, “So, you never answered where you are from?”

“Oh, we’re from the other side of Dallas. This is closer to my work and Keller’s college, so we moved to this area. So far we are enjoying it,” he answered.

“Well, I’m glad. I hope everyone has been welcoming. Actually, the neighborhood is planning on having a barbeque soon. You and your family should definitely come,” I said to Tommy. “I’ll make sure you get an invite.”

“That would be wonderful. My family and I would love to attend,” he said.

“Great. Well, I need to be going, but it was nice meeting both of you,” I said as I turned to look at Keller. “I hope I see you again real soon.” I was halfway down the walk when looked back over my shoulder and caught Keller watching my swaying ass. His eyes shot to mine, and I smiled. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”


Around one o’clock the next day, I decided it was another beautiful day for tanning and I didn’t have any other plans for the weekend. I made myself an iced tea, grabbed my book, and went outside.

I was hoping to see someone in the window across the alley, but it was empty and dark. Is he still sleeping? Is he even home? I was hoping he had caught my hint and would be expecting another little show. I knew I was a couple of years older than him, maybe ten or twelve, but I also could tell he liked the view yesterday.

Greg had left for some appointment about an hour ago; golfing, I think. He made an appointment for everything; he even scheduled sex most of the time. It’s one thing when you schedule your fucking because of children. I ataköy escort get that. Spontaneity goes out the window when a child or baby needs to be fed, changed, and put down to nap. But we don’t have children. We had talked about starting a family, but we’ve only been married a couple of years and neither one of us is in a rush. Greg didn’t want me to get a job, so I had nothing but time on my hands and nothing to do with it. I guess you could have called me the typical “bored housewife.”

I took off my tanning skirt and laid down on the lounge chair on my belly; paging through my book, I turned to the last page I had read. The hero had just caught the heroine in a sex club and was dragging her back to her apartment, demanding to know why she had been there. She didn’t want to tell him the real reason was so that she would find out what kind of kinks he liked, and she was afraid that he would laugh because all she’d ever had was vanilla sex. I didn’t think he would and was pretty certain they were about to have some non-vanilla sex.

I started reading and was getting aroused by the words; I could feel my pussy starting to drip. I flexed my hips against the lounge squeezing my clit between my pelvis bone and the chair; my pussy muscles tightened, wanting a cock inside. My breasts pressed against the chair, and with my arousal getting stronger, my nipples pulled into tight buds and were being abraded on the coarse fabric as I continued to rub my mound on the chair. The stimulation felt wonderful, but I needed more.

I rolled over onto my back and continued to read as I slid my hand down my stomach towards my cunt. I spread my legs and rubbed my middle finger along my lips, gathering my juice. I slid my wet finger on and around my clit, spreading my moisture. The thought that I was outside and could be seen by Keller or his parents should have made me stop; instead, it only spurned me on.

I started picturing myself as the heroine in the story. It was me the hero had just pushed up against the wall. I was the one having my mouth ravaged. The one having her breasts fondled. I was the one being turned around and stripped bare. The one being bent over the couch. I was the one having her cunt stroked and the one having a hard cock shoved into her. I was the one being fucked. The one feeling the cock pull out only to be stuffed full again.

I plunged my fingers inside my pussy and started to finger-fuck myself for the second time in as many days. I moved my fingers in time with the words on the page. I wanted to be the one who was fucked to fulfillment. I continued my fantasy and when the heroine exploded in orgasm, so did I. I felt the inside tightening and the ripples of pleasure down my spine. I felt the warm rush of my liquid satisfaction surround my fingers. As I read the words, I swear I could almost feel the hot sperm of her lover hit my cervix. I read as he pulled her up and kissed her back and neck. I read until he pulled himself out of her and they watched their cum drip down her leg.

I closed my eyes as I caught my breath. When I opened them again, I saw movement in the window. Keller was there. He was watching me.

Did I care? I don’t know, but it’s too late now, might as well go for the gold.

I still had my fingers buried inside me and I slowly removed them and slid my hand back up my body, leaving a small trail of my juices. Making eye contact, I slid my wet fingers into my mouth and licked them clean.

His jaw dropped and even though I couldn’t see below his waist, I knew what he was doing. Anyone could have figured it out. If not from the way his arm moved, then from the pained pleasure that flashed across his face as he reached his own climax. We had watched each other masturbate. Looking down, he rested his forehead against the window while he caught his breath.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I loved the idea of being watched, but the reality is different and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I picked up my book from the ground where it had fallen in my distraction and went back inside the house. I wasn’t sure exactly where this would lead or where I wanted it to lead, but I knew I was done tanning for the day.


It was about 5:30 p.m. and few minutes after my shower when Greg arrived home. He wasn’t the most amicable of men when he walked in the door, and I knew he had had a bad golf game or something. The first thing he did was toss his hat and keys on the side table and go straight to our bedroom. I stayed where I was on our sofa in the living room. I had been trying to read more of my book, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had started with the neighbor’s son.

Would he tell his parents? Would they say something to me? Or my husband?

Surely not. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was on my own property, in my own yard. He was the one who watched me. Yes, I knew he might be able to see if he looked out the window, but I hadn’t masturbated for him. On purpose, at least.

“What’s for dinner? I’m starved.”

I looked up to find Greg standing in the doorway. “I don’t know; I didn’t plan on anything. I figured you would go out with the guys for drinks afterward and wouldn’t be home for dinner,” I told him.

“Let’s just order in a pizza,” he told me.

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