first bike ride of the summer


first bike ride of the summerWell it was one fucking long winter. It was one of the worst and coldest on record. I was sick through most of it and because of that I missed my regular winter runaway to some place warm. It was finally really getting warm out the snow was all gone the grass was green the trees were all fully leaved and it was a great day to go for a run on the Hawg. I had worked on it through the winter and it was going to be my maiden run with its new paint and style. I had spent a small fortune on raking the front end and doing a huge amount of work to the engine and suspension. Even if I had to say so myself it was a masterpiece. I was impressed. I opened the large door rolled her out onto the driveway and prepared to light it up. Now I live in a very high end neighbour hood lots of Doctors and Lawyers and CEO’s live there. Me, I am just a broken down Mining Process Plant manager that got lucky and hit the lottery big time a few years back. I was already divorced the k**s were old enough and out of university and on their own in the world. I put some money for the k**s future away and I was not an asshole I gifted the ex enough to get her set up and comfortable. But the rest, the rest was mine and I was going to fucking enjoy my hard worked for retirement. So getting back to my neighbours they were not like me so when I fired up the Harley it was always a little joke for me to watch the neighbour hood stop and stare as I revved the shit out of it causing all kinds of noise. I loved the look of the wives as I rode past and watched the teenage daughters get wet between their legs as I revved the biggest on my rides. There was a couple of trophy wives that I knew old hubby was not up to the duties anymore in the sack and they were for sure looking for a bad boy like me to come in a rattle their bones a few times. Today was no different I closed the garage swung my leg over the saddle and hit the button to bring her to life. With a roar from the pipes she let the neighbourhood know it was summer time and it was riding season. I laughed as I say some people stopped and looked my way. I dropped the visor of my helmet down over my face and dropped Baby into first gear with a clunk. I loved the feel of the gears changing and the little jerk she gave as the gear engaged. I lifted her up off the side stand and folded it back against the primary. With a few twists of the grip I eased out the clutch and lifted my feet onto the highway boards and rolled out of the driveway. Baby was looking her best, she was all shiny and the new engine and ride felt fucking great as I puttered through the neighbourhood. One of those trophy wives was out in her front yard she gave me a wave as I puttered past nodding my head in her direction. (Mental note that she was ripe for the picking). Finally I wound my way out of the upperclass neighbourhood and got onto the main road. I twisted the grip and Baby shot to life as I grabbed a few gears and roared off into the day. I had no real plans for the day just to get out and enjoy he sun and the ride. I made a few turns here and there and soon I was pulling into my favourite restaurant for a good hearty breakfast. I parked Baby up against the curb pulled my helmet off and shook my hair. Pulled the biker ball cap from my chest inside my jacket. Fitted it on and pulled my gauntlet style gloves off. I grabbed the helmet gloves inside unzipped my jacket and walked to the entrance of the restaurant. There was two ladies on their way out and I held open the door nodded my head when they said thanks and in I went. Now I was a regular in this place so all the girls knew me and I had a regular spot not really a spot more like an area that I liked to sit and I was able to see Baby from the window. The cute young waitress with the rockin’ ass brought me coffee and a glass of water. She lay down the menu and commented that she liked the bike. I smiled and teased by saying some day she should go for a ride with me. She blushed a little and left. I guess I had a bit of a reputation with the waitresses as I had taken a couple of them over the years to a bike run and ended up fucking the living daylights out of them for the whole weekend and well I guess the stories got back. I kind of liked that rep as it was pretty easy for me to get the odd date and a good rattle for a weekend once in a while. Soon my breakfast was delivered and I flirted a little more with the waitress again making a mental note to actually take her for a ride some day and get into that. Everyone in the restaurant knew that I was pretty fucking rich and that I was a lot of fun to be around and I was always traveling 5 star. In fact that was may nick name even back in my working days I was called 5 star due to the way I always traveled on my days off.I paid my bill got up and walked out to Baby. As I reached her I heard as sweet voice asking if I could give her a ride. I turned around and there on the walkway was this young maybe 20 year old fucking wet dream of a thing standing. She had a small backpack on the ground beside her and she was wearing a white t-shirt that was tied in a knot just under her magnificent tits. Her well tanned mid drift was exposed and I could see a belly piercing. She was wearing a very low cut pair of denim shorts. (by the way my favourite) and on her feet she was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals. Her Blonde hair and there was a lot of it, was pulled back into a loose braid and she was wearing immaculate makeup. I felt my cock stir a bit as I took her all in. Now I had on my sunglasses already so she could not see my eyes as I checked her out from top to bottom and what a bottom it was. Even from the front I could see the bottom cheeks of her ass were bulging out from her very tiny tight shorts. I though to my self there was no way she had on any panties in this outfit. She lifted her hand to shade her eyes from the sun and I could see that her nipples were hard and poking out her shirt. “Hey mister can you give a ride,” she asked again. I was stunned I guess I never answered her as I was to taken aback by her fucking hotness. “Yeah sure where you going.”She kind of looked around and shrugged her shoulders as if to say it really did not matter. I nodded toward the bike as I pulled my helmet over my head. I unfastened my always present spare helmet off the bitch bar at the back of the saddle and handed it to her. She pulled the little skull cap over her head and fished around in her back pack and came up with a pair of sunglasses and slipped them on. I threw my leg over baby and stood her up motioning for her to get on behind. With a lot of skill she slipped onto the bike and slid down my back as she settled into the p-pad seat. She looked down and I told her sorry no passenger pegs. She just shrugged again and wrapped her long tanned legs around my waist and placed her hands at the bottom of my leather jacket on the sides. I hit the button and Baby came to life again with a shudder of power and vibration. Now I use Baby a lot to pick up chicks and fuck them so I have a little secret that I do not tell many people. In that little p-pad that she now had her ass and pussy on, in a small opening in the front and inside the p-pad I have two golf balls. Now over the years it took some trial and error to locate the perfect placement of these balls but now they were perfect. (this is another reason for no passenger pegs). These two balls now rested right against her asshole and her pussy and with every rev of the engine the vibrations traveled right through the frame and into those two balls which in turn vibrated the living shit out her two openings. This little trick has never failed me and the longer I rode with a little dream c***d like this one on the back the more orgasms she would have before we even decided to stop for a fuck. I settled down into my oversized saddle of sheer comfort and leaned back a bit. I felt her rock hard tits push up against my back as I grabbed the throttle and we pulled away from the curb. As soon as we were on the road she leaned forward and in my ear she told me her name was Cathy, I introduced myself and she leaned back a bit. We rode out of town and I was heading to a little place a knew by the river that was quiet and secluded and I had scored many a piece of tail there. I figured this was a good place to ride to until she told me what was up. Just down the road I pulled into a liquor store and bought a bottle wine and a couple of glasses. I put these into the leather fringed saddle bags of Baby and off we went again. Now this place was a bit of a way out of town so I knew by the time we reached there she would have been having a pretty erotic vibration from the balls. As soon as we finally got out on the highway I gave into the urges and I released baby from her confines and we roared off into the day. The bike was handling perfect and the engine was with out end, it seemed as I just kept picking up speed. It was not long and we were flying down the road at a very high rate of speed. I felt her grab a little tighter and lean into me and again I could feel those great tits against my back. I grabbed her bare legs wrapped around me and gave them a little tug to make sure she was holding on tight. After a few minutes I backed Baby down and we got back down to a reasonable speed. I leaned back and informed the little split tail that this was my first run of the year and I was testing out the limits of the bike. She just leaned forward and in my ear she told me that she was good and that the bike felt great. I could almost hear in her voice that she was vibrating from the bike and balls and that she was in bliss. I roared down the highway for another 30 mins or so then I spotted the little trail that I was looking for. I slowed the big bike down and eased her off the road and down the trail. In just a few seconds we were out of sight from the highway behind an old pile of dirt placed there to make a dugout for water back during the construction days of the highway. I remembered as a k** that we would ride out bicycles out here and use these dugouts for swimming holes. They also were a great place to bring some chick from high school and go skinny dipping. Anyways my little spot was just up ahead and I was sure no-one had been to this spot ever since the construction days. I edged baby very carefully over a mound of dirt and there was a grassy area and a small brook running there was a few big trees and it was like a picture right out of one of those turn of the century romance novels. I pushed Baby a little to get just a bit further up stream to a widening in the brook that made a nice little eddy of water and a great place to swim. I set Baby on her side stand finding a nearby rock to place under the stand to be able to support the weight of the big bike in the soil. Cathy as I was now calling her had already slipped off the bike and was just standing in the opening taking in all the splendour of the area. Once I was comfortable that Baby was stable I took off my helmet and gloves took off my leather jacket and I went straight over to her she still had on her sunglasses and the skull cap helmet. She had dropped her back pack on the ground and I walked right up to her I undid my jeans and dropped them down and pulled out my already hardening cock. Now I am not one to brag but I was gifted by the gods with quite a member between my legs and as soon as Cathy looked down and saw me she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hands. I smiled and placed my hands on her head as she licked the head of my rapidly growing cock. She kissed and licked and then with a little urging from my hands she sucked my cock into her wet warm mouth. I rolled my head back and groaned as she sucked a very large portion of my cock into her mouth until I felt my head touch the back of her throat. She was stroking the shaft with her hand and sucking my cock making groaning and and slurping noises and she kept pushing my cock further and further into her mouth and down her throat. This little nymph had some talent that I was going to exploit. I grabbed her head a little firmer and I pushed my cock a little deeper into her face. After a few plunges and withdrawals to allow her istanbul escort to breathe finally I pushed my cock right down her throat and I felt her nose push up against my pubic bone. This little thing was going to get the pounding I needed to give and it certainly looked like she needed to receive. She was gagging and choking and kept on now pushing herself down on my cock as she was taking the entire length down her throat. God she was starting to rock my world and I finally pulled her off my cock I needed this hot little thing to ride my cock. I lifted her back up to her feet and I pulled her head back a little as I smothered her mouth with mine and our tongues intertwined with one another in a deep sexual filled kiss, I helped her to unfasten her helmet and she untied her top I pulled it up over her head and her perfect and amazing your tits came into view they were so firm that they did not bounce or jiggle they just stayed right there in place. I bent my head to give her tits a little kiss and lick and I sucked the firm little budding nipple into my mouth. I trapped the nipple gently with my teeth and I rolled my tongue around making her moan as I used the flat of my tongue to excite her more. I heard her moan as I released that nipple and moved over to the other one. I dropped my hand down to her crotch only to find her hand already there firmly rubbing her pussy from the out side of her very tiny little shorts. I slid my hand down her well formed abs and under the band of her shorts. The whole top of her shorts had been cut away there was no top button just one button holding them together. I quickly flicked that button open and slid my hand down and cupped her very wet pussy. I broke away from a kiss and asked her if she enjoyed the ride. She groaned and then she said that she had already cum two times on the trip. I laughed and slipped a finger into her very tight opening and hooked the finger up so I was able to start to massage the top of her opening. She cocked her head to the back and held back a little groan as I felt her pussy spasm around my finger. This little fire cracker had just cum again and I had not even started to fuck her silly yet. I slipped my hand out from her shorts and she moved over to a grassy mossy area I kicked my boots off and slipped my jeans off. Pulled my T-shirt over my head and tossed it to the ground with the rest. I turned towards her and she had removed those tiny pair of shorts and was now leaned back on one elbow, she had two fingers buried two knuckles deep into her pussy and she was looking at me saying that she was being naughty. I walked over to her grabbed my cock and I dropped down to my knees on the soft mossy grass. I spit on my hand and rubbed the head of my cock and I leaned into her and began to rub just the head of it up and down against her slit. She moaned every time I rubbed over her now exposed little clit. I gripped my shaft and I gently pushed in a little more she looked up at me and with a little naughty grin she asked me to be slow because my penis was so much bigger than her boyfriend’s . I said to her that boys have penises but real men have cocks and with that I pushed her legs apart and I gripped my shaft and I fed it into her slick wet pussy my entire length. She placed one tiny arm up against me as if in protest to stop me but she offered no resistance. This little slut wanted to be fucked and fucked she was going to get. She leaned back into the grass and put both her arms up beside her head almost in a hands up pose. I gripped her hips and I started to moved my cock back and forth into her pussy. She was rolling her head from side to side moaning and I was beginning to increase my thrusts. It was not long at all and she was screaming out her next orgasm and by now I was slapping my body against hers and she was taking the whole length of my cock easy now. I had stretched her out. I felt her juices squirting our around my shaft and I kept up the punishing pace. Her mouth was gaping open and it almost looked like she was having a hard time catching her breath. Her little body quivered through her orgasm and finally she kind of just collapsed. On the grass. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and now I was hungry for her. I backed up a little and bent my head down and pushed her thighs apart and I looked at her small little pussy that was gaping open from the pounding I had just gave her. I slipped my tongue into her opening and I closed my mouth around her pussy sucking her lips into my mouth. I trapped her lips one at a time with the suction of my mouth and I licked her and nibbled on her and I sucked her until she was rolling her body again from side to side. I felt her hand come down and she attempted to push my head away as I felt that she was approaching yet another orgasm. I wrapped my large tattooed arms around her hips and I held her pussy tightly against my mouth as I continued to assault her pussy with my lips and tongue. She switched from pushing my head away to she grabbing my hair and was pulling my head into her pussy as she clamped her thighs around my ears and I still could hear her scream another orgasm as it washed over her body. I tasted her juices on my tongue and she did not last long and she collapsed onto the ground. As soon as I was released from her grip I rolled her over lifted her into a Downward dog like position and I kneed upright and I gripped my cock and fed it into her wet well lubed pussy. She groaned with the feeling of the penetration and I grabbed her ass and I started pound her again. I needed releasing. She reached her arms up above her head and dug her fingers into the moss to attempt to get a grip as I fucked her hard. It was not too long and I felt the familiar feeling of my load starting to move around in my balls and start to make the long journey up my shaft. I felt my cock tightened just before imminent release and I slammed my cock balls deep into her pussy and started to pump spurt after spurt of heavy thick cum into her womb, I was in her so deep. She screamed again and I felt her pussy spasm around my shaft as she came with me. After sever good spurts it felt like the whole head of my cock blasted off inside her. I pulled back and spurted the rest of my huge load on her outer pussy lips and little pink asshole. Finally I slid to the side of her and collapsed on my back beside her. I could hear her whimpering a little beside me and I felt good knowing I had just giving her the best fuck of her life. We both just laid there a for a bit and I heard her slowly calming down and felt her starting to move around a little. She lifted her head and laid it on my tattooed chest and just placed her arm across to my shoulder. I had placed my arm up and cocked at the elbow to support my head. My cock had softened a bit and was lying to the side on my stomach. After a lit bit of time she lifted her head and looked at me and told me that I seriously could fuck and I laughed at her compliment. She mentioned that her boyfriend had never made her cum like that before and that she was blown away at how many times she came during the session. I watched the fear enter her eyes when I told her that was just round one and informed her that I did not forget about her tight little asshole needed some fucking to. We both finally stood and I lead her down the embankment to the little water pool I mentioned earlier and slowly we slipped into the cold mountain stream. I found a flat rock that years ago I placed in the pool and I sat on it pulling her onto of me as we let the water swirl around us. We made out in the water and stroked her pussy and she was rubbing my cock and we did this for some time until finally even I had to admit my body was getting numb from the cold water. We moved out of the water and found a nice warm mossy area in the bright summer sun light and we lay down to warm our selves and to let the air dry us. I guess we both must have nodded off to sleep because it was some time later that I opened my eyes and stirred a bit to get comfortable. Cathy was again lying on my chest and she also woke up with my movement. I moved around and we both made our way to our clothes and got dressed. I walked back to Baby and straddled her lifted her off her stand and hit the button to awake her from her sleepy afternoon. I turned Baby around on the grass and had her pointing in the right direction. I switched helmets with Cathy as I did not want the clumsy visor blocking all the wind from the ride home. Cathy, instead of mounting the bike normal she slipped in front of me facing me and she wrapped her legs around my torso and leaned back against the gas tank. Our crotches were rubbing against one another and I was starting to get a hard cock again . It was going to be a quick ride home I really wanted to fuck this little slut again. Once we reached the highway and I was at cruising speed I dropped my left hand from the handlebar and slipped it up in the her barely there shorts via the leg opening. I did not put my large gloves on for this ride and I had my short fingered or cutoff gloves on. My thumb made its way to her slit and I was rubbing her pussy as we were riding down the highway. She was getting wet and she grinning from ear to ear up at me. I continued to finger her even as we were passing other cars and trucks on the road. I am certain that an observant driver or for that matter passenger from the other cars were able to see what I was doing to this little babe on my bike. As we got closer to town and we started to hit more traffic I was certain this was getting the little wench off. I felt her pussy tighten and release several times and I felt her juices run out onto my fingers. One lucky guy at a red light watched as I pulled my hand out of her and brought my fingers to my mouth to lick her juices off. Cathy laughed out loud as I did this and the driver beside me was grinning from ear to ear as he watched what I was doing.Soon I was back in my familiar territory and Cathy some how had manoeuvred herself around and was again sitting behind me with her legs and arms wrapped tightly around my torso. I wondered through the streets of my neighbour hood as I climbed the hill up to my place.There on the sidewalk was that trophy wife again and I thought to myself why not and I rolled Baby to a stop beside her. She looked over at me and instantly grinned. Her perfect white teeth were on display as she even kind of turned a little red. I had to think of something fast so I said to her that, by mistake some of her and her husbands mail had accidentally been delivered to my place. Now Cathy was also checking out the response to this woman and she was checking out Cathy also. I informed her that we, motioning towards Cathy, were going to the house and would be by the pool if she wanted to drop by to retrieve her lost mail. She smiled and nodded and I hit the go go button on baby and she roared to life with a twist of the throttle. The hot wife jumped little with the noise and with a laugh I dropped her into gear and pulled away from the curb. There was no mail at my house and I was pretty sure she knew that also but the bait was out there to see if she was interested enough to venture up to my house. I rolled the garage door up and rolled baby right through, as the back door opened at the same time with the remote. I eased baby back to the side of the pool and I parked her up. Cathy slipped off the bike and pulled the hemet off her head. (Note to self buy a different helmet). I stayed straddling Baby as Cathy slowly moved around the pool taking in my whole back yard and the back side of the house also. There was lots of room to play back here and with the huge privacy hedges I had planted there was not a peeking eye from a single neighbour anywhere to be seen. I literally could have a nude volleyball game in the back year and none of my uptight neighbours would have a clue. (note to self Nude Volleyball). I slipped off Baby and made my way to the large outdoor bar area and I using my thumb print unlocked the area and fridge and I grabbed a couple of beers. Cathy made her way over to the patio table and I moved around placed avcılar escort the two ice cold beer on the table and I stripped off my jacket and t shirt and moved my chair out into the sunlight to get some sun. Cathy following my lead dropped her backpack stripped off her two items of clothing that she was wearing and moved her chair over next to mine. She was bare assed naked in the sunlight. I liked that idea and I stripped off the remainder of my clothes. With a little giggle from her I tipped my beer to hers and we cheered one another and took a good long pull off the bottle. Now I am not a tech guy but I love my gadgets and I had the music playing in the back ground and I was actually really enjoying the sun as I am sure Cathy was also. I heard a faint, “Hello any one there”From my side gate. I reached for the remote and with out even thinking I opened the lock and yelled for who ever it was to come on back. I was again leaning back in my chair eyes closed and enjoying the sun, my house my rules I thought. The next thing I heard was a gasp and I tilted my head to the side shaded my eyes with my hand and I opened one eye and peaked out to see who was there. There standing right beside me was the Hot wife from down the street. I made no attempt to cover my package and I could see that she was staring right at my junk as I moved to straighten out a little in the chair. I smiled at her and I rose up I did not really realize how small this little milf was and actually just how fucking hot her body was. I walked over to the fridge opened it and grabbed a few more beers. She never moved but I could see that she was following my large frame all the time. When I returned I handed Cathy a beer and I handed her one now with my empty hand I reached down and gave my large cock a stroke or two. To make if start to wake up a bit. Now this woman was the picture perfect replica of a 1980’s porn star look. She had on a sun visor style hat and all of her perfectly maintained red hair was visible from all angles. Her perfect make-up was done to a “T” and it highlighted her cheek bones eyes and lips. God what a set of lips she had on her. Her obviously enhanced set of tits were high and a huge amount of cleavage was visible through the neckline of her fashionable top. It was separated from her bottom item of clothing exposing a tanned midriff but just a bit to be teasing. Her perfect manicured nails were wrapped around the beer bottle and with her other hand, I am sure it was and unconsence action she was motioning a stroking action up and down the long neck of the bottle. Her perfect ass was covered in I guess what was a tennis skirt and it was obvious by the tone of her legs and ass that she was a gym goer also. Her long legs lead down to her pedicured feet that were n a very stylish pair of high heels wedges. Her perfume was enticing and exotic and also it scented of money. This Hot wife was ripe for the fucking and the way her stare never left my cock it made me hot just thinking about slamming her. Cathy was also paying attention and it was her that broke the trance like stare of this woman. “You had better believe he know how to use that weapon also” she said “Your pussy will not be the same after the fucking you are about to get”With those words she snapped out of her stare and finally acknowledged there was another person in the yard other than my Cock. Cathy looked at me and she smiled and she told me she was interested in sucking some of that pussy herself. I grinned and laughed and together Cathy and I approached this woman. Finally coming out of her state of shock she introduced her self as Angela Wentworth. I called her Angie immediately and she went to correct me but was stopped as both Cathy and I had now reached her. They were out the same height but two totally different bodies. Cathies being totally natural and firm and Angies being perfect in every way but man made. I reached up and pulled her visor off her head and she shook her red hair loose as it tumbled down over her shoulders and rested on the top of her ample tits. Cathy had moved behind her and wrapped her hands around her and was mauling her tits from behind al the while grinding her tits and pussy into Angie’s back side. I took the beer from her hand and placed it on the bar and I lifted her face up towards mine with my fingers and I covered her perfect mouth with mine and slipped my tongue into her. Out tongues slipped and slithered around one another. As we embraced in a very hot fucking kiss. I pulled back to hear her moan and I thought it was is disappointment of me breaking off the kiss, but no not so. Cathy was massaging one of Angie’s tits and with her other hand she was sliding her fingers in and out of Angie’s very wet hot pussy. Angie’s very hard erect nipples were poking through her expensive top and I grabbed the hem of the top and lifted it up over her head pulling it off and exposing her bare tits. Her tits were firm and the nipples had the best areola that I had ever seen. The centre dark nipples were stand at upright attention her tits slightly curved so the nipples were more facing up than out. The larger circle of slightly lighter colours skin surrounding her nipple was taut and it was looking like it was straining to hold the volume of her tits together. The fullness of her tits were perfect. There was a very very slight scar around the areola where the very skilled surgeon had inserted the ample sized breast implant at some time. I cupped her her left tit in my right hand and I bowed my head to suck the nipple into my mouth. In the mean time Cathy had pulled Angies tight little pair of panties down her legs and Cathy was on her knees behind Angie with her face buried in her ass and pussy. Cathy was holding her ass cheeks apart and was licking and sucking Angies pussy from her clit right up to her pretty little light brown ass hole. It was at this point that Cathy was stabbing her pink young tongue into Angies ass. fAngies hand had finally reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock at this point and he was sliding her perfect manicured hand with soft skin up and down my shaft expertly caressing my cock. I thought to my self this chick has some skills. I moved my attack to her right tit now arousing the nipple in the same manner. After I was satisfied with my task I pulled back and I motioned for Angie to move to the sturdy wooded lounger at pool side. I help Cathy to her feet and I gave her a deep tongue on tongue kiss and I could taste the sweetness of Angie on Cathy’s lips and tongue. On the way past I grabbed my beer took a long hard pull on the bottle and emptied the contents into my mouth. I tossed the empty onto the grass and I assisted Cathy in stripping the remainder of Angies cloth off her tight gym trained body. I stepped back to take I her full exotic look and I made a note what a perfect bimbo body. Angie was completely hairless except for a perfectly trimmed little red landing strip just above her clit. Her perfectly toned body was with our blemish and she looked like she was airbrushed to perfection. I assisted her to the lounger on the pool deck. Now these were sturdy pieces of furniture. I hd always envisioned banging a lot of chicks out here so I want to make sure the furniture would hold up to my massive frame pounding on some unsuspecting babe for hours on end. Angie sat down on the side of the lounger so lady like with her knees together ad straight back. I glanced at Cathy who smiled and optioned that she was not yet done with eating that pussy out. I gently maneuvered Angie to the centre of the lounger and she had placed her still handled feet up on the chair keeping her legs together. Cathy and I were both standing by the foot of the chair and I needed on the chair grabbed Angie by the knees and spread her legs far apart ripping her feet one on either side of the chair. This opened her up as Cathy slipped between her spread legs and lowered her head to Angies awaiting pussy. Angie attempted to protect her self but I had now moved to the head of the lounger and I adjusted the chair to lay almost completely flat. Angie’s head was resting on a pillow as I leaned over her placing my hands on the chair arms and I lowered my hard cock to her face. She had given up all pretence that she did not want this and she grabbed my cock with both hands and sucked the head of my best into her mouth. fHer tongue swirled around the head and slathered up and down my shaft. Getting me very wet with her saliva as I was slowing pumping my cock into her mouth. Even though Angie appeared to be this prim and proper wife she was a true slut in the sack. She had some skills and it was not very long at all and I was buried to my balls in her mouth. The sheer girth and length of my cock has always in the pst made woman gag and choke. Not Angie some how and I have no idea how she snaked her tongue out as I was buried balls deep and she was licking my balls at the same time. This woman had absolutely no gag reflex at all. She was breathing through her nose and servicing my cock like it had never been serviced before. I could actually her and feel the vibrations of her moans as Cathy had two fingers buried to the third knuckle up Angie’s pussy and she was sucking on the clit and pumping her arm back and forth at a furious pace. Angie was in the throws of an orgasm but she never let p on sucking my cock. I felt my cum start to rise again and I pushed my cock down on her face holding her head firming in place on the pillow as I started to shot my second load of the day deep into Angie’s mouth and right down her throat to her stomach. This was a first for me. Cathy kept up her assault on Angie’s pussy sucking her clit and finger fucking her right through her orgasm and into the very sensitive time after the experience. After I had emptied my balls to the last twitch I slowly withdrew my flesh from her mouth. She sucked on my cock right to the very tip and with a pop my cock was free of her vacuum talents. I quickly moved over to a chair and collapsed on it. Angie now lifter her torso up using her ab muscles and she urged Cathy up off her pussy. Cathy climbed up Angie and they interlocked in a deep passionate tongue intertwined French kiss. That was so fucking hot. Cathy settled in beside Angie and she slipped her hands down and into Cathy’s very wet pussy. I sat back and watched as I observed a true minx manipulate Cathy’s body in a laying oh her back legs spread and Angie’s head down between her legs now giving back what she had just received. Angie gave as well as she received and I had ringside seating to whole performance. She had Cathy writhing in ecstasy several times and brought the poor girl at lest three orgasms before the assault was done. I was so aroused that my cock was starting to rise again and even I was impressed with this performance of my big boy. Finally Angie was satisfied that she had down her job with Cathy she rose walked over to the fridge grabbed three beers and came back handing out the bottles. I helped Cathy to her wobbly legs and we all made our way over to the hot tub. To relax and get to know one another. FIt turns out Cathy is a local student at the university and she was studying to become a Ther****t, it was hinted that she should look into the field of sex therapy and we all laughed. Cathy was from an out of province city and did not get home ofter. She had her share of boyfriends in her time but had been pretty content with the one she was with now until this week end that is. She said that her marks and her depression was failing due to her lack of sexual satisfaction from him. She smiled at both of us and she said but it looks like that little problem is solved. We all laughed and kissed and just enjoyed the stories. I explained my life and how I had worked all over the world had being married once had my k**s and then due to my work and the fact I was not one much the marriage failed and I was single. Then I won. The huge hit on the lottery and how I became to be where I was now. Unlike most of the neighbour hood I was not raised in money nor was I really used of having a lot of money around so this was all kind fo new to me. Then Angie explained şirinevler escort her story. She was a tripper at a pretty prestige joint. Well as strip joints go I guess. That is where she met the affluent Mr Wentworth. She definitely hunted him as a sugar daddy and more and with her very well hone skills and we all laughed at that comment. She convinced Mr. Wentworth to divorce his wife and marry her. This is exactly what happened. She stated for many years she was very happy and she sued all of her skills and talents to keep him happy in the bedroom. He pampered her and spared no cost to cave in to her every want and wish and Angie had all the best plastic surgeons, trainers and spas in the world to hone her body to the condition it was now in. As the elder Mr. Wentworth became less and less active in the bedroom it was Angie’s frustration that drove her to toys. She admits she has quite a few toys and lots of fantasies also. This is how she was living for a few years. He noticed her steady decline I mental health and knew it was due to his in activeness in the bedroom that he started to hint and tell her she should take a lover. Angie thought it was all just a joke or fantasy and she played with it on and off as sometimes she would play with her toys in front of him giving him and her some thrill. This was not enough and he kept on hinting she should and needed to get satisfied somewhere else. fHe stated that if it turned Ito some thing regular that she could eventually bring a lover into the bedroom and actually cuckold him. It was not until today did she act on this request of his and she looked around the ht tub and she stated I am like Cathy I think I have solved that little problem. We all laughed again. Angie stated that he was out of town a lot and that there was always lots of opportunity to get away. Cathy stated that this was going to be awed end thing only as now she was going to really buckle down on her school and blow her classes out of the water. I admired that I was up for all of the ideas and that I also travel some but I could swing m trips around their schedules to be able to keep this little love fest growing. After a while I climbed out of the hot tub and I fired up the BBQ I made a simple Cesar salad from a pre mix bag and I Bbq up some great steaks. I had retrieved a bottle of wine from in the house and as I was cooking I kept the gils and my glass full. The girls stayed in the hot tub and they were making out playing with one another and whispering and making plans hey wee getting a long so great. Finally I was time to eat. We all sat around nude at the table and we joked and told stories and had a great time. It was really late by the time I mentioned we should move this party to the bedroom. They both stated thought you would never ask and with that we all got up and made our way to the master bedroom. As soon as I entered the room I picked up Cathy and literally threw her onto the bed on her back. The alcohol and the mood was definitely affecting us as before Cathy even stopped bouncing Angie was between her legs attacking that you tight pussy. I grabbed my cock and mounts Angie from behind and I guided my weapon of passion to her opening I rubbed the head up and down and finally I pushed my member into her gash. She lifted her head and moaned finally. I gripped her hips and slammed my cock home. I could her her muffled grunts coming from her mouth that was busy servicing Cathy’s pussy. Cathy was rolling her head back at the attack and with every pump I gave Angie she reciprocated the action through to Cathy. I pumped Angie hard and fast until I felt her start to clamp down on my shaft as she came on my cock her juices leaking out fro the side of her pussy. As soon as she was down I pulled out of her and pulled her off of Cathy. I rolled Cathy over and I informed her that I was going to fuck her pussy and her asshole this time. Angie rolled on top of Cathy and spit onto Cathy’s sash and started to tongue and finger her asshole as I was sliding in and out of her pussy. Cathy was moaning and groaning in ecstasy ashes being assaulted in both of her holes. Fi was really pounding Cathy’s pussy and Angie was hard at working a second finger into Cathy’s ever enlarging asshole. I felt her start to clamp down on my cock shaft, she was starting to have her orgasm Angie felt it through her ass muscles also and the two of us continued our assault on her. I never stopped slamming my cock into her through the whole orgasm. Once she subsided I pulled my cock out it was dripping with her juices and Angie grabbed it and spit on it also making it even more slimy. She guided it toward Cathy’s asshole and due to the effort if Angie I was able to penetrate her tight little ass quite easy. I gripped her hips and started to pump forward and backward in and out of her tight little orfice. Angie had slid up her back and was now upright in front of me and we were engaged in a a tongue battle of our own as I ass fucked Cathy. I was playing with Angies awesome tits. As I was fucking Cathy she was starting to push back against my cock taking my whole sword up her poop chute. Angie and i were making out and Cathy had reached back and was fingering her own pussy. I continued my assault on her ass until I felt that feeling again starting rise up from my balls. Angie sensed my situation and achy was already stating her orgasm. I continued to fuck her ass until she was sated and then I pulled out both Cathy Na Angie spun around and dropped down as I was gripping my cock tightly trying to stop shooting until they were ready. Now with both of there faces in front of my cock I stroked and released my load. I hit them both in their open mouths on their faces and even some dripped down onto their tits. After my explosion I lay down and watched as the two girls licked each others face tits and mouths clean. Not a single drop of my cum was wasted. When the girls had finished we are got into the huge shower and cleaned our selves all up. Then we climbed back into bed one hottie on each side of me and both had their hands on my equipment. This is how we fell asleep finally.I awake in the morning with my normal morning hard-on but today was different. Instead of the usually reach down and give it a stroke. I felt a warm wet mouth sliding up and down on my cock. I looked down and Angie was giving me a great wake up blow job. Cathy was being bumped a bit and in her young state she was annoyed and just rolled over. Once Angie had me a full mast she climbed up on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy. She lifted her hands up to hold her hair up exposing her magnificent body to the morning light that was streaming through the partially open blinds. Fuck was this chick a fuck machine. She rocked her body back and forth and from side to side and she she rotated her hips all with the full length of my manhood buried deep in her. She reached down on one occasion and just held me still as she shuddered and came. Then she just started again. She fucked herself to two great orgasm before she allowed me to roll her off me and mounted her doggy style and rammed my cock home until I realized my first load of the day as deep into her pussy as I could get. I was sure I was right in her womb. She came with me and then as soon as I was done she rolled off me and headed to the shower. When she left the bedroom still nude I hit the shower and I wrapped a towel roundly lower half and headed off toward the kitchen. When I reached the kitchen Angie was busy making a breakfast of toast eggs and she even found some bacon. The coffee was ready and I walked up behind her wrapped my arms around her and rubbed my cock up agains her ass. She put both her hands on the counter and pushed back. I whispered in her ear that was going to fuck her ass today. With that she gave a little giggle and a wiggle oh her ass as I licked up my coffee and moved to the back deck. Now this was an elevated deck and this was the only place on the rear of my house that I could actually see a neighbour or they could see me. I sat dow at the table and soon Angie brought me out my plate. She set it in front of me and then very quickly she slipped down under the table removed my towel and stated to suck me off as I was enjoying the breakfast. Just as I finished eating my neighbour Dave came out on his deck and waved across as me and I waved back. He must of thought I was insane with the look I had on my face as I started to shoot my load into Angie’s very gifted mouth. Dave left the deck and Angie climbed out from under the table she was wiping the last of my cum off her face and with a wicked grin she told me she was going to wake up Cathy. I enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee and the great morning air for some time before I heard some movement again in the kitchen. I got up and walked in and there was Angie and Cathy obviously just fresh out of another shower and a total look of arousal on their faces. I walked over to Cathy picked her up she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her over to the kitchen table set her bare ass on the table I took a chair and I spread her legs and lowered my head down between her thighs and I ate our her pussy until she sorted in my mouth. I lifted my head smiled and said breakfast of champions. Well that was pretty much how my Sunday went. Fucking eating out sucking watching the girls fuck another watch some sports and do it all again . It was a great day. And before we knew it it was dark out side again and we all retired to the bedroom for more fun. In the morning when I awoke Angie was gone. I made my way down stairs and there was a note on the counter thanking me and Cathy for an amazing weekend She left when it was still dark out so the neighbours would not see her sneaking home. Cathy came down stairs about 11ish and stated she had an afternoon class and had to go. I called her a cab and when it arrived I walked her to the front door she gave me a hot tongue filled kiss and told me she would see me on the week end. I patted her fucking hot ass and she walked down the front stairs. I noticed there was a black SUV that had just pulled into my drive and the front two door popped open. On the passengers side out popped Angie and on the driver side an equally well build blonde emerged. Angie met Cathy on the walk and they kissed on another cheeks gave one another a hug then Angie gave Cathy a deep tongue filled passionate kiss. The taxi driver I thought was going to die as he watched this.Then Cathy slipped into the cab and she was gone. Angie was leading the buxom blond by the hand into my house and she brushed past me. I reached out to grab the door and closed it and gave a quick look around no body was in sight. I turned around and was greeted by a very naked and fucking hot blonde standing in front of me with her over coat bunched up on the floor around her high heeled feet. Angie was fishing around in her bag and she pulled something out and slipped a ball gag into the blondies mouth and over her head. She then looked at me and singled for me to follow as she lead the blonde goddess up stairs to the bedroom I assumed. I went into the kitchen to shut off everything that was for and I quickly followed the path up the stairs. When I reached my bedroom. Angie had a fixed a spreader bar to the bodies ankles. This device had the blood woman spread apart pretty much as far as she could stretch. Angie was fastening restraints on the bottom legs of the foot of the bed and then she bent the woman over and attached her wrists to these restraints. This woman was now completely bent over and spread open. Angie then stood up and informed me that this bitch owed her and that for the next two days it was agreed that she was to be our sex slave. Now Angie also said the her husband was home so she would be allowed to be here all the time but that I was to keep the scenario going in her absence. Angie then pulled a crystal headed butt plug out of her bag and she put some lube on it and inserted it rather roughly into the blondes ass. Angie then turned to me and said let’s fuck her. I am not one to argue much so I dropped my towel grabbed my hardening cock and I moved in behind this woman and started to rub my cock head up and down her slit. I gripped her ass and I rammed my cock balls deep in one motion as she let out a muffled scream due to the ball gag. Angie had moved her self onto the bed and was now placing her open pussy in the blonde face as she removed the gag and grabbed her head and forced her face into her pussy. This was Monday wow how was my week going to go!!!!!!!

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