First gay encounter


First gay encounterIt was the early 60’s , I was hitch hiking back to military base in N.C. thru Washington D.C. It was evening and I had a long night of hitching hiking ahead of me. A car stopped on the northern edge of D.C. offering me a ride.i got in and there were two guys about forty. They asks where I was headed, said N.C. They suggested that I could stay with them overnight and continue in the A.M. As I recall initially, didn’t think Anymore about it than two guys being nice to a young military guy.We got to their apartment which was quite nice with high end furniture and decorated nicely. We sat in the living you and they offered me a mixed drink saying they didn’t have any beer. We talked but can’t recall about what. They continued to give me drinks getting me pretty drunk. Then They took me to a bedroom and said I could sleep here tonight. I got undressed and into bed falling asleep pretty quickly. Sometime during the night there was someone getting into bed behind me. I was groggy but it finally hit me that these guys istanbul escort where gay. The guy reached around me and started to massage my cock and I really liked it. I have a 8” cock with huge balls. My friends always k**ded me about the size of my balls. My cock grew as he continued stroking me. He was pushing up against my ass and I could feel his cock I ad never had a guy do that and it excited me that I could get someone hot like that. He was making little moaning sounds as he played with my now rock hard cock and his pumping speeded up. My girl friend at the time was giving a lot of head and loved getting sucked. I rolled over so he could get access to my cock and he went right down and started sucking me. At the same time he was playing with my balls and slightly touching My ass. When he would touch my ass I would move and moan a little so he knew I liked the feeling. I was so hot that I exploded a huge load of cum in his mouth as he just avcılar escort kept milking me.He left the bed and I fell back to sleep, in a short time his partner came over and got in behind me . My cock was just recovering from the first blowjob and the new guy was expert at working it back up. He had brought some lube with him and was working it on to my ass which felt incredible I began pushing back on his hand and at that point he knew he had me! Soon his finger was in my ass and he was working my cock and ass at the same time. I had never been so hot in my short life. He whispered for me to play with his cock and I was like lightning when I touched him. His cock wasn’t big but it was hard and HOT. He told me to lay on my back and so he could play with my cock and finger me at the same time. I was sure I would cum but he knew how to work me to the edge and slow down. Then he moved his cock up to my head and I simply began sucking him as if i had been sucking cock for years. şirinevler escort I took him in my mouth and rand my tongue over his head just like my girl did to me. He started moaning and quickly pulled out of my mouth. He quickly moved me up on my knees and hands and has his hard cock at my ass before I could even think. He pressed his cock against my ass and with the lube and fingering he was in me in a second. He was really moaning and fucking me as hard as he could holding on to my hips. I can’t explain now aroused and hot I was. There was nothing more I wanted at that moment Than to have his cock in me. He was fucking me hard and there was only moaning from him and me. The other guy entered and was smiling and amazed that his partner had me in this position. He came over and put his cock in front of my face. Thru all my moaning I begged him to let me suck his cock.there I was 19 years old straight guy getting fucked and sucking a cock AND LOVING IT. They both came in me and I’ll always remember the taste of his cum in my mouth and the feeling of hot cum shooting in my ass.but most of all I still think of how I was pleasing these two guys so much.have been married for many years and have had no other experience like this but still think of it ALOT.My wife loves me to tell her this true story while we’re fucking, I do t really think she believes me but it true.

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