First Girl on Girl Experience


First Girl on Girl ExperienceI’ve always found women attractive, I can always appreciate a beautiful woman. The way her hair falls in her face just right, the curves of her body, nice full lips and beautiful eyes. There’s something about the softness of a woman’s face. This is my story about the first time I was with a woman. It’s a personal experience that I thought I would share. It’s a bit long but I hope you enjoy.I had always dated men, however I had always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. I never thought that it was something that I would act upon. To be truly honest, I had no control over who I fell for, it just happened. I was in my early twenties and while working in a store at the local mall there was one girl that stood out…I couldn’t help myself. I found myself watching her from across the way as she worked in the store across from me. She’d come over once in a while and ask to borrow random items. Turns out she came in one day to confess that she in fact was just making excuses to come in to talk to me. She was a beautiful brunette with hair that just passed her shoulders. She had Beautiful, big brown eyes that could stop your heart from beating. The softness of her face and features were exotic and captivating. She had milky light brown skin and her laugh…her laugh and the way she blushed shot shivers all up and down my body. She was fun, energetic and loved to laugh and make me laugh, we had fun together and well…it just worked. To think that all this time I was standing from afar canlı bahis admiring her, she was doing the same. All I could think about was her, how it would feel to lean in and kiss her beautiful full lips, so soft and pale pink. She wore no makeup but a little mascara and to be honest she didn’t even need that. She had a little fire to her, not quite the gussied up lipstick lesbian but a naturally beautiful woman that knew how to dress herself perfectly. Not tomboyish and not high maintenance. One night we had just closed up shop and were on our way to our cars. We were walking down one of the employee corridors that lead out to the parking lot. It was just the two of us and what I felt was the perfect moment. I stopped her, leaned in and slowly caressed her lips with mine testing the waters a bit before going any further. She slid her hand around the back of my neck and slowly slid it up to the back of my head letting my hair slide in between her fingers. I paused for a moment trying not to breathe too heavily, all I could hear was the beating of my heart and I could feel it beating in my chest as well. I kissed her upper lip and then proceeded to her bottom lip. I gently kissed her once again then gently bit her bottom lip, we began to kiss so deeply and passionately. We both felt the urgency with each kiss. It’s something that we had both been waiting for, for the longest time. We’d kiss then just hold each other’s head trying to stop, but we couldn’t…we’re both breathing harder than before…I leaned her up against bahis siteleri the wall and pressed my chest into hers, I slid my hands from her face down to her neck , brushing her shoulders, down past her breasts to her hips. I paused there for a moment before I slid my right hand down and started to rub between her legs. Even though she was wearing jeans I could feel how hot it was and the moisture that would soon be seeping through. I took my hand with four fingers closed together and slid it from the front between her legs and towards her ass, making sure she felt the slight pressure I was adding. I could tell in her breathing that she enjoying it as much as I was. I kissed her neck and moved my way down. I pulled my hand away from her legs so I could lift up her blouse. Her perky and beautifully shaped breasts were ready for some attention as well. I pulled her right one out and began to tease her fully erect nipple. I un-buttoned her jeans and slid my hand in between her legs once again, this time she let out a little moan. I felt her wetness as my fingers slid over her clit, as my fingers became extremely slippery my mouth began to water as I wanted to taste her for myself. I pulled my hand away once more and began to taste her on my fingers. Her juices were sweet and salty all at the same time and her smell was intoxicating. I pulled her pants down got on my knees, pulled her lace panties to the side and went for it. I slowly played with her clit quickly then slowed it down I sat on the floor against the wall güvenilir bahis so she was directly over me. I wanted to get a better angle. I whispered for her to squat…she got on the balls of her feet and did as I wished. I slid my tongue in and out of her tight little pussy while I played with her clit. I could feel her legs quivering as she moaned. I had her get on her knees and bend over while I ate her from behind, I made sure not to forget her ass. I made sure that her tight little as got some licks as well. When it was just set enough I slowly slid my middle finger into it.We both noticed that the security cameras were there in each of the corners. We laughed and joked about how the security guards had an exciting night and how they’re probably sitting in the control room pounding one out. It turned us on even more to think that they’re all up there watching us get it on. The fact that the boys were up there and they couldn’t join in on the fun! Not that we wanted them too, we were having enough fun.I slid my fingers into her pussy and started to massage her g-spot…I pulled my skirt up and started to play with myself. I was already wet and dripping, not to mention my pussy was throbbing so badly. I needed to relieve myself, she made me so horny. I wanted to make her cum so badly, I ate her out a little more until she just couldn’t stand it…her legs started to quiver, her pelvis started to thrust, her moans got louder and then it happened. I made her squirt all over the place. It gushed out from between her legs as she pulled my head away from between her legs…this was the first time she’d done so and I couldn’t believe I was able to make her do it…definitely a memorable time and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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