First Orgasms


First OrgasmsI was young, when I discovered those tingly funny-good feelings, altho I’m not sure I’d call it masturbating as such; I had no idea what it was, just it was something that felt good. I don’t even remember a first time as such. My mum likes to tell the stories of how I would do it in my booster seat in the car, bucking myself back and forth and rubbing against the little raised bit in the middle. I don’t really remember that though. The first ones I do remember were around 6 or 7 years old and lying on the carpet in front of the tv on my tummy and wiggling and bobbing back and forth or pushing myself backwards and tensing my legs and tummy which felt extra good, but I just thought of it on the same level as a good stretch feeling good, but different. I wasn’t deliberately after that funny-good feeling most times, that extra good tingly squeezy feeling was just something that would happen every now and then and was extra nice. Kindof like making myself sneeze…While these little orgasms were great when they happned, ranging from little flutters to twitched and spasms and little explosions of pleasure, they were nothing in preparing me for what a really strong and intense full-blown orgasm was really about!Which is what happened one day when I was in our back yard playing in the sandpit. I remember it was spring because everything was green and flowery, and I was in shorts over leggings and t-shirt which was my favoured kind of play clothes around the house or park back then. Girly, with a hint of tomboy my mum used to say, bursa escort which actually suited me very well.Our sandpit back then had a knee-high (to me) rope fence made from thick maritime rope around it that separated the k**s area from the rest of the garden, smooth and about as thick as my arm. This particular day I was playing by the edge of the sand, and straddling the rope conveniently while I was playing. I was blissfully enjoying some particularly pleasant tingly sensations between my legs as I was moving and reaching and gently sliding back and forth, but still I was more focussed on playing with my sand funnels and water wheels and ordering my workforce of trolls and little ponies around, and occasionally my little sister who was covered almost to the shoulders in wet sand building sandcastles and and making little streams and dams.Pretty soon I could start to feel those naughty sensations begining to build up and that that little pressure deep down in my tummy that I recognised as the beginings of an orgasms, even though I had no real name for it then. I just thought “Oh goody, that tingly squeezy thing is going to happen”. As things started getting more sensitive I forgot my little construction empire as I began to lose myself in those magical feelings coming from my special place, swaying and sliding back and forth along the rope, feeling every bump and twist of the rope gliding along my lips and inner legs over my shorts and leggings.At some point I relaxed back, putting more of my weight directly on my crotch and suddenly bursa escort bayan all those feelings and sensation jumped up a couple of gears and I head myself squeak or gasp or moan, or some girlish mixture of all three and from then I was completely lost to the feelings coming from between my legs through my whole body, and my hips took control with a mind of their own and I was just along for the rollercoaster ride!I don’t have a clear recollection of what happened from then on. I remember I was gasping and panting, and at some point, long beyind the level of pleasure I normally built to before it would peak and shimmer through me, I lifted my knees off the ground pressing my full weight into my little pussy, bucking back and forth with the movement of my hips and my toes now the only part of my touching the ground, and the pleasure and the pressure down in my tummy just kept building and building, my chest and my whole body tight, and it just kept on building higher and higher until I thought I might run out of breath or pass out. Then with one last forward push of my hips it all exploded in a fireball of pleasure and butterflies and I was flying and falling at the same time as my whold body shuddered and shook, and each pulse of my pussy and my little magic button shooting more and more bursts of pleasure up and down my whole body, head to toes. After a moment (minute? who knows) of this suddenly I lost all the strength out of my body and my little nub and my lips became too sensitive to move anymore, but I was still getting escort bursa little smaller pulses of pleasure every couple of seconds and didn’t want any of it to stop, so I ended up practically lying on the rope, toes and one hand on the ground and legs clenched tight around the rope between my legs, motionless but with my puss still tight against the rope, prolonging the little contractions and shivers as the tail end of the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced ebbed away from my body leaving me panting and short of breath and a little sore like I’d just run a mile. With I think the happiest sigh in the world I rolled off the rope and onto the grass and just layed there in happy bliss, feeling the grass under my back and the sun on my face, legs still moving against eachother, setting off the occasional little spark of pleasure and feeling my tummy twich in response.I could sense my sister come over asking what I was doing, but all I could do was giggle and sigh in reply and she soon went back to her patch of the sandpit with the likely assumption I was just doing a loony big sister thing she didn’t understand. I don’t know how long I layed there, prolonging that warm snuggly feeling as long as I could, but I was inturrupted by one of our great danes seeing me and taking the opportunity to lick my face off while I was defenceless which got me back up in a hurry, but even sitting on my knees I could feel my legs were all wobbly and funny feeling, and so just crawled under the rope and sat on the sand leaning back against it, patting the dog which had sat down behind the rope and watching my sister play, my mum in the far corner of the garden watering and pottering and tinking about what had just happened, and if I could make it happen again…

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