FIRST STORY: ON THE DANCE FLOORON THE DANCE FLOORIt was a cold and crisp Saturday night in my college town and I needed a release. Midterms had drained me and my potential fuck buddy had backed out leaving me sexually frustrated and ready to pounce on the next hottest stud with a devilish smile. I gathered up a couple of friends to head out to the so-called “it party” for the night and I could tell tonight would be eventful. I walked briskly with my friends, pulling my tight black skirt down as I walked and crossed my arms across my chest…trying to shield my body from the cold, my hard nipples a clear sign I wasn’t getting any warmer.We arrived at the frat house around eleven pm and proceeded to the dance floor. I scanned the room for people I knew and suddenly came across a set of clear blue eyes, their gaze drilling into mine and sending a surge of energy through the body. I’d seen him around campus but never had the guts to approach him. 6’4, a mix of caucasian and african american, noticeably athletic and the definition of my type. I bit my lip as I returned his sly gaze and continued my path to the crowded corner of the makeshift dance floor. Spilled beer cans lay on the cement floor of the unfinished basement and created a musky scent that clouded the air. Blacklights and strobe lights pounded into the crowd as my eyes strained to see where he had disappeared to. My mind slowly drifted to the music as the DJ played “Get Em Girl”. My body automatically mirrored the beat as my hips swayed rapidly in perfect rhythm. This was my element. The dance floor was my playground and it brought out the demon in me. My ass shook unlike any other white girls could and I ran my hands down my muscular thighs, my skirt inching up with my movements. The crowd swayed with the music and a new song suddenly sent them into a frenzy, pushing me back. I staggered into a warm body and recovered myself, turning into the fabric şahinbey escort of a grey long sleeve cotton shirt. Slowly I looked up already knowing who to expect. The clear blue eyes met mine and a smirk crossed his full lips. “You alright there?” he said coyly. “Ya you’d be surprised what I can take,” I said slyly back, hoping he caught my drift. The spark in his eyes confirmed my hopes and I felt a strong hand caress my lower back where my crop top and skirt parted. “I’m Devon,” he stated, and after introducing myself we began to match the pace of the music together, our bodies swaying as one. Facing one another I wrapped my arms around his neck, using the stability to rock my body into his. His hands added to the force on my pelvis which grinded into his, making me more excited with every touch. Without warning he spun me around, grabbing my arms and pinning them in front of me, our bodies still grinding into one another and his other hand grazing my hip. My arousal was growing and I craved him. I wanted more. More of his touch. My primal instincts took over and I slid down his body, grinding down and working my way back up, finally pushing my ass into his growing erection. I was going mad with pure desire and worked him like a stripper pole-pushing my ass into his pelvis in a form of pure lust. I couldn’t take it anymore. I spun around and looked into those clear blue eyes. His expression told me he knew what was coming next. My lips rushed to his and could not be torn away. He returned the kiss roughly and I proceeded to tug on his lower lip, driving him mad. His hand pushed my lower back into his body, not an inch of space between us. The large bulge of his cock pushed against my pelvis starting to make me wet. “Let’s go somewhere private,” I stuttered between gasps. Those eyes looked at me in a devilish look I craved and he abruptly grabbed altındağ escort my hand, tugging me through the crowd. We found our way outside the house, the brisk air making my nipples even harder. “My place okay?” he asked. “It better be close,” I teased with a rough passion seeping through my voice. He weaved his fingers through mine as we began to walk. I snuggled into his shoulder and he stopped to give me his jacket, my shivering more obvious than I thought. Within 5 minutes of small talk and walking my body could not contain itself anymore. I stopped walking and his body stuttered back in response, our hands still intertwined. “What’s wrong?” he asked confused. “I can’t make it to your house,” I stated, bitting my lip. His confused gaze turned to a look of passion as he understood. Without another word he pulled me into his chest, his muscles becoming rigid and his strength holding my tight. Our lips met and my hands ran wildly through his curly hair. He grazed my inner thigh with his hand, startling me. I pushed my body into his feverishly, craving his touch. A wicked smile broke through his lips. The power was in his hands. “Oh, do you want that?” he stated coyly. “Yes, yes please,” I moaned trying to close the distance between my wet pussy and his touch. His fingers traced my inner thigh, teasing me as they slid my panties to the side. He kept his fingers still, hovering above the entrance to my pussy and my eyes darted up to his. “Mmmmm pleeeeaase,” I whined. His fingers suddenly plunged into my wet pussy sending a shiver through my body. As he swirled his index inside and teased my clit with his thumb I savagely kissed him, biting his lower lip hard with every moan that emitted from my mouth. I turned my attention to his zipper. My hands fumbling in my excitement , the streetlight creating a hazy light as I pulled out his hard cock. I looked çankaya escort at it lustfully and began stroking. First slowly then faster and faster until I could hear his breathing increase rapidly. He immediately pulled his fingers from under my hiked up skirt and grabbed my hands. Kissing the tops of them and then kissing my lips. He surveyed the area and lead me to a parked car outside of the glow of the streetlight. “I’m gonna fuck you hard,” he said bluntly, my eyes lighting up with passion, sending another smirk across his face. He turned me around, folding my torso over the hood of the car. He lifted my skirt, caressed my ass and gave it a nice hard smack. I moaned out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He grabbed my arms pinning them against the hood and began to rub his hard cock against my drenching pussy. My pelvis lurched back, craving him inside me and he smacked my ass hard. “Patience,” he snarled in a sexy voice that made my pussy throb more. He continued teasing me with his sturdy cock and finally gave into my wants. He forced himself inside my tight pussy and my moan was loud and full of pleasure. He pounded into me, fucking me hard and deep. My moans grew louder and he forced his fingers into my mouth muffling my cries. I sucked his fingers and tried to run my nails down the hood of the car, desperate to express my pleasure in some way. His strokes became slow and deliberate now, as he drove into me and then pulled out, almost leaving my now tender pussy. He switched again and drilled his cock into me harder and harder, pushing my body down onto the car, making me powerless. I couldn’t contain myself anymore..I came around him and he fucked me through my climax. My body intensifying and my moans barely being stifled by his fingers. As my body peaked my pussy tightened around his cock, finally collapsing my body onto the car. He pulled out and turned me over so that he could cum on my stomach. I gazed up at him and bathed in the glory and lust that had been the last 30 minutes. After his finished he gazed into my eyes and planted a deep kiss on my lips. “I could definitely get use to that tight little pussy of yours,” he stated playfully. “I guess you’ll have to buy me dinner now to get another taste,” I teased back.

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