First time Anal with Sharon

First time Anal with SharonSharon and I had been seeing one another for about two years, due to her and my other relationships (we are both married but not each other) we only saw each other occasionally and these meets usually ended up with both of us sweating after a long hard fuck and suck session. As things worked out we were both sent to the same conference out of town for a week. We checked into the hotel (separate rooms) as at the time we did not know either one was attending. We met at the ice breaker that evening, things started to breakup about 11:30pm. As we sauntered off to our rooms we found we had both rooms on the same floor just a few doors apart. I left her at her door and went to my room, after about 10 minutes I decided that I was not tired and grabbed a bottle of liquid refreshment and went to her door, She answered wrapped in only a towel she said she was about to take a shower, I ask if she would like a night cap first and she agreed. I sat in the chair and she sat on the bed facing me, this gave me an unobstructed view up the her legs to her pussy, After the first drink and some small talk I got up and gave her a long kiss as I undid the towel to afford me access to her wonderful 38DDs and long nipples, we started some heavy petting, She said we could not “go all the way” casino siteleri as it was her time of the month, but she would be more that happy to give a blow job to take the edge off for the night. I said that was great and took off my cloths, she took my hard manhood into her hot mouth and began on of the best BJs I have had, she was great at orally pleasing a man, she caressed by cum laden balls as she encircled the head of my cock with her sweet lips and flicked her talented toung accross the tip, then she would take me deep till my cock enterd her throat than back to the tip, she would lick up the underside and suck my loaded balls into her mouth she continued this and I could feel the cum moving from my balls to my cock the without warning I exploded deep in her mouth and she drank down every drop, as I started softening I slid from her wonderful lips, we kissed passionately and I could taste myself on her lips.She said we might as well share the bath to clean up and I readily agreed, We washed each other under the steamy shower, she turned her back to me and I washed her back, as I reached her hot ass, I caressed those hot globes and ran my finger along her slit, she reminded me that she was on her period, I whispered that there was more than on hole down there, She said she kaçak casino had never done that, she tried once with the hubby but couldn’t finish the act, I told her I would take my time and gave her the safe word if I caused her much pain or discomfort and I would stop. reluctantly agreed to give it a try I took her back to the bed and laid her on her belly, I started a massage from her neck and shoulders down her back to her perfect ass checks and up again, I got her bottle of baby oil and used this to massage her, I started to kiss down her back, when I reached her ass cheeks I slid mu tongue along the slit to her rose bud, I rimmed her as she started to wiggle her pretty ass as i ate her asshole, I put some baby oil at the entrance and slowly inserted a finger in to the first knuckle, she groaned a little and I ask if she was alright, she was ok, I added more oil and slide to the second the the third knuckle, she too a deep breath, I ask her to just relax, I slide this finger in and out till she started to relax the add a second finger and repeated the process then a third finger, she was breathing heavy , I had he get on her knees and came up behind her I slowly pulled my fingers out and placed my cock head at the tight entrance, she flinched a little, I told her it was in her canlı casino hand now, she coul backup and take as much or little as he wanted it was up to her, I felt her gently push back against my cock, I held it inplace and let her do the work, She would press back till the head started in then relax and do this again, finally after about the fifth or sixth time, the head slipped in past her tight ring, she stopped to catch her breath, then pulled forward a little and ask for more oil, I places a generous amount on my cock and again pushed back inch after agonizing inch slowly slide inside her hot tight ass, then her ass butte against my hips, I was now full inside her tightest hole, She paused for few seconds she slowly pulled forward till just the head was left in then slid back again, She gained momentum and was soon sliding vigorously along the shaft of my rock hard cock, I was caressing her big tits as she rammed my cock into her hot ass, she came and then I exploded deep into her hot ass, holding her hips to mine I emptied my hot cumm deep into her bowles. I softened than slid out with a little pop. we collapsed on the bed. I ask her what she thought, She said she had never thought that a ass fuck could feel so good and she would love to try it in our love making time to time, She also told me that her ass was mine and mine alone, not even her hubby would get a taste of it. We slept in each others arms and awoke the next morning for another session of of hot anal pleasure before we showered and dressed for the conference.

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