First time Bottom

First time BottomThis was something I had done a little over a year ago. I have been hooking up with people off the internet from different sites. I was just sooo horny one night I just did not care what happened as long as sex happened with another person.I got online to an adult dating site where I have met women, couples, and single guys before. Within an hour I found a local guy. His profile did not say he was into men, but he chatted with me.During the chat he let me know he was horny also and just wanted to nut. He usually did not do anything with guys, usually couples but he really needed to bust a nut. I let him know I never had anyone do me anally and he was ready to come take that cherry.I let him know where I lived and I went to get a shower. It took about 30 minutes and he was at my apartment door. When karşıyaka escort I let him in he was very uptight and let me know he did not want to talk or be friends. He just needed a nut. I lead him back into the bedroom. I was just where a white shirt with shorts and nothing else. Once we got into the bedroom he started to take his pants off and underwear. He took his soft cock out and started to stroke it. He started to ask if I had ever sucked a cock before, but before he could get the whole sentence out I was already on my knees and moving his hand away from his dick to put into my mouth. Within seconds he had to have a seat on the bed while I got his cock rock hard.I was not even sucking and licking his dick for a whole minute and he begged to get to suck my cock. Which my cock was already with precum escort karşıyaka and a bit bigger than his. He was slurping and sucking for a few minutes. Once his cock went down a little he asked if I would go back to his cock which within less than a minute he said he was going to bust before he could take my anal cherry. Which I did not have much lube but he had some Vaseline, which he was only about 2 figures thick, but never having someone in my ass I felt it. As he had me bent over the bed he plugged his whole cock into my ass. At first I was not into it at all, he started hitting some areas which felt good about 10 stokes into it and I started to enjoy the experience. Even got to the point I was about to nut with a dick pounding my hole stretching it out more and more. Then he started asking about my karşıyaka escort bayan sex with women…….. Sorry but when I have a cock in my hands or mouth, I am not thinking of a woman. Which when I let him know of an ex who would fuck her hair bush just watching me with her friends all the sudden his dick got hard as a steel rod and let loose in my ass. I wanted the first time without a condom. I could feel his dick go soft and the burning of his cum in my ass. Which I tried to tighten up and make it to the bathroom to get the cum out, there was no redness so I was okay. I brought him a towel to clean up. We then chatted a little and parted ways. I was thinking he would message me or want to hookup again one day. He did not have the biggest cock, but he did not have issues getting hard, which is something golden now a days with all the hookups I have done. I never saw him or chatted with him again. My ass was sore for about 4 days from him hammering me, but it was worth it to get that experience. Now I am just looking for a bigger cock hopefully…… one day…..

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