First time for me and first time for my sweet Fem

Female Ejaculation

First time for me and first time for my sweet FemHi folks before you read this story I would like to tell that I am looking for friends who are Feminine looking FemBoi, Sissy, CD or cute gay EMO AND would like to exchange dirty PMs from time to timeCheckout my page: ONLY if you are feminine looking and would like to exchange PMs from time to timeOkay now for the story!I am a retired engineer and to make a little spending money, I tutor college students in Math and Physics. Danny was one of my students, I tutored him one year in freshman Physics and presently in advanced Calculus.Anyway he is so soft spoken, has beautiful raven black long hair down to his chest a slim body and when he moves it is with very gentle motions.. Add all of this up, with that fact that he wears tight jeans that show is round ass, and I came to the conclusion that Danny different and very feminine. I can’t detect any facial hair he must shave extremely close.So one day he came to tell me that he got an 87% on his final. He just wanted to thank me. My wife was gone for a few days visiting our son and I enjoyed having someone to talk too, I invited Danny to sit down on my couch and we talked about how college was going.Suddenly Danny got a very nervous look He then said “Mike I have to tell you something but I am afraid” I told him not to be afraid and just say what he wants. With a tear in his eyes and trembling voice he said “Mike I think I am gay, in fact I know it, I am attracted to older men and I am attracted to you, I never though had sex with a man”My cock sprang to life, I always got off a little on his completely feminine looks and nature. He went on further to tell me that sometimes he puts on thongs and stockings in his room but never makeup. He just loves the feel.I moved and sat next to him, I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and told him I understood and told him the truth that he was attractive to me. With that he started kissing me deeply, his skin so soft no feel of a beard at all. We kissed and groped for a few minutes then I spoke first. “Danny you said you never had sex with a man, would you like to start with me today?” ” I promise to be gentle and treat you nice, we will only do what you want to do” Danny blurted out “YES” I warned Danny that this would be my FIRST time also with a man, but that he was so exceptionally feminine that I wanted him too!We went upstairs to my bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, We talked for a few minutes, I wanted to assure Danny that he would be treated softly and he would enjoy it. Then we both got undressed. There stood Danny naked except for a red thong staring against his rigid cock. There was no hair anywhere. He shaved everywhere, I was naked and had a really hard erection, I approached him and he surrendered to my groping and exploring. God he was so soft he had hips and an ass that were so womanly. He was thin but not bony thin, just right. No muscle definition either. We stood feeling and groping each other. Then Danny stepped out of his thong. He moved just like a girl, leaning over and stepping out on leg at a time.I just sat at the edge of the bed and took in this heavenly sight, his clitty was cut and so nicely shaped. His legs so smooth and womanly. Next thing I know he has slowly dropped to his knees and is stroking my cock and caressing my balls.He swung his head to adjust his long hair and God did that turn me on, it was so feminine. He told me he has never done this, but that when he plays with himself he imagines that his cock is another mans. I told him to please use a little spit to make van escort things a little lubricated, men like that. He gave me a fantastic hand job and I was getting very hot. He then said “Mike I want to try and suck you, tell me what you think”. I simply told him to makes sure he makes no contact with his teeth and nature will take care of the rest.He then took me in his mouth and after a few encounters with his teeth, he got the hang of it and his sucking got better with every second. I felt his gorgeous raven hair on my thighs and pelvis and it drove me wild. The scent of his hair and felling it brush my body was fantastic. He really enjoyed what he was doing, he stroked my thighs while moving his sucking mouth up and down my shaft. I told him to slow down bobbing of his head. Now I was getting a fantastic blow job. I sat up and ran my fingers through his long and full black hair. God it was so silky and full. It had such a delightful scent. Caressing his hair made the experience so much more exciting.He was really sucking me perfectly now, I moaned “you are a quick learner” Danny stopped and spoke to me “Mike I watch a ton of porn and I always wanted to try this. Hey Mike I love when you touch my hair, could you pull it a little, I like that feeling when my hair is pulled a little gently” I said sure and Danny went back down on my rock hard cock. I felt a little precum leak and I told Danny he had to stop. He did not listen nor care,He stroked my thighs hard and continued to suck, I warned him I was going to immediately cum and it did not phase him one bit. I unloaded in his mouth while still pulling his hair. Once the first blast flew, he hesitated for a second, I thought he regretted cum in his mouth, but oh no He accepted every string of hot cum I fired. He went wild sucking and bobbing so vigorously finally I had to beg him to stop, I was drained and I swear it was one of the largest loads I ever spurted, at least six big spurts but hey I did not count them.Danny, swallowed every drop. Then He spoke. “Mike I’m sorry I did not stop, I hope you’re not upset, but when I tasted that little leak of precum , well I just could not help my self I wanted to taste more and I wanted it hot”Told him to come sit next to me. He did, I held his hand and told him what a fantastic experience that was, I only wanted him to stop, because I wanted to fuck his ass.I spoke “Danny, later on when I am ready again do you think you would like to try anal sex? He was silent for a second, I could see he was really thinking, then he said “Mike I will do anything with you and I also want to see what it feels like, I am so curious how I am going to feel with a throbbing hot dick inside of me, sure as soon as your ready”I said thank you, we washed up a bit, and then I told Danny, “come on sweat heart, it’s late and I am hungry are you hungry too?” Danny nodded yes. “Is Italian okay?” Danny said sure. I took Danny to a restaurant that I know is a little dark and hardly any customers on a weeknight. I did this because I knew there was going to be a high probability that I could not keep my hands off of him and certainly did not want either of us embarrassed. We arrived and we got a corner booth. We ordered and it took a while for our food to come. During that time, I got the chance to gaze into Danny’s hazel eyes. His face actually was more feminine than it ever was before, I guess finally fulfilling one of his fantasies and no longer being a sissy virgin relieved his mind so much that it showed on his face. We spoke and Danny told me how glad he was that he got diyarbakır escort up the courage to have sex with a man. an older experienced man. He said he felt reborn and he loved it. I told him I was happy for him, and that I am a kinky pervert so it was not to hard for me to touch a man, as long as that man is very feminine and has long hair. I then confessed to Danny that I was attracted to him for a while and wanted to fuck him. He laughed. Our food came, then I still wanted more time to build up a load of cum so we stayed and had coffee all the while talking about each other.By time we got back to my house, a long enough time had passed and I knew I had another big pot of cum brewed. I stopped at a CVS along the way and bought a tube of KY as I don’t do anal with my wife. We went straight to the bedroom. Again I sat and held Danny’s hand and assured him that he can stop anytime and I would not be mad.We got undressed and after groping and felling him all over, I asked him to get on the bed on all fours. He did , I then asked him to tuck his knees in tight and get as much of his round ass exposed as possible. What I did next surprised but pleased Danny. I dropped to my knees, I squeezed, kissed and licked his ass cheeks and the back of his thighs. When I licked the back of his thighs, he really moaned with pleasure and told me not to stop. I kept it up for a while, then said, “Are you ready Danny? remember I will stop anytime you ask” Danny simply said “come on, I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you inside of me”I used the KY and gently applied it to Danny’s boi cunt. I actually enjoyed fingering him and he liked it because he told me it felt good. I had placed the tube of KY in a cup of hot water so that it would be warm before we use it. He started to really respond to my finger, so I entered a second finger slowly, he expressed a little grunt of pain but he adjusted and allowed me to continue. I slowly with drew my fingers and asked him if he was ready, he nervously said yes.After thoroughly applying the KY to my cock, Held Danny by his soft hip and used my other hand to make sure I found his love hole and would enter him perfectly straight. In a few seconds the head of my cut cock was gently pressing against his boi cunt. I simply moved my cock around in a very tiny circle to see Danny’s reaction, well he cooed with pleasure. “All right Danny I promise to be gentle” I said. With that I very slowly increased the pressure, not just to be gentle but this was my first time also and I wanted to feel my cock head spear him slowly. Finally Danny actually himself relaxed his love hole and my cock pierced through. God it felt so good I only had the head in and already I felt how tight and warm it felt. Danny gave a little sound of pleasure mixed with pain and I continued to enter him slowly. Now his moans were definitely moans of pleasure and he started softly saying “oh yes God yes oh Mike that feels so good” That gave me the green light and I then entered him completely. The root of my cock feeling the outside of his love hole and my thighs pressed hard against his ass cheeks. Now I got the shock of my life, before I did anything, Danny started to ride my cock, he was fucking himself wildly impaled on my cock. He twerked and also stroked forward and back, and when he stroked back, hit did it hard you could hear a loud slapping noise when his sweet ass cheeks slapped into my thighs. I remembered that Danny liked his hair gently pulled so with both hands I pulled and felt that lovely silky full hair. God it felt so great! Now ısparta escort he started to use his full muscle set , he started to actually squeeze and release me with his boi cunt. I guess it just comes natural I don’t know I have never had a cock inside of me. I let go of Danny’s hair and I pulled his tiny hips, he just kept bucking like crazy and I held on for the ride. I started to feel the cum rise up and fill my cock. I withdrew immediately, before Danny could say a word I told him sternly ” Danny we are going to change positions, I want you to cum with me, I want to touch you and have you also cum with me. I took a break for a minute or two to make sure I was no longer near the edge. I told Danny to stand and it was I now who stroked and caressed his rigid cock. His whole area was so smooth and hairless and his little sissy clit felt like hot silk.Danny started fingering himself and moving forward and back as I stroked him. When he started to get that dreamy look and close his eyes, I would let go of him as quick as I could. I wanted to edge him, I had a reason, I was not sure how long I could hold out when I fuck him again so I wanted him close to cumming. I edged him several times. I told him know to get on the bed on his back and pick his legs up. I gently entered him again. I began my thrusting when Danny wrapped his legs around my waist and actually pulled most of his light body off the bed only his head and top of his back were on the bed, the rest of his body was in mid air held up by using his legs to pull on my hips.Oh god this put him at an angle that actually allowed to get very deep inside of him. It also gave me free access to his clitty. With my still lubed hands I stroked his clitty. Faster, he screamed, I did not know if he meant to fuck him faster or stroke him faster. So I did both. God he is screaming now he is screaming “Oh shit fuck me Mike” as well as “God God it feels so good.” Then I felt his clitty really throb He squeezed my waist so tight with his legs, I could hardly breath. he started to cum. I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and he into mine and cannot describe the look of bliss his eyes displayed. Large strings of cum shot all over his body , his forehead, and chest some of the spurts actually flew passed his head. His strings were long and flew with great speed. All the while I am fucking him, now as he squirt each string, I actually felt his love canal contract and spasm on my cock with each release of his cum. This was too much, I fell over the edge and God did I cum, Danny was finished and now he started to moan that he felt my cum “Oh God Mike, I feel you splashing inside me” I was in ecstasy, again I spurted many times releasing my seed into him, eventually both of us humping caused my cum to be pumped out of his boi cunt. It fell on the bed and soaked the bed sheet.We just stayed motionless for a minute. I finally withdrew from him and as I guessed cum flowed and dripped out of his boi cunt. I must have really flooded him. I cleaned my cock with my tee shirt which was on the floor and told him not to move. I went and got a wet warm trowel and I cleaned his sweet fore head and face and handed him the towel to clean the rest of himself, I asked him to go jump in the shower and I would join him as soon as I get the bed sheet off I did not want the cum soaking into the mattress .We showered together and washed each other felling each others body. While Danny blew dried his hair, I just laid on the new bed sheet and felt every muscle in me relaxed. When Danny was done I asked him to come on top of me I kissed him and felt that beautiful hair all over my arms and body. We talked, Danny was so happy he did what we did. I told him that it was a first for me, and it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. We kissed a little more and spent the rest of the night talking until both exhausted we fell into sleep

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