first time out door sex

first time out door sexPop goes the Champaign and Ryan pours me a glass, I put my hand out for it and get scolded, I smile and do as I am told, I put my hands on my lap and Ryan puts the glass to my lips and tilts it and I take a drink but some spills out of my mouth. Ryan leans over and gently licks the spilled Champaign, saying that is the most alcohol he will get tonight. I lean in and kiss him back gently at 1st and then harder more urgent. We fall backwards onto the rug. Ryan’s right arm is round my shoulder and his left hand is moving up my left leg taking my dress with it. He pulls back for air looking into my eyes for the approval to go further; I nod knowing what he is silently asking. However, a bed would be far more comfortable than here. Maybe I will let him get to second base and then suggest we go back to mine for the final bases, yeah that’s what I am going to do. I reach up and touch his face, oh, how I love soft stubble and where I would like to feel it most is my neck and pussy. I kiss him, and reach for the strawberries and cream, putting it in to my mouth and feed it to Ryan, his eyes widen and he accepts the fruit. We carry on at this slow pace for about 10 maybe 15 minutes. He turns up the pace again, this time his hands start to roam all over my body, up to my boobs, starting to rub my nipples through my dress. I need to feel skin on skin, I move and open his shirt and run my hands over his chest, I move my bum and I struggle to take my dress off, he finally gets the idea, and helps me out of my dress. The feeling of the warm air on my body is nice; wish the breeze was cooler as it could cool me down at a bit. He mummers his approval of the sexy underwear, moves to take my bisque off and release my boobs. My nipples are hard and aching for his mouth. As he leans in too take my left nipple into his mouth he gently blows cold air onto it and I never though it could get any bigger, but it did. Slowly he takes it between his lips gently sucking. This isn’t what I need, I need him to be harder and rougher with them, I realise I am going to canlı bahis şirketleri have to teach him what I like. I tell him to be harder and to bite but no too hard. As he does this, I feel that funny tickling at the back of my throat, it is a strange feeling as if you need to rub your tongue over it to scratch it but it’s not an unpleasant feeling. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter, I reach for his zip, pull it down and move my hand in to pull free his cock and to my surprise, he has come commando. I move so he has to stop sucking my nipple. I push him back onto the rug, and move up onto my knees. I take his cock into my mouth, slowly sucking and running my tongue round the top of his head and my teeth round his ridge, I hear him moan, I stop for a second and look up at him and tell him to come as I want to taste him. I move back to my position next to him and he moves his hand and starts stroking my hair. He piles all my hair on top of my head and holds it there, I relies this is for his benefit not mine by keeping it out of my face, but so he can watch me giving him a blowjob. He says it is just an amazing feeling and sight. I move my mouth up and down him a few times and I feel his cock widen and his breathing quicken, his climax is close and I want him to come in my mouth, so I can taste him, I love to taste the guy I am sleeping with. Here it comes, he moves his hands to steady my head and with one final thrust, he explodes into my mouth. I suck all the time, as I know that is a feeling that men love. I let his cock go limp in my mouth and I move my head up, my mouth still full of his cum and look at him, letting him see my mouth full of his cum and then me swallowing, he groans and says that is a big turn on and I didn’t have to swallow. He tastes like natural yoghurt so nice, means he hasn’t been eating and drinking too much coffee and strong flavours like garlic and onion, which would make me gag as I hate both off them. I tell him if he didn’t want me to swallow then he shouldn’t have come in my mouth as it is too late by mobilbahis then as I have tasted him. We move back to the house and into the kitchen. He moves in behind me, and brushes my hair from my right shoulder and bends and kisses the back of my neck, this brings me to my knees, and I’m putty in his hands. I lean back into his chest, holding on to the worktop for support, I moan my delight at this work on my most erogenous zone I have. I move my hands to behind me and rub him through his trousers, as he moves his arms to stroke my bum. We some how manage to walk like this, though to my bedroom. The room is all soft lights and subdued music. Ryan slowly undresses me, for the second time that night, taking his time, kissing me as he uncovers another bit. He reaches round my back and unclips my bisque and takes it off, swooping my breasts in his hands pushing them together trying but failing to get both nipples in his mouth at the same time. I move backwards taking him with me, till I am sitting on the edge of the bed and I reach for his buttons of his trousers, he stops me and starts to undress himself in front of me, I know there is only a shirt and trousers to remove but I can’t help but watch that lovely body being revealed. Ryan removes his shoes and socks, “so un-sexy a man coming to bed with socks on don’t you think?” Ryan says. I have to admit he is right. I still have my knickers on I go to remove them and Ryan says no he wants to take them off when he is ready. We lay back onto the bed and I cuddle into his right side, and reach for his cock and slowly stroke it, while Ryan kisses me and plays with my left nipple making it hard. He moves still holding me in his embrace not wanting to let me go. It is as if he is scared I am going to get up and walk away. He moves his hand down, pushes it between me and my knickers, he dips his finger into my soaking wet sex and stops kissing me to say “Wow I didn’t realise how turned on you were” I bite my top lip (a bit in embracement and a bit from excitement) he kisses me freeing my lip from mobilbahis giriş my bite. He has moved his wet finger up to my aching clit. Slowly he circles it making the whole area wet, I suggest he tries two fingers, as that is what I use when I do it myself. He removes his right arm so he can pull my panties down. He says they are not knickers but panties, (knickers are for work, panties are for seduction). We laugh and I agree that they are panties, THOUGH I ALWAYS THINK PANTIES ARE FOR k**DIES. Ryan asks me to show him how I bring myself off, he sits in between my legs both his hands on my thighs stroking up and down them as I take my first two fingers of my right hand and put them into my mouth. I make them wet, and then move them down to my clit. Keeping them together I move them in a circular motion, slowly at first, I watch Ryan’s reaction all the time. I need to pick up the pace as I feel my climax building. I push my feet harder into the bed on either side of Ryan, he most have felt this as he has placed two of his fingers inside my pussy, before I had to tell him this is what I needed, he moves his fingers round and round looking for my g spot. IF HE HITS IT I WON’T BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH MY CLIT, HE WILL NEED TO TAKE OVER. My breathing is in short sharp gasps. I am moaning very loudly, I am close, I feel my pussy start to tighten. Ryan most have felt it too on his fingers as, he removes them and slowly pushes that hard pussy filling cock in to me. He starts with slow thrusts while I am still rubbing myself, I have moved my fingers to either side of my clit and rubbing like mad. I am so close, Ryan picks up the pace and with the 1st hard thrust he pushes me over the edge, I can’t touch my clit any more as it is so sensitive, the feeling of his pubic hair is about as much stimulation as I can take. All my mussels have tightened and are just about to release when Ryan groans, thrusts deep inside me for his own release and that is enough to push me over the edge and I feel that lovely cock of his grow wider and twitch as he shoots his seed deep inside me. We lay in each other’s arms still lock together, his hard on subsides and shrinks inside me, our breathing slowly returns to normal. He rolls me onto my side so we are facing each other, pulling the covers over us and hugs me tightly while kissing the top of my head.

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