First Time Share – Part 1


First Time Share – Part 1Now with the coronavirus, I thought it would write about some of our experiences over the last four years.We have been married almost 20 years now and have always had an amazing relationship. My wife has an insatiable sex drive which seamed to grow as she gets older. She is 59 now and looks amazing. I have always had this desire to watch her with another man. Was always afraid to tell her about my fantasy for fear that it would ruin our relationship or she would think I am weird. Over the years we amassed a large toy selection and she really gets off on large toys. I am just average size. I would try to give signals about my secret desire to watch her get fucked. “take that big black cock” stuff like that when we were having sex and I used a toy on her. I also bought her a couple anklets, that she would wear frequently. Once in Vegas, I mentioned that we should go to the green door saying it in a sort of joking manor. I remember she said smiled and didn’t answer. I thought after that maybe I should have pushed it. In the end I was resigned to the fact that it would probably never happen and I was ok with that. In May of 2016, we were scheduled to go to Las Vegas. She has an educational conference she goes to every year and we spend a week down there. We are both self employed and do contract work in similar industries. Very much male dominated. It is always a fun week. She goes to her meetings and I usually work in the hotel room or go to the pool. We always stay off strip at the same hotel they have the meetings. I planned to see if I could to her to go to the Green Door. Thursday night we had plans to go to go to this French restaurant down the street from the Green Door. Figured I figured I would ask her at dinner. So Wednesday night she went out to dinner with some of the guys. She was wearing a short skirt and blouse and looked amazing. Gave me a hard on thinking about her out with the guys dressed like that. She called me around 9 and asked if it was ok if she went for an after dinner drink. She also mentioned that Rick was having a party at his suite the next night Thursday and that maybe we should move our dinner reservations to Friday. He is from Santa Barbara and had brought over a case of wine from a winery near there. I had meet Rick several times and kinda found him to be an arrogant jerk. He is an attorney and is one of the speakers at the conference. She seemed to like him though and so I moved the dinner reservation to Friday. She back around midnight and took off her clothes and got into bed naked. She seemed REALLY horny. I remember putting my hand between her legs asking how dinner was. They had gone to this hibachi restaurant on Paradise and came back and had drinks at the bar in the hotel. She me they had a really good soul band in the bar. Mentioned we should go listen to them after Rick’s party. Hmmm she went and listened to a band and didn’t invite me. I kinda moved my hand up and she spread her legs for me. She was so wet. I asked her if they had a dance floor and she said that they did. We danced and had a great time she said. I found myself getting really turned on and a bit jealous at the same time. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her. You want to get fucked I said. Yes I do she said. I had my finger in her. She was so lose and soaking. I bet Rick and the guys wanted to fuck you. She kinda laughed and said yes they did. She started rubbing my cock. I was getting really hard. Did that turn you on I asked as I was fingering her ? Fuck me baby she said. I was so hard. I think you wanted them to fuck you didn’t you ? I had two fingers in her. We were making out. Never seen her so turned on. Yes I wanted to fuck all three of them she said. At that point, my cock slipped right in her. She was so halkalı escort wet and lose. Oh fuck me she kept saying. I put a couple fingers in her mouth and she sucked them like she was sucking cock. Never seen her this turned on. I bet you would a big cock in your mouth while I fuck you. wouldn’t you ? oh yes she said. Do you want me to fuck other men she said. oh yes I want to watch you get fucked. I want you to watch me get fucked she said as she had an orgasm and came right away. I could not believe what she had just said to me. I was starting to get hard again. We went to sleep. Thursday is always a half day at the conference. Ends around 1pm. She got back from the conference and asked me if I still was ok with going to the wine party. I told her I was if she wanted to go. She walked over and whispered in my ear that she would and it would be fun. She said she wanted to go to Fashion Show mall and get a new dress. It was really hot outside. So she dragged me along. Not good at describing dresses but she picked one that was sort of open in the front with just a strap holding it up and short above the top of her knees. A bit reveling. I am sure the guys are going to like that I said k**ding. Is it too reveling she asked. I can almost see your tits, but that is ok I said. She just laughed and we bought it. We had a late lunch and went back to the hotel. So we were going to Rick’s suite at 7pm. We took a nap and went for a swim. She took a bath and came out wearing the new dress. She also had on her anklet. She looked amazing and so fuckable. When she bent over I could see her tits. I pointed that out and she said. Maybe I shouldn’t wear this dress and asked me what I thought. It’s ok I said. So we went down to Rick’s suite. He hugged her and gave her a little kiss and told her how hot she looked. There were probably 10 guys there and she introduced me to them. He had a two bedroom suite with a wet bar, big table, a couch and a couple reclining chairs. You could tell that it was a corporate hospitality suite. I went over and sat on the couch talking to a couple guys. The wine was amazing. I had butterflies and was starting to get a little nervous as I was watching her talk to Rick and another guy. She really seemed to be into Rick and I felt a bit jealous. She was really flirting with these guys and she kept kinda leaning into Rick. I just sat on the couch watching. I remember some of the guys leaving. We had been there an hour or so. There were four guys along with myself and Diane still there. Rick from Santa Barbara, Ed from Denver, Ryan and Jason from LA. Rick probably early 60’s, Ed 50’s recently divorced and very tall. Ryan and Jasen in their 40’s. She was talking to Rick over in the corner of the room. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and she walked over to me. Her purse was sitting next to me. She came over and grabbed it and when she bent over I got full view of her tits as did the guy down the other end of the couch. She grabbed my hand and said “come with me” I want to talk to you. We went into one of the bedrooms. She sat on the end of the bed and I sat next to her with my arm around her. So I have a question she said. She had her hand on my leg. Do you really want me to have sex with other men ? Only if it is something you want to do I told her. She told me that she wanted to, but only if: I don’t have sex with other women and I promise not to leave her. We chatted a bit about limits and me always being there. She said if I was not 100% on board we shouldn’t do it. Stuff like like that. I was actually getting hard and she rubbed my cock. Look I have a gangbang fantasy and want want to fuck Rick and the other guys she said. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING. How do you taksim escort feel about this she said ? My cock was so hard. Can you handle watching me with other men ? Yes I said. Are you going to make love to me later tonight she asked. Yes I said. She stood up and took off her panties. She grabbed her purse and took some lube out and put it on the bed. I noticed her nipples were hard. I love you more than anything she said. i heard a knock on the door. She stood up and and answered the door. It was Rick. Can I come in ? My heart dropped as I saw her arms go around his neck. He kissed her tongue and all. Hands roamed down to her ass. I went over and sat n a chair. I heard her moan as he kissed her neck. (Some of me wanted to grab her and get her out of there). His whispered something in her ear and left the room. Make sure they know to use lube so I don’t get sore she said. She walked over to and asked me if I was going to be ok. I reached up under her dress. She was so wet. You really want this don’t you I said. She walked over and sat on the end of the bed. Rick and the three guys walked back in the room. It was so surreal. She looked up at Rick as he walked over to her. I noticed the other guys were taking off their clothes. Rick bent over and kissed her. I noticed she reached up and rubbed his cock. He undid his pants and his hard cock come out. He is bigger than me but not huge. Thats it suck that cock. Lick my balls. A couple of the guys naked climbed into bed. You wanted this last night didn’t you Diane he said. Yes she said. One of the guys Ed walked over and was standing next to him and reached down inside her dress. You be gonna be our slut tonight Diane he said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Tell the guys. I am going to be your slut tonight she said. We are going to fuck that loose little cunt of yours Diane. Ed has a huge cock. She started to suck him to get him hard. Noticed the other two guys were stroking themselfs. Thats it suck his cock Diane. I knew the minute I met you, you were a little whore Diane Rick said as he walked back over. Did you tell Jim you got fingered in the bar last night ? No she said as Ed walked away. You took your panties off so I could finger you he said as he put his cock in her mouth. Suck on it slut he said. He stood her up and undid her straps and helped her take off her dress. She glanced over at me as she put her arms over his shoulders and they kissed again. Both of them standing there naked. He laid her back in bed. She scooted back toward the head of the bed between two of the guys. One of the guys was on his knees and put his cock in her mouth. Spread your legs whore Rick said as she did what he asked. Any of you guys want a taste of this before I fuck her. Ed got between her legs and started licking her clit. He put some lube on his fingers and slid a couple in there. Looked like he had three in there. She alternated sucking the other two guys. Oh fuck me she was saying. Rick turned to me and asked if I liked watching her like that. Yes I said. I was shaking watching this. Rick put some lube on his cock. You ready to get fucked Diane ? Ed got up. One of the guys put a finger in her. He got between her legs. One of the guys was holding one back. I stood up to get a better view as he was rubbing it against her clit. Oh fuck me she was saying. It’s fuck me sir he said. Fuck me sir she said. The guys had kinda backed off and were watching and he entered her. You feel amazing she said as he went deep inside her. She had her legs on his shoulders and he was slowly fucking her. He head went to her nips and he started sucking them. I wanted this last night she said. Oh fuck me she said. You my slut Diane he said. Yes I am your slut sir she said. He started kissing her passionately. şişli escort He was fucking her harder now. Thats it she kept saying right there. He started pounding her harder. She had her first orgasm and he started tensing up as he came deep inside her and fell on top of her spasm after spasm. She was kissing his shoulders. I felt a little weird about that. He pulled out and I could see the cum. She was sucking Ed’s cock and stroking ——. I have never seen one that big except on porn. The other guy ——- was average size and slipped right in her. She went back and forth sucking the other two guys. He came really fast and thanked her. You want me to go next the other guy said to Ed. He was bigger than Rick but not as huge as Ed. Keep me hard Diane Ed said as the other guy put lube on his cock. He slipped right in. She had her leg on his shoulder. Roll on your side he said and he got behind her. Slipped right in. She was on her side and he was holding up her leg. She was sucking ED. She had another orgasm. —– had her get on the edge of the bed with her ass up in the air and face buried in the pillow. He entered her again and started fuck her hard standing next to the bed. Oh fuck me she kept saying. Ed was stroking. Lubed up his monster cock. —— pulled out and came all over her back. Cum shot up to her neck. Could not believe what I was seeing. Stay there slut Rick said as Ed walked up behind her and worked his giant cock into her. He was gentle and took his time. She was was pushing back and forth. Rick was standing there watching stroking his cock. He was hard again all ready. He had low hanging balls. Get use to that Diane. That is how black guys are gonna want to fuck you. You like that big cock don’t you slut. Yes SIR she said. He was spreading her ass checks and out a finger at the opening of her asshole. He put some lube on his thumb and worked it into her ass. That drove her wild and she had another orgasm. You are quite the little whore Rick said to her. We should have invited more guys. Ed rolled her back on her back. He put more lube on his big stick and slipped it back in her. She LOVED him inside her. You are a big cock whore aern’t you Diane Rick said? Yes Sir I am she said. He was kissing her now. Rick came over and got beside her on the the bed. She was sucking him. Ed pulled out saying he didn’t want to cum yet and Rick got on top sliding right in. He came right away. Thank you sir she said. He kissed her and walked out. Guess he went in to take a shower. She was sucking Ed’s cock. I want you inside me again she said. It was just the three of us. He got between her legs and once again entered her taking his time. They started making out as he has fucking her. I want you to cum in me she said. He started fucking her harder. She had an orgasm and he let out a grunt and several spasms cumming deep inside her. He gave her a kiss and got up to go to the restroom. I took off my clothes and got into bed with her. Did you enjoy that she said as we kissed. YES I told her. Did you? Yes she said. You enjoyed being a slut for those guys ? YES I did. i put my finger in her wet pussy. So much cum in it. We kissed very passionately and I got on top of her and put my cock in her. She was so wet from the guys cum. I fucked her and we both came. She told me how much she loves me. We took a shower together and got dressed. Rick and Ed were in the main room and offered us a glass of wine. Rick said he was going back to Santa Barbara the next day and Ed was flying back to the bay area Sat afternoon. Ed asked us if we wanted to have dinner Friday night. We told him we had plans but could maybe meet him for a drink after dinner. We had a a glass of wine and went back to our room. Talked alot about the what had happened and she admitted that she had suspected that I wanted to share her for a long time. Told how much she enjoyed it and discussed weather should do it again. We both agreed that we wanted to continue. She also said she wanted to have sex with Ed again and asked me if it was ok. Your not too sore I said k**ding. She said not at all. I felt a little ping of jealousy.

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