First Time with My Wife

First Time with My WifeThis is a story about the first time I had the first sexual encounter with my wife.Of course at the time we were only boyfriend and girlfriend at the time.At the time we had been seeing each other off and on since before the new year started. We had dated in the past but had to break it off since I was older and her dad didn’t approve. Anyway, she was in town one day and got in touch with me to catch up and things kinda developed from there. I took her out a few times, I spent the night with her on new years since she didn’t want to be alone. Things seemed to be going great. She went back to her home which wasn’t too far away from me(roughly about 2 hrs. drive). We still tested and called each other, I wanted to see her but didn’t want to invite myself over or do anything that would distract her from school. Eventually, my patience paid off, she called me one night and asked if I was doing anything on the weekend and if not she wanted to go out and do something. I had to go into work early on Sunday but it didn’t bother me. I gladly accepted the invitation and went over to her house the next day about 4:00 pm after I was done at the gym with some friends. She answered the door wearing one of her college shirts that was a size too small and a pair of short shorts that really showed off her ass. Quick description of her: she’s 5’5, 36 DD, wide hips with an hour glass shape, full pouty lips reddish brown hair, green eyes and an ass that won’t quit. I took a shower at her place and got ready, when I was done she was still in the process and helped myself to a little tv. When she was all ready to go, I took her out to a movie that she was wanting to see. We made conversation while we waited for the show. I asked her about how school was and what new classes she was taking for the new semester. Movie started and it was good. Afterwards I took her down to the boardwalk and walked along looking at the various shops and eventually made our way out onto the peir. There we made small talk some more, it was getting late as well as being cold, so she suggested we head back to her place. When we arrived we sat on the couch watching tv after awhile she cuddled up under my arm and started kissing on my neck. I was both surprised and nervous since it had been awhile since I got any. I’d wanted her for a long time, so I went with it. she placed fethiye escort her hand on the side of my head and kept kissing on my neck(don’t know why, it’s not like I was going to fight her on it). after a minute or two of that, I brought her face to mine and started a deep passionate kiss. Then she started to get into it and so was I, I slipped a hand between her legs and she let out a slight moan not taking her tongue out of my mouth. At this point I had become fully aware of what she wanted. I continued to rub her crotch from the outside of her jeans and I could feel her getting wetter with every stroke. she pulled away for a quick second to remove her top exposing her very large tits, the bra she was wearing was black lace and a size too small so it looked like her tits were ready to bust out at any moment. Then she took off her pants and even better, she was wearing a thong to match. And my cock was as hard as ever. She took the liberty of undressing me, first my shirt, then my pants. She left my boxers on and rubbed my hard on for a few moments. She then removed my boxers and gasped when she saw the size of my cock(apparently all the guys she’s been with havent been able to measure up). She grasped it at the bottom of the shaft and first began a tease, she flicked her tongue at the tip of my penis, then she ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She parted her lips partially and took just the head in and gave it a little suck, which felt unbelievably good. she pulled away and went back down taking in a little more and held it for a second before pulling away, she went back down again going deeper and this time I could feel her circling her tongue around the head of my cock. she pulled away again and then went back down, this time going as deep as she could go leaving about 2 inches to spare. she pulled away to catch her breath and went as deep again pumping my cock a little once she hit the stopping point. I pulled out of her mouth and laid her on the couch I ran my tongue down the length of her bodyuntil I came to her thong, I kissed the inside of her thighs getting closer to her pussy. she was so hot and wet, I pulled the thong to the side and lightly lapped up her juices, her pussy tasted sooo good, it made my cock even harder. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her lips, I knew it was driving her crazy, when I felt she had enough, escort fethiye I removed the thong the rest of the way, she did that little pelvic arch to make it easier. I spread her lips wide exposing her swollen clot as well as her hot pink pussy. I immediately went for her clit, starting off with the slightest amount of pleasure, she let out a faint moan and her body jerked as if it was given a quick shock. I kept this up and she raised her hips and placed her hands on the back of my head as a way of saying go harder, I increased the pressure and rhythm her breathing quickened, her moaning got louder. She called out “oh baby, oh baby, I’m cumming!” At that point her body started to convulse and let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard as she climaxed I kept my tongue right where it was at and gave a few extra licks for good measure, made her twitch some more. My face was covered with a mix of my spit and her juices, I pulled away and gave her a minute to recover, she looked up at me and said that was best orgasm she ever had. She reached out and grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes before telling me “I want you inside me, I want you to fuck me raw.” I told her, I’ll. fuck you all night, should we move this to the bedroom?” She loved the idea. I carried her into the room and sat her down on the edge of the bed and told her to suck me some more, she deepthroated my cock a few times whie kneading my balls. pulling my cock out of her mouth, she looked up at me, I asked her ” you want this dick” she replied ” yes I want it” I asked her again ” how bad do you want this dick?” she said “I want it bad baby, I want it deep in my pussy, I want you to fuck me hard with your big dick.” Laying her on her back I got on top of her and teased her pussy with the tip of my cock, she let out a moan of pleasure and told me again how much she wanted it. I inched in little by little, she was so tight it felt like she was a virgin. I could feel her pushing on me but I kept penetrating her slowly. When I got down to tue base of my cock I pulled out and started over again, this time she was a little less resistant and seemed to enjoy it more. “How does it feel baby, how does it feel to have a real man inside you?” She replied “it feels sooo good baby, I love the feeling of your cock inside me, fuck me harder.” I did as she asked and amped up the speed a fethiye escort bayan little pumping her pussy harder. “oh baby fuck me, fuck me harder.” I started to go even faster. ” oh yea baby, just like that baby.” I kept it up for a few minutes and I could feel the walls of her pussy getting tighter around me. Her moans got loader and she started breathing more heavily. ” oh my god baby, oh my god, I’m. going to cum baby, I’m. going to cum.” I leaned into her ear and said “cum all over my hard cock baby, I want to feel your tight pussy on my cock.” Just then then she let out a loud moan. and her body tensed up as she pulled me in deeper as the walls of her pussy tightened over my cock, her entire body went limp for a moment then she pulled me closer to her and whispered into my ear “I came for you, now I want you to come for me.” I flipped her over on her stomach and penetrated her from behind. She loved this one since I was ab le to penetrate even deeper and hit all the right spots. I started slowly and progressively picked up the rhythm, she arched her hips up to meet mine for an even more deeper pleasure. I was pounding away at her pussy she cried out “fuck me harder, deeper, oh yea, punish my tight little pussy.” After keeping. up a hard fast pace for so long, I felt my nuts start to tighten and I could fell the pressure well up inside me. “I’m. going to cum baby. I’m going to cum for you baby” she looked back at me and said “cum for me baby, fill my pussy up with your thick hot cum.” I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I shoved my cock as deep as it could go and shot my load deep inside her, that sent her over the edge and she had another orgasm while I was still shooting my load into her. It felt amazing having a dual climax like that. I pulled out and she immediately flipped over and milked the rest of the cum out of my cock. “I love the taste of your cum, shame there isn’t anymore.” she said looking up at me with the most innocent smile. After she had milked every last drop she collapsed on the bed and I lay down beside her and drifted to sleep as she cuddled up next me. I couldn’t stop thinking a out that night, seriously one of the best lays I’ve ever had. I called in sick to work the next morning, I spent the whole next day at her house….but that’s another story to tell.If you liked this story leave comments. Like it, hate it, tell me what I could have done to make this story better. I’m looking for feed back, depending om how this one goes, I’ll post more. Whether you believe this story or not, it is 100% true with more to cum. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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