Fishing Buddies


I have this buddy named Joe that I met through an ex girlfriend. We’d both dated the same girl and we met through her and became quick friends. It wasn’t long before we started hanging out on a regular basis. Often times, we’d go on fishing trips out to this lake near his place. He knew this trail that led to a little path where you could fish in solitude. We’d go swimming there, have some beers, and camp out. It was pretty nice.

I’d never really had gay fantasies, and I sure as hell know that he wasn’t the type to, but something happened one morning before one of our fishing trips that made me a little curious. I had slept over at Joe’s in his living room so that we’d make good time and get to the lake early. I woke up around eight o clock and walked into Joe’s room to wake him up. I noticed that his underwear was scattered by the side of the bed. For some reason, the thought of him sleeping naked really peaked my interest. I woke him up and he kept his body covered loosely with his blanket until I excused myself to let him get dressed. I pushed the thought out of my mind and everything proceeded normally until we got to the lake.

When we arrived, we did our typical routine- opened up some beer and immediately started fishing.

Today was a really hot day, and so we decided to take a swim. Joe wasn’t a typically attractive kind of guy. He looked sort of like me in the sense that he was a taller, chunkier kind of redneck dude. He had a bit of a beer belly, really hairy body, scraggly but thick facial hair, deep set dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, big arms, farmer’s tan… a real country boy. He always wore his camouflage cap on our fishing trips and for some reason, even that damn hat was making me feel unusual.

Anyway, we stripped down to our boxers and dove in the lake as usual and swam around for a while. When we got out, we laid back in our fold out chairs in the sweltering heat and I thought about Joe sleeping this morning. I couldn’t help but wonder what his body looked like under those boxers. I’d never seen him naked, but I’d noticed that he had a pretty big ass. It was something we joked about a lot.

I don’t know what came over me, but casino siteleri I decided to do something different. I looked over to Joe and casually made the comment that my wet boxers were bugging me and decided to air them out. I slipped my boxers off and aired out my junk. To my surprise, Joe looked over his sunglasses at me and said “yeah, dude” and took his off as well. He stood up and slipped off his wet underwear, and I saw his furry ass jiggle out of them. It was a pale ass compared to his his reddened skin elsewhere, soft black hair covered it and his meaty legs looked amazing. He turned and I saw his average-sized dick and balls hanging for the world to see.

At this point, I was pretty intrigued, so I waited. The day passed, we did some naked fishing, chatting about the same shit we always do, when I noticed we were both getting pretty tipsy. I decided to see where things would go if I brought up sex. I started talking about pussy and sex positions and other shit I thought might get him riled up. I noticed his cock had gotten a bit floppier, a bit thicker. There was something sexy about seeing another man, my buddy, getting horned up with me.

It was getting late, so we decided to retreat to our tent. We left our clothes laying scattered outside. Once there, we continued our chat. Joe sat up against the wall of the tend with a blanket laying over one of his legs, exposing his furry crotch. It was hard, but I suppressed my erection while we talked. Finally, Joe, reached down and rubbed his balls while we laughed about some of the sex stories we’d had. I couldn’t suppress it anymore. My semi became quickly engorged.

Joe paid no mind to my cock, and continued chatting away. Before long, his hand visited his cock more frequently, sliding down his hairy belly to fondle himself. His cock was getting longer and thicker as we talked. Finally he started jerking his cock. It was beautiful watching him sit and laugh and smile while playing with is thick meat. It was like seeing him in his natural state. He spread his legs a few times and I could see his balls hanging down to his ass cheeks between his legs. I jerked off with him.

Time passed and slot oyna I could hear him working his cock… Wet noises permeated the tent, and I was leaking quite a bit as well. The conversation was dying down, and Joe took his hand off his dick and let out a sigh of contentment, closing his eyes and stretching out. “Hands tired?” I asked him with a chuckle.

He smiled back with his masculine grin and said “Sure is.” I did the unthinkable and reached over to him, watching his eyes meet mine. I could feel that we were both tense for a moment, but I slide my hand down and firmly gripped his thick meat. I could smell the whiskey on his breath and slowly started rubbing his cock, and he laid his head back and smirked. He took his hand and placed it around my hard-on as well, and starting stroking me. Without warning, he grabbed my nipples and pushed me down. We laughed at the roughhousing, until I noticed him running his furry face down my belly and putting his face to my cock. He took it against his cheek and closed his eyes, rubbing it softly in his beard and under his nose. I could feel his soft lips grazing the shaft and up to the head. Finally, he slipped out his tongue, ran it over my balls and up the shaft and started sucking my cock.

Watching him to him as he slurped down my writhing dick, I couldn’t help but let out some moans. I could hear it squishing around in his mouth, and precum and spit was dribbling out of his mouth. I grabbed his hair, pulled him up to my face and pressed my lips against his. We slid our tongues in eachothers mouth and started kissing. We pressed our hairy bellies together and I could feel our cocks meet as we embraced and stood up on our knees as we made out. I reached down and pressed them together, rubbing them against one another. They were slimy from precum and spit, and it felt fucking amazing. He bit my neck gently as I rubbed our rods together and mumbled in ecstasy. I heard him whisper “fuck, dude” as his cock leaked.

I decided it was time to return the favor and laid him down on the floor of the tent. We took eachother’s cocks and started sucking them. I could feel his body pressed up against mine as we tangled ourselves canlı casino siteleri up on the floor. I could smell his thick meat and ass, sweaty from the hot day. As we sucked on eachother’s rods, I ran my finger over his asshole. He jumped a little, surprised, but quickly arched his ass out so that I could play with it. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and pressed my furry face into his ass. I licked the hole and listened as he moaned. I couldn’t stop spreading my tongue over his ass, and finally, when it was drenched in saliva. I stuck in my fingers. His ass was super tight, but I worked it for a while. Eventually I was able to rub my dick against his ass. Lubed up with lots of spit and sweat, I pushed into him, and he grabbed up a pillow and bit into it, screaming. I apologized and pulled out, but he urged me back in. “You owe me for this, but go ahead. Fuck my ass” he said with that handsome smile of his.

So I did. I started slow, running my cock into his ass and out again, but gradually sped up. My balls were slapping against his, and I couldn’t imagine a better feeling that humping this beefy farmboy. We rolled around all night, fucking, sucking, rimming, every combination, we tried it all. His thick cock felt wonderful plowing my ass, even despite the initial pain, and I locked sucking on his hairy, sweaty meat.

Finally, while I was sucking on his cock, he grabbed my hair and screamed as thick, creamy cum squirted out of his pulsing rod and into my mouth. There was too much to swallow at once, so it spilled out into my beard and drenched my face in creamy white. After I licked his cock clean, I looked up and kissed him, cum still in my mouth, dripping down my furry chest.

Finally, I couldn’t hold it anymore and I exploded onto him. I splattered sweet white cream all down his beer belly and onto his crotch. I looked back for a moment and saw his face covered in his own cum, his belly covered in mine, and my body drenched with both. We both collapsed into the tent floor in eachother’s arms, and he buried me under his sweaty body. We slept like that all night, til we woke in the morning, sober, sweaty, still naked, hangovers, still embraced from the night before.

These trips became more frequent, fishing by day, fucking by night. There’s nothing like country boys having fun when the time is right. Needless to say, we didn’t talk about girlfriends too much after that.

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