Fit to be Tied

Fit to be TiedMy first story attempt. Let me know what you think.He had watched her come and go on her daily jog. He had been infatuated with her since she had moved in across the hallway. He remembered the day vividly as it wasn’t every day that a goddess moved into the building. It was her laugh and smile that first caught his attention. She had a smile that seemed to illuminate the whole world around her and beautiful full lips. She was carrying several boxes to her apartment when he had gotten home from work. He offered to help and as she handed him a box, he was overcome by her hazel eyes. She was so magnificent that he was almost speechless. She was only 5’3 but she was all woman and then some. Her light ebony skin created a magnificent body on her small frame. She had thick firm athletic legs and a full round ass. If that weren’t enough, she had a set of 38DDs that made him drool. It was all he could do to keep from getting a noticeable erection as he followed her up the stairs, box in hand, staring at her perfect ass. It was only the start of his infatuation. Over time, they exchanged pleasantries and he was always around to help her if need be. He was almost twice her age but he took some comfort in the fact the he got to see the university coed on a daily basis. At 41, he was going grey in a hurry and a lifetime of sports injuries was making him feel older than he should most days. Her 22 year old exuberance made him feel alive. It also seemed to keep him with perpetual hard-on. There were many times when he arrived home at night to the sounds of her moans of passion bouncing off the hallway walls. She really loved her sex and her Adonis-like edirne escort boyfriend seemed to keep her knee deep in orgasms. He had beaten his cock raw to the thought of her thick legs spread wide and her dripping wet slit almost every night. It didn’t help when he overheard her tell a friend on the way out of the building one day that she had a thing for older guys but could never cheat on her boyfriend. He usually fantasized about the same thing. He would be sitting in his apartment; he would hear a knock and holler come in. She would strut through the door, short skirt, tight top, knowing she was driving him mad with lust. She would walk over to where he sat, grab his hand and slowly guide it up her thigh. He mentally melted at the thought of coming into contact with her wet crotch. If she had only know who many buckets of cum he had spilled to that thought.As he began to drift into the joyful bliss of his imagination and slowly rubbing his crotch, a sudden loud knock at his door brought him back into reality. As he adjusted himself, he walked over and opened the door and there she was. In a t-shirt and bright spandex shorts, she was glistening with sweat from her run. “Thank goodness you are home” she said. “My shower just broke and I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour and let me use yours. I really need it. “He had to stop himself from offering to lick the sweat off her full womanly body. “Of course you can” he muttered, “I was just heading out to get some groceries so feel free. I’ll be back in an hour or so”. He quickly exited, afraid of sticking around too long and showing her how excited he really was. escort edirne When he returned, he was looking forward to getting back to his dreams. The thought of her in his shower had made crazy. He was prepared to rub a good load out when he heard something coming from his bedroom. As he entered, he got the shock of his life. She was still there, hair dripping wet, naked on his bed, her face buried in his office shirt smelling his scent, his neckties firmly in her grasp.She was more stunning than even he had dreamed. She was naked, wet, and he fixated on her neatly trimmed triangle. He was raging hard as he looked at her very wet slit. She was lost in masturbation, unaware he had come in. “What are you doing?!” he asked firmly. She froze. She didn’t know what to do and there was nowhere to hide. “Please forgive me” she whimpered. “I couldn’t help myself. Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?”“Yes there is. Stand up and let me get a good look at you”.She complied and stood before him. The fullness of her hips and wet pussy almost hypnotised him. Her belly and navel made him weak in the knees. And her breasts, hanging free, were breath taking. The DDs were accentuated by small nipples that were so rock hard with arousal that they could cut glass. He had to have her. “Give me your wrists” he ordered. She raised her arms to him and he grabbed a pair of his neck ties and tightened them around her wrists. He then pushed her gently backward on his bed, securing the ties so that each wrist was tied to each ankle. It was a magnificent sight…and he was almost cumming just looking at her. Spread eagle on his bead, she wondered what edirne escort bayan he had in mind.He reached forward, gently gliding his hands up her thigh as he had always dreamed. She immediately had goose bumps and quivered. “I am so ticklish” she said. He took that as almost a challenge. He ran one finger slowly up the bottom of her foot and she began to squirm. He knew he had her and continued this for several minutes. He could see that she was getting wetter and wetter and the aroma of her pussy was driving him over the edge. He could wait no longer and dove into her pussy. His tongue flicked over her clit and she almost came immediately. He just dove in, lapping at her juices. He slid a finger in and marveled at how tight she was. He fingered her with ever quickening strokes and sucked on her clit. She began to buck in her neck tie restraints and before he knew it, she squirted all over his face. It sent him to the brink of exploding. “Please” she begged, “Can I have your cock…please”. He cleaned up the rest of her juice before rising and lowering his pants.His 6 inch cock was throbbing and was hard enough to break through a brick wall. He rubbed it over her tits, tickling her even more but arousing her as well. “Let me suck it” she begged. He just smiled and began to jack off in front of her, teasing her. He approached those marvellous lips and she opened wide, waiting for her reward. Instead, he jacked more furiously, just keeping far enough away that she could smell his cock but not taste it. He looked down at her and came a gusher, all over and in her mouth. She gagged a bit but he dove in, kissing her deeply, mixing her juice, their saliva and his cum in one sticky erotic mess. They both loved it. As their eyes locked, she knew that it was her that now controlled him even in her bound state. And she knew that he would be paid back for his teasing sooner than he imagined.

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