Fitting In Ch. 03


With claws digging into the desk, a frustrating groan filling the room, Jynx was leaning over his desk.

It was becoming a problematic task to complete his work, hazy eyes wanting to flutter closed for a short while.

In retrospect, it wasn’t completely his fault…

…maybe a little bit.

Ever since the event within the warehouse, the wolf and fennec tried to find out how to duplicate those results. Not the hyperactive size and production increases, but the ability to keep them from making them fill a room with it. More specifically, the short time that Gina had stopped swelling from a flood of cum though still getting tremendously filled, as if there was a whole lake inside her.

Because of that, along with overcoming her shyness around him within reason, with a few habits still remaining when he teased or talked to her, the fox girl kept coming to him to help him relieve himself under the guise of ‘practicing to control it’.

He wasn’t fooled, however, he wasn’t in a mood to refute the rather endearing goal of tending to him, selfish desire or not.

As it was presently, the fox was deepthroating his sizable thickness under the desk, draining his swollen balls of the third load in almost an hour. He let out a low whine, feeling her muzzle twist, writhe, and suck with velvety softness, her tongue swirling around the tip and teasing another thick stream of cum to flood her cheeks. Her small paws tended gingerly to his generous sack, churning and pumping the over virile load into her.

Her belly, having been more purposefully fused with his energy, as he had some semblance of control over, had only swollen to a slight paunch so far, despite being pumped full of nearly a hundred gallons of his seed. He remained at his now normal 13 inches long and 3 in diameter, keeping it constrained to enjoy the more loving treatment the fennec could give him without using her body as a receptacle for him.

It honestly felt so much more emotionally fulfilling, feeling her tongue and mouth give him anything ranging from tender love to ravenous hunger. It definitely didn’t hurt that she simply enjoyed drinking him dry herself, the gulping sounds filling the room and echoing in his ears.

Suffice it to say, he couldn’t focus on his work, resigning himself to petting her head and stroking her large ears. She purred softly, the rolling vibrations teasing his tip and causing another spurt to be lapped up.

As she finished up, he finally pulled away and gave her a chastising stare, whereas she dipped her head down and flicked her honey eyes up to him in mild shame.

“How is this so delicious to you?” Jynx asked in sincere curiosity, giving her a small smile. “I thought cum supposedly tasted bad… or something.”

Raising her chin and resting her panting maw beside the base of his shaft, paws set on his thighs, she relaxed into him, saying with an averted gaze, “I don’t know… I don’t really think about that. I just love feeling you shake and throb in my mouth… g-giving me everything as your tip twitches with each r-release of… cum…” Her mild stutter came back, as it did whenever she felt vulnerable. “The way you toss your head and whine is… adorable. And feeling you stroke my head while your thighs flex so strongly… I just… I can’t describe it…”

There was a pause as she contemplated something.

“What about when you… taste me?” Gina ventured to ask, cheeks becoming inflamed.

That definitely took a moment of thought, the wolf male realizing how his question seemed invalid when he tried to think about her taste too. It wasn’t the same, but he couldn’t think of anything to compare. He was way too focused on the reactions he got from her to care.

“Huh…” he breathed. “I guess you have a point. I don’t really think about it either. I just know it doesn’t taste bad. I love making you tremble so much, overwhelmed by every nerve in your pussy going off and neuron in your brain firing. I love feeling your soft thighs wrapped around me, like the most gentle velvet pillow. And then that face… that look in your eyes that says your body is betraying you and you don’t want it to stop. You want to break… and… I want to break you.”

Their eyes connected again, the fox girl’s mouth parting and a foggy breath escaped her. A small wet sound reached their ears, both suddenly realizing that, in their confessions, that the fennec apparently had begun touching herself. To his humor, Gina looked more surprised by the action than he did, immediately pulling her soaked paw away and making the instinctual action to bury her snout in his groin, to which she squeaked and flailed back, hitting her head under the desk with a very loud thump.

“Owww,” she moaned, rubbing her noggin, ears pinned back in mild bashfulness.

Grinning a bit deviously, Jynx had a thought, wondering if he could implement something he was trying to practice. He found that the space folding energy, to which he was starting to call it symbiotic energy or just synergy for short. Though the definition casino şirketleri wasn’t the same… obviously… he grew tired of the longer way of saying it. So, Synergy it was.

Whatever the case, he knew that, while he hadn’t had a breakthrough in the tech yet, his mind somehow influenced or dictated some semblance of what happened. He found if he really tried, he could summon up a simple reaction. Aside from sexual inclinations, he recently established he could multiply the muscle mass in his body. He tested this at home in short by focusing on an arm. Though it only gained a bit of definition and size, straining the sleeve of his shirt lightly, he could lift a very heavy washing machine that he knew weighed 200 lbs. Yet, he lifted it as if it were only a 20 lb weight. He had to set it down quickly though, as he didn’t bolster the strength in his legs the same way, making him feel severely off balance and nearly falling over.

From what he could guess, the wolf figured that he had folded nearly ten times the muscle mass as usual into his arm, simulating a strength to match. He didn’t know if this was like having ten arms work at the same time in a single shared space, or one arm with the strength of ten.

Snapping his mental state back to the present, Gina still a bit sheepish and timid under his desk, he reached out and let the energy seep from him, flowing into her body. She noticed it and looked on in curiosity.

Both noted that nothing seemed to happen, much to his disappointment and her confusion.

“Um… what were you trying to do?” she questioned with a raised brow.

He never got to answer, the door to his office receiving a rather curt and loud knock.

Jynx reacted by saying, “Come in.” He quickly pulled his chair back under the desk, with Gina shrinking her form between his legs, muzzle barely an inch away from the dripping tip of his limp member and furry balls.

Thankfully, his desk had solid sides and rested on the ground, so there was no gaps at the bottom for others to see a peek of toes or flesh that wasn’t his own.

The door quietly opened, with a tall female antelope anthro hybrid being careful of her entry. Her appearance was only about half mammal, with more human proportions and facial features, as well as a lacking coverage of fur over her entire body.

“I’m April Teagan, from the committee,” she stated in introduction. “I came by to inquire about your incident and questions I had that could help solve some technical issues.

“I don’t know how much help I can be…” the wolf male divulged, keeping his voice monotonous and even, doing his best not to sound like he was quite ‘free’ below the waist. “My expertise is the mechanics of this… not the biological factors. But… I’ll do my best.”

“Excellent,” the antelope remarked, pulling up a tablet and using a stylus to mark something he couldn’t see, as well as typing out notes. “I know it may not be of any help, but, as you know, we’re in a quandary over finding our way over the next hurdles in the project. Promise there may be… but a solution we have not.”

“I underst… and…” the arctic wolf replied, slowing near the end as he felt the fox girl between his legs trying to shift. It was nothing he found to worry about, but it did take him off guard.

“Now my first concern,” April continued, as if not hearing his hesitation. “I noticed, while going over the footage of your… happenstance… that you and Ms. Addams didn’t appear on the footage until after you… uh… were finished.”

“Wait what?” Jynx perked up in mild surprise. He could feel a tickle of breath on his shaft as he knew Gina had turned her head too, in order to likely listen in.

“Yes? Were you not told yet?” the committee mammal asked with a raised brow. Seeing his confused expression and tilted head, she sighed, swiping along her tablet to show him what she meant. “You two, while only caught on a very bad angle from a camera outside the locker rooms, didn’t appear on camera until Ms. Addams was… uh… indisposed. It wasn’t that you were out of frame, but instead not there one frame, then there the next, as if you two materialized.”

“Oh…” the wolf male let out in a low tone, unsure how to respond. Not only that, but seeing even a grainy reminder of his and the fennec’s first time made his length become a little stiffer below the desk top.

“Others theorize you somehow folded space into a small pocket universe for privacy or something. We’re not sure how and while I’m willing to believe you don’t either, I still need to know if you can shed light on this.”

“I’ll be sure to offer up any theories and evidence I can come up with,” Jynx supplied. “Now that I’ve seen that, I guess that detail would be most intriguing to support our project’s success, huh?”

“That’s what the others are thinking…” April began, drifting her eyes downward, making the wolf rather anxious about if she knew or not. “…I on the other hoof… was rather enticed by… this…”

She then swiped on her tablet, bringing up casino firmaları a picture taken from the locker room in the past week. With many scientists on the project being workaholics, as well as the long hours making hygiene a problem for some if they weren’t able to get enough time to sleep, let alone clean themselves, the locker room had a full shower facility installed for all sizes of human hybrids.

Jynx used it often enough, thus making it easy to take a picture without his knowledge.

There he was in the photo, the angle likely taken from outside one of the shower stalls, as it was a sneak peek over the barrier. He could at least gauge it was within the few days after the incident, if the massive flaccid shaft was anything to go by. He wasn’t aroused, but when showering in warm water, it would protrude from his sheath and hang many inches long. It was before he had a semblance of control and his member sometimes ended up nearly 18 inches long during his showers, longer at home if he decided to masturbate.

Knowing that Gina might be confused and possibly scared at the proximity of her voice, the canine hybrid voiced, “So… someone took that of me in the showers and edited the image?”

He felt a firm grasp to his calve, as if confirming that the fox girl understood.

“Oh believe me… I checked out the image,” April scoffed with a slight sass to her tone. “I didn’t want to believe it but it’s a real unedited photo. You are far more lean and well formed than that lab coat sometimes hides. And that package…” the antelope shivered, putting a hoof on her chest with a sultry glance at him. “…No wonder that fennec girl got filled. You’ve got balls the size of your head!”

Jynx didn’t know how to turn this steadily floundering discussion back on course, biting his lip as he thought. It didn’t make things easier with April leaning in close to give him a peek of her cleavage in her tight fitting suit jacket. It wasn’t like he was getting aroused, as Gina might throttle his knotted length if it even twitched at her enticement. Oblivious as he was, even he knew that. No… it was the uncomfortable proximity that had him worried. He felt it would be hard to hide a cute creature, even as small as the fennec, beneath his desk if she tried sitting in his lap to get a rise out of him.

Her arm grazed her hips, drawing his gaze down and noticing the miniskirt she was wearing. Though he tried not to show it, he honestly despised those things. They weren’t even sexy in his opinion! They could show off assets, but usually only succeeded in making an office lady with high heels look like she was trying to show off a butt that didn’t exist. Such was the case here… mostly. She had curves to a degree, but showed them off all wrong.

Finding his sensibility and his voice again, the wolf spoke, “As much as I appreciate the comments… It’s become a hassle to deal with, being that size sometimes.”

That seemed to backfire, her hip pressing to the desk edge and hoof resting on the surface as she leaned towards him further.

“How do you deal with it?” came her breathy whisper, smile turning almost hungry. He’d had females give him that look before. It was more about treating him like a commodity than like a person. “If it’s such a hassle… maybe I could help.”

“Aren’t you expected back with the committee?” he blankly told her.

Her expression swiftly turned sour, like a bored brat being denied their toy.

“You’re no fun,” April complained mildly. “My offer still stands though. I’m sure an alpha like you would want to hunt me down and breed me.”

He simply offered a kind smile as she left, winking as she left.

Not a peep could be heard for a minute or two, with Jynx eventually sliding his chair back to see the pouting expression of Gina.

“I’m almost wanting to say I want you to find that bitch, just to have you dominate me in front of her…” the fox girl spoke, instantly blushing at her own words.

“Hey!” Jynx chastised her with a little bite to his tone. She shrank even further, looking a bit shocked at his reaction.

“Don’t call her that… Don’t compare her to you,” he said with a commanding tone, reaching out a paw to lift her chin. “You’re much better than her. And you’re my bitch.”

Gina seemed to melt into his paw at those words, avoiding direct eye contact at the odd compliment.

“A-anyways… I need to get back to work,” she told him softly. “I’ll see you later.”

“Alrighty. Have a good day,” the wolf offered politely. “Oh… and if you really wanted to do that… I’m willing to do that to satisfy your need to make me claim you.”

Clasping her paws in front of her, dipped in front of her navel as she walked away, the fennec nodded with burning cheeks as she exited the office carefully.

All the way out, until she turned to close the door, the canine hybrid was staring at the swell of her thighs as she walked. It was only in the closing of the door that he thought he noticed her breasts beginning to fill out her jacket a little güvenilir casino more than he remembered.


Gina wiped her brow, feeling the uncomfortable itch of her fur as it began to get matted from sweat and grime, she unzipped her jumpsuit a little. Some equipment needed fine tuning, with the lifts and forklifts having to work overtime to transfer materials from one end of the facility to the other.

Considering recent developments, the fox girl was a bit behind on her tasks, working in overdrive to complete everything and take her mind off the burning sensation deep in her belly. She wanted more… but that April Teagan antelope committee hussy ruined her chance!

She couldn’t complain too much. It was satisfying to no end that Jynx called her his…

The fennec wasn’t sure how she should feel about being called his ‘bitch’, but what she knew she felt regardless… was this all encompassing heat that pervaded her body and made her want to nuzzle right into his lap lovingly. She wanted to press her chest to his and lick him with ardour under the muzzle.

Speaking of chests… Gina looked down, upon feeling a slight snugness in her jumpsuit, hers felt a bit tight in the suit… and she just unzipped it to give her breasts some room.

They filled right in and took up the free space.

Huffing, the fox hybrid pulled the zipper down another inch or two, feeling her chest get some breathing room again and showing off a little of her black sports bra. With her increased bust size, sports bras were the easiest, as well as stretchiest, means of containing her chest without worrying about size variations.

Resuming her work, she found a rhythm in her tasks that made the time go by quickly, distracting her from her previous musings and roadblocked affections.

Her to do list today unfortunately did not include being near Jynx most of the time, as it had become custom lately. The workload she needed to take care of demanded they separate, not to mention his own pile of paperwork.

That last bit made her laugh. They were in an age of well advanced tech, working in a top of the line facility, making hopeful breakthroughs in the advancement of science… and they still couldn’t get out of filing paperwork.

Looking down again, Gina gawked at her increased cleavage, embarrassment being drowned out by frustration as she just zipped up her jumpsuit to keep from inadvertently pulling it down again for more room. There was only so far down she could unzip before everything spilled out.

It felt quite cramped, her chest being contained within a warm and sweat ridden suit that seemed far too snug now. It was near the end of her shift anyways, so she could simply let her girls breathe when she took a shower in the locker rooms later.

Such a thing was easier said than done, with her fur feeling quite warm and the jumpsuit being great for her work, but not the heat she felt because of it. Her breasts remained the same size though now, making her not want to push her luck by letting them out. She figured maybe it was a little after effect at being cut off earlier. Like edging building up a more intense orgasm, her breasts were swelling a bit from all that space folding nonsense instead because of that.

Her tongue slipped out almost overly much to wet her repeatedly drying nose, a pant setting in that made her feel way too conscious about her animal traits. In the world as it was today, such traits were not uncommon or thought badly of, but she had had a few too many troublesome approaches by males who were taking her animal actions out of context and assuming the most revolting things.

As a fennec fox, even having human DNA down the line, she was tiny, but that didn’t make her meek. Only Jynx brought out her more submissively timid side. To everyone else, she was a little spitfire with a tongue as sharp as her teeth.

She usually didn’t let anyone treat her the way he did… but… as dominant as it was, with a sometimes detached and innocent attitude, she found herself craving his attention.

Ugh… Gina felt like she was in great need of a shower, but if what she heard earlier was any indication… taking a shower in the locker room with her budding bust might not be a good idea.

Finishing up her tasks as quickly as she could, the fox girl finally reach the end of her shift, slinking into one of the locker stalls for changing with a privacy lock and a ceiling. With some hybrid species being as small as she was, and sometimes smaller, more rooms with such considerations had to be taken.

She was just shy of four feet tall, not counting the boost her large ears could give, making normal benches or hooks too big for her or too high up to reach.

Regardless, she locked the stall and splayed out on the bench inside, legs stretching until her joints popped pleasantly and toes curling from the way her aching muscles felt from the relief….

…and speaking of relief, Gina decided to unzip her jumpsuit down to her navel, lifting the bottom of her sports bra to let her breasts fall out like soft dough. Her areolae were so puffy and swollen, resembling a darker red rather than the usual cherry pink. It almost felt like the pleasant sensation of stretching was reaching her chest flesh too…

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