Fitting Room Fun

Fitting Room FunIt’s about 8:45 at night and I am at this department store looking for some new clothes for the weekend partying. There weren’t too many people in the store, just an older married couple, a few employees, some teenagers, and a mother with her k**s. As I am headed towards the jeans/bottoms rack I notice a girl in some skinny jeans bending over. She had a cute little ass and a thin, slender body. She was pretty short about 5’4” with hair just down to her neck. I was about to walk up to her when suddenly she starts heading in my direction. That was when I noticed that she wasn’t a girl at all, but a feminine guy. Now I have always considered myself straight, in fact there was this girl I have been talking to for a while. But lately the thought of fucking a shemale has made me somewhat curious and horny so when I found out that cute ass was a guy’s, my dick just about popped out my pants. So I keep shopping while trying to build up the courage to talk to him but he eventually walks over to the shoes department. Not wanting to feel like a stalker or anything I stayed in the men’s clothing section kicking türkçe bahis myself for not saying anything until I found a few shirts and some pants worth trying on. So about 10 minutes pass by dick semi-hard and I am in one of the fitting room stalls with just my shirt and boxer briefs on about to try on a second pair of jeans, when the door opens. It’s the same femboy I had been checking out earlier. He takes a long hard stare at my junk, smiles and then apologizes for barging in on me. I don’t know what possessed me to say this but jokingly I said you can come in if you want. I didn’t really expect him to come in so when he entered and closed the door behind him I was surprised and my dick grew in excitement. He noticed, and we both looked at each other and smiled because we both knew what was going to happen next.So he places the clothes he was going to try on onto the hook; inches past me and removes his shirt and shoes and starts taking off his jeans in front of me. I bit my lip and tried to compose myself as his little briefs sag down a little revealing part of his bare ass and his sexy lower back mobilbahis güvenilir mi dimples. From behind I put my hands on his hips, pull him closer and rub my dick against his ass. He says, “What, you’re not even going to let me try on anything?” as he reaches behind and rubs my buzzed head. I smile and say “not a chance” and I kiss his neck and reach down into his underwear and play with his cock. He returns the favor and reaches behind his back and grabs a hold of mine. I quickly turn him around. With our bulges rubbing against each other he puts both arms around my neck and shoves his tongue down my throat and we start making out passionately. I pull his briefs down even further and rub my finger in his ass. We start dry humping and we end up losing our balance and his back ends up against the stall wall. Shortly after he gets on his knees and pulls my underwear off completely and starts deep throating my fat cock. I put one arm on top of the wall for balance and the other on his head as I force my dick further down his throat. Immediately, he starts gagging and his eyes began youwin to water as cum and saliva starts dripping from his mouth on to the floor and his hairless chest. He stands up approaches the mirror on the wall and tries his best to clean it off his body, collecting as much of it as he can with his finger and licking it all up. I must admit this femboy had a way with me. I have never been so aroused. As he continued to clean himself of my cum I tell him to take off his briefs; he happily obliges. I bend him over wanting to rim his cute ass. I squat down licking his asshole, forcing my face deep in to his ass. This forces him to put his cum filled hand against the mirror for support. I was almost certain he would ejaculate at that moment as let out a load moan. At that point, I knew he was ready for my fat dick to go in. I loosen him up with few fingers and shoved my dick into his ass. With my hands on his back I started pounding the hell of out of him. I eventually look down into the mirror and as we make eye contact with one another he bites his lip begging me for more. I give him a hard slap on the ass, grab him by the waist and fuck him, harder and harder. It was not long before his moaning turned into “aww fuck, yes yes, harder harder!” Just as he ejaculated all over the mirror in front of him I released a load into his ass and gave a load moan of my own.

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