Flasher Lives a Fantasy


Flasher Lives a FantasyI’m a 64 year old closet flasher. I like to think about doing it and read stories here and elsewhere but that’s about it. My wife and I go to a nude resort periodically but they are very straight and things like erections in public will get you thrown out. But my wife likes to flash also does show a bit more opening her legs for an open pussy shot when a guy is staring.But this year things may have changed a bit for me.We have a 69 year old widow living next door. A very nice conservative lady that my wife and I help do things around the house from time to time. She’s a little woman, about 5′ 2″ and attractive keeping herself trim trying to look younger. Still looks good with a nice pair tits. Her husband died 10 years ago so I help with some of the man things around the house for her.In early September she bought a new computer and ask me to set it up for her. As it was a warm day here in Ca. I had on a pair of shorts. Relatively conservative docker type but with no underwear as I like to go commando as much as possible.As part of the hookup I had to crawl under the desk to hook up the modem etc. At one point I was lying on my back to get to a power plug. Betty had stayed with me talking and getting tools as needed. As I was struggling to reach the plug my knees were bent with my feet flat on the floor. I glanced up at Betty and she was staring between my legs. I finally realized that the leg opening of my shorts was probably gapping and she was trying to get a better look. I knew that as my cock was soft and the shorts were not high on my leg she probably couldn’t see much if anything. But she now knew for sure that I wasn’t wearing underwear! My flashing juices immediately rose and I figured I might as well give her a better look. I let my right leg fall to the side making the gap wider. She continued to stare at my exposed crotch. I pretended to be having problems with the connection and moved my hips back and forth on the floor while opening and closing my legs. I could feel my cock getting bigger as I was getting turned on knowing she was seeing more of my cock, and I was giving her a better look up my shorts. As I looked up at her again she was just wide eye staring at my crotch. I guess I had a voyeur for a neighbor. I couldn’t milk that connection any longer and got up. Now that I knew she liked to look, I had to figure out how to give Betty a better look.The next day she called and said her doorbell stopped working and would I look at it. She must have been thinking about the day before and wanted to see more! I quickly ran over for a look and told her the bell portion, high on the wall in the kitchen, needed an adjustment. As the ceilings in her house are 10 feet I would have to use her 8 foot ladder. The Lights came on! She wanted another look!Just before going over the next day I jacked off a bit to get my dick it at least bahis firmaları half hard. I practiced climbing my ladder a bit at home and if I raised one leg on a higher rung than the other the gap in my shorts became larger. Using a mirror I could just see the head of my cock pointing toward the bottom of my shorts..When I went up the ladder I asked Betty to stand behind me and hold my waist a bit incase I started to fall. I thought that was a good way to get her right underneath me. She could barely reach my waist and actually had her hand on the top of my butt.So up I went and tinkered with the bell unit with her standing beneath me. The first time I looked down she was staring up my shorts with wide open eyes. I could feel my cock getting harder and was hoping she got a good look. I finally finished and ask her to help me down. She put her hand on the middle of my butt cheeks to help me step down. Betty was obviously enjoying this. And so was I.After thanking me withe a very big hug pushing her C cup breasts against my chest, she asked me about when to change batteries in the smoke detectors. Now I knew she was wanting to get me on the ladder again. She had an electrician do it last year. I said she should do it right away and agreed to come back the next day and do it for her. She has 5 detectors in her house. This was going to be a great opportunity to live my fantasy!!We scheduled a time and I started to get ready. As I am getting older I use Cialis from time to time. This was going to be one of them.I have a pair of very very thin loose nylon shorts with just a 4” inseam. They barely covered me when I had on underwear. I decided to wear those without the underwear to go up the ladder for voyeur Betty. Might as well giver her the full show and see her reaction. When the day came I took a Cialis tablet waited an hour or so then read some of the stories on this site getting hard. I have a fat cock being about 7” when hard. It doesn’t stand straight out like you young guys but gets hard with a large head and hangs about 45deg.To rehearse, I stroked it for a bit and got it almost fully hard. I checked it with a mirror with the shorts at the normal waist level. She would be able to get a good look with the head just at the edge of the shorts. If I decided to give her an even better look, I pulled the shorts up high high on the waist and at least 2 inches of my now very hard cock was completely naked to anyone lookingOK Betty, here I come.So I let it go down a little to be able to walk over to her house, but still almost a full hardon. When she answered the door she immediately looked at my shorts, staring at my crotch. My hard cock forced the thin shorts to stick out and it was obvious I had a hardon under the shorts. “You ready Betty?. It’s hot today so I wore some cooler shorts. They’re ok I hope.”‘They look fine. You might as well be comfortable doing kaçak iddaa these jobs for me”My little old neighbor really gave my crotch the once over as she said that.The ladder was already set up for the first room and she had the batteries in hand.I asked her to help steady me I climbed up 4 rungs to be able to reach the detector on the ceiling.Because I was so much higher than her she couldn’t reach my waist and said “I can’t reach your waist John. Is it ok to steady you with my hands on your behind?” “No problem Betty. You can put your hands my butt any time you want.”I looked down as she smiled and put a hand on my ass. I started to think she was enjoying this.Now get a clear picture of her standing close enough to reach my butt her face was no more than 18 inches from the leg opening of my shorts. I felt that my cock was actually hanging to the edge of the opening. I kept pretending that the battery compartment wouldn’t open and wiggled my ass back and forth knowing that my cock was swinging in front of my dear neighbors face. While she was staring at my cock, she was also squeezing my ass cheeks, and started to kneed my cheeks while staring at the head of my hard cockAs conservative as she is I knew this was without thinking about it. To add to her view, I said I was still a little unsteady and would she put both hands on me to support me.She then placed both hands on my ass and this brought her face about 12 inches from my hard and I was sure, visible cock under my wide gapping shorts.I looked down for a moment with my arms stretched up and saw her staring up at my cock only inches from her face.That of course made me harder. My fantasy was more than coming true!!.I figured I had better not go to far so I finally put the battery in.“That’s one Betty. Help me down”I didn’t know how far to go with this as there were 4 more batteries to change.I asked her if she wanted to help me do the others and she said “of course.”That whole scene made my cock harder and much more obvious, I was sure.I moved the ladder under the next one and remembering my rehearsal, I pulled my shorts up higher at the front waist which raised the front part of my shorts which of course made the gap for my cock to be seen much wider and higher and would exposed the head of my very hard cock, and went up the ladder again.Betty immediately put both hands on my ass to hold me and I was sure, get a closer look at my growing big cock head.So I thought I might as well give her the best shot I could.Rather than having both feet on the same rung of the ladder I raised my right foot up one rug knowing that the gap on my left leg would be higher and open up wide and allow my cock to be outside my shorts.I actually could feel the head of my cock go out of my shorts exposing a good 2 inches of my hard cock and the swelling head for Betty to see. I heard her whisper “oh my” to herself.As I started kaçak bahis trying to get the battery compartment open I kept moving back and forth knowing my cock was swinging from side to side for her to see. I looked down to see her ogling my exposed cock from the rear view and squeezing my ass cheeks. She surprised me and moved her hands to get under my baggy loose shorts so her hands were now feeling my bare ass!I looked down and saw her looking under my baggy shorts.She was fondling my ass with gusto now. Each hand squeezing a cheek spreading them wide. With her hands under the shorts, she could now see and touch everything from cock to asshole. With each squeeze her thumbs went deeper until thumbs were touching and fingering my asshole. The only thing better would be for her to tongue it but I didn’t want to push my luck.With one leg higher than the other I acted like I was getting more unsteady.“You better hold my leg to Sue to steady me. This battery is going to be a hard one”With her left hand on my butt she moved the other hand to the inside of my straight leg thigh and slid it up well under my shorts so her hand was between my cock and upper thigh. I was sure she was very close to touching my cockI increased my movement making my cock swing more and it actually touched the back of her hand. She didn’t move it.I had one more idea.“Betty I cant seem to free this one, I’m going to have to turn around on the ladder to get a better grip.”Now facing out on a ladder isn’t easy but I wanted her to get the full front look at my hard cock and head especially now that I knew she was enjoying this.With small movements, I slowly turned around with my heals on the rungs, and facing Sue head on. I asked her to support me as I turned and she kept her hands on me as I turned. Needless to say she ran her hand over my crotch and cock, but didn’t stop damn it.When I finally was completely turned I looked down and saw her staring at my cock which was only a few inches from her face and almost completely exposed.“Oh shit Sue, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to expose myself to you .“That’s ok John. I’m an old lady now so don’t worry about it. I want you to be comfortable.Are you sure because I don’t want to offend you.”John, I’m 69 years old and haven’t seen one in 10 years since Steve died so don’t worry. Just change my batteries for me please. I’m flattered if me looking made you so big. I’ll just enjoy the view.”She was giving me an ok to live my fantasy.”OK if you say so”My cock was as hard as its been in years.I continued to work the battery’s this way.Over the next 3 ladder climbs, she touched it numerous times and actually turned her hand a few times so I could lay my cock in her hand. She squeezed it a few times but wouldn’t stay with it.When I put the last battery in I told her I was coming down.She said “wait a minute John, let me thank you,” then wrapped both her hands around my cock, leaned in and put her mouth around the very large head, gave it 3 very slow full strokes and a very long suck of the head”Thanks John for changing my batteries.”It was a hell of a fantasy come true.

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