Follow Me Sam


Hello you naughty girls and boys.

Here’s just a quick peek at office life for Sam and Ms. Haskins.


“Follow me Sam.”

Even when he was in trouble he liked to follow Ms. Haskins anywhere. Today was a black ensemble. He followed her short pencil skirt as it hugged her fine ass swaying left and right as she marched forward. Her legs encased in expensive black stockings with a design that ran up from the heel to mid-calf. Her legs and feet ended in black heels with a bright red sole.

As he followed her into her office he knew to lift his gaze. She was wearing a white blouse, probably silk and over that she had a short black jacket. Was it velvet? For that matter was it really a jacket? It didn’t even reach her waist, had short sleeves, and he doubted if it could even be buttoned up in the front. But he had no idea what to name this accessory if not a jacket.

As she turned, reaching for mail on her desk he had a better look at her pretty face. Her jet black hair was up today. Her thin glasses only gave accent to her bright blue eyes. Today’s lip color, a favorite, was a bright red and could easily match the soles of her shoes.

“You didn’t close the deal did you?”

He expected that was why she wanted to see him. He had a meeting first thing in the morning and he was still optimistic about getting the contract. They were interested and they hadn’t walked away from the table.

“I’m working on it. I’m sure I’ll have it. I’m just letting them get comfortable with it.”

“Yes, well I didn’t think you were giving up. But I asked you to close the deal. If you wanted to please me you should have been able to close this morning.”

After a quick flip through the mail she tossed the short stack back onto her desk. Then standing at the corner, her manicured nails came to her side and she unzipped her skirt. It slid to the floor and she stepped one foot out. With the other she kicked it up into the air and swiped it with her hand, doing a casual fold before tossing it into her desk chair.

“You’re doing better Sam, but I need a lot more from you if you want to impress me.”

She came around to the front of her desk and turned her back on him. She reached back to grab the bottom of her blouse and as she leaned over her desk she flipped it up and over so it rested on her back exposing all of her magnificent ass. She halkalı escort wasn’t wearing any underwear and her model skin was on display as well as her perfect privates.

“Let’s hope you can at least impress me with your tongue. Get on your knees and lick my ass.”

Sam quickly dropped to the carpeted floor. It wasn’t the first time he had found himself in this position. He hoped one day instead of tonguing her ass, he would have a chance to put his lips and tongue to her pussy. But that wasn’t going to happen right now. Now he had to lick her ass.

He led with his nose, wedging his face between her cheeks so his lips could kiss her dark ring. He knew he wasn’t allowed to use his hands without permission. A competent asslicker doesn’t need his hands she had said. So with hands behind his back he gave her a kiss directly on her asshole and then began to use his tongue.

“The Matsumoto account is an important one and you had better be able to seal the deal; whatever it takes.”

“Yeth Mith”

He knew he wasn’t allowed to stop to answer her questions, but she was looking for a sign he understood his obligations. He would be able to seal the deal. He was confident he would have it, and yet he understood what she wanted and was sorry he had disappointed her.

“I expect impeccable performance from my team. If you can get the job done you can go places. But if you fail me, not only will you be punished, but you may find yourself relegated to lesser duties.”

“Yeth Mith.”

He continued to work his tongue on her asshole. Even now he knew he was being evaluated. Ms. Haskins was rather demanding, but he always hoped he would be able to live up to her expectations. Even now he was trying hard to please her the best he could as his tongue dug deeper into her asshole.

“Yes Sam, get that tongue in there deep. Don’t disappoint me.”

He surely didn’t want to disappoint her. He was shocked the first time she ordered him to lick her ass. He was even more shocked to learn she wanted his tongue all over and even inside her tight asshole. But he also wanted desperately to please her; at least as much as he feared what would happen if she decided to fire him. So once again he was on his knees, tasting the sweat, perfume, lotion, and anything else which found itself taksim escort on and in her beautiful skin.

“Mmm. Yes. Deeper Sam. Show me what a pro you are. Exceed my expectations.”

It wasn’t enough that he was licking her ass, or her asshole rather, she demanded more. ‘Any lazy bum can lick an asshole’ she said, ‘but it takes skill to really do it right.’ Even the most menial task was to be performed at the highest level. And that included ass licking.

He had actually learned a few things and improved since the first time he licked her ass. He was better able to burrow his face between her cheeks when he learned the use of his hands was a privilege. But still it would have been easier to get the penetration she demanded if he could spread her cheeks and push his face and tongue even deeper.

She must have sensed what he was thinking. She didn’t have to oblige him in any way, but for some reason she let him have a small gift. It was still under her strict orders but he was to have better access.

“Okay Sam, you can hold my cheeks apart so you can get that lazy tongue deeper. But you’d better not squeeze my ass or play with it in any way. This isn’t about you being rewarded. This is about you proving you have the ability to please me.”

Heedful of her warning he slowly raised his hands and pushed her fabulous ass cheeks apart. He was very tempted to squeeze as they were so soft and beautiful, but he knew the price was something he could not afford. He tried not to think about the smooth, soft flesh in his hands, and instead focused on the target of his tongue.

“Oh that’s better. Keep going Sam. I expect improvements. We don’t rest when there’s work to be done.”

He continued tasting and tonguing, licking and probing. As he got closer to her, cheeks spread, he put his lips around her ring. She was opening up to him as he worked and now he felt a little sucking would be a good idea. It was another thing he never contemplated in the past but something he learned as he took an impromptu course in ass licking with Ms. Haskins as his professor.

“Mmm. Yes. That’s good. But any amateur can do that. Show me what you’ve got Sam. Eat my ass!”

He took his cue. He sped up his actions and while careful not to squeeze with his hands, he became more aggressive with his lips and tongue. He şişli escort even let his teeth touch her skin, though he was careful, very careful. Teeth could easily get him into trouble if he didn’t apply them the right way. And yet he was still learning how to be a master in the art of licking ass.

“Oh god, that’s what I need. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

He didn’t dare stop. Not until she was done with him. He was breathing heavy and beginning to sweat but he had to keep going. He ate her ass. He was like a wild animal barely kept in check. He sucked her asshole! He tongue fucked it! He devoured it!

He felt her body shift against his face. His guess was she took a hand off the desk to reach for her pussy; her perfect pussy. But he couldn’t think about her pussy now; not today. He was here to service her ass. He was here to eat her ass and fuck it deep with his tongue! And that’s just what he was going to do!


She had reached back and pushed his head away with enough force that he stumbled on his knees and had to catch himself from falling over. She was finished with him. It didn’t matter if he wanted more or had more to offer her; she had decided it was over.

“That was better Sam, but I still expect more from you. You still have a lot to learn if you want to be on my team.”

She sounded a bit stern but he knew she had been pleased with his work. Still he didn’t doubt she would expect more from him next time. He hadn’t truly proven himself; not to her. He took a moment to catch his breath and took out his handkerchief to wipe his mouth. And she walked around her desk and retrieved her skirt and began to put it back on.

“Now Sam, I will have to consider what sort of punishment you are due for failing to close the deal this morning. However, rest assured, if you fail to close this deal at all the punishments and consequences will far more severe. So make it happen; whatever it takes.”

“Yes Ma’am. I won’t let you down.”

“You had better not. Now get out of my office and get back to work.”

As he left her office she was right behind him. Moments ago she was bent over her desk receiving a most serious ass licking, and now she looked like the savvy and successful businesswoman. She didn’t slow down for anything or anyone.

He watched her perfect ass, once again hugged by her skirt, sway back and forth in quick-time as she marched off. She was done with him, at least for now. She was on to other business. He admired her so. And he desperately wanted to be on her team. More than that, he wanted to be her star player. As the distance between them grew he heard her cry out to another subordinate.

“Reginald! Where’s Reginald? I have to pee.”

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