Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman


Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature WomanFollow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman Unfortunately, after our first date and sexual encounter we were unable to get together the following evening and on Sunday her k**s returned home. The deal was that her k**s couldn’t know she was seeing someone so in the evening after they were asleep she would call and we would talk. The following weekend was hers to have them so it would be two weeks before we could go out again. When that Friday came around I couldn’t wait to get home from work, unload (masturbate) and shower preparing for our meeting. After the k**s had left with their dad Debbie came to my house and I fixed spaghetti. One of the few meals I could cook. We made small talk while sipping a couple of beers for the most part trying to pretend that we were interested in something other than fucking right then and there. We made it through dinner and went to the den to watch TV and cuddle on the sofa. It didn’t take long for me to make my move. I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed back. This went on for a while and I suggested that we take it to my bedroom. Her eyes blazed when I made the suggestion and she promptly followed me down the hall. We laid sinop escort down on our sides facing each other, kissing and fondling each other still clothed. I got more and more excited so I closed the distance between us rolling her onto her back. While we dueled with our tongues I was pushing my hand up her shirt and under her bra to free her beautiful tits. She wanted me to have them as much as I wanted them and she began unbuttoning her blouse. As I moved down to suckle her, my attentions went to her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off it through her clothes. She quickly unfastened her shorts and slid both shorts and panties off. I have always been fascinated by pussy so I was anxious to explore hers some more. I turned my head upward from her tits and she looked down and we kissed passionately again as I rubbed the outside of her pussy. I rubbed my flattened palm and fingers up and down her pussy and as she grinded against me. I pushed my middle finger into her slot. As her wetness was smeared I then curled my middle finger inside her. I heard a sigh and her body tensed and released. I mentioned previously that she had this trick where she could tighten her sivas escort pussy muscles. I felt her squeeze my finger hard so I put another in and slowly finger fucked her. Her pussy squeezed and released. I started working back down to her tits sucking on them and rubbing her pussy over the top curling my middle and ring finger over her clit as deep as I could inside her. I was seeking for the ever elusive G spot. After some toying with her I started moving down her body. She knew where I was headed.She lifted her right leg over my shoulder as I positioned between her legs. I lowered my face to her pussy and licked the surface from bottom to top. I then tried to see what reactions I got from using my tongue on her clit. She was enjoying it but a girl told me once that there are outside girls and inside girls. I slide a finger into the bottom of her slit. She’s an inside girl. She really came to life then. I licked her clit and finger fucked her and had my first ever, “gush.” I’ve seen movies of squirters but she gushed. Her pussy leaked a heavy stream of clear fairly tasteless cum. It drenched the sheets under her ass. At that point I couldn’t take it any longer and urfa escort mounted her immediately. Her pussy was smacking like I was fucking a bucket of water and I could feel the convulsions inside it as she was cumming. I fucked her at a frantic pace and nutted far too quickly. Fortunately, she forgave me and we laid there for a while before the wet spot just became too annoying. After a little slow down and some mild petting she decided it was time for me to fuck her proper so she went down on me to make sure mini-me would rise to the occasion. Once hard she rolled over and I positioned between her legs. She took my cock in her hand and rubbed the head up and down her slit a couple of times then with her legs pulled my hips into her. Her pussy like before was steaming hot and instead of her squeezing and releasing my cock it seemed to gradually tighten as she neared orgasm. I noticed our slow passionate sex was starting to get a little noisy. Above our breathing and sighs I could hear the wetness of her pussy and felt wet all around my cock. We she said she was about to cum and that was all the encouragement I needed. I put another large load in her. I stayed on top of her for a while feeling her pussy spasm as her orgasm waned. I pulled my deflating cock from her and was excited to see the huge wet spot under her ass again. I was soaked and from her pussy to mid thighs she shined with her cum. We were spent and took showers and changed the bed. Both slept well that night.

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