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Dave and Cindy were getting ready for the party. He was having several friends over to watch the Super Bowl, and she was helping him with the treats. This should be a great game, he thought. Chicago, Dave’s favorite team, was playing against Denver and they were projected to win by two points.

Dave and Cindy had been dating for several months. They had met when he was driving to a friend’s house and steered around a moving truck parked in front of a house with a For Rent sign in the front yard. Just as he drove past the tailgate, there was a crash and a scream and a torrent of profanity. Dave hit the brakes so he could get out and check if anyone was hurt. When he looked into the truck, he saw a woman with her back to him, sitting on a short stack of boxes and looking down at a broken TV. Obviously, she had dropped it and the screen had all but shattered.

As he called out to her to see if everything was okay, she let out another torrent of profanity, ending with, “Can’t you see that NOTHING is okay?” Then she stood and turned to look at him. Dave saw a beautiful woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair and a slender, shapely body that stood slightly taller than average. She wore tight jeans below and a tight tee shirt above, and really Dave liked what he saw.

He was suddenly motivated to help, so he climbed into the back of the truck with her. She allowed him to join her because she saw a tall man about forty with a handsome face and a full beard that was closely trimmed. He had a good build; not muscular but clearly he had muscles. And she liked what she saw. Two hours later they had emptied the truck and placed most of the things in the rooms where she intended them to be. They shared a beer. Then they shared dinner. Then they shared each other.

The relationship had gone from friendly to romantic to loving in a shorter amount of time than Dave expected. It was true that both Dave and Cindy had been married before, so they both knew what they liked and didn’t like, but both of them seemed to have recovered from their past marriages. It was seldom that either made references to their previous spouses, and it was seldom that either showed any residual effects of their previous marriages.

Cindy’s husband had been abusive and Cindy tended to react when she saw a man treating a woman harshly, whether it was in a movie or in real life, but that was understandable. And Dave’s wife had left him for her girlfriend after more then twelve years of marriage, resulting in him distrusting most women. And that was understandable, too. But other than those two holdovers, neither showed any real baggage from their previous marriages. As far as they could tell, they had a healthy, romantic relationship. And as far as anyone else could tell, they had a perfect love life.

Dave was a writer and made a good living at it, even if it was not an extravagant living. And Cindy was a real estate agent and made a good living at that, even if it was not an extravagant living. Between their efforts, they made more than enough money and they could take the time off they wanted so they could enjoy that living.

All their friends knew that Dave and Cindy were serious about each other. When they went out for drinks, his friends couldn’t convince Dave to even flirt with another woman. And when Cindy went out with her friends, they were amazed that she showed no interest in any of the men who tried to flirt with them. In short, Dave and Cindy showed all the signs of a committed marriage but without the ring.

It was about an hour before the game, and their friends would begin to show up any time. Jim and Karen would probably be the first to arrive. They were best friends with Dave and Cindy, and were likely to be over at Dave’s house sharing food and fun on most weekends. They lived only a block over in the same suburban neighborhood as Dave’s house, close enough to walk over frequently. In warm weather, they felt free enough to invite themselves over to use the pool in Dave’s back yard. It was not unusual for Dave and Cindy to return from the store to see Jim and Karen, or even Karen by herself, enjoying the pool or laying beside it enjoying the sun. And Cindy often chided Dave for enjoying entirely too much the fact that Karen had an awesome body, which she freely displayed in tiny bikinis. But despite the joking, Cindy trusted both her boyfriend and her best friend.

Everyone was expected to show up sometime after Jim and Karen. Dave and Cindy had the snacks ready. Cindy had baked several of her specialty finger foods, and Dave saved for himself the difficult job of preparing the Corn Curls and pretzels and potato chips. In addition to the snacks, Dave had purchased seven cases of beer and several bottles of serious alcohol. There was his personal favorite, Crown Royal. He had a large bottle of the Canadian whiskey on the counter, plus three more hidden in his bedroom. Crown Royal was expensive enough that Dave didn’t want to share too much of it. As an alternative, Dave had purchased five bottles of Southern Comfort ankarada yeni escortlar and two bottles of Johnny Walker Red.

In addition to that, there was a selection of vodka and rum and bourbon and even Jägermeister, for those who liked shots. But mostly they were going to have beer. Dave had purchased four cases of dark beer and four cases of American lite beer. And Dave’s favorite beer, Amberbock, was properly represented by two additional cases. And with all the alcohol, Dave had rented several cots to host the friends that shouldn’t drive home after the game. As far as Dave could plan and prepare, they were ready for the game.

The refrigerator in the kitchen and the backup refrigerator in the garage were both filled with drinks and snacks and dressings and dips. The oven was on warm with Cindy’s specialties being kept there. And the best treat of all just walked out of the bedroom. Cindy had changed into a special outfit for today which was a little more revealing than she normally wore in front of Dave’s friends.

Dave was struck once more with just how beautiful this woman was. She was apparently blessed with good genes because she had a slender and shapely body without exercising too often. Her breasts were a large C-cup that both jutted out for the world to see and hung just a little because of their impressive weight, and Dave really considered them perfect. And even more exciting were her nipples, which always stood out, but grew to more than half an inch of proud perfection when she was excited. And she was obviously excited today.

As Dave stared at her, Cindy smiled shyly. She held out her arms at shoulder level and slowly rotated, giving him an opportunity to look closely at what she was wearing. She knew that Dave always enjoyed showing her off when they went to a bar or restaurant, and she admitted to herself that she enjoyed being shown off. So she had decided to wear something that let her show off today.

Her blouse was white and slightly transparent, enough to show off the lacy bra underneath but not enough to display the freckles on her boobs and her back. Still, it showed enough cleavage that her freckles were easily visible anyway. In addition, those awesome nipples were doing their best to pierce the thin material of her lacy bra and nylon blouse. She wore a short pleated skirt that flared out, almost like a high school cheerleader’s skirt. The skirt was short enough that Dave knew Cindy was going to have to sit carefully if she wanted to keep from showing off her panties, which he could only hope she was wearing.

As Dave was staring in appreciation at Cindy’s chest, Jim and Karen walked in the back door. Jim was Dave’s closest friend and had been for more than two dozen years. They had been through some dangerous times together, running some secret missions for the government in some South American countries, and both knew what it was like to depend on the other to watch his back. As was true for most men who had seen action together, they were more than just friends.

Karen was a recent addition to Jim’s life. They had met a year ago and moved in together a month after that. Karen was a sultry beauty in her mid thirties who clearly enjoyed being beautiful. She wasn’t egotistical about it at all but had simply accepted the fact that she was beautiful, and was comfortable with the attention it brought. Dave sometimes wondered if the two of them were practicing monogamy or were into a more open relationship, but figured it wasn’t any of his business. If Jim was comfortable with Karen showing off her body, or even sharing that body, then Dave had nothing he needed to say about it.

And Karen was clearly dressed today to attract attention. She wore a tight leather skirt that extended less than halfway down her thighs. Her halter top barely covered her boobs from the front and offered lots of side-boob when she wasn’t facing you. The material was not at all transparent, but it was light and thin and put her erect nipples front and center. And Dave could tell that when she would bend over to get her drink or to offer someone else a drink, her boobs would be wonderfully displayed. Dave and Cindy knew that Karen was not bashful about showing her body, but this was going to be her best show yet. For his part, Jim just grinned.

By the time their friends were arriving, the food and drinks were ready. Dave and Jim had moved enough beer and ice into a cooler for at least the first quarter, so Jim had declared the party preparations were accomplished to his satisfaction. Karen had bent over at the waist to inspect the cooler, and Dave noticed that she wore no panties. This was more than a little unexpected.

While the four of them had been a little free in sunning themselves beside the pool, even to the point of both women going topless one afternoon, the women had shown no signs of exhibitionism when they were inside the house. Maybe a little provocative when they went out to a club, but nothing more than could usually be seen on the women around them. But Karen bayan escort elvankent in a miniskirt with no panties was pushing the envelope a little, even for her.

Dave looked at Cindy and noticed her staring at Karen for a few seconds, and then turned and merely grinned at him. For just a moment, Dave wondered at Cindy’s staring, but just then the doorbell rang.

Frank and Joan walked into the living room uninvited. They were also friends with all four and didn’t wait for the door to be opened. Dave had to pause for a moment when he saw Joan, knowing she was never accused of being bashful, but he almost gasped at what she had chosen to wear for the game. A pair of white Daisy Duke shorts cupped her ass tightly. The white tee shirt she wore was almost transparent, giving a clear view of her breasts and the darker skin of her areolae. Her nipples barely poked out and Dave found himself hoping that their hardness would change with the excitement of the game. Her boobs were at least a D-cup and they bounced and swayed magnificently as she walked into the room. Jim, Karen and Cindy all stared at Joan and then looked at Frank. He simply grinned at them and shrugged his shoulders. Joan noticed the exchange of glances.

“What? Can’t a girl dress comfortably in front of friends?” She acted as if there was nothing unusual in what she wore. Dave responded with a wry grin.

“And clearly we are all going to be better friends after today.” Not to be outdone by his friend, Jim offered his own comment.

“I always said that transparency in a relationship is important.” He chuckled at his own joke, but no one else did. And while no one followed up that comment, Dave noticed Joan and Karen exchange a quick look. Then everyone got busy moving drinks and snacks closer to the couch and arranging chairs in the family room.

Dave’s house was ideal for hosting events like this. He was quite proud of it because he had designed the house. An architect friend had transformed a crude floor plan into a wonderful house. It was large, built in a U-shape. Down one side were three spare bedrooms and two bathrooms. Down the other side was the library that served as his office, and the master suite with its own large bathroom. The base of the U-shaped house held the kitchen and a large family room for entertainment. Separating the kitchen and the entertainment room was a long breakfast bar and a hallway connecting the two side wings, with the entertainment room being sunken six inches lower than the hallway.

The main attraction of the entertainment room was a wall with a huge stone fireplace. On either side of the fireplace were sliding glass doors that opened out into the screened-in pool area. And the fireplace was currently covered by a wide movie screen. Dave used a powerful projector connected to his laptop when he made presentations in his management seminars. And today, that powerful projector was attached to his cable TV system and would project the game in high definition to the screen. It was a full eight feet wide and six feet high, giving an awesome view of the game.

In the center of the room with its back to the kitchen, was a long couch. There were two comfortable love seats ar right angles to the couch, plus several more chairs from the dining room for the rest of the guests, all centered in front of the screen. At least, centered as much as seating for twelve people could be centered in front of an eight foot screen. But the layout of the room and the ample seating promised everyone a good view of the game.

Dave saw that Jim, Karen, Frank, and Joan all made a beeline for the comfortable couch, laying their claim on that very valuable piece of real estate early. He also saw that when Karen quickly sat down next to Jim, her right boob bounced entirely free from her halter top, which she only casually adjusted. And the others in the group noticed it, too. Her lack of apparent concern over her boob finding temporary freedom raised the sexual tension in the air noticeably.

Just as his friends claimed the couch, the doorbell rang again. Dave opened the door and saw the newest additions to the circle of friends. Terry and Sherri entered the house with Sherri wrapping her long arms around Dave. They were newly engaged, and would be the youngest couple in the group. Terry was 24, standing tall and muscular. It was obvious he worked out because his biceps stretched his short sleeves to their max and his tee shirt clearly showed his tight and chiseled abs. Further, his shorts showed heavily muscled legs, which were impressive by anyone’s standards.

Sherri was 21 and an inch or so taller than Terry. She wore loose workout shorts and a tight button down shirt, but her shirt wasn’t buttoned at all, merely tied at the waist, which showed off an ample amount of her silicone-enhanced breasts. Sherri would clearly make the proverbial trophy wife when Terry was promoted to full partner in his father’s very successful law firm. The two of them had been to Dave’s house only once before to enjoy escort bayan etimesgut an afternoon pool party, and Dave was almost embarrassed at how tiny her string bikini was. And the small amount of material seemed even more revealing because she was so tall. Dave guessed that she was right at six feet, with Terry being about an inch shorter.

Before Dave could close the door, a shout from outside made him pause. José and Maria came running up the sidewalk, burdened down with bags and a cooler. Almost breathless, they dropped everything just inside the door and took a moment to hug Dave. It was good that Dave was comfortable with hugging men because José wrapped him up in a bear hug that threatened to crack some ribs. After that, Maria’s hug was almost a caress.

José wore the tee shirt and shorts that was typical for him when he wasn’t wearing his scrubs at the hospital Emergency Room where he was a trauma doctor. At first, Dave wasn’t sure José could come because of his busy hospital schedule, but his seniority allowed him to schedule the day off. And Dave couldn’t help but be glad the two of them could be here because he really liked looking at Maria.

She was of medium height and quite slender. Her small breasts were probably only an A-cup, but her nipples were nothing short of awesome. And those nipples were extremely apparent as they tried to tear through her tee shirt. It was very stimulating to feel her soft embrace, while feeling her hard nipples almost poke holes in his chest. It seemed that no matter what she wore around him, Dave could see the largest nipples of his experience quite easily.

And José seemed to not care how much skin she showed or how prominently she displayed those impressive nipples. Maria’s long dark hair was pulled into a pony tail, which had found its way over her shoulder and fell down her chest. Yet it managed to stay to the side, merely draping over her shoulder, so that it didn’t cover either nipple. Dave couldn’t help but grin over the buffet of female flesh that was collecting for this football game.

Playing the host, he ushered José and Maria into his entertainment room to make sure everyone had been properly introduced. Suddenly, there was a loud knocking, almost pounding, at the door. This time Cindy was closer to the door so she went to answer it. Dave knew this would be the last of the couples, and noted that the game would start in less than ten minutes.

To his surprise, Cindy didn’t usher one more couple into the room; she ushered two more couples into the room. As Dave looked at her, Cindy only shrugged. Adam and Barbara walked into the room and Adam immediately began talking.

“I am so sorry to spring this on you but our best friends showed up in town just a few minutes ago and I couldn’t leave them by themselves. Dave, we have known Eric and Sarah for more than ten years. They were going to show up tomorrow and stay for a week, but they decided to surprise us and arrived a day early. Will this be a problem? I brought more beer and pretzels to make up for the unexpected mouths.” Adam looked embarrassed at the turn of events, but Dave assured them that there was plenty of beer and food, and two more chairs from the dining room would not be a problem at all. Introductions were necessary as Sherry went for the additional chairs.

Adam and Barbara were the typical suburban success story. Adam owned the lawn mowing and landscaping business that many of the neighbors used, and Barbara handled the bookkeeping. Between them, they employed six more workers and made it clear to all their customers that they only employed legal Americans, unlike their two main competitors who employed mostly illegals. Adam was very conservative in his political views and everyone who knew him was aware of that. But he made up for that by doing excellent work at a fair price and all his customers loved him.

Dave sometimes suspected that many of those customers loved Barbara even more. She was simply gorgeous. Slim and very shapely, she hand-delivered the monthly invoices and often helped with the landscaping projects. And there was no escaping the fact that she knew plants. She was not only window dressing; she was as much a part of the business as Adam was. And at 38 and 35 respectively, Adam and Barbara had plenty more years of hard work ahead of them.

As she typically did when working, Barbara was wearing a tiny red bikini top with very snug white shorts. Her trim figure was enhanced by her perfect B-cup breasts, which filled out the bikini top beautifully. And her ass had to be the tightest and most beautiful ass Dave had ever seen, made even more distracting by the tiny shorts she wore.

As Adam introduced their friends, it became obvious that they were going to be a fun addition to the group. Eric seemed to have a funny one-liner for everything. And they really were funny; he had them all laughing in seconds. He even cracked a joke about Barbara’s bikini that had Barbara laughing so hard that her smallish boobs were bouncing as much as their small size allowed. Dave glanced over at Sherry and had the pleasure of watching her ample boobs bouncing, too. She caught his glance and tried to hold her breasts for a moment, but then smiled and let them loose again to continue bouncing. Her casual wink held more tease than Dave would have expected.

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