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I’d just come back from a month away. I’d stayed in a villa set right on a small secluded bay, the white sand hit the decking and the crystal clear sea calmly set it’s waves over the waters edge.

I was alone and I’d spent my days swimming, swimming for miles & miles around this deserted cove. I’d swum naked and the sun had sailed through the water hitting every inch of me, which was now entirely tanned on my perfectly toned body.

We’d noticed each other before at the leisure centre, our eyes had met a number of times and we both knew there was something more to come. You’d been waiting to pick your moment to ask me out for a drink but I’d been away and of course you couldn’t ask me if I wasn’t there. At the same time, all through my holiday I’d been thinking about how I was going to make my move too and since I knew you were always at the gym on a Tuesday, I knew you’d be there if I went that night.

I’d got there a little early as planned and before going into the aerobics studio I sneaked round to the back of the building. I took a look through a small slim window to see if I could see you and you were there, in the corner lifting weights. You looked amazing, you’d obviously been working hard as I could see it in your face each time you lifted the heavy metal discs. Drops of sweat sat neatly on your forehead and your muscles were rippling. I stood and stared for a short while until you looked up and saw me. My whole body oozed new found confidence and the sexual tension between us soared, you couldn’t believe your eyes – you’d fancied me before – but now! Now with a perfectly toned & tanned body you couldn’t take your eyes off me and tonight was going to be the night.

At first I couldn’t decide how to really get your attention, then a thought came to mind – I looked around outside to make sure no one was watching and slowly lifted my gym skirt. I put my thumbs under the sides of my panties and slid them down my golden legs. Without another thought I stepped out of them, turned round and walked off to go back into the building. You were beside yourself but you knew I had a class to get to so everything would have to wait.

My class started in the usual way, we had warmed up by now and were just about to start stretching. I was standing right at the back of the class and something inside me made me turn round. As I did I caught a glimpse of you watching through the window, just as I had done to you – your eyes firmly on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me made me feel amazing and the adrenalin I had was out of control. The instructor then put on her music, full speed and so loud each beat sent waves of energy through me as we began our workout. After doing a few basic steps, she shouted out our new routine with real power, grapevine over the step, kick-lunge, seven knee repeater. With each move I felt a surge of energy, I wasn’t only doing this for me now, I was doing it for you. The music pumped through me and my muscles hardened further with the force of the moves. Every few moments my skirt lifted slightly, enabling you to see my firm, hard butt and knowing that you were secretly watching me made me help it along a little, swaying it just that little bit more.

You were hard now, your cock was like a rock and I could see the bulge though your shorts, this just pushed me to work harder still, but the best was yet to come. We were nearly at the end of the class, sit ups were next on the agenda. I opened out my mat on the floor and laid down with my legs pointing towards you. The instructor told us to cross our legs, lift them high and reach for our toes. Your eyes were almost popping out! You could see me pumping up & down and my butt looked even more inviting. Next we were told to place our feet back on the floor, legs apart and carry on. Now you could see it in all it’s glory, my glistening pussy with a small strip of hair just in the right place. You wanted me now, you wanted me so bad you could hardly stop yourself from bursting in the room and taking me there & then. Each time I sat up I looked you straight in the eye and gave you a tiny smile as I knew what this was doing to you. But we were nearly at the end of the class now so you wouldn’t have to wait much longer. Lastly the stretching, my strappy white t-shirt was soaked through and I’d worn a white see-through bra just for you. As I stretched out my arms you could see my perfectly formed breasts and my erect nipples poking out – at this point I could only imagine what this was doing to you, and imagine what it would feel like to have you caress them one at a time.

The class filtered out but I stayed back telling my instructor to go, it’s fine, I’ll be out in a minute. As she left the room I towelled myself off, turned off the lights and laid back down, this time in the middle of the room. The light that filtered through from güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri outside the door was just enough, it was almost like there had been candles lit with a glow down one side of my golden body and you could see my reflection in the mirrored wall on the other of me.

I turned my head and gazed straight in your eyes, indicating for you to come in. You opened the door and slowly walked over to me, you didn’t say a word but kneeled in front of me then peeled my top up and over my head. You sat me up and un-did my bra pulling it forward and off to reveal those hard erect nipples that you’d seen earlier – they were waiting for you, wanting you. I was so wet by now and both our hearts were pounding, we knew this was right, it was meant to be. I pulled at the button on your shorts, unzipping them with my other hand at the same time. I couldn’t help but gasp out loud when your enormous thick cock sprung out at me, the veins in it pumping, I’d never seen anything that looked so amazing. But as I went to hold it you stopped me, you took my wrists and pinned me back to the floor and placed my arms & legs out wide. I groaned with excitement, you had hardly touched me yet, yet I could feel the fullness of my clit, the juices inside flowing out. You kissed me softly on the lips, a big strong kiss and slid your tongue inside my mouth as I did the same. Our kiss was wonderful, our lips fit perfectly as we moved them. You then moved away from my mouth and started to wonder down, kissing me on my neck then shoulders and then over to my breasts. My back arched up making you take as much of one into your mouth, your finger gently stroking around the other nipple. This in itself sent me over the edge and my first orgasm came, my moans & groans gave you no doubt about what you were doing to me. After the contractions had died down I tried to sit up, I wanted to give you some of the pleasure you’d just given me, but you wouldn’t let me, you made me lay back down and told me not to move. You straddled over me and placed your cock between my breasts and squeezed them together. Each time you went forward the tip hit my mouth which I gladly took in as deep as I could. You could feel the tightness of my breasts and the tension I’d placed on my lips. You tasted so good I found myself sucking harder & harder and wondered if I possibly tasted this good too?

After a while you moved backwards and stroked me all over with your ever hardening güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock. You teased me and teased me, I’d never been so wet in my whole life, I’d never wanted anyone so bad, I’d never wanted to fuck anyone so much. You played with me, your cock around my belly button, it almost tickled but this was sexual. Then you moved down, you stroked your cock against me in one line, straight down, straight past my flat stomach and over my strip. Over my clit and then in, you thrust so hard I cried out, your balls banged against me, you went fast & hard and then stopped! You gently withdrew! I couldn’t stand it any longer, I wanted you in me, I needed you deep inside me again, but you slowly moved backwards and kneeled by my feet. You grasped my ankles and lifted them straight up high, put your warm lips against them and you slowly and teasingly kissed and licked.

As you came to my knees you spread them open as wide as they would go and continued to kiss up my inner thighs. By now I could feel my second orgasm coming, I tried to hold out but as you licked up the sides of my pussy and teased my clit with your tongue I came, I came so hard. The contractions were wild and I had to feel what they felt like from your point of view. I took my hand and placed it over my strip, with one finger slipping right in. As the contractions came to a stop I slowly removed my finger, brought it up to my lips and tasted the juices you’d created. I was surprised at how sweet it tasted, warm & creamy and liked it so much I did it again. As my finger hit my mouth for a second time you thrust your tongue in as deep as you could and played with my clit with your fingers. Your tongue felt amazing as you lapped me up.

After a while though it wasn’t enough, I needed to feel the fullness of your cock and therefore the moment I’d been waiting for was about to arrive. You pumped yourself straight back in again, your tip banged against my cervix and the walls of my vagina surrounded you and squeezed you tight.

I placed my hands on your back and slowly moved down until they reached your butt. I took one finger, licked it and gently tapped your butt hole in rhythm to your glorious actions. After tapping a little longer I placed it firmly and still straight over your hole and very slowly and gently entered you. I moved my finger round in small slow circles and saw how much you were enjoying it, this was good – you’d never tried it before. My finger went deeper and massaged your insides. It wasn’t much longer before neither of us could hold out any more. You came like a fountain deep inside me and filled me as I my vagina milked your cum. You laid down on top of me and I stroked your back while we kissed again until we felt the last movements inside us calm down.

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