For JLNI – My Fantasy Man


Strangers to one another, we had been IM’ing back and forth for a short time. Sexy, steamy, long conversations so real I could feel him as though he was actually here. His handsome, smiling face and well-built body used as enticement to assure my eventual seduction. His steely blue eyes locked, gazing into my submissive deep blue orbs. I offer my nakedness as an invitation to him and only him. His strong hands begin tracing every curve of my shapely form, electrifying every nerve in my body to the point of ecstasy. I reach for him, but he gently pushes my hands away. “I am in control here,” is what he seems to say and I am only too happy to submit to his desires. His still fully clothed body a testament to his authority over my actions. The growing bulge in his pants, however, is evidence to his increasing arousal.

He strokes my long, blonde hair further pulling me into his spell. Taking a handful, he buries his face in it “ummmmm, your hair smells good.” I tilt my face upward as his finger gently outlines my full, supple lips. Firmly, he grasps my face with both hands and places his wanton mouth upon mine. So sensual and powerful, I could cum with only the passionate kisses this man bestows upon my mouth. Kisses so wet and sweet and deep, his tongue masterfully plunging into my mouth, a tantalizing preview of how his dick will feel thrusting hard into my hungry, wet, willing pussy. The juices in our mouths exchanged with one another just as our sex juices will mingle at our climaxes. This is a man that knows his way around a woman’s pleasure spots. A man practiced in finding gratification in the fulfillment of his partner’s sexual needs while satisfying his own lustful passions.

Still kissing me, his eager hands stop to fondle my voluptuous breasts, gently cupping them then twisting and pulling my pink nipples erect. I feel myself quiver at his touch. He notices this and presses his hardening manhood against my eager body. Even through his pants, I can feel his rock hard hunk of man meat starting to throb. Brushing his crotch lightly, I notice a growing wet spot appearing. Oh how I want to touch and rub his cock and to feel his thickness and his hardness in my hand. He quickly pulls away though, unbuttons his shirt and begins to unzip his pants. As I watch his clothing drop to the floor, I notice he has no boxers on. His cock is nothing short of magnificent! It is gorgeous, perfectly shaped with just the right proportions. It springs forcefully forward visible are a few small drops of pre-cum dribbling out the end of his suckable head. I lick my lips, my mouth watering just thinking about wrapping it around his gorgeous hunk of meat. I would love to suck his dick, drink his cum and lick him clean afterward. His balls hang teasingly beneath his stiff rod. I want to play with his balls and I tell him so. He just says “not yet.”

The anticipation of what he will do next is almost unbearable. My heart is pounding as he presses himself against me once again. His breath coming faster now as he sucks on my bottom lip, his tongue slips out from between his lips. He licks my eyelids and then my chin lightly as it travels down the front of my neck. The tip of his hard wet tongue slides down to my heaving chest as he gently circles one pink nipple and then the other. My body is tingling as he rubs his face back and forth between my breasts, stops and takes one nipple and then the other into his hungry mouth. Sucking so hard I believe he will begin to draw milk from my ravaged mounds. Back and forth between my big tits, sucking and rubbing, I beg him to let me play with his body as I reach for his strong chest. He just stares deeply once again into my pleading eyes and shakes his head, no. While grabbing and rubbing my ass he whispers into my ear, “You like me sucking on your titties, don’t you?” “Oh yes,” is all I can manage for a reply. “It makes you wet, doesn’t it?” he hisses. “Oh yes, very wet, please suck them some more. Please finger-fuck me!” I implore him. “All in good time, baby,” he grins widely.

Positioning himself behind me, he slides his soft tongue into my right ear then my left, slowly licking both ears as he gently blows. His mouth sucks my neck and I can feel his hot breathe as he squeezes my left breast. The sensation sends chills throughout my trembling body. He is driving me crazy. I feel the moisture in my pussy gush and he immediately notices my sex smell. While stroking my left breast, his right hand slips between my legs as it runs up my silky inner thigh and gently starts rubbing my swollen little love box. He gestures for me to spread my legs further and lean back so he can better play with my glistening clit, I gladly comply and will deny him nothing. My nostrils inhale his raw male musk. I need him in my mouth and my pussy so badly!

He slides his rock hard dick in between my ass cheeks. I feel myself swaying with his motion as his fingers continue to rub all around my slick pussy lips. He lets out istanbul escort a quiet moan as he whispers, “You’re so hot and wet.” My pussy spurts again with his words and I am quite unable to stifle my own multiplying moans. He finds the little nub of my swollen clit and rubs all around it and over it and then traps it between two of his fingers as he glides up and down the sides. Gripping my breasts, he cups and squeezes them tugging more forcefully this time on each erect nipple. Twisting my knobs between his fingers while rolling and pinching them. From behind me he says, “Your ass cheeks feel so good around my dick, I can’t wait to see my cum all over your back,” he pushes first one finger and then another into my dripping pussy. I love to feel his big man fingers penetrate me. “It’s so tight in there baby, I need to stretch you out a bit,” he says anxiously. He can hear the sloshing sound as he twists his fingers around inside my aching pussy then pulls them out suddenly. I gasp in frustration. “Ummmmmm, I want your cum all over me, on me and in me, I want your scent all over my body,” I moan and try to reach around him to rub his balls, his cock still firmly between my ass cheeks. He pumps gently.

The heal of his hand is pressed tightly against my clit as he shoves his two fingers back into my sopping love canal and forcefully starts to finger-fuck me. My orgasm assured, his fingers reach for my g-spot while still pressing his dripping cock inside of my ass cheeks. I lose control as my body explodes into its first climax. His fingers inside of me are relentless in their pressure forcing a scream of passion from my writhing body. Now covered with the honey from my cunt, slowly he pulls his fingers out and shows them to me while licking them clean of my juices. Maintaining his control, he holds my trembling body up. My composure regained, finally he offers me his thrusting dick. I turn to face him, kissing his mouth wet and deep as I stroke his throbbing cock. Our tongues meet as we kiss and I slide my hand up and down his shaft very slowly and deliberately at first. Up and down, up and down, stopping at the head my strong grip on his shaft making him thrust with pleasure. Pushing his tool up against his own skin, I let him feel his own hardness against his belly. Aroused and excited, he directs my other hand to touch his strong chest. I rub it firmly, sensuously, as I break away from his lips. Slowly my tongue circles each of his nipples sucking gently on one and then the other. His ever-increasing moans of pleasure are a signal to me that he is enjoying my motions.

I slide my hand down to play with his balls, gently rubbing and squeezing them causing his hips to thrust forward. Playfully I stroke the head of his engorged dick, rubbing it gently and capturing his pre-cum on my fingertip. I stop and show him as I greedily shove my finger into my mouth. He tastes so good. I start to pump him faster, eager to feel his hot cum all over my waiting back. Up and down his shaft, increasing the pressure more and more as he starts to thrust with my movements. Seeing he is close to orgasm, I use my other hand to stroke the head of his cock while pumping his shaft. Now alternating between stroking his head, pumping his shaft and rubbing his balls, I whisper into his ear, “Fuck me hard baby,” he grabs me and turns me around. He places his fuck stick on my back, it jerks, his balls get hard and he squirts his spunk all over my back. Several streams shoot out. It feels to hot, so sticky, so thick and delicious. I wish I could lick it all off my back. None should go to waste.

My ass and back are dripping with his cum. He starts to rub it into my skin. His powerful hands feel so good. I want to cover myself in his love juice like a fine lotion and I embrace his scent as though it is an expensive perfume. My fingers capture some of his sweet nectar for my mouth. “Does it taste good baby?” I hear him growl in my ear. “Yes, baby, yes, I want more, please give me more,” I say excitedly. “We’re just getting started, my cock needs cleaning, lick it and suck it,” as he looks down at his glistening shaft. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. “Oh thank you, I thought you would never let me suck you,” as I direct him to sit down and make himself comfortable. Seeing his glorious dick lying between his legs, I can’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. Men should always have to show off their cocks so we can see them. It’s not fair to hide their manhood under baggy pants.

I get down on my knees and gently start lapping up the remaining cum on his dick, paying close attention to his sensitive helmet where a few precious drops of his hot juice still remained. He looks down at me as I look up at him, licking his shaft, softly, slowly at first and then swirling my tongue over the head of his cock once again and under the corona. I stop at the frenulum and gently tap it with avcılar escort the point of my saliva soaked tongue making sure there is plenty of my own drool for lubrication as I slide my mouth over his magic wand. While I am licking and gently sucking, his gorgeous rod starts to twitch and stiffen. I gently bite his hardness. “Oh baby, that feels so good,” he moans softly. He places his hands on top of my head and pushes my face down into his crotch. I smell his dick. Ummmmmmmmm, I love to smell his dick and can’t wait to smell my pussy on it. I lick his balls, one then the other. I love his luscious balls, the holders of all his hot seed. Then finally, I take one ball and then the other into my mouth and swirl my tongue around each gently licking and sucking as he groans in ecstasy.

He starts thrusting slowly; I know he is ready to be sucked. “Suck my dick, suck it hard, ummmmmm,” he stands up and I feel him grab the back of my head as he shoves his shaft into my mouth forcefully. “Suck it, lick my cock baby!” he commands. “If you are a good girl and suck me good, I may consider fucking your cunt with my big, thick hunk of man meat,” he says with a loud moan while stroking my hair. I feel my pussy start dripping again. He pulls his dick out of my mouth looks down at me and asks, “You want me to fuck your pussy don’t you?” knowing the answer to his own question. “You want to feel my steely sword sliding up to the hilt into your sopping sheathe don’t you?” he says groaning even louder now. Your pussy is a perfect fit for my weapon. I look up at him, “Yes baby, I want to feel you shove you cock up inside me, I want to feel you pounding my pussy. Please fill me full of your cum. I want your hot seed dripping from my cunt down my thighs,” as I moan.

“The harder you suck my dick the harder I will fuck you,” he grunts as he thrusts his cock back into my mouth and grinds his hips against my face. I am sucking him hard, harder than I have ever sucked him before. His balls are against my chin now, his cock completely buried inside my mouth and deep in my throat almost gagging me. I can hardly breathe my mouth is so full of his big, stiff shaft. I love it though! I begin tasting more and more of his pre-cum and know he is getting close to climaxing again. “Stick your fingers into your pussy and fuck yourself for me while my dick is in your mouth!” he commands loudly. I slide one finger into my pussy and then another and start pumping them inside my love box. It gets him off to watch me finger-fuck myself. His thrusts are almost viscous now, pounding my mouth. “Yes baby, take it all, suck it, I am going to cum in your mouth!” he groans still holding the back of my head, his fingers entangled in my hair. I feel his balls twitching and getting harder and harder.

I am about to cum again, my fingers deep in my cunt and his cock fucking my mouth. A few more thrusts is all it will take as I touch the base of his throbbing shaft, pull it back, and stroke his balls with my free hand. “I am cumming again,” I scream in my mind. He doesn’t need me to tell him he just knows by my movements, with that, he explodes into my hungry mouth. I feel his hot cum hit the back of my throat. So much cum I have to swallow a couple of times just to keep up with him. He pumps the final remnants of his cum into my mouth and his balls relax, emptied of their hot semen. I relish the last few drops, open my mouth to show him his spunk on my tongue, and then I swallow. He loves to watch me swallow his juice and lick up any that dribbles down my chin and swallow it too. “Good girl, now lick my dick clean again and maybe I will fuck your cunt,” he says stroking my head, looking down at me. I smile up at him then greedily lick his cock again savoring his nectar making sure to get every last drop then, gently I kiss his glorious shaft, head and balls.

We move to the bed now. He says his cock is kind of sore so I rush to the bathroom to get a warm, wet towel to place over his throbbing member. I am careful to make sure it is not too hot as I place it on his aching cock. “Ummmmmm, that feels nice baby. Come over here and sit on my face, I want to lick your pussy,’ he hisses. “My dick will be ready to go in a few minutes,” he smiles his wicked smile. I quickly slide my pussy over his waiting, hungry mouth. He spreads my legs further apart with his powerful hands and starts to lick my swollen clit with his long, soft, wet tongue. He rubs my butt hole as he laps up all my cunt honey. He quickly thrusts his tongue up into my dripping pussy and inserts a finger gently into my ass. I grind my horny hole harder onto his mouth to help him push his tongue into me deeper. The sensation of his finger in my ass and his tongue in my cunt is almost too much to bear. He rubs my ass in small, hard circles as his tongue continues to probe my writhing love box. Underneath the washcloth, I start to notice the outline of his stiffening shaft. He takes his tongue şirinevler escort out of me and inserts two of his fingers and finger-fucks my love canal hard, fast and deep again. “Your pussy is so tight baby. I can’t wait to shove my dick up there,” he moans loudly. With his free hand, he reaches up to play with my tits, tugging on my nipples, squeezing and pinching them.

I look at the washcloth and see the outline of his engorged cock rising. The washcloth hangs proudly from the tip of his cock like a flag on a massive flagpole. He pulls me around to face him. “Okay, spread your legs and ride my dick. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before and you’re going to help me do it,” he hisses. I quickly position myself over his erect love tool, but as I attempt to slide down his hot pole, he holds me in mid-air and says, “Why should I fuck you?” My frustration is apparent as I gasp with a wide-eyed flash of my hungry eyes. “What do you mean, baby? I almost shriek at him. “Please, I need your cock inside of me!” I plead. “You promised if I sucked your cock really good you would fuck my tight little pussy. Please baby, please fuck me, fuck me now.”

I try lowering myself down on his shaft, but he is very strong and just holds me above him with the head of his dick just inside me, teasing my wanton love box. “Please baby, let me fuck myself on your gorgeous, thick fuck stick.” I smile down at him with that same wild look in my eyes. He continues to hold me above him, smiling a sadistic smile. I am wiggling, trying more forcefully to lower myself onto him. Finally he says, “Okay, I guess you have begged enough. You definitely are a good cocksucker baby. I’ll fuck you now.” He releases me and I lower my eager, dripping hole onto his rock hard cock. I hear myself let out a satisfied moan as I bend down for a moment to cover his soft lips with a deep kiss, the taste of my juices still there. I feel the head slip between my honey-soaked pussy lips and then the shaft slide up filling me full of his cock. I groan from the shear pleasure. “Oh baby, your dick feels so good,” as I sit upright and grind my hips down on him.

He lets out a satisfied moan as I press my pussy against him harder, wanting his cock all the way inside of me. I want to feel his balls. His cock is pulsating. “Ummmmm, I feel your pussy sucking my cock, it feels so good,” he whispers. His powerful hands rub my big tits as he plays with my nipples again. Pulling me down, he takes one and then the other into his hungry mouth as he sucks and gently bites then releases each one. His cock thrusting slowly into me as he plays with my dangling breasts, so deep inside of me I can almost taste him. Holding one nipple between his teeth letting me know he is in control, he releases it when he is ready and allows me to sit up. Rocking myself back and forth on him, grinding and pushing. He stuffs his hot rod to the furry hilt inside me as my juices start to cover his balls.

My well-trained pussy muscles grip and tantalize his cock further, contracting and letting go and then contracting and letting go again. I’m about ready to cum as I savagely pound my throbbing pussy against him. He is holding my hips, pulling down on me helping my cunt consume his stiff shaft. He slides his finger onto my clit and rubs hard. That does it; I start bucking up and down, back and forth as I feel myself climax. My cunt gushes as I cum; the sticky liquid covers his balls, his thighs and the bed underneath us. Oblivious to anything but his hot rod filling my snatch, I scream in ecstasy, breathing hard as I collapse onto his broad chest. I feel waves of elation as my pussy pulses and contracts around his thick hunk of manhood. My orgasm seems endless. My body is quivering and panting with pleasure. Pleasure only he can give me. His hands start to stroke my hair as he lets me rest for a moment. Gently he kisses the top of my head.

My breath begins to return too normal as he rolls me over onto my stomach and orders me to raise my ass into the air. “I am going to fuck you doggy-style now, spread your legs wide for me,” he commands. I raise my pussy up in the air to give him full access. He strokes my sopping love box and slides two of his fingers in first, pulls them out and spreads my sex juices onto my ass. Then he rubs the head of his cock on the outside of my lips. He finds my love hole and thrusts the silky soft head of his dick in just enough to tease me then he pulls out. I groan with frustration and then shear elation as he thrusts back into me hard and deep.

He starts rocking gently in and out of me, holding my hips so I can’t get away. I submit to him completely as his shaft continues to slide in and out of my slippery hole. He pulls all the way out again and then thrusts just the head in, pulls it out, and then rams his full length to the hilt into me hard and fast. I hear him moaning. “You cunt feels so good baby, so wet and so tight, I love fucking you, ummmmmmmmmmm,” he whispers into my ear. He pounds my pussy, driving every last inch into my writhing love box. This handsome man has me so excited I beg him not to stop. He answers with powerful, long forceful strokes. I feel his balls slapping the outside of my gushing pussy as he achieves maximum penetration brushing my cervix lightly.

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