For My Lady Ch. 02


This is the second part of a proposed three. Please read the first part since it sets the stage for this part. Thank you.

And thanks again to my inspiration. This wouldn’t exist without you.


I wake up the next morning, lying on my left side, to a feeling I haven’t had in a long while. The feeling of a warm, soft woman nestled in my arms in front of me. I sigh and readjust my body to pull you in closer. Your hair still smells sweet and flowery, even after our exertion last night and the fact that we fell asleep a big sweaty pile. I place a small kiss right where your neck transitions to your shoulder. You moan slightly, still dreaming, and push yourself back against.

I push myself up onto my left elbow, resting my right hand on your hip, and lightly brush your hair away so that I can get a better look at your face. Small chin, fine cheek bones, almond, shaped eyes; no marks or blemishes mar your pristine face. You lips are parted slightly as you sleep oblivious to my observations. They are a nice, natural pink and very smooth. No wonder they were so damned kissable.

Damn, even your ears are sexy. I trace my finger around the edge of it and it makes you squirm slightly in your sleep. You roll your head over slightly and your eyes open ever so slightly. As you see me, a sleepy smile spreads across your lips and you give a little purr at my touches. Your lids flutter closed again and you grab my hand off of your hip and cradle it to your heart, just like you did last night. The intimacy of the moment is sublime.

Your last shift caused my cock to slip in between your ass cheeks. The proximity to your pussy causes it to stir into life again. My stiffness pressing against you causes you to stir again. A small moan escapes as you begin to grind your hips gently. You move my hand from your heart and press it over your breast, giving it a squeeze to let me know what you want me to do and I comply willingly. I alternate between stroking my palm lightly over your entire breast and gingerly pinching and rolling your hardening nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Your increased breathing tells me that you approve.

By now, my penis is rock hard and lodged firmly in the crack of your ass. I stop playing with your breast long enough to adjust myself. I reach down and lift your leg slightly so I can slip myself in between them and against your pussy then push your leg back down to trap me in place. You sleepily murmur that this is a nice way to wake up. ”You haven’t seen anything yet,” I whisper, then emphasize that with a nip on your ear and a grind of my hips.

”Hmmm, even better…”

I smile to myself. Sliding my hand over your hip, I move it down between your legs. “Last night, we had it your way. This morning is for me.” I rake my fingernails lightly over your hip and up ribs. It tickles and you squirm just enough for the head of my penis to slip slightly in between your lips. You purr again and tilt your hips back trying to get me further into you but in our current position, it doesn’t happen. The purr becomes a moan of disappointment as you’re denied what you want. I chuckle at your frustration. “Patience,” I whisper. “You’ll get it soon enough. But I’m in the mood to make this last…”

Leaving kisses along your neck, back, and shoulder, my hand slides up your side. Caressing the side of your breast. Gliding over your nipple. Across your chest to your other breast. Down your stomach. Brushing all the way down to your pussy. Your breathing slows and your body relaxes. “That’s right, just enjoy this. I promise it’ll be worth it.” You nod your head slightly in acknowledgement.

I rub the palm of my hand just above your mound, teasing you mercilessly. You reach down and try to push my hand further down. “Behave,” I warn you and shake your hand off. “If you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I’ll have to do canlı bahis something about it.” Ignoring me, you start to rub your clit yourself. I pull your hand away. “This is your last warning. This is about *me* pleasuring *you* right now. You’ll only make it worse for you if you keep this up.” As I’m talking, I keep rubbing my hand over your pubic bone but pull my hips away slightly causing my cock to slip from between your lips. You whimper in disappointment and I feel that you’ve gotten the message.

Pushing forward again, the tip of my shaft pushes into your opening for just a moment and your breath catches. But I rotate my hips a bit and I settle back into your groove again. The breath you were holding escapes in a shuddering sigh. Your hips begin to move, mirroring the movements I’m making. “That’s right, that’s good. Work with me.” *Now* I lower my hand to your attention-starved button and slowly work my middle finger in circles around it. The mewling sounds you start to make allow me to gauge your level of arousal.

When you’re grinding starts to become jerky from the building tension, I grab your right leg just behind the knee and pull it up and back against your side. “Are you ready for more?” I ask.

“Yes, please.” you gasp, a small shudder of anticipation racing through you quickly.

I grab the base of my cock and adjust my hips so that the tip is once again poised to slide into you. You take a couple of ragged gulps of air then I start to press. The end slips in and I pause. “Don’t tease!” you implore. I smile and slowly ease the rest of the way in. I pause again once I’m fully buried deep inside you so that both of us can drink in the feeling of me filling you up. “Ahhhhhh…” you sigh.

Wanting more, you begin to rock you hips. Laying behind and holding your leg back the way I am allows me to put my hand down on your pubic bone and press you against me, stopping your movements. “Take your time, let me do all of the work. If you have to do something, play with your nipples.” As I begin to rock slowly in and out of you, your hands reach to cup your breasts and follow my suggestion. You pinch the little buds, pulling and rolling them between thumb and forefinger. Your head tilts back, eyes closed and lips parted at the feeling, and I smile.

We keep at this for a few moments until you start to get impatient again. “Oh God, please rub my clit… please… please…” you beg.

“Shhh,” I whisper in your ear. “Just relax and let it build slowly.”

“Ahhhh… please do it… I need it…”

“Trust me.”

With a frustrated moan, you reach down and begin to furiously stroke your clit. I grab your wrist and pull out of you. “Noooooo!” you cry.

“I warned you. I told you to do this my way but you wouldn’t listen. Now you have to pay the price.” I get out of bed and make my way over to my garment bag. I unzip it enough to where I can grab one of my ties and pull it out. Getting back in bed, I straddle your torso and tell you to give me your hands. You look at me with a hint of fear in your eyes. “Trust me. I won’t do anything to hurt you. I promise. Otherwise, we can stop if you don’t.” The sincerity in my voice and eyes war with the uncertainty in your head. Finally desire wins and you hold your hands up to me.

I take your hands and place them with your wrists together. I wind the tie around them a few times then thread the ends between the wraps and your wrists before tying the ends. Next, I take the cover sheet off of the bed and slide it between your restrained arms. Lifting your arms above your head, I loop the sheet around the headboard of the bed and knot the ends together. None of the bindings are that tight and you can easily free yourself with a little effort if you desire. I grab your hips and move them down the bed, stretching you out prone.

“Now, since you couldn’t play nice, you bahis siteleri now have no choice. Just for that, I’m going to drive you absolutely crazy before I finish making love to you.” I position myself between your legs and gently nudge them open. I then lean down and, taking my time like earlier, begin to eat you out.

Holding your legs open, I start by leaving light little kisses on your lips. You gasp and tense up, thinking I’m going for the kill right away. I chuckle and move my attention away from your pussy and to your left thigh, kissing my way around and down. I get to your knee and sit up. Lifting it up, I look into your eyes as I kiss and lick the underside of your leg and the back of your knee. You moan and writhe again. Now making my way down the rest of your leg, I get to your foot. I place a kiss directly on the top of the bridge and knead the sole in my hands. I lower you left foot, pick up the right one, and reverse the process, making my way back up to your pussy.

When I get there, I can smell just how horny you are. Your scent fills my nose and I can see your juices glistening as they flow from your by now dripping pussy. I push your legs a bit further apart and move in closer. I inhale deeply, relishing in the effect that I’m having on you. I reach out with the tip of my tongue and touch it against your flesh. Your back arches and your hips buck trying to get me to delve further into you. Spreading your lips open with my hands, I jab my tongue directly at your clit. You grunt and tremble as a result. “Ahhh-uhhhhnnn…”

I go back to gently probing and licking your pussy. God, I love to go down on a woman. I love savoring the scent and taste. The slick feel of her juices on my tongue and face. The softness of her pink flesh. The way that I can feel every twitch and tremor of her body. The way I can make her dance and writhe with just my tongue. How her thighs grip my head as her orgasm races through her. Completely at the mercy of something as simple as my tongue.

I take my time with you. Making little swirls and loops in your inner folds, lapping up every drop of you. Dipping into your entrance, I draw out even more. I flatten my tongue and make full-length strokes from bottom to top pressing against your clit each time I reach it. Then I go back to making flicks and jabs before I suck directly on it, each time making you cry out. Whenever I feel like you’re getting too excited, I take you up just a bit more before I bring you back down. A sheen of sweat is now covering your body from head to toe.

“Please….please! No more… Make me cum. I can’t…take it any…more. PLEASE! Make me cum make me cum make me cum…” you trail off incoherently.

I decide you’ve learned your lesson and give you what you want. I take the forefinger of my right hand and get it wet in my mouth. Placing it against your pussy, it slides right in. After a few strokes, I add a second. I wrap my lips around your over-stimulated clit and begin to suck directly on it. I squeeze it with my lips and flick the tip of my tongue across it. You can’t take it any more and scream as your orgasm powers through you. Your body goes rigid and starts to spasm. Your mouth works but no sound comes out. I release the pressure and you collapse limply finally able to get a breath, only for me to start sucking again. Another orgasm pulses through you. Then another. I have you on a plateau where even the slightest stimulation sets off another cum and I’m not letting you down. You try to pull away from me but I hook my hands under and around your hips to hold you in place. It’s only when you can’t do anything more than tremble and make weak sounds that I finally give you relief.

I sit up between your legs and push your knees to your chest. I kneel between them with my knees on either side of your ass. Pushing down on my cock, I take aim and ease into your pussy bahis şirketleri without resistance. Your head lolls back and a strangled cry escapes your throat. Instead of lying down in the standard missionary position, I stay sitting up. The pressure inside you is intense as I hit that sensitive spot deep inside of you and the end of each stroke. It also gives me free access to your clit. I press my thumb directly on it and rub as I grind in and out. Your so far gone, you can’t even struggle against your bonds any more so I decide to untie you.

Your arms and hands come free and you pull me down to you. Grabbing my head, you plant a weary kiss on my lips, tasting yourself, but even that takes too much energy to maintain. I slip my arms down and hook my elbows behind your knees. This rotates your hips upwards and changes the angle of my thrusts allowing me to go deeper. When you manage to mumble that you want even more, I shrug your legs up onto my shoulders. You finally find your voice and cry out again as I practically bottom out inside you.

Now it’s my turn to grunt as the pressure on my cock begins to build. I have to fight on each stroke to keep from exploding inside you and it’s rapidly becoming a losing battle. I can feel my load building up in my balls as they tighten up against my body. My thrusts become increasingly irregular until I can’t take it anymore and explode after one last plunge. I pull your hips tightly against mine as I fire off shot after shot of cum deep inside you. I roar as my body convulses and my cock throbs against your walls. This sets off one final wave of pleasure in you too in response. We finally collapse against each other completely spent. I’m the first to recover. I brush the sweaty strands of hair from your face and smile. You breathlessly smile back.

“How would you like a nice hot bath to recover?” Your eyes drift close and the smile spreads. I stand up weakly and make my way to the bathroom. I turn on the water nice and hot and put the plug in the tub. I come back out to the bed and you’re curled up on your side looking at me, an expression of contentment on your face. I reach down and scoop you from the bed and carry your exhausted body to the waiting bath and lower you into the relaxing water.

I take a washcloth and bar of soap and work up a nice lather. Starting with your neck, I begin to wash and massage you lovingly. I make my way down your shoulders and back. I work some of the feeling back into them lost from being restrained. I work down your arms caressing and kneading as I go. I run it lightly over your chest and breasts, trying not to overtly stimulate them then I move onto your legs. Next, I wet your hair as you soak, allowing the heat of the water to seep into your body and ease your muscles. I reach over and get my shampoo and put some in my hand. “Sorry it’s not what you normally use,” I apologize.”

“Don’t worry about it,” you reply.

I rub my hands together and then begin to work the shampoo into your scalp. I use my finger nails to lightly scratch and fingertips to knead. Just about the time I have the soap worked throughout your hair, you start to doze slightly.

“Before you fall completely asleep let’s get you out of the tuba and back into bed.”

I rinse the shampoo from your hair and stand you up. I take one of the towels and begin to dry your body from top to bottom and wrap it around you. Taking a second towel, I use it to dry your hair. I then lead you back to the bed and gently lay you down. After I cover you up, I tell you, “I have to go back to the show. Stay as long as you want to. If you’re hungry after you wake up, order something and charge it to the room. It’s on the company expense account so go crazy. I’ll talk to you later and hopefully see you, too.” With that, I place a kiss on your forehead just as your eyelids close for the last time.

I head off to the shower to get myself cleaned up. I get done and dig out clothes from my garment bag and get dressed. On my way out the door, I pause by the bed and give one final look before I step out and head off to the Expo…

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