For Old Times Sake


Looking around the cold blue tile of Denver International Airport she checked her watch. His flight was supposed to get in ten minutes ago and she could barely wait for him to walk back into her life. It had only been a week since they had broken up. It had only been six days since the last time he had been deliciously inside of her. She was wild with anticipation of what was going to happen this week. She was wild with desire after having thought about him every night since leaving.

Break up or no break up there was no way they could resist each other. She had picked out her outfit very carefully, following his request to wear a ‘short skirt’ for that ‘oh so easy’ access. Paired with a pink school girl skirt was a lacy black tank top, black Victoria’s Secret lace bra and open toed black and white heels. He had always had a thing for school girls so she knew there would be no way he would be able to keep his hands off of her.

And there he was. He took one look at her and she saw his face break out into a smile. He took her face into his hands and kissed her passionately and then led her to pick up his baggage. Holding her close the entire time. As they waited outside for the bus to head back to town he started stroking her leg, and scratching at the back of her neck, just like she liked it. She couldn’t help but start feeling that familiar tingle. She couldn’t help but let her hand travel towards his crotch. She licked her lips in anticipation as she imagined being home and taking his cock into her mouth. Instead she just rubbed it teasingly, looking up at him and smiling.

‘You bahis firmaları evil girl.’ He said with his sarcastic British accent.

‘Always.’ She answered with a mischievous grin.

With that he let his hand slip under her skirt and came in contact with her slippery bare cunt realizing that she had left the panties at home for him. As he touched her, she let out a deep, guttural moan in anticipation. That was when they knew they had to stop or they would be arrested for doing dark deeds in public. Not that they hadn’t done that before. But it was much too easy to get caught on a public bus. He teasingly touched her one last time as they saw the bus pull up.

As soon as they hit the inside of her apartment he picked her up and began furiously kissing her as he carried her to the bedroom. When they got there he gently put her down, only to have her push him onto the bed and climb on top of him. She ripped his shirt off and began tracing her tongue down, around his nipples as she undid his belt and pants with one hand. She held him in place with her hips as she slowly took off her black tank-top and he saw her black lace bra and pert, supple breasts. He reached around and with a very funny, so fumbling it was sexy move he undid the claps and released her 36C tits into his hands. She let him lean forward with his mouth and take her nipples in, slowly circling them with his tongue, and teasing her until she couldn’t take it anymore. With that she got off of him and pulled down his pants, beholding his gorgeous 7-inch cock. She looked up at him, making sure he saw the expression kaçak iddaa in her face as she leaned down and slowly licked the tip of his cock before enveloping it completely into her mouth. She starts sliding it in and out of her mouth never forgetting to lick the tip and is getting so turned on by the moans that he makes that she moves her head up and down faster. He moans that he is about to cum so she pulls her head back and cups his balls as he explodes all over her face and breasts. Squirt after squirt drips down all over her lips as she swallows it all.

He looks at her with such lust that she knows she’s about to get exactly what she wants. He turns her onto her back and kisses her, slowly stroking her body, tracing his fingers around her nipples. He starts to kiss down her body, paying attention to all of the spots he knows she loves, the spot where her neck meets her body, the sensitive nipples, and slowly stops as he gets to the pink schoolgirl skirt. Lifting it up he can tell how turned on she is by the dripping wetness that is coming from her bare cunt. He slowly lets one finger work it’s way over her clit and inside of her. Then another. Then he slips three fingers in and starts fucking her as he nibbles on her clit making he squirm and moan the way she always does for him.

‘Ung. Fuck me, Adam. Fuck my hot, sopping cunt with your fingers. Fuck me so hard.’

She had always had a thing for talking dirty, he couldn’t do anything but oblige and make her moan even louder. Thankfully they were in private so he could finally let her moan as much as she wanted. He didn’t kaçak bahis have to worry about fucking her on that field at camp and worry about waking up their supervisors. Though it had been hot to fuck her outside under the stars. Thinking back on those times, and hearing her begging him to fuck her, his 7 inch cock grew hard again and he knew that it was time to give it to her. He’d gone a week without her deliciously tight cunt. That tight cunt that had never been fucked by anyone but him. He looked at her and she stared right back.

“Yes. Fuck me, put all of your 7-inches inside of me and fuck me hard,’ she commanded.

With that she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back as he entered her. She loved feeling his big, thick cock inside of her. But he stopped. He let it rest with just the tip and teased her mercilessly. Holding her body down as she tried to push up. Until she screamed at him to enter her. She couldn’t take it anymore- and he gave it to her. Pushing in hard, and burying himself to the hilt. She moaned so hard it was a miracle the neighbors didn’t hear. As he started fucking her rough and hard. With ever thrust she moaned and screamed. She was so into it that watching her biting her lip and moan as he fucked her was more than he could stand. She looked up at him and knew that he was so close. He moaned and so she told him to fuck her so hard, she wanted him to cum. She watched his face as she began to cum herself, so hard that her entire body began to shake, which was just to much for him to take. With one final thrust he gave her another shockwave of orgasm and shot his cum deep inside of her, and fell onto her exhausted and glowing with the feeling of pleasure which filled both of their entire body.

This was going to be a very tiring, and very pleasurable week.

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