Forbidden Heat Pt. 03: Aftermath


Edward arrived shortly after and the brothers greeted each other warmly.

“Natalia should be up in her room. I told her you were coming over to chat about her internship roles…Please help support her,” Lucien explained to his brother while patting him on the back.

“Your girl has grown up into a fine young lady now huh? She’s about to graduate from university and start working already … I wonder if she has a boyfriend?” Edward teased Lucien with a chuckle in his voice.

Lucien knew that Edward was still single and even after fooling around with multiple women he dated on-and-off, he has still not settled down. Well, nothing wrong with that I guess, Lucien thought to himself.

“You should go up to see Natalia before it gets later than it already is…see you at our next meeting when you come to headquarters,” Lucien nodded to his brother and went up to his room.

I had a shower to clear my head and washed my hair using my favorite shampoo. Lucien picked out this scent for me when we went shopping together a few years back and I’ve been using it ever since. Smelling this makes me think of him and makes me want him…

“Ah…Lucien…Ah….Lu…Lucien…,” I moaned as I closed my eyes and imagined him embracing my body, touching my breasts, pinching my nipples, stroking my wet secret spot between my legs.

I tossed my towel aside and laid naked on my bed squeezing my left nipple while my right hand drew circular patterns around my hard clitoris. I was already sopping wet down there and getting even hotter and wetter as I imagined my stepfather having his way with me. I’ve masturbated countless times while yearning for Lucien and each time I came harder and harder. I suspect this time would be even more intense because I have just witnessed Lucien satisfying his desires with another woman. I’ve seen in real life the face and sounds he makes when he is rutting with desire.

I spread my legs wide apart and rammed my fingers into my tight pussy hole as I visualize his big, hot and slick dick giving me pleasure. I moaned out loud continuously as I pumped my fingers inside faster while my pussy made wet slurping noises. My pussy clenched hard around my fingers as I neared my climax. I couldn’t take it anymore and rolled onto my stomach and pumped my hips up and down as I rode my own fingers…

“Lucien! Fuck me harder….Lucien…I’m gonna…I’m cumming! Lucien…Lu…Lucien!! Ah!!”

Little did I know at the time that this act for my temporary pleasure would end up exposing my dirty little secret…

At that same moment, Edward was standing on the other side of Natalia’s bedroom door. Although it was not intentional, he overheard her lustful moans through the door followed eryaman bayan escort clearly by his older brother’s name: Lucien. Oh Natalia, you have grown up to be so naughty…perhaps I should be the one to teach you…, Edward smirked while thinking to himself. After waiting for her orgasmic moans to quiet down, he knocked lightly on her door. “Natalia. This is Edward…I’m coming in…” Without waiting for her reply, he pushed opened the door.

The moment I heard Edward’s voice, I snapped out of my fantasy and quickly wrapped my towel around my naked body just in time as the door swung open and my uncle strode confidently inside. Edward is my father’s younger brother and heads all the laboratories owned by our family’s company. Although I admit that being able to lead the business at just the age of 33 is very impressive of him, I have never warmed towards him. His presence always intimidates me and he seems to have a talent of putting me in uncomfortable positions including now: I am naked with nothing but a towel wrapped around me and he is now sitting next to me on my bed. Apart from his outer appearance that is similar to Lucien that he could be his younger clone; there is nothing similar between these two brothers.

“I’m happy you decided to intern with me at the lab. I’ll try my best to make the experience a pleasant learning experience for you, Natalia,” Edward said with a sweet smile on his lips as he patted my bare shoulder. He then went on to describe my role at the lab which included helping him supervise some research projects and acting as his personal secretary. As time went by, I became increasingly conscious of my lack of clothing and his closeness…

“Well, that’s it. It’s getting late…I should head back now. You can always call me if you have any questions. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you well since your father has entrusted you to me,” he whispered one last time in my ears then stood up from the bed.

I thanked him with the best smile that I could muster and he was out the door. Phew! I somehow survived that one. Working with Edward will be an eye-opening learning experience for me…right?

—Back to the present day—

Barely one week after I started my internship with Edward, we did that…in his office! My thoughts are now back to the present as I concentrate on maintaining my balance while making my way to Edward’s car so that he can drive me home. With every step I could feel an aching pain between my legs and the wetness of the seed he planted seeping out to wet my panties and slide down my inner thighs. No…I need to quickly get back and clean myself up.

Finally, the moment I dreaded has arrived. I am now standing in front of Edward’s luxurious Bentley car escort etimesgut door. I can do this…no one must find out about what happened today…especially not Lucien. I sucked in a deep breath, opened the car door and sat down on the red leather passenger seat next to my uncle.

The moment I sat down and closed the door, Edward leaned over to steal my lips. He slowly eased his tongue into my mouth as if to claim me as his hand squeezed my right breast firmly. I turned my head away to escape his kiss and tried to remove his hand from my breast.

“Stop! Please…no more!” I protested loudly.

“Your body is so sensitive, should we go for another round in my car, my dear niece?” Edward whispered in a seductive tone into my ear making my body shiver then he slipped his hand under my skirt pulling the crotch of my underwear aside to directly caress my wet entry. My body bucked under his hand as my pussy was still sensitive from our earlier affair and a short moan escaped my lips.

“Don’t touch me!…mmhhh ahh.” My protest was halted by his wet fingers entering my mouth giving me a taste of our mixed love juices. It tasted wildly sweet and smelt very strong of our sex. He removed his fingers while chuckling to himself and brought his fingers to his own lips.

“Our bodies are very compatible. Don’t you think, Natalia? I wonder what kind of face Lucien will make if he knows I made you cum so hard twice today?…or that you want to fuck him so much you even yelled out his name while masturbating?” he asked looking deep into my eyes with his face mere inches from my own. I felt like a slightly younger Lucien was asking me that question himself…

“How did you know? No…Please, you can’t tell him,” I pleaded as tears stung my eyes. Anything but that! I love Lucien and even if we are not meant to be, I don’t want him to view me as a disgusting slut. I don’t want him to find out about my perverted lust towards him or that his little brother fucked me…

“Walls have eyes and doors have ears, Natalia…I won’t say anything as long as you continue to entertain me. Although I wished we could go for another round right now, I think your father is expecting you,” Edward said while faking a huge sigh of regret as he started to drive me home.

I’m back home. Finally. The ride with Edward was fortunately uneventful. Upon entering the house, my maids were there to greet me and inform me that father was waiting in the dining room. “Please let him know that I will be down shortly…after I have changed,” I instructed the maids and quickly headed straight for my bedroom.

The hot water of the shower on my skin felt so good. I scrubbed my body at an attempt to get rid of that man’s touch elvankent escort and smell on my skin. I spread my legs a bit and position the shower head between my legs. I moaned a bit as the warm water hit my still-swollen clit. I stroked my pussy opening with my fingers to clean away Edward’s sticky cum and felt a slight discomforting pain remind me of his big potent member. He shot so much of his load inside me…should I take the pill?

I pushed thoughts of Edward from my mind as I felt my eyes starting to sting with tears and hurriedly got dress to have dinner with my father. Lucien gave me a warm smile as I sat down opposite him. His smile warms my heart and I gaze into his beautiful green eyes.

“Finally, it’s Friday. How was your first week with Edward? Did you find his work interesting?”

“…Yes. I am still unsure if I like to work at the laboratories but…so far things are going…well.” I couldn’t go on. I didn’t want to talk about Edward. Full stop.

“Has Edward been treating you well? He can be a little…assertive sometimes, but you can rest assured he is the best in his field. I’m sure you can learn many valuable lessons by staying by his side,” Lucien went on to further compliment his brother while continuing to eat. “Are you feeling sick? You look quite tired today…maybe you should go to bed early today?” Lucien had walked over to my side and placed his hand against my forehead while peering at my face with concern. His touch was so gentle as always.

“I’m fine…you don’t need to be worried,” I replied in a meek voice as I was lost in the depths of Lucien’s emerald green eyes.

“I see. Before I forget, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be going on a cruise trip with Angela next weekend. I think it would be nice for you girls to bond together more and we can all get some sun. I hope you can make it,” Lucien explained flatly.

Oh right…on top of all this mess, there’s that woman: Angela. Lucien’s fiancé, who last I saw was riding wilding on his cock…

“Yes! Of course, I’ll be there! I can’t wait to go on a cruise with you. It’s been a long while since we’ve been on a getaway together after all,” I replied with fake enthusiasm. Although this time it won’t be just us alone on the trip, I added to myself in my mind. The conversation is clearly not headed in the direction that I want it to and I felt like getting away to clear my head…Oh that’s right…Zak.

“I actually just remembered that I made plans to have a movie night with Zak at his house. I should be on my way, I don’t want him to wait for long. See you Lucien!” I said and mustering my courage I gave Lucien a kiss on his cheek, an act that I have not done for many years since I became aware of my feelings towards him. I turned and walked out from our mansion towards the mansion next door.

Lucien watched her walk away with a worried expression on his face. I guess she is still attached to that childhood friend of hers after all this time huh?

–To be continued…

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