Forbidden Sex Ch. 02


Continuation of Forbidden Sex — We crossed the line

For those of you that did not read part one, here’s the short version. I am a sub who met my domme on EP. The rules we set as we began our relationship were simple, we would never meet. Things went down hill fast once I learned that my Domme lived less than 30 minutes away from my vacation home. These stories are my attempt to put that single meeting (which lasted … for a while) into words.

Waking it was clear we both needed a shower. It’s one thing to get down and dirty in the heat of the moment, but waking up several hours later covered in (well, you know), it was time to hit the shower. And you had one awesome shower, very large with double shower heads, one on each side. I never actually appreciated a two head shower until you and I were in there together. It’s actually very cool as we can both stay under the warmth of the water spray while “being with” the other. A brief forty minute shower later ….

and opening the shower door I was shocked at the amount of steam that had filled your bathroom. I couldn’t even see far enough to find the towel that I knew was on the rack. After resorting to feeling along the wall, mission accomplished!

As the final water drained away and you were wrapping your hair in one towel, I could’t help but notice how awesome you smelled. The scent of your freshly istanbul escort showered body was intoxicating and I found myself taking long deep breathes in hopes of savor this moment. You step from the shower into my arms as I gently rest my head against yours, kissing your neck and nibbling on your earlobes as I held your body tightly against mine. The water from your body tastes soooo sweet as I start slowly licking you dry inch by inch. You try and say something … “R**h, we should …. but I “sssshush” you. I’m not ready for this moment to end ***** my dear. You feel heavenly and I’m not ready to let this moment end a second before I absolutely must.

After finally having my arms pried from you body, we succesful make it to your bed. A warm light breeze from an open window begins to dry our still wet bodies. Although it’s mid December, the weather in SW Florida is a beautiful 84 degrees which makes the breeze a welcomed addition. We can hear the birds chirping and the sound of a lawn mower in the distance. It’s mid afternoon and most are still at work.

You lay down on your back leaving just your feet hanging over the side. I smile. You close your eyes as your arms come to rest above your head. You know what I want and are happy to oblige. Running my hands from your waist down your incredibly smooth avcılar escort and tone legs and then to your feet brings a smile to your face. You are happy, and that is what I care most about.

I’ve always fantasized about making love to your feet and we have chatted about it several times over the months. You had always told me that if we ever met you would allow me my fantasy. We of course never planned to meet, so I wasn’t sure what your reaction would be if I tried. Today I would learn. There you lay, hands over your head, eyes closed, wearing nothing but a smile. We both knew what was coming next. I was so excited and nervous at the same time.

Lowering myself to the floor I begin massaging your feet. Your nail polish bright red, no doubt chosen for me as you know I love the color. Kissing and licking your soles with all the love I feel for you. Taking each toe into my mouth and swirl my tongue around all sides. You taste delicious and I find myself sucking a bit too hard for which I receive a quick flick of your toe and a “hey, easy boy those are mine”. Smiling inside, I continue my attention as I know I am pleasing you. I make love to your feet with a passion normally reserved for dreams. I am pleasing you, and that pleases me.

Before long I can sense you are becoming aroused as you spread your legs ever so slightly, şirinevler escort and then a bit more. I start to smell the sweetness of your building excitement as I breathe deeply trying to capture your scent. Your hand slides to your sweetness and you begin rubbing yourself ever so slightly. I instantly get hard seeing you. I can’t believe what I am seeing, watching you play with yourself as I make love to your feet. You’re breathing continues to increase, your muscles becoming more tense, your rubbing yourself harder now, I can tell you will not last long.

Within minutes you are working your fingers quickly in and out of your wet pussy and I can’t help but to watch you. I’ve never seen you pleasure yourself before. I feel like I should help but can’t seem to move. I’m frozen in place, memorized by what I’m watching. It’s so beautiful, so sexy, so fucking hot, all rolled together in one moment, one experience.

Within moments you cum with a force that nearly lifts your body off the bed, almost in slow motion, and then fall limp. We say nothing as I lay down next to you and give you a kiss. You smile back at me and close your eyes. I stare in silence at your face, thinking how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have met you.

After few minutes of rest you open your eyes and turn to me … your turn boy. I look at you somewhat perplexed … what do you mean? You respond by telling me how much you loved that I watched you pleasure yourself and that you want the same opportunity. That you want to watch me pleasure myself. I of course don’t complain and move to the floor. Sitting with my back leaning against the bed I ask you to sit in front of me. You do and I masturbate for you…

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