FORBIDDENI was just 13 when my father died. That left my stupid little sister and me for mom to take of. We were devastated over his death for a long time. Living in the mid-west, the winters can be bad. Mom did her best to run dad’s small farm. One winter day I was 18 & on a Friday after school it started snowing. By dusk it was really getting deep. By night it was above knee deep. Mom & I feed, watered the livestock cleaned corrals. Grandpa came by with his plow and moved driveway and barn snow.He came in the house and asked mom, “Julie do you need me to take the k**s home with me. She replied, Yeah dad it would be nice” No, mom I’ll stay, I have feed in the morning. Grandpa, you can take Judy” Ok Mark, Come Judy. Will you guys be ok? He asked. Yes Dad we’ll b fine “Dad be careful going home. Call when you get home””Mom the snow, it’s coming down heavy now” I said. It will be fine Mark. About an hour the lights went out. No lights and no heat. It didn’t take long for the house to get cold. “Mark you better sleep down here. Your bedroom is too cold upstairs for you” Oh mom, but where. Judy’s room is too girlish. I’m not sleeping in there. She said. One night is not going to hurt” Ok, but I won’t like it. Next morning it was brass monkey cold. Mom got out dads camp stove heater. It helped ah little. I dressed in my winters went out to feed. The snow had drifted over the barn door. I got the tractor started it; while it was warming up I went back to shoveling out the tractor tires. I made ah path to the barn, to the house & the LP tank. I feed & watered. I was cold & wet.I feed the dogs on my way back to the house. Mom said, “Mark get out of clothes” The bathroom was just as cold. I got my wet clothes off and got dry ones. I went back down stairs. Mom said, “You better get dressed before you freeze off that Tally Whacker” Oh Mom! Mom had ah flimsy nightgown & bathrobe. Her bathrobe was loosely tied, she was nipping, “Mom, you talk about me freezing. Look at those” She looked down at herself, Oh sorry son. She covered up. “Sorry Mark” She finished breakfast.We ate breakfast. She went about her day as I did. It was still snowing lightly, but looking better. I got out the tractor and worked all day moving snow. Mom came out & said Mark, son, its time to come in. I waved at her, Just ah minute mom. I went back in. Mom I’m gonna take a quick shower. “Mark, it will have to be a quick shower. No hot water. You better use my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shower” Ok I showered quickly. I came back down and told mom I was going to bed. “Ok Son” I went to my room, damn it was cold in there. Mom my room and Judy’s is too cold. Mom replied “Get in my bed” Mom! She said it’s ok son” Oh Ok. It didn’t take long to fall asleep. During the night I awoke. Mom was next to me.My mind began to wonder. Her back was facing me. I peeked under the covers, Damn she was naked. Instant Woody. I’m a 15-year-old male. My male hormones are raging anyway. I moved closer to her and laid my hand on her butt cheeks. She didn’t move. (Should I get braver i asked myself) I lay quiet slowly beating off. I moved and laid my hand over her waist. Again she didn’t move. (She was still sleeping) Moving right up against her warm body. She didn’t move. I touched her stomach; she rolled to her back as her arm fell to her side. (Her hand was just inches away from my hard dick) her titties were not like a woman of 44. They stood out straight. No sag in those breasts. The areola are about the size of a 1/2 dollar & nipples like AA batteries.Very slowly I picked up her wrist laying her hand on my balls. she still didn’t move but her light snores stopped. She was still making small spit bubbles. (A good sign) I lay there thinking how to get her to jerk me off. Suddenly her fingers closed around my woody. Even though she was still making her sleeping sounds and slowly she began to move her warm hand over my stiff dick. I gently moved her hand up and down my boyish hard-on. Mom’s hand began to take over. I pretended to be asleep. I felt her other hand move under the sheets and she moaned quietly, her breathing was getting labored.She wasn’t asleep any more. Her hand that was on my dick was in rhythm with her other one fingering herself. My lower body had a mind of it’s own, my hips wouldn’t remain still. My hips began to move involuntarily. They moved up when her hand was coming down on my cock. (Gawd that felt so good) Her hands started to increase her strokes as I lay there trying not to make ah sound a grown slipped out. “Oh Shit!”“Mark are you awake” I said nothing. Mark, son are you asleep?” Still nothing. Her head went under the covers. I jerked when I felt her wet lips surround my dick. I heard her say, “My, my Mark this is just like your daddy’s love muscle. She licked me from the base to perabet güvenilir mi the tip on the helmet. I couldn’t imagine her giving dad ah blowjob. It blew me away. She was good at it too. Not that I had any to compare with. She sucked ah while and then jacked me off ah while.I had jacked off enough to know that I was about to bust ah nut. My stomach tightened and I felt my wad on its way. Mom had sensed my eruption by licking the tip of my dick while she was beating me off. Her other hand was busy with her fingers. I couldn’t help it. I arched my back, she was breathing as heavy as I was. “Gawd” I released, spurt after spurt of my young seed went in her mouth. Mom milked my cock to a void. “Mark, MARK! I know you’re awake! There is know one that could sleep thru that” She threw the covers back and got on top of me. Mark. Fuck me like your father did. FUCK ME! She mounted me. My cock slipped between her labia and found it’s way into her warm pussy. “I need to cum baby” she said. It’s been so long”“Mom! What are you doing” We’ll talk later, but for now. “FUCK ME MARK MAKE MY HORNY PUSSY CUM BABY!” She rose up ah little to allow me to get right under her. She came down on me and stayed there wiggling her ass side to side. “Oh Mark that feels so good. Give your mamma a good fucking ride” We were soon in rhythm fucking to beat the band. She reached down to play with her clit as I was pounding the warmth of her insides.She kept telling me “Harder, Faster, Deep, Faster” I did my best to please her. “Oh Mark, that is so good. You are doing fine. Oh Yeah right there. Don’t stop baby. Yeah right there, Oh My Gawd, Oh Yeah right there. Baby. She came down to kiss me while hips were still bouncing on my dick. She rolled me over. I was on top, she said, put your elbows under my knees and come up close. Oh YEAH MARK Yeah right there. Now pound mamma’s pussy!” Now move my legs above your shoulders” Mom yelled about the same second I did. “Mark Baby I’m going to cum for the first time in four years. Make it GOOOOD MARK FFFFUCCKKK ME. I increased speed ramming my dick in that warm wet pussy. MOMMMM, FUCK ME OH DANM!She dropped her legs, Oh baby I needed that! Mark, the only thing I’ve had in my pussy is a toy for three years. We laid there in together cooing and petting. Mom was still breathing heavily. We drifted off to sleep with my dick still deep in her pussy. I awoke to an empty bed. I put on a robe tipobet as I was walking down stairs. I found mom sitting at the table crying. “Mom, Mom! what’s wrong? You know what’s wrong. I fucked my own son! I was wrong in telling you to sleep in my room, I knew what would happen. I sat next her, “Mom you said yourself, you play with toys instead of replacing dad. I admire that. Last night you were in need of love, something you haven’t had since dad died. Mom I love you! In a totally different way too!” She started laughing.Mark, we can’t let this get out of the house and Judy mustn’t know about this. Suddenly the lights came back on. Mom walked over and shut them off. “I kind of like it this way. “Yes Mam” I said. She came up to me kissing me hard. Me kiss was returned. She reached and opened my robe. She said, “We can’t let this out though” She rubbed my balls. I began to stiffen. I reached her moisture-covered pussy & I inserted my fingers in her wetness. She moaned lightly. She started jacking me off while I was fingering her womanhood. She bucked against my hand. “Oh Mark, Take me, Take me place’s I’ve haven’t known in so long”I moved over to the kitchen table, lay her down. She opened her legs. The first time I’d seen her buff in the daylight. She even has a tattoo of cupids with his arrow pointing to dad’s name just above her clit. “Mom, what’s this?” She said, Oh I got that after daddy’s death. He & I were so close, I didn’t want to be apart from him, even then” That’s cute. I said. She guided my dick to her love nest. She separated her labia. “Fuck Me Mark, Screw Me Again” I pushed forward as her hips rose from the table, “Oh Baby Yeah. Make My Pussy Scream For More” Thrusting in deep, my dick touching her cervix with each thrust. I pounded her box fast. My balls tightened & I told her I was Cumming.”Oh Yeah CUM INSIDE ME. HARDER BABY” our orgasm came together. She was huffin’ & puffin’ like I was. “Mark, Give it me, GIVE IT TO ME, RIGHT THERE. She reached her clit pinching it as we came together. As she came down from her orgasm, we cleaned up &the phone rang when I went out to move more snow.’Hell-o’ mom said. “Oh Hi dad, you ok. They talked a while and she hung up. “Grandpa is on his way Mark. She smiled and gently kissed my cheek. Grandpa & Judy came in about 20 minutes later. I came back in when they came in. “You two ok” he asked. Mom replied, “It couldn’t be better” She kissed his cheek. Judy said, “Mom, You look different somehow, are you ok” She answered, Yes sweetie, I am just fine.Her & I had encounters after that from time to time. Her & I have a kept secret between us. A few months later mom had met someone that she fell in love with. The love between us stopped, Wink WINK…

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