Forced in a Courtyard


I was walking home from the Peacock, where I had been watching the hot college girls dancing the night away, rubbing their asses and pussies up against their boyfriends, or any person that would dance with them. Needless to say, none of that action came my way, and I was very horny. Since I am bi sexual, I was at the point where I would have settled for a 10-inch cock up my ass.

I had reached my apartment complex and was walking through the parking lot, when I heard a noise that came from between a couple of the buildings. The area that it was coming from was closed off at one end and there was a privacy fence at the other with a gate. The sound that I heard had come from that area, so I thought I’d investigate. I sensed that someone was behind me but when I looked around, I didn’t see anyone, so I continued toward the gate in the fence. I slowly stuck my head into the courtyard, there were three or four apartments that share it, and two of them were empty. I heard the sound again this time closer, at the same time someone came up behind me and shoved me causing me to stumble into the courtyard.

Before I had time to recover and get up there were two guys on me trying to restrain me. One guy was white, 6′, 175lbs, deep tan, wearing denim cutoffs, and the other man was black, 6’5″, 215 lbs, wearing biker shorts, that showed his bulging crotch. Both men were athletic built, but the black guy was nothing but muscle, not just his arms, abs, and legs, but the love muscle between his legs must have be 9inches long, and that was with his pants still on. They told me if I didn’t be quiet and still they would smash my face, it took one slap to the face to get my cooperation. When I settled down the black guy told me his name was Ray, and his buddy was Tom.

They unfastened my jeans, pulling them and my boots off. They lead me over to a padded sawhorse, and cuffed my legs to the sawhorse legs, then took the cuffs off my wrist, pulling my shirt off. After taking my clothes off, they put a ball gag in my mouth fastened it behind my head, then they brought out a leather harness with D shaped rings, and chains. The harness had straps that ran between my legs, and when pulled tight and secured, spread my ass cheeks, exposing my puckered ass hole. They attached a cock and ball strap to my package, which included a very erect cock.

Ray looked at me, and said, “Damn, I think this guy is actually enjoying this.” Then he directs his statement to me, “You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” I nodded my head that I was.

He laughs, and then he bends me over the sawhorse and fastens the harness to the sawhorse keeping me in a position where my ass was exposed and my mouth was accessible. Both men strip, and then I hear them talking, and two more men come out of one of the apartments, both of them were naked. Each man walked in front of me displaying their manhood one by one, each slapping my face with their cock. Ray was the first; his cock was monstrous, at least 12 hard inches of HARD BLACK THICK COCK, MMMMM. Then Tom proceeded by, he was about 10inches, and average thickness. The two new guys were Roy, and Carlos, one Latino, who was a good 11 inches long, and thick, and Roy, a white guy, also 11 inches and average.

They removed the gag from my mouth, but replaced it casino şirketleri with an O gag, for the hell of it. They all walked around me as if I was a head of cattle on the auction block. I felt two of them probing my ass with their fingers, while the other two worked a long, thick glass dildo up my ass. They then slid a device over my erect cock, that when pulled on from the end to form a tight grip on my cock, from that there was a harness that went between my legs that formed two loops. I had no idea what I was in for, only time would tell.

They fucked my ass for about five to ten minutes with the glass dildo, I was restrained in a way I couldn’t move if I wanted to. While the dildo was still in my ass, Tom removed the O gag in my mouth, forces his 10-inch cock between my lips, and told me to start sucking. I reluctantly complied, massaging his cock with my tongue as I sucked, taking his cock as deep as I could. He applies pressure to my throat, and forces me to swallow and ignore my gag reflex, as his cock head slides past my throat. He pulls out and starts face fucking me, as the other guys are watching.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see another guy, making it five, come out of the apartment. I recognized him, for I had sucked his cock, and been fucked by him more that once, his name was Joe. I had also told him that I wanted to be tied down, fucked, and forced to suck cock. He came over, and leaned down to my ear; hope you like your surprise. With that, he removed the dildo in my ass and replaced it with his 7.5-inch cock. He started fucking my ass slow and easy, while Tom was face fucking me. Joe stopped and steps into the straps that ran between my legs to my cock. He thrust in as deep as he could go and readjusted the strap. I realized what the purpose the device served. When he pulled out it pulled my cock back between my legs.

He started fucking in and out of my tight fat ass, while I sucked on Tom’s big cock that was being thrust in and out of my mouth. Joe picked up speed, and Tom slowed letting the force of Joe’s thrust push my mouth further up on his cock. I hear them both moan as they reached their peak. Tom grabbed my head and started pumping again, thrusting his cock as deep as he could go, I felt him empty is load of cum deep in my mouth; I began swallowing as fast as I could. I was humping on Joe’s cock when I felt his cock throbbing in my ass, and felt his man juice shoot deep in my bowels. They both leaned over me to catch their breath, and then took turns slapping my ass.

Roy and Carlos took place of Tom, and Joe. Since Joe had lubed my ass with his cum, Carlos didn’t bother with using any more. He positions his cock at my back door and starts pushing forward, I gasped as he penetrates me with his THICK 11 inch cock, the pain was excruciating. He thrust his cock in slowing, but it was still painful. My mouth opened in an involuntary reaction, and Roy took the opportunity to shove his hard 11-inch cock in my mouth as far as he could. He grabs my head, forces it past my gag reflex, and orders me to suck it, which I do. Meanwhile Carlos had stepped into the strap and adjusted it. My cock felt like it was being stretched when he pulled out. He started thrusting in and out with slow, but forceful strokes. The pain in my ass was beginning casino firmaları to subside, and I could feel my cock getting harder as pleasure of his big hard LATINO cock thrust in and out.

I was sucking Roy as hard as I could, when Ray came over and slapped my face with his BIG BLACK 12 INCHE COCK. He whispers, “I love fat white ass. I’m going to shove you up against the fence and shove my cock up your ass while you are standing, fat boy. Then after I’ve fucked you that way, you’re going to ride it. You’re going to squeal like a pig, and beg for more.”

I moan thinking about that big black cock. I suck Roy even harder and faster. I begin humping my ass as much as I can, working it to bring Carlos off faster. Wanting that BIG HARD COCK of Ray’s filling my ass, knowing that it was going to hurt, but not as much since Carlos has me loosened up. Roy grabs my head and starts thrusting in and out. He slams his cock down my throat as he holds my head in place as his cock explodes spewing out globs of thick man cream down my throat. Just as his throbbing cock subsided, Carlos grabs my waist and starts pounding me fast and hard, thrusting deep holding my ass in place as his throbbing 11-inch cock, unloads more man juice up my ass. I can feel the hot cum in my bowels, and knew there was more to cum.

Roy slowly pulls his cock out of my mouth, as Carlos strokes a few more times emptying his load completely in my ass.

Ray comes over and whispers, “Ok fat boy, it’s my turn.” I feel Carlos pulling out of my ass and hear a sucking sound as he clears. I feel cum running down my ass and legs.

Ray unfastens my restrain ants and pulls me off the sawhorse, but my hands were cuffed behind me. He forces me to my knees and gives me a bird’s eye view of his cock. It was a full 12-inch long, if not longer with an upward curve. He forces his cock between my reluctant lips; he was so thick my lips felt as though they were being stretched. He strokes a few times getting the head of his cock nice and slick. He pulls me to my feet and turns me around and up against the nearby fence. He puts something over my head, which I realize was a ball gag, and fits it into my mouth, and then he squats slightly getting his cock lined up with my rectum. I feel the large head of his cock probing at my ass. He spreads my legs a little, and then my ass checks. He applies more pressure to the head of his cock, as it slides past my sphincter muscle, I scream past the gag in my mouth as the pain is almost unbearable to the extent I almost pass out. He buries the full length of his cock up my ass, and then pulls out all the way. The pain still very intense, but he goes slow for the first half dozen strokes allowing my ass to get accustomed to his BIG BLACK, THICK HARD COCK. The pain slowly dissipates and is replaced by pleasure; each thrust caused my cock to throb, and forced precum out.

He starts thrusting forcing his cock as deep as it would go, pushing me up against the fence which each powerful thrust, causing me to moan from the combination of pain and pleasure. He removes the gag, and laughs when he hears me let out a constant moan. He reaches around and grabs my man tits and squeezes them, and pinches my nipples I was helpless to do anything except to stand there and let him have his güvenilir casino way, and enjoy it. He increases his speed my ass coming down to meet his thrust.

Meanwhile the other guys were all watching and jacking off to the sight they were seeing. Even one of them wanted to get sucked again by me, but they would have to wait until Ray had me riding his cock later.

Ray’s thrust and strokes were getting faster and more intense, I felt every inch of his THICK BLACK COCK, and felt the entire length of it throbbing, as he thrust and stroked the entire length of his cock in and out of my ass. He kept this up for twenty to thirty minutes; he grabbed my waist and thrust in holding my ass against his groin, as his cock unloaded volley after volley of cum up my ass. It felt like he was trying to shot it out my mouth from power behind each volley. He is now standing up fully and his cock still firming in my ass, and still hard.

He pulls me away from the fence and walks me over to a blanket, with his cock still inside me. He tells me to kneel in front of him, as I started kneeling so did he, keeping his tool in me. He lies down under me as I’m kneeling, bringing me down on top of him with his massive cock still inside. I moan from pleasure, and start raising and lowering myself up and down his BIG BLACK HARD COCK. Each time I lower my prostate gets another good massage, and with each lowering my cock involuntarily squirts out small amounts of cum.

Joe comes over and sticks his cock in my mouth, it was difficult to suck his cock and ride the monstrous cock that was inside me. I suck on Joe’s 7.5-inch cock for about five minutes when I hear him moan and he pulls out releasing his load of cum all over my face, beard, and hair. The other three guys take their turn at face fucking me, and since they had been jacking off while Ray was fence fucking me, they all lasted no more that ten minutes, each releasing their precious cum loads on my face, beard, chest, wherever their cock was pointed. I licked each one clean afterwards.

At this point Ray was thrusting upward, as I was coming down. My cock was throbbing and I moaned as I released my cum load in several volleys, at the same time Ray was shooting another massive load of man juice deep inside my ass. The intensity of my ejaculation left me somewhat exhausted, so the guys helped me up off of Ray, and they strapped me back down to the sawhorse. Tom and Roy both wanted a piece of my ass, however they noticed that since my asshole had been stretched by Ray that they decided that it would have to be some other time giving my hole time to return to it normal size.

They both looked at me, and Roy said, “Don’t be surprised if some night you get a knock on the door, and find us there to collect.”

Ray pipes in, “Yeah and I might just be with them to get some more of that fine fat ass.

They removed the harnesses that were put on me earlier, and then took me into the open apartment where they gave me a towel and a bar of soap. I showered and cleaned up including emptying my bowels of the cum, which to me seems like a couple of cups full.

When I came out of the bathroom they had hooked up a TV and were replaying the video that had been shot of the whole ordeal. They looking at me, and one of them asked, “Are you going to call the cops on us?”

I replied, “Hell, no. I rather enjoyed it. After all it is a fantasy come true. Who could ask for more? The only thing I could ask for is more cocks and when can we do it again?”


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