Formfit Fantasy – 2

Big Tits

Formfit Fantasy – 2This fetish story was developed with two pictures from my collection of 1950’s & 60’s era magazine and catalog scans. Hope you like it.Dressing in my sister’s panties and old bra had become a daily habit and now almost a year later I knew every bra, girdle, and panty that she owned. I had made almost daily raids of her bedroom when she was not around to snoop in her dresser. I never dared swipe anything because I was afraid I’d be caught. Today promised to be a big day because Mom and Wendy had gone “Big Girl” shopping leaving me home all by myself.Those days when I was home by myself proved to be a day to fully explore her dresser. I would pull out each panty and lay it on her bed and try to select the perfect one to wear so I could jerk off wearing her panty. I loved wearing her bras although they didn’t hold the magic for me that a panty did.But today I spent a lot more time inspecting the bra she had purchased the first time I remember them shopping. She had really wanted a new bra and told Mom her teen bras were too small. This was one of the bras she got that day. The tag said “Bobbie Under Wonder by Formfit” and it was a 32A. I loved the circle stitched cup and put it on just to test it out. I had to stuff the cups with her panties to make them take shape, but I loved how perky my boobs looked in her mirror.I just knew she’d come home with new bras and this one would end up in the trash and it would be mine forever. I loved the way it hugged me all around and wearing one of her silky panties I paraded around the room watching myself in the mirror. My little cock was so hard and I knew if I messed around much longer I would blow my load in them. So reluctantly I removed the bra and panties and carefully folded them and replaced them in her drawer. I checked my pocket to make sure my Cub Scout knife had not fallen out and looked the room over to make sure nothing was out of place. They had been gone a couple hours and I knew I would have a new adventure with owning another bra and inspecting her new ones.I went back to my room and pulled the one bra I owned out from under the dresser where I had hidden it in an old cigar box. I loved opening that lid to see that pure white bra lying there waiting for me. The little blue flower between the cups fascinated me and I loved seeing it between my boobs when I wore the bra.But just like Wendy had complained to Mom, it was getting very tight on me. I had grown in the last year and was ready for a new bra and a new panty. I had nearly worn out the one panty I had swiped with all the jerking off in it. I often wondered why I didn’t have two or three older sisters so I could enjoy more panties. Then a thought struck me, “why not Mom’s?” At that moment I felt like an idiot. I had never considered checking out Mom’s bras, panties, and girdles. My cock throbbed at the thought of what secrets there were to be discovered in her room. I knew I had no time so I would need to find a time when I was alone to unravel this new mystery.My hand was a blur inside my panties as I jerked off with visions of a whole new world just a few steps further down the hall. I heard the back door as my cock exploded filling my panties full of my warm slimy cum. “I am getting so good at this,” I congratulated myself as I jumped off the bed and cleaned up my mess.I managed to be reading a magazine when Wendy waltzed by my door carrying two sacks from the department store. It was like she was floating on air as she went to her room and closed the door. I tried to imagine what she was doing. “Was she stripping naked?” I wondered. I had never seen her naked and wondered what her boobs looked like.“Larry!” Mom said as she stepped into my door, “What have you been doing while we were gone?” I looked up, she had a stern look on her face and was holding my panty in her hand. My face flushed and I suddenly felt like I would throw up. “Can you tell me why I found this in the bathroom?” she asked.I sat silent, in my haste to clean up I had left the cum soaked panty on the sink. I was busted, there was no way to deny it, yet it seemed she had no direct evidence it was me. Yet I knew she knew. “You have some explaining to do Mister, we’ll talk about this later.”Mom left my door and ümraniye escort returned to the bathroom and I heard water running. “This is bad,” I thought, “my life is over.” I heard Mom leave the bathroom and the clatter of dishes and pans signaled she was starting supper. “Well at least she isn’t back here,” I thought.“Maybe she will forget it, or she will think it was Wendy that left the panties there.” I had a myriad of thoughts running through my head. I played out every excuse I could think of for a cum filled panty being on the sink. Wendy left her room and strutted past my door. She stopped, looked in at me, “Hey Larry, how are you?” she asked with her hands on her hips.I realized that at that moment she was showing off her new bra under her blouse. Her boobs looked bigger and made points that had not been there with her other bra. My mind was so full of the disaster that was about to befall me that even the thoughts of inspecting her new bras couldn’t lift me out of my despair.I said nothing and tried to pretend I was reading the magazine and she huffed off down the hall to the kitchen. I played back those final minutes when I had raced to the bathroom to clean up. I checked it all off my list, first I pulled off my bra and left it in the cigar box in my room. Second I pulled the cummy panty off and laid it on the sink and cleaned myself off. I remembered feeling guilty and shameful for what I had done, it was the never ending cycle. I would put on my bra and panties, jerk off, be ashamed and clean it up. And would swear I’d never do it again.But I always returned, sometimes it took days, other times a few hours, and today, minutes. I realized at that the minute I had thought of Wendy bringing home a new bra I had begun planning how I would get my hands on the “Bobbie” bra that would be thrown out.The clatter continued in the kitchen as I sat cross legged on my bed staring at a magazine and then I could smell my mother’s perfume. She was standing in the door, arms crossed, and then she pushed the door closed and came over to my bed. She said nothing but closed the magazine and pushed it aside and sat down facing me.I was so ashamed at that moment that I couldn’t even look at her. I stared at my foot, there was a tiny hole in my sock, “why do I care about a hole in my sock when my world has turned to shit?” I asked in my mind. The silence in the room was deafening and Mom waited patiently for me to speak.I looked up, tears in my eyes, “I’m sorry Mom,” I said barely able to speak.I felt her arms around me and she pulled me close, “it’s okay Larry,” she said as she hugged me. The scent of her perfume filled my head and I could feel her boobs against me. Mom had never really hugged me this way, it was always sort of a one arm hug. But I was pulled against her boobs and loved the feeling of them against me. This comforted me yet made me feel like a horrible person as well.Mom patted my back and then moved away. “Have you been touching yourself?” she asked. She didn’t wait for an answer, “Boys our age do these things, it is part of growing up. But there is a time and a place for it. Is that one of Wendy’s panties?” she asked and this time waited for an answer.I nodded my head yes as I stared at that hole in my sock. “And do you keep it here in your room?” She asked. I nodded again. “Do you have other things?” she asked me. Her voice was calm and reassuring and for some reason that I can’t explain I nodded yes. I had no reason to admit it, the soiled panty was the only evidence against me yet I willing gave up my prized possession.“Would you show me?” Mom asked.I got off the bed and retrieved the cigar box and set it on the bed. Mom didn’t touch the box for a moment and then turned it toward me, “would you show me?” she asked. I opened the box as if it was a treasure box filled with the secrets of the universe and turned it back so she could see. There in that box was the cute little teen bra folded neatly so the little blue flower was displayed in all its glory.“Do you wear this?” she asked. I clouded up with tears and was unable to say a word and tried not to cry. “I will accept that as your answer,” she said as she put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me to her again.“It kadıköy escort is hard for you Larry with no Dad here and just Wendy and me. I am sorry that we have ignored your needs.” She said as I felt a closeness I had never felt before. I knew she loved me, she said it all the time, but this moment displayed that love in a way that I never expected.“You can put your box back where it was,” she said, “and leave your bra in the box.”I was shocked, she called it “your bra” which seemed to mean she really thought it was mine and not Wendy’s. “I have washed out the panty but I would hope that it will never be left out in the open again. I think it would be hurtful to Wendy, don’t you agree?”I nodded my head and wondered, “Did Mom just tell me this was okay?”“I need to finish supper, we can talk more about this another time.” Mom said as she left me alone in my room. The shame I felt briefly before they got home returned. It was overwhelming as I tried not to cry. I looked in the box, that cute little bra that meant so much to me now looked stupid to me. Yet I found my finger touching the flower, it was so delicate and I never really knew why it meant so much to me.I heard footsteps and closed the lid of the box as Wendy stopped in my door. “So you must be in trouble,” she mocked as she again posed so I’d notice her new bra under the blouse. And the shame I had felt seconds before vanished as my curiosity took over my brain. My cock responded as I tried to imagine what she was wearing.“What did Mom talk to you about?” Wendy asked.“Nothing,” I said as I pulled the cigar box close to me, my secret was hidden in this box and I had no desire to reveal it to my tormentor. Then a thought hit me, “where is my panty?” Mom had washed it out but where was it hanging to dry? It was certainly not in the back of my closet where I always hid it to dry.I got off the bed trying to signal that it was time for her to leave. But she didn’t move. I held onto my cigar box and her eyes went right to it. “What’s in that box?” she asked. If I opened the box she’d know my secret and I couldn’t allow it. My juvenile mind went to work at high speed and determined the best way to get rid of her.“It is this huge spider I found in the basement,” I lied and took a step towards her. I knew her fear of spiders and gambled this would end the confrontation and it did. Wendy took a step back and then turned to go to her room. I immediately went to my dresser and hid the bra under my socks and left the box on top of the dresser as I went to the bathroom.The panty was hung inside the shower on the faucet handle. This delicate garment had been mine for a year and a moment of distraction had changed my life. I knew that if it remained there I feared it would become a problem so I grabbed the damp panty and shoved it in my pants and went back to my room.I ducked into the closet and hung it up to dry and had just closed the closet door when Wendy stepped back in the door, “Supper is ready creep,” she said and strutted away. I credit my mother with the ultimate poker face as we ate dinner. There wasn’t a hint of concern towards me or a moment of inattention to our normal evening meal banter.I did smile to myself when Mom looked at Wendy, “you do know I need to wash that before you wear it any longer?” I knew immediately it was the bra she had been sporting and I glanced at Wendy and saw her blush as she replied, “Yes mom.” Standing here at this antique store looking at the magazine with that Formfit ad I was reminded again of a loving mother and a sister that paraded her femininity like it was a badge of honor. “Did Mom mention the bra without saying the words for my benefit?” I wondered again for the millionth time in my life. My mind was filled with what happened during this time in my life as a youngster with desires I couldn’t control.After the dishes were done Wendy asked to visit her friend next door and Mom and I were left alone in the house. Setting on the couch next to her I knew the subject would come up again and I had no answer for her regardless of the questions I thought she would ask.“Larry do you feel like you should be a girl instead of a boy?” She asked putting her hand on top of mine. Her hand was soft and bostancı escort I felt her grip it softly as she looked into my eyes. “There is no right or wrong answer,” she continued, “I just need to know.”“No,” I said, “I am really sorry for being a disappointment to you.” I said with that cloudy feeling in my mind like I would cry. But I managed to hold back the tears because I knew Wendy could come busting in the door at any moment.“I hope I didn’t embarrass you with the question,” she said and moved her hand off mine and picked up a mail order catalog lying on the coffee table. I watched as she flipped through it and when it got to the lingerie section that I had studied over and over she pointed to an advertisement for panties, “I think these would be perfect,” she said and closed the catalog. I had no idea what she was talking about but my cock had responded and as I looked down I could see making a tent in my trousers. I noticed Mom glance down and there seemed to be this moment that perhaps she understood. Perhaps it was wishful thinking.In the days following this incident I did everything I could to resist touching the bra and panties. I had folded the panty and hid it in my sock drawer along with the bra leaving the cigar box in the exact same spot. I knew Wendy would be a snoop, and on Friday afternoon after school she stepped into my room.“How is that spider doing?” she asked in a mocking voice. “Don’t try to lie,” she warned, “I peeked in the box and there was nothing in there. “You lied to me.”“I did not,” I protested, “it must have gotten away, probably in your room to bite you in the night.”“You two stop arguing,” Mom said as she walked down the hall, “Wendy if you are going to go to Peggy’s slumber party you had better pack a few things don’t you think?”This was the first I had heard of this but it didn’t concern me so I was just happy she’d be gone. Perhaps I could get a chance to snoop in her room. I had not yet determined what happened to the old bras and the new bra boxes. I still had the first bra box I had saved tucked away in the basement and wanted another to add to my collection.Mom walked Wendy out to the driveway when Peggy’s mom stopped with a car full of girls for the sleep over. I was in my room frustrated with the desire to snoop in Wendy’s room but couldn’t, nor did I feel like I could play with my bra and panties. I heard the back door and then Mom stopped in my doorway, “I have a bit of shopping to do tomorrow and you need to come with me, I hope you didn’t have anything planned.”It wasn’t really a question so I responded, “Sure.”Saturday morning Mom told me to get ready, “we need to be at the mall before it gets busy.” When we got to the mall Mom headed to the department store where she shopped with Wendy. I held back, this was usually my cue to hang out in the mall, “Come along Larry,” she said reaching out for my shoulder and urged me forward, “I will need your help with this.”She walked side by side with me to the lingerie department and she leaned down, “I will show you what I have in mind, if you like it just nod your head yes.” I gave her a confused look and she whispered, “I going to buy you a few things just for you, this is our secret.” My heart skipped a beat as she walked into the heart of the department that filled many of my thoughts while jerking off.At home she went with me to my bedroom. “Now here are the rules Larry, these things are for your private use, never wear them outside the house, and keep them picked up. I hung a shoe bag in the back of your closet, you can keep them there. Okay?” she asked and I nodded yes, just like I had done when she purchased a 3-pack of nylon panties, black, pink, and white. Just like I nodded my head yes when she bought me a fully padded teen bra in pink and it came in a pretty little box. And just like when I nodded my head yes to a white nylon slip with lots of lace.“We can shop again in the future, unless you grow out of this and decide it is not for you.” She said and kissed me on the forehead and left me with my new treasures.NOTE: This is the final chapter of this story. I apologize to those reading it if you didn’t find it erotic enough. My mother caught me with my girdles and bras at the age of 11, she did NOT react with kindness and understanding. If you started down this path at an early age getting caught was part of the deal and it didn’t always go as well as it should have. This ending is a longing for my experience to have played out this way instead of scolding and shunning.

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