Foster Parents Are Truly The Best


Foster Parents Are Truly The BestHi, I’m Thomas (Tom) Foster. And yeah, I am a foster host parent. I have lots of short stories to share, let me know if you’re interested. Apparently my kind of stories are not allowed. Pity. 😉 Here’s one that is:Just to give you some idea of what I’m talking about. The other day I met up with a former foster-raised guy who is now in college. We talked about the “good ol’ days” and all the things we did as a family together. My former wife was a huge fan of spoiling the c***d and not sparing the rod so to speak. I couldn’t help but think about him and her as my cock twitched in my jeans. He said he was feeling it too as his girlfriend hadn’t given him any in almost two weeks. I felt horrible for him.So I did what any good-hearted person bahis firmaları would do, I walked back to his dorm with him, hung a sock on the door knob and proceeded to shuck off his shorts and take his clean-shaven cock in my hands and began painting his shaft with a thick coat of hot saliva. His hands went to my head and held me close. I took the head of his cock and rammed it down my throat. I remembered how my then-wife would suck on his rock-hard pecker all afternoon after school, building up a huge load for me to slurp down after coming home from work. His balls swayed as he rocked back and forth. I noticed how smooth they were. He’d really gotten good at shaving himself. I reached up and gently pulled down on the base of his sac. Slowly I stretched his kaçak iddaa balls away from his body as he moaned out. I continued milking my college-aged former son, churning up all his pent up baby juice that he’d been saving.I remember the days when my wife would sweat out her late periods, nearly OD’ing on plan B pills days and sometimes weeks after taking two, sometimes three loads a night from the young men we had helped. She begged for their seed every single night yet prayed to the heavens that she would not need terminate anything. I knew secretly that she wanted to get fertilized. The thought of her egg being penetrated by hot savage sperm made her gush in orgasm. And after each gangbang, she’d rub out one last orgasm to make her cervix contract and expand, kaçak bahis sucking in their precious seed where she needed it. Only once did she almost have to have surgery to remove the proof of her sexual deviations. Luckily it was not meant to be and after seven weeks, the problem took care of itself.I continued to suck on his cock hard as the thoughts of him almost becoming a teenage daddy filled my head. The cute, bisexual student in front of me began to thrust into my mouth. I prepared my breathing as to not inhale his thick load into my lungs, but to savor it as it shot down my throat.I curled my fingers around his ass cheeks, dipping a finger into his ass as he pumped harder and faster. He grunted as his fingers gripped my hair. He lets loose. Strand after thick wet strand of baby cream shot off deep down my throat. Hitting my stomach as flew down inside me. I sucked hard as he strained to drain the last of his load, my left hand stroking his sac as he came down from his orgasm.

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