Foursome pt3


Foursome pt3After relaxing a bit, the women went off into the bedroom and soon reappeared both wearing long white nightgowns, which I thought was peculiar, but didn’t say anything. Bob and I had our shorts back on and settled down for some TV. The women made supper and we all enjoyed a nice meal with some free flowing drinks. I could tell Carmen was getting a bit lightheaded and after supper was over and the dishes done, we all settled down in the living room. By now we were all relaxed and Bob looked at me,”Would you care to see the rest of the house?” he asked me”Why not” I answered back, thinking I might as well do something.”Let me show you my basement” Bob then said and we all got up and headed down to the basement.Imagine my surprise when I saw that Bob and Edna had turned their basement into a sex room, complete with a wall x, hooks from the ceiling, an assortment of whips and paddles hanging from a board and a large bed complete with chains at each corner. “Oh fuck man” I said to Bob”You like my little play room?” he asked me”Play room” I answered back still looking astounded. We all walked into the center of the basement and Bob pointed out some of the features and then turned to me,”Edna and I usually come down here with Carmen after sex and teach her about sucking and fucking us” he said with a smile on his face. “We thought you’d like to see what we do here too” he addedNow totally interested in what anadolu yakası escort he was saying,”Fuck yeah” I said without thinkingWhat I hadn’t realized was that Carmen was introducing me to Bob and Edna and to the lifestyle they lived and she grew to enjoy and was hoping I would want to live it too with her. “Good” said Bob”Let’s start” he then addedMoving over to Carmen he stepped in front of her,”You fuckin’ whore” he said sternly as he slapped her hard across her face. Several more slaps followed as Edna had moved up behind Carmen and pulled her arms behind her to hold her steady. “Over to the hook” he ordered Edna and I watched as Edna shoved Carmen over to the center of the room. Tying her hands together she then raised Carmen’s arms up over her head and fastened her hands to a loop hanging from the ceiling. Moving over to one side, Edna grabbed the rope and pulled on it raising Carmen’s arms up as far as she could until Carmen was just off the floor. I watched as Edna then went over to the wall of whips and chose a large bullwhip and came back near Carmen.”Begin whore” ordered BobHere was my wife dangling from the ceiling as Edna got into position and when she was ready, sent the first lash across Carmen’s back with a sharp snap. Carmen cried out softly and I stood there utterly fascinated as Edna now began to whip Carmen’s front and back with the whip. “Oh fuck” I said softly as I watched anadolu yakası escort Edna move up to Carmen, grab hold of the front of her nightgown and tear it downward, exposing Carmen’s tits. Once more the whip found Carmen’s tits as I saw the red welts form on her tits and abdomen. Carmen was crying a bit, but I could see she was actually enjoying herself. Soon Edna stopped and went up to Carmen,”You fuckin’ piece of shit whore” she said”That will teach you to suck and fuck my man” as she slapped Carmen’s tits hard. Watching those full tits swaying back and forth with each blow drove me nuts and I soon had my hard cock in my hand and was jerking it off like crazy. Bob saw what I was doing and came over to me,”Let me” he said as he reached down to take my cock in his hand.”Did you like that?” he asked softly”Did you like watching your whore being whipped?” he added”Fuck yeah man” I said”That was fuckin’ awesome” I added”Would you like to whip my whore?” he then asked me. I was stunned. He actually was wanting to know if I wanted to whip Edna like she whipped Carmen. “You serious?” I asked”Fuck yeah” he answered back”Give you a chance to find out if you like it” he added with a smile. By now Edna had taken Carmen down and when I finally got up the nerve to agree, Carmen tied Edna up and proceeded to get het ready for me to whip her. “Do a good job honey” Carmen whispered to me”Whip that fuckin’ bitch mersin escort hard” she addedLooking at Carmen’s tits streaked with red welts,”You okay?” I asked her”Hell yes” she said”They’ve whipped me before and I’m used to it” she added”It stings for a while, but then you let it sink in and it really turns to pleasure” I couldn’t believe my wife actually enjoyed being whipped, but right now it didn’t fully sink in. I had a whore waiting for me to whip her and as I stepped up near enough to Edna, I let loose the whip and found her back easily. I moved around Edna as I continued to whip her front and back until,”Tear her gown open” I heard Bob demand. I did what Edna had done to Carmen and tore open the front of her nightgown and resumed whipping her. I glanced over from time to time and saw that Carmen had gotten on her knees and was sucking Bob’s cock while he watched me whip Edna. Soon enough I stopped and looked over at Bob as he was grabbing Carmen’s hair and after slapping her face several times, resumed fucking her mouth until he exploded a load of cum into it. I let Edna down and untied her,”Let me suck your fuckin’ cock” she whispered to me as she got down on her knees. I watched between Carmen kissing Bob and Edna sucking my cock until too soon I exploded a load of cum into her mouth. When she finished licking me clean we all went over to the bed and laid down, Carmen in Bob’s arms and Edna in mine. After a few minutes the women began to kiss us and were next to one another and kissed each other in between kissing us men.”Well Joe” Bob started”Did you like our little finale?” he askedLooking at Edna and then over at Carmen,”Oh man, did I ever” and boy did I.

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