Francie and Graeme’s Defloration


The odd-numbered parts have the sex. The even-numbered parts have the love story.


Francie likes what she’s seeing — her feminized husband.

All slutted-up in strappy heels and frilly socks, a cute cornflower blue skirt and white cotton blouse, kneeling in front of the living room couch, sucking off one of Francie’s boyfriends.

Francie (wearing nothing but her glasses, pajama bottoms and a dirty smile) watches the little butt wiggle, the girly head bob, the tied-back ponytail swish. She parks her own little butt on the edge of the couch, swishes her own ponytail, closes her eyes and listens to the gurgling and slurping.

Francie pinches a nipple and slides the other hand down her pants. She’s been wet since those two started playing with each other.

She pushes her glasses back up her nose and leans in, to see if the slut’s getting that cock all the way down. Francie herself can barely do it…

And the horny thing’s swallowed it almost all the way to the root! Francie doesn’t know whether to cheer or be jealous. But as the last inch is about to disappear, the slut gags and gets wide-eyed; she backs off, leaving a shiny coat of drool behind. Francie watches a string of the stuff stretch out between her boyfriend’s cockhead and her husband’s pretty lipsticked mouth.

There’s a tiny *koff!* and a *sniff* and a deep breath. Tears well up in the gurl’s eyes from choking, but she runs her tongue over her lips, opens that pouty mouth wide and slides back down.

Francie rubs herself a little more, then rolls off the couch onto all fours and scampers behind her husband. She pats him on his pretty ass.


After a few years together, Francie and Graeme were getting stale. They agreed that they needed a change, and they agreed on his suggestion of what to do.

But couples play didn’t work out for them.

They loved the adventure and the variety, the extra attention, and — oh the sex! — Francie *loved* getting a proper fucking, and Graeme *loved* seeing his wife getting a proper fucking.

…which is where the trouble lay. This excited Graeme very much. Just the thought of Francie getting humped by another guy — and he could hardly think of anything else — drove him happily lust-crazy. And actually watching it… Well, that was *too* arousing, *too* distracting. Graeme couldn’t pay any attention to his partner.

And if that wasn’t enough of a turnoff for a woman, then Graeme’s premature ejaculation certainly was.


Francie peeks under her husband’s skirt and rubs a hand over the pretty lace-trim panties. The smooth bottom rolls this way and that, the sissy’s body moves with each hand-stroke and head-bob on the thick cock. Francie hooks her fingers in the tart’s waistband and pulls the panties halfway down.

And she sees a wet spot in the gusset! Oh, she knows it’s just precum, but it sure looks a lot like a _real_ girl’s wet panties!

Francie checks herself for a wet spot. She takes off her fogged-up specs and wipes them against her PJ bottoms. It’s really steamy in here! She puts her glasses back on and reaches inside her pants. She covers a finger with her juice.

She touches her husband’s hairless sack, tracing a line of girl-wet along that cute ridge on the underside. She pokes the taut skin gently, working a finger between the balls, tickling and teasing. The cocksucker starts making making ‘mm-hmm’ noises and wiggling her ass around, trying to get Francie’s finger on the hole.

She teases him, she won’t give that satisfaction. Francie has an even better tease ready: She squirts a little fruit-scented lube in her palm, waits for it to warm to body temp, then spreads her husband’s asscheeks and dabs it on his anus.

Francie’s mouth is watering, but it’s not from the sweet smell of that slippery goo. It’s because she’s about to watch her husband’s ass-cherry get popped.


The couples play and the swing clubs weren’t a total failure for Francie and Graeme. Look at it the right way, and it was halkalı escort a tremendous success. What could be more exciting, what’s more positive for a relationship, what’s more fascinating than discovering something new, something unexpected, something very sexy about your ‘other half’?

What Francie discovered is Graeme’s cuckold fetish. What Graeme learned is that little Francie has a touch of domme inside her!

And now it was Francie’s turn to make a suggestion. She proposed an “adjustment” to Graeme’s marital privileges: they’d no longer be having sex with each other. Of course Graeme would watch her with other men and he would be… assisting.

As Francie expected, just talking about this new arrangement got Graeme excited (“visibly so”, Francie pointed out — while literally pointing at the cute little bulge in his pants). And she knew she’d have to do something to keep Graeme from being a such a naughty boy.

Francie bought Graeme a special present to makr this new stage in life, an adorable little chastity cage with a little bow and a heart-shaped lock. Francie promised strictly supervised masturbation on special occasions.

Oh yes, they agreed. THIS is what we’re looking for.


Francie crawls alongside the pair, strokes the slut’s ponytail, curls her fingers around it. She pulls her sissy’s head back off the bull’s cock, puts an arm under him, and they knee-shuffle to the end of the couch.

It’s obvious what the sweet little domme is up to, and in half-a-sec her sissy is bent over the couch arm. Francie leans over and licks the slut’s ear, at the same time reaching out and grabbing the bull’s dick. She pulls her boyfriend up off the couch cock first — and it doesn’t take him long to get behind the bent-over gurl.

Francie nibbles an ear, says: “Stick your hands straight out in front. Keep them that way. Hold still.”

Then she reaches back and flips up the skirt, takes a look at the little butt. She leaves the panties where they are — still halfway down the slut’s thighs — so hot, she thinks, and it’s kind of restraining… Her mouth starts watering again, she spits some drool on her husband’s hole.

She turns her attention back to the bull; his cock hasn’t gone soft at all, and she grabs him halfway along the shaft. It’s still slippery from the blowjob, but not slippery enough. She spits all over it, using her fingers to spread it, keeping her mouth off because she promised her husband: tonight that cock was only for him.

She puts the cockhead up against the tight little hole, rubs it around the outside, up and down the wet crack. Her husband makes throaty noises and pushes his little butt toward the hardon.

Francie tells the sissy to hush and relax. She puts a soft, firm hand on the bull’s tailbone, uses the other to line up the dick and the hole. Her left hand’s wrapped around her boyfriend’s cock, just below the glans — her index finger and thumb look like she’s making an O.K. sign.

Francie gives a tiny push and her boyfriend’s penis starts spreading her husband’s anus. She keeps her fingers looped around the cock, making sure it goes in slowly. She wants her husband’s first time to be as gentle as hers was.

She cups her free hand around her boyfriend’s balls, gets ready to squeeze him like a sponge at the first bit of roughness. She knows how guys can get.

Together, all three work the penis into the rectum. Slow steady pressure on the sphincter, and the tight ring of muscle starts relaxing. Half the head’s inside! Francie wipes sweat off her nose and straightens her glasses. All the way to the ridge now! She swallows a mouthful of saliva.

The head disappears inside. Everyone pauses and they all take a breath together. Francie feels so tingly! She rubs her husband’s back, lifts the ponytail off his sweaty neck. When she looks back, a smidge more of the penis is buried inside. The bull stops to let the sissy get used to it.

But it’s not long taksim escort before the little slut’s scooching herself backward, trying to get more of that cock up her tight ass! Francie watches more of the thing sink into her husband’s boy-pussy.

There’s a masculine growl and a feminine whinny, then everyone’s quiet and still for a moment. He pulls back, pauses, then pushes back in, just a little deeper than before. Slowly back out, slowly back in.

Francie listens to the wet friction noises, watches the steady strokes.


Francie and Graeme settled into their cuckold marriage. Well, at first she indulged him and let him call himself a “wittol”, but it was more fun to insist that he use the word CUCKOLD (and anyway pulling out a dictionary and having a vocabulary lesson was sort of a buzz-kill for most playmates).

And while Francie’s made of sugar and spice and everything nice, she found out she has a few pinches of domme in her, too. And she liked this assertive side of herself.

Her next little bit of mischief was to forbid her cuckold from doing any “man’s work” around their place (the honey-do list: light bulbs, A/C filters, loose towel racks, wonky faucets, that sort of thing).

Francie could do all these things herself of course, and for a while she did. But one day she had a better idea, and as she put it to her husband: “Don’t you think it’d be nice to have my boyfriends do those things instead?”

Of course those little jobs weren’t the only things her boyfriends did. Francie got a kick from pretending to be putting out for these small favors. As for Graeme, he himself started stuffing the Job Jar with things that needed doing around the house. He liked the feel of squirming around in his chastity cage, watching another guy fasten a wobbly caster or whatever, knowing where it was leading.

It wasn’t long before Francie noticed her cucky seemed to have a special crush on one of her visitors. Well, she thought, I can’t fault your taste in men — that one’s my favorite too! And that gave the little minx a dirty idea.

Things came together that day when they were home from work during a cold snap<]. That was the day Francie ran into their favorite boyfriend on her way home from the grocery store, the day she invited him in for some warmup fun, the day she ended up with a mouthful of his cum. That was the day she gave her husband his first snowball. And oh! The way he gobbled it down, slurped it up! He even ran his tongue all over the inside of Francie’s mouth to make sure he got it all. At that point she knew Graeme was well on the way to de-masculinization. <] See the story "Winter Treat". ~7~ They’re fucking in rhythm now. Francie lets go of her boyfriend’s balls, hops up and scoots behind them. She bends down and looks in close, watching the sphincter, sees it stretching and gripping the cock; she catches a glimpse of her husband’s little hardon bopping up and down. So cute! And there’s such contrast between the sissy’s tiny scrunched-up ballsack and the bull’s big testicles, slapping against slut. She slips a hand inside her PJs, playing with her pussy in time with the thick cock pistoning in and out. She looks at those big balls again, decides she wants to lick them, get them as sopping wet as she is… And that’s when she notices the _other_ wet. She blinks, then looks again. She straightens her glasses, looks closer. It’s true: that slut’s hole is dripping wet too! It’s seeping out her girl-husband’s chute, polishing up her boyfriend’s cock. Francie watches a thin stream of it dribble down the slut’s perineum. Oh, she knows she slicked up that hole, and that it’s probably just the berry-flavored lube. Or it’s just spit from all the drooling earlier. But she likes to think her husband’s boy-cunny is wet like a _real_ girl’s. Francie feels the start of her first orgasm coming on. ~8~ One of Francie’s galpals has a _thing_, she always wears a colorful bow in her hair, to şişli escort match and set off the rest of her look. It’s so cute and it’s so girly and Francie SO wishes she could steal the idea for herself. But she can’t because you can’t steal another girl’s _look_, can you?

But you _can_ let your husband steal another girl’s look, can’t you? You can ask him to wear a cute colorful girly hair bow around the house, tell him how nicely it goes with the little bow on his chastity cage. And you can ask him to wear the pretty corset you bought him, ask him to show you what a pretty girl he makes.

And oh! How about the excitement of a sissy’s first bra and panty set!

Graeme started using fruity-flowery bath and shower stuff, learned to shape and define eyebrows, went shopping for mysterious things like concealer blush and skin primer, learned to prefer gel temporary nails over acrylic. He took care of keeping the stock of Francie’s tampons and panty liners (she seemed to go through a box twice as fast!).

So Francie wasn’t surprised when Graeme admitted he’d been ‘sharing’ that time with her, pretending their periods had synchronized. Francie petted the little femme, said it as a good form of anal training — which he would be needing in the near future.

And that’s when she asked Graeme to become a real sissy, to become “Gigi”.


It’s just one of those yummy little orgasms, but it distracts Francie for a moment. When she gets her wits back, she hears Gigi purring. The bull’s strokes are harder and faster and his breathing’s heavier. Is he about to come?

Francie doesn’t want that just yet. She tugs her boyfriend’s scrotum and does her OK-sign thing with her fingers again. He obediently pulls out of Gigi’s ass — Francie likes that *shhhhhhlop!* noise — and she watches the hole gape and close, gape and close. She winks back.

Francie lets go of her left-handful of cock and right-handful of balls, moves alongside Gigi. She looks great, Francie thinks, so well-fucked. Her face is flushed, a few loose hairs are matted to her forehead, she’s sweated through her blouse, her mascara’s running… And she looks disappointed that a dick isn’t inside her RIGHT NOW.

Francie keeps moving. She lays down a big towel, flips the girl over, pulls those stretched panties all the way off, puts a pillow under her ass. She’s barely done arranging things before the bull’s between Gigi’s legs, getting his cock lined up.

She takes another look at her husband’s hairless body, the cute little boy-clit wiggling, its tip not even halfway to the pretty navel. Then the bull enters, leans close and lies on top of the slut.

Oh! Oh my that’s hot, Francie thinks. She didn’t expect close body-against-body missionary. And she sure didn’t expect them to be making out! Gigi has her legs wrapped around the bull, her arms crossed over his back, her mouth stuck tight on his.

The bull is getting pretty close now. Francie gets a couple fingers up herself and her thumb working her nub. She’s hoping to get it so they come at the same time.

But the bull’s farther ahead than she thinks. Gigi’s clenching. He’s about to drain his balls. Francie hurries to work a finger up behind her pubic bone, and finds the right spot just as he twitches and sinks all the way inside Gigi.

“I can feel it!” Gigi coos. “Warm. Inside me!”


They cuddle, kissing and petting. Francie scrunches her little bod alongside on the couch, listening as their hard breathing slows down, gets regular, becomes deeper and steadier.

Time passes and Francie wakes with a start. She looks at Gigi’s pretty face, her thick eyelashes, her mussed hair and makeup.

Francie peeps under her husband’s skirt — there’s a stiff little boner! She touches it and finds out she’s not the only one awake. They hold hands and kiss, and Francie whispers a secret.

This is one of their ‘special occasions’, she breathes. And she’s going to allow the promised ‘strictly supervised masturbation’. They carefully get up off the couch and head to their bedroom.

As an afterthought, Francie pulls the afghan off the back of the couch and covers her favorite boyfriend. Then she goes to bed with her husband.


** The characters in this story are of legal age. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental. **

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