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FREE FUCK WITH MY GIRLFRIEND FOR ANYBODY!A FREE FUCK WITH MY GIRLFRIEND 4 ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO!Hi Guys/Gals As most of you on XHamster already know we are a couple from the UK & Ive a beautiful girlfriend (Stacey) that I love to share with Anyone & Everyone & I/I/we are trying to take our sexual boundaries to the limit. I am a very lucky guy having a girlfriend like her because I can happily say Stacey is as open as I am when it comes to anything sexual & whatever ideas I’ve come up with Stacey has always been happy to just go along with them. Anyway when I started my new job I was given a large Ford Transit van as i would be delivering things. To be honest I didn’t need a big van because I only delivered a maximum of around 20 little boxes a day so my van was always empty. So I decided to put a double mattress in the back & pushed it up towards the front of the van & I still had loads of space in the back & I was 6ft and I could easily fully stand up straight in the back & still have room above my head. So after doing this me & Stacey couldn’t believe our luck. This van was perfect I mean you had the mattress then if you did want to you could have 6 or 7 guys in the back (not on the mattress) so that now means no more uncomfortable fucking for Stacey in the back seat of our car as this van was going to be just like a Mobile bedroom for us lol & is the start of many more adventures for me and Stacey. I also want everybody to know that this & every other story I write & put on XHamster is 100% True! I know there are loads of people out there that must make stories up but our stories are all true as why would I/we bother to make them up when it’s not as if we get paid for every story I put on here is it? I write them because i like everybody to know just what a lucky guy I am & like sharing our stories just like I do sharing Stacey. Anyway I will get on with the story now & I really do hope you enjoy reading it & please if you can just leave a comment or any suggestions at the bottom after reading this it would be much appreciated.So now we have a van I was dying to to use it with Stacey & was thinking what I could arrange for the first time we use it & came up with an idea so I went and spoke to Stacey & told her my Idea & she agreed & told me to go on Fab Swingers & post an ad like I/we usualy do & go from there. So I created an ad & now just had to wait & see if people were interested (which I knew they would be lol) so as usual il post below the exact ad that I posted on Fab Swingers.ANY GUYS! ANY RACE! ANY AGE!Couple looking for ANY local guys of ANY Race & ANY Age from & around the Croydon area that would be interested in meeting up with us in a quiet public location to fuck my sexy girlfriends hot little pussy in the back of our new van on a nice comfortable double mattress. Looking for as many guys to attend so your more than welcome to bring a friend or friends along with you.STARTING AT: 21:00FINISHING APPROX: 12:00LOCATION:Shirley Hills Car Park,Small Turning Just OffShirley Park Road,Croydon,Surrey,CR0 1EU.Additional InfomationThis will be a group meeting (gangbang) so there will be many people attending so you may have to wait your turn to fuck Stacey also there will be no oral sex performed by that night as it’s just about letting as many of you guys get to fuck my girlfriend. I also promise that any guys turning up between 21:00 & 12:00 midnight will get to fuck Stacey’s Pussy. BAREBACK Or CONDOMS? If you would like to wear a Condom then that it’s your choice & not a problem at all but if you prefer not to wear a condom when fucking Her then yes you can fuck her fully Bareback & also fuck her to completion which Is what I/we enjoy the most anyway & thats by letting you empty your balls inside her & filling her up with your warm cum.SATURDAY NIGHTSo it’s only 19:30 & we are not due to be at Shirley Hills until 21:00 but decide to drive over there early find a good place to park up & Stacey can finish doing her make up ect whilst I go on my phone & check the Fab Swingers website & read all the messages & questions people are asking about tonight. So we get there at just after 20:00 & as usual it’s very dark & empty not 1 car parked up. I check the back of the van & make sure everything is perfect from where I’ve opened the back doors bahis firmaları people can’t see in as parked at the Bottom by the woods so people would have to walk past the front of the van to towards the back doors where I would be standing that evening. Most of the guys on the Fab Swingers website already know Shirley Hills Car Park because it’s been a well known meeting to have sex for years & also a very popular Dogging location due to this location in Shirley being a quiet area anyway plus with the car park being set back from the main road & only accessed by turning into a little dirt road then a 200yrd drive to the car parks. Then when there this car park is just in the middle of trees and fields so it’s perfect.SATURDAY (20:45)So 2 cars have already turned up & parked up but this car park has no lighting at all so the only lights you see are car head lights when they turn in to the car park but once they go off it’s total darkness. The back of the van was now nice & warm as I had put the heater on full & it don’t take long to warm up even with one of the back doors of the van open. In the back of the van there was a nice dull light which was perfect as it wasn’t to bright & just bright enough to be able to see each other. I poked my head in the back door & Stacey was half sitting/laying down wearing a long lose dress with her legs slightly open showing her sexy seethrough knickers which won’t be on for much longer. I told Stacey I think 2 cars had just pulled up & are early & she just said “That’s fine I’m ready so just start sending them in when your ready” Dam that made my cock hard coz I love just what dirty slut she’s become. So next thing this guy has got out of his car & come to the back of the van & said “hi I’ve come to fuck Stacey” so I just pointed inside the van at Stacey & said yep she’s in there & put my head inside & told Stacey that guys are probably going to start turning up now so il just keep sending them in when they get here to which she just replied ok I’m ready start sending them in. My girlfriend looked amazing as she was now laying down on the mattress, she still had her dress on, Legs spread open wide & she had taken off her knickers so u could see this hot fully shaven pussy which was hopefully going to be used & fucked by lots of different cocks tonight. As the guy gets in he said “bareback ok then?” Yep I said as long as you fill her up” to which he replies “dont you worry I’m definitely going to do that” So it’s started & the guy from the second parked car has come over & said hello ect & I told him there’s a guy already fucking Stacey in the back & as soon as he comes out you can just go straight in. As I was speaking to the guy another 2 cars have pulled in & parked up & then the first guy gets out the van, says thank you & left so in goes the 2nd guy. He is back out & gone aswell. I pop my head in & Stacey is wiping her pussy with tissue & said omg this guy just cum shit loads all over my pussy & I said so he just wanked & cum over you then & she said no he put a condom on pumped me about 3 times pulled out, took his condom off & started to cum all over my pussy then put the head of his cock inside me & as he wanked his cock he “said sorry Ive got to cum in that hole of yours” I just thought why didn’t he just fuck me bareback lool. As I took my head out the van I see a few guys coming towards me. Then this guy said “alright mate we’ve come to fuck your missus & you said on your ad that you can bring a friend or a couple of friends” these guys were all young I’d say about 20, 22 & the last one about 24. Yeah that’s cool I said, you going in 1 at a time or altogether? They wanted to all go in together so I just said ok jump in then & I’m they got. After about 10 minutes more people had turned up & I was chatting with a couple of guys who were waiting & I thought I’d just pop my head in & see how it’s going & was a little surprised. Stacey’s Legs were spread wide open & being held there by a guy on each side holding a leg each as there friend was pounding Her Pussy & then I realised the guys either side of Stacey both had there Cocks out & Stacey had one in each hand taking turns sucking one & wanking the other. What a dirty whore. After a bit these guys get out the van and go to there car & none of kaçak iddaa them said anything not even a thank you, they just turned up, got my girlfriend to suck there Cocks whilst they all took turns fucking her pussy. Hmmm that’s horny lol. So in went the next guy & then the next & then those 2 it was another 5 more guys then it went quiet & I couldn’t see anymore cars so I told Stacey & said do you want a little break now to have a drink & a puff of your vape as there’s nobody here & she said yeah. So we were having a chat & working out how many men she had let Fuck her which so far she had been fucked by 12 different guys. After 10 minutes or so I said to Stacey I was surprised that it was so quiet & popped my head in the van to see what the time was & it was 12:15am! Shit I didn’t realise it was that late & I told Stacey who said wow where did the time go. I told her it’s quiet because I said we were finishing at 12 midnight & that’s gone lol. Stacey then said “can you not go on Fab Swingers now & quickly change the finish time then?” What a slut my girlfriend is lol. You ok with that then? If u are what time shall I put that we are finishing? She said “Just put finishing late maybe up until 4 or 5am that way we cover ourselves” so that’s what I did & obviously we were going to have at least 20-30minutes before anybody turned up so we talked about tonight so far. I keep a note on everything we do & what Stacey’s does for example How many Men Stacey’s fucked. If they fucked Stacey bareback or wear a condom, If they cum In Stacey’s Pussy , Ass, Mouth ect & how many times. Everything she does I write it down. So I asked Stacey about the 12 men she just fucked & it worked out that 9 of the 12 guys fucked her bareback & all to completion & then she said the time seemed like it went quick but those 3 youngsters earlier were fucking me for over an hour in fact nearly 1hr 30minutes. I couldn’t believe it was for that long but Stacey said she always checked the time just before a guy/guys gets in and then when they leave & it was that long. I then told her that whilst they were in there I popped my head in & see her sucking there Cocks which made me really horny & she told me she really enjoyed letting them use her & when the first guy got his cock out it was quite a nice big thick cock & then the other guys took there trousers off and started wanking there cocks obviously getting them hard and ready for there turn when the first one had finished fucking me. Anyway the guy about to fuck me was between my legs & asked his friends to get either side of me to hold a leg each so he could make sure he could bang my pussy really hard & get every inch of his cock inside me. As they got either side of me by my head there Cocks were only 8-10inches from my face so I just grabbed a cock in each hand & started wanking them. After a minute or so I could feel them both growing hard so I started taking turns sucking there cocks. It went on for a long time because the guy who fucked me first when he see me sucking his friends Cocks he just said that’s fucking horny & told his friends to hold my legs open wide coz hes gonna Fuck this dirty slut hard. He then got his hard cock & pushed it hard in my pussy & started banging my pussy really hard & then said to me “I’m gonna cum & I’m gonna cum deep in your fucking pussy you dirty little slut & then he exploded inside me. When he pulled out he said to his friend “right your turn & make sure you give that dirty little whores cunt a good banging with your cocks. His friend pulled his cock out my mouth & was quickly between my legs pushing his cock right deep up inside me. His friend was now holding my leg back & then stuck his thick cock in my mouth & said “clean my cock you slut make sure you squeeze all my cum from my dick & swallow it all” to which I did. After his friend had finished banging my pussy & shooting his cum inside me he moved so the 3rd friend could get between my legs & his friend said to him “now make that whore clean and squeeze the last bit of cum from your cock like she did to mine” & again I was more than happy to. The 3rd guy was defo the most well endowed of them all (even though they all had quite big cocks) but this guys cock was about 9inches & really thick & I thought to myself he might have kaçak bahis trouble getting it inside me at first. Anyway my pussy was full of cum so he should just be able to slide it inside me. He then said to his friends “I want you to hold her legs open wide and pull them back coz I’m gonna wreck this whores Pussy with my cock” that made me more hornier because now I knew that all I was to these 3 youngsters was just some dirty little whore who they could just use & do whatever they wanted with & I was going to let them. I was really horny now & my pussy was filled with cum & also wet with my juices & this guy just rammed that big dick up inside me & yes i felt it stretching my pussy he then told his friend to put his cock in my mouth & keep it there & then said to me “ listen keep his cock in your mouth whilst I fuck your Pussy don’t take it out at all u understand what I’m saying you dirty slut?” I nodded & then took his friends cock in my mouth & got comfortable because I knew what the guy was doing, he wanted to bang my pussy hard and having a cock in my mouth so I couldn’t scream or shout. He also told his friends to make sure I didn’t move and to hold my legs in place so I knew he wanted to bang me like a slut & what he didn’t know was I wanted him to. So he pushes the full length of his long thick cock inside me & I can feel his balls on my pussy & then looked at me & said “I’m gonna bang your fucking Pussy now u whore & I don’t care if u can’t handle all this big banging your cunt your just gonna lay there & take this cock till I decide I wanna cum in your cunt & stop” and then he started banging my pussy hard and fast treating me like a dirty whore (which I loved being) then I heard him say he was cumming & he’s gonna pump and fill this pussy with cum which he then did. It must of made his friend who was slowly wanking his cock in my mouth horny coz he said “fuck that was horny it’s made me want to cum” & as his friend was climbing off me he replied “well cum then, just make her suck it & then shoot your load in her mouth” so he stopped wanking his cock in my mouth & started slowly fucking my mouth & said “bitch grab my cock & start wanking it in your mouth till I cum & when I do I don’t want you to take my cock out your mouth till you have swallowed every last drop of my cum & till I tell you to” to which again I nodded. I then felt his thick warm cum on my tongue so I made sure I swallowed it & then squeezed his cock for every last bit of his cum then licked & sucked his cock clean. His other friend then said “have u finished cummin in her mouth because I want to empty my load in her mouth aswell now” so his friend pulled his cock out my mouth & it was quickly replaced by another cock which as soon as it entered my mouth I felt him shoot all his warm cum & there was lots of it which again I made sure I swallowed every last drop then licked & sucked his cock till it was clean. Then i heard one of them say “right lads shall we hit the club now” & they just got up climbed out the back of the van & were gone. So it was now 12:45am so i told Stacey she should jump in the back of the van now because there should be more guys turning up soon.SUNDAY (12.45AM)Stacey Is already in the back of the van legs half open & ready for the next cock to slip inside her hot liitle pussy. Then a car pulls up & 2 guys jumped out but the driver stayed in the car with the engine still running. They come to the back of the van & said “weve got a cab waiting so can we both just jump in & fuck your girlfriend quickly?” i said yeah go for it & the both jumped in the back. 2 minutes later the first guy got out of the back & said thanks for that mate & headed back to the cab & then a couple of minutes later out come his friend who said thanks and then jumped in the cab and they were gone. there were a couple more cars that had pulled into the car park & parked up & approached me so obviously i sent the first guy in then when hed finished the 2nd guy went in & a few more cars appeared so when the 2nd guy was done in went the 3rd, 4th & finally the 5th guy. When the last guy left it was getting late & i told stacey i was fucking horny & i think we should stop now & go home & have a play upstairs & talk about everything that had happened tonight. In total Stacey let 19 guys she didnt know use her pussy to fuck and out of them 19 cocks 13 of them fucked her bareback & cuum inside her pussy.STRANGERS THAT STACEY LET FUCK HER PUSSY: 19STRANGERS THAT FUCKED STACEY’S PUSSY BAREBACK: 13

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