French College Babe


It was during my first year of college that I met Chantal. She was twenty two, four years older than me at the time, and also a student. She had just arrived from France when we first met in the library.

‘Excuse me, but do you know how to use zis computer system?’ asked a slender black-haired beauty in a short miniskirt.

‘I think so, lemme try it.’

She had on white socks nearly up to her thighs and a tiny black leather jacket over her white collared button-up shirt that looked about six sizes too small. Her chest was ample and her midsection was bare. Her belly button sported a diamond stud. She looked, frankly, like she was auditioning for a porno.

I got her straightened out using the library computer, smiled and went back to my book.

Later that day I was hanging out in a hallway reading or something when she came up to me again.

‘Oh, ello again! Do you know where is ze washroom?’

I told her where it was and she decided to introduce herself. ‘By ze way, I’m Chantal. I just arrived from Paris yesterday.’ I gave her my name and shook her dainty hand. ‘I ave to go, but I’ll see you around!’ ‘I hope so,’ I answered, and she left.

Over the next few days we met often in the halls. It was quickly apparent that we were pendik escort attracted to each other and we were soon making out whenever we got the chance.

Our second or third makeout session, we sojourned to a sunlit but very secluded spot beneath the stairwell and I was pretty sure I was gonna get my cock wet.

‘Oh yes! Kiss me!’ she said in her sexy thick French accent. ‘Grab my tits underneas my shirt!’ she was hooking her leg around my butt as we basically dry-humped standing up, her soft horny moaning echoing in the empty stairwell. ‘We have to be quiet,’ I warned. ‘Yes, yes…’ she agreed breathily.

Soon I was groping her pussy underneath her plaid miniskirt. It was sopping wet, hot, completely shaved smooth, and barely covered by the skimpiest of thongs. She massaged my fifteen-inch cock through my jeans as I fingered her soft pussy. She freed my sausage from its confines and it stood out above my open fly in her dainty stroking hand. My dick was bigger than her forearm!

She knelt down and did her best at fitting the head of my cock into her mouth and giving me head. After some time she stood back up and slathered her saliva all over my meat and stroked it.

‘I do not want to get pregnant, so I want you only to fuke me up my ass,’ she escort pendik explained.

‘Can you take this cock up your ass, baby?’

‘Yes. My boyfriend in Paris always made me put sings up my ass, so now I can do it very good.’

‘Do you still have a boyfriend back in Paris??’ I asked.

‘No, don’t worry. We broke up before I came over ere. Do you want to fuck my ass??’

‘Hell yeah! Just spread your ass open for me, babe…’

Chantal applied copious amounts of KY which she seemed to have conjured out of thin air onto her asshole and held her gorgeous ass-cheeks apart for me. I pressed the monstrous head of my dick onto the opening of her shit-hole.

‘Ready?’ I asked.

‘Fuke my ass!’ she hissed.

I didn’t need asking twice, and slowly slid my meat up into her hot, tight, lubed up shitter. She moaned as her tightest of holes took my massive cock several inches deep. It was amazing she could even take it, but she was obviously very accustomed. It was tight as all hell, but she seemed relaxed and to be truly enjoying it.

‘Give me more! Give me all of your coque!’ she moaned as I slid my dick deeper and deeper up her hot French bum.

Inch by inch by inch I pressed my shit oh so fucking deep up her ass until amazingly pendik escort bayan my balls were pressed tight up against her bum-cheeks.

‘Oh my fukeing god!’ she exclaimed. I’d never been so deep up any girl’s ass before. She was a hot sexy freak of nature! ‘Fuke my asshole!!’ she urged.

Slowly at first I began fucking her ass. Fifteen inches in, and out again, I slid my thick fucking shit up her ass. She seemed to be totally loving it. And I definitely was!

The speed increased gradually until I was just plowing up her ass with all the force I could muster. The racket we must have been making could probably have been heard five floors above us, but we didn’t give a shit at that point and were just single-mindedly determined to fucking cum.

She didn’t take too long to cum. Chantal shook, bucked, moaned, gushed, and clasped her asshole around my dick as she came hard. I was soon to follow suit. I gripped her big boobs as I stroked my long meat in and out of her tight fucking asshole bringing myself over the edge. I blasted a huge hot load fifteen inches deep up her tight slippery fucking rectum and continued fucking her after I’d cum.

We stood catching our breath for a moment before hastily shoving my dick back into my jeans and pulling her skimpy neon-green thong back up into place. She kissed my lips and promised to have me over that Friday night.

‘Zen we can fuke all night up my ass, yes?’

‘It’s a date, Chantal.’

Holy fuck, what a babe!

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