Friday After Dark

Friday After DarkThey lay there a while, recovering from two rounds of amazing sex, making small talk. Joe decided to raid the cooler and see what goodies Leigh brought. ?Hmm, fruit and Oreos,? he said, ?you must have packed in a hurry.? ?Well someone rushed me. Besides, I did bring stuff for sandwiches too.? Her phone beeped a text message and she jumped up to grab it. ?You expecting someone?? She didn?t answer, but read the message and smiled at him. ?So how do you feel about going out for a while?? she asked. ?I guess that depends on where we?re going and why.? ?Well, I have a little surprise for you, and I don?t think you want to pass it up.? He looked at her, curious what she was up to. ?OK, so is there anything I should know before I get ready?? She went to her bag and started pulling out her clothes for the evening. ?Well, I?ll show you what I?m wearing, and then you can decide what you?re wearing, deal?? She pulled out a black g-string, showing it to him as she laid it aside, then she pulled out her dress. As she unfolded it, he wasn?t sure what to expect. She held it up in front of her, and he felt his cock twitch. It was a red leather mini-dress, with a corset-style tie that ran down the front, and he could only imagine how far, but his first thought was that he would be surprised if it even covered her g-string. ?Wow!? was all he could say as he looked at her. ?If you put that on we might not leave.? ?Sure we are. And right now I?m going to take a shower if you?d like to join me.? She laid the dress on the bed and stopped to kiss him on her way by, slowly and gently fondling his cock as they kissed. He thought to himself ?Oh yeah, quickie in the shower!?Leigh turned on the water and leaned over the tub to feel for the temperature. She heard him behind her, then felt his hands on her hips, rubbing her ass. ?You know, you could put that dress on and we could stay here, or just skip the dress completely.? She stood and turned to face Joe as she took his half erect cock in her hand. ?Don?t you worry, both of you are going to get quite a workout tonight.? They kissed and she slowly stroked him, feeling his cock grow in her hands. She sat on the side of the tub and took him in her mouth, the taste of her pussy still on him. She sucked and stroked him until he was fully erect as he stroked her hair and watched, then looked up at him. ?If you want a quickie in the shower, you better get in.? He took her hand as she stood and climbed in the tub. He climbed in behind her and closed the curtain as she turned on the shower.She turned to face him, wetting her hair, and he couldn?t help but fondle her breasts. She smiled, her eyes still closed. He leaned in and sucked her nipple, suddenly erect from his attention. She pretended to ignore him, leaning over to grab the shampoo. he took the bottle from her and set it back down, then turned her around and leaned her over against he wall, the shower running down her back and across her ass. He slid inside her effortlessly, her pussy still wet from their playtime. He thrust deep inside her and she moaned, encouraging him to fuck her. He fucked her hard and deep, her moans echoing in the bathroom. She came quickly, gripping the bar in the shower as tightly as she did his cock, but he didn?t stop. ?Fuck this is hot,?he thought to himself as he pumped every inch of his cock inside her eager pussy. He grabbed her shoulders, fucking her harder, feeling the urge to cum already. ?Oh fuck, I?m gonna cum already baby!? She stood, pulling away from his cock, and got on her knees in front of him in the shower. She grabbed his cock and began to stroke him furiously, stopping momentarily to take him deep in her throat a few times. She looked up at him, ?Cum on my face baby.? That was all the encouragement he needed. The floodgates broke and his cum began squirting on her face, her eyes closed and her mouth open. She?d never let him do that before, and just the thought of it had made him loose control. She milked every drop from his cock, then took it deep in her throat and sucked the head momentarily before smiling up at him, then she leaned back into the shower and rinsed her face. ?Oh yeah, I liked that!? he proclaimed.He helped her up and they showered, teasing but getting the job done. They dried off and he went to sit in front of the air conditioner to cool off while she got ready. He watched her as she brushed her hair and rubbed on lotion, thinking how sexy she was. She brushed her teeth, then started to dress, the little g-string looking very delicious on her and stirring all sorts of thoughts in his head. She slipped the dress on and he noted that the bottom of the opening that strung up fell below her belly button.As she straightened the trusses and tied it, he couldn?t help but comment,?Mmm, not something to wear to mother?s house, but damn it?s sexy. Is everyone where we?re going going to be as sexy as you?? Leigh glanced at him, ?I hope not, but they?ll try. You?d better get dressed or we?re going to be late.? He reluctantly got up and put on something presentable, that she didn?t frown at. He watched her put on her 4? black strappy heals, and they left.Joe watched her climb in his truck and slapped her ass just before she sat down. ?What?s that for?? she asked. ?It?s for being mysterious. Now, where are we going?? She gave him an address and he put it in the GPS. As they drove, she reached over, rubbing his leg and working her way up to his cock, which she?d awakened before she got there. He turned onto the road where their destination was, in a very nice neighborhood, and asked her if she really wanted him to go inside with a hard cock. ?It?s going to get that way anyway,? she said, winking at him. They pulled up to the house and there were several other cars there. ?Friends of yours?? he asked and she nodded with a devious smile. ?Don?t worry, you?ll fit right in.?They walked to the door and Leigh rang the bell. Joe saw the shape of a woman walking to the door, and his eyes widened as she opened it and he saw her. She was wearing a black leather mini-skirt and what amounted to a matching halter-style leather bra. ?Hey guys, we were just wondering about you. Thought you?d changed your mind and decided to stay in tonight. Come on in.? The ladies hugged and kissed, their mingling tongues piquing his interest in what the evening was about. Leigh turned to him, ?I?m sorry, this is Tasha.? Tasha stepped up and gave him a hug, grabbing his ass as she squeezed him, ?Don?t worry honey, we?re all close around here. Just relax. Let?s go in the living room and get you guys a drink. I just talked to Jessica and Dani, they?re on the way, but otherwise the gang?s all here.? Now he really wondered what she was up to.As they rounded the corner into the living room, he noted that the other 4 woman in the room were just as provocatively dressed as Leigh and Tasha. The 5 men were dressed nicely, but didn?t match the sexy dress of the woman, but he fit in just fine. He was introduced to everyone and a few of the men stepped up to shake hands. Tasha brought them a drink, and he wondered just how she knew what he wanted. His companion looked at him and winked, ?Don?t worry, I took care of you.? They took a seat and made small talk with the group, and he learned that they came from make different professions and social classes, but they all made him feel like everyone was equal here. He couldn?t help but notice the scantily clan women as they talked, his mind wandering. Finally, Jessica and Dani arrived, two beautiful women that Leigh leaned in and whispered to him were a lesbian couple who also sometimes played with men. Finally, he was starting to really get the picture of what was going on here.Tasha brought Jessica and Dani their drinks as they were introduced to Joe. Then Tasha looked around, ?Since everyone?s here, what do you say we all go downstairs?? Leigh took Joe?s hand and led him to the stairway, bringing up the rear of the group. ?What have you gotten me into?? he asked. She looked at him and smiled, ?Trust me, you?re gonna be happy we went out for the evening.? At the bottom of the stairs, the doorway opened to a huge room. The lights were low, there were couches and beds, and a few contraptions that looked like torture devices. Tasha turned and addressed everyone, ?Since you were all here last, we?ve opened the pool and the hot tub has been repaired, so feel free to use them also. If we run out of towels, there are more in the closet under the stairs, just in case I?m too preoccupied to get them out.? She smiled and there were applause and a few whistles from the men. Joe turned to Leigh, grinning from ear to ear, ?Oh damn, I can?t believe you brought me here. So this is what you?ve been up to while I was gone.? She gave him a devilish grin and nodded, ?Trust me, anything you want is in this room. Have fun and treat everyone right, you?re invited back next time.?A couple consisting of a curvy blonde-haired woman and a very muscular man, who hadn?t spoken to them yet, walked over and introduced themselves. He held out his hand to Joe, ?I?m Max and this is my wife Sherry.? They made small talk for a moment before Joe noticed the girls whispering to one another. ?Oh boy, I think we?re in trouble. No telling what these two are coming up with,? Max said. Sherry looked at Joe, sizing him up, ?So just how new are you to this?? Joe wasn?t sure what to say. ?I?ve never been to one of these before, but I?ve been dying to. Leigh and I talked about it before I left, but didn?t get around to it, but I see you illegal bahis guys have been taking good care of her while I was gone.? Sherry reached up and untied Leigh?s dress as she leaned in to kiss her, ?We all take good care of each other around here.? The men watched as the ladies stood there kissing and groping one another, just long enough to make their pants begin to feel uncomfortable. Leigh looked at Joe, ?I think it?s time to go find a locker.?They walked into a small locker room, complete with a large multi-head shower and about 20 lockers on one wall. The men watched the ladies set their drinks aside and help one another undress as they stripped down and put their clothing in a locker. They couldn?t help but notice the others as they walked in and quickly undressed as well. Leigh laid Sherry on the higher of the benches and began to slowly lick her pussy as the men watched. She looked up at the men as her tongue flicked Sherry?s clit, making her squirm. ?It looks like these two are enjoying the show,? she said to Sherry. Sherry looked back, excited at the sight of two hard cocks behind her. ?Then I don?t know why they?re back there.? Max quickly walked over behind Leigh, looking at Joe, ?You mind?? Joe smiled, ?Hell, I don?t if you don?t.? Max didn?t even answer, he urged Leigh onto her feet, still licking Sherry?s pussy, and began rubbing her from behind, first with his fingers, then with the head of his cock. Joe stood close to Sherry and she took his cock in her hand, then started licking and sucking his balls. Joe began to rub her breast as she thoroughly explored him. He loved the sensation, but also couldn?t help watching as Max slid his cock inside Leigh from behind. She sucked Sherry?s clit hard as he pulled her to him. He looked down at Sherry, watching as he cock now disappeared down her throat again and again.Joe wasn?t uncomfortable, but quickly decided that this wasn?t the ideal place for this. Leigh seemed to red his mind, and started kissing her way up Sherry?s body, pulling away from Max?s cock. When she reached her breasts, Sherry stopped to look at her, and Leigh said, ?Let?s go find somewhere a little more comfortable for everyone.? Leigh stood and helped Sherry up, and they went exploring. Sherry rubbed Joe?s ass, then slapped it, as they walked out of the locker room. ?I only bite if you ask me to,? she said and started laughing. Max chimed in, ?Don?t let her fool you. She can be one mean little mistress when she wants to be, and I have the scars to prove it.? Sherry told Joe not to pay any attention to him, that she?d never done anything to Max he didn?t ask her to, but admitted that she was one kinky little bitch. They found an empty spot on a large bed area that was only half occupied by several women who were well occupied with one another, but invited them in. Leigh looked at Joe, ?Are you ready for the big leap? It?s all one slippery slope into sexual debauchery from here.? She whispered in his ear, ?You don?t have to do anything you?re uncomfortable with, but you can also have all your kinks and fantasies made a reality. You can watch, participate, or give instructions. There?s no jealousy and everyone respects one another?s boundaries. And by the way, Sherry loves it in the ass, including DP, and Tasha won?t tell you so, but once she gets about half drunk, she does too.? Joe looked at her, ?I?m in.? Sherry took another big drink and set her cup aside. joe thought to himself that they?d already fucked twice that day and he was grateful it was going to take him forever to cum this time, because he wanted to enjoy this evening.Sherry had laid on the bed and Leigh climbed on top of her, pinning Sherry?s legs behind her arms for better access to her pussy, and dove in tongue-first. Max got on his knees behind her, Sherry taking his cock in her mouth as she slid two fingers into Leigh?s pussy. Leigh looked up at Joe?s cock, just inches away and licked her lips at him. He offered her his cock and she took it deep in her throat. Max slid two fingers inside her too and she moaned, the vibration on Joe?s cock feeling so good. The couple fingered Leigh harder, and Joe knew by the way she sucked his cock that she was getting close now. ?Fuck her hard Max, make her cum,? Joe said, and max put a third finger inside her, fucking her harder now. A few strokes and she came hard, sucking his cock just as hard she she came. He watched as Max pulled his cock away and offered his fingers to Sherry to suck instead. Leigh looked down at Sherry?s wet pussy, then smiled up at Joe, ?I get to make her cum first,? then dove back in to Sherry?s pussy, licking and sucking before she inserted 2 fingers. Joe and Max both watched as the girls played, their moans and cries getting louder. All around them, the other women were licking, sucking, and gyrating against one another.Leigh and Sherry licked and sucked one another until they came several times, then Leigh looked up at Joe, smiling, ?I think she?s ready for a big cock. You gonna let her have it?? He moved in between Sherry?s legs, still pinned back by Leigh?s arms as she continued to eat Leigh?s pussy. Max slapped Leigh on the ass, she was so close to cumming now. Sherry buried her tongue deep inside her and sucked her clit as she ground her pussy against her face. Joe rubbed Sherry?s pussy with his cock, then Leigh looked at him, ?Fuck me baby,? and he slid deep inside just as Leigh came, squirting her cum into Sherry?s mouth as Joe gave her every inch of his cock. Leigh rolled off Sherry, leaving the men to have their way with her. Max?s cock in her mouth and Joe?s in her pussy. She stopped to kiss Joe, telling him to fuck her good for her too, then walked to the bar.Joe thrust deep inside her over and over, loving the sight of her breasts bouncing as she sucked Max?s cock. She grabbed Max?s ass, pulling him deeper into her throat and gagging on it as she came on Joe?s cock. They swapped positions, and Joe laid down as Sherry climbed on top and rode his cock while Max went for a drink. Sherry rode him hard, cumming on his cock several times, begging him to fuck her harder the more she came, then begging him to spank her ass. He slapped her as she bounced up and down on his hard cock, moaning and screaming, begging for more as he fucked her hard. She came hard and held his cock deep inside her, her pussy milking his cock as her eyes rolled back. ?Oh fuck yes, I?m cumming!? she screamed, breathless.Leigh and Max watched from the bar, having a few shots and flirting. Max laughed when he heard Sherry scream, pointing that direction over his shoulder, ?I think she likes him.? Leigh laughed and asked him, ?You think we should save him from her?? ?Nah, the worst thing that can happen to him is she asks him to fuck her in the ass.? ?He?d love that. He doesn?t get that at home.? He stood and threw back another shot, stroking his cock back to a full erection, ?In that case, let me go warm her up for him.? Leigh ordered another drink, flirting with the bartender, and watched as Max walked over and kissed Sherry while she rode Joe?s cock, then she sucked and stroked him as she came again, Max asked her, ?You ready for both of us baby?? and her eyes lit up. ?You up for it man?? Max asked Joe. ?Hell yeah,? he responded.Max lubed up his cock and climbed on the bed, straddling Joe?s legs. ?This what you want baby?? he asked her. ?Oh yeah,? sherry answered, then leaned down and started kissing Joe as Max pushed the head of his cock inside her tight ass. Joe felt her stiffen slightly, so he massaged her breasts and flexed his cock inside her. She moaned softly, leaning back like she wanted more. Max slid deeper inside her, and Joe couldn?t believe how tight it made her pussy feel.Max slowly slid in and out of her ass a few times and she came again. As soon as she relaxed, he leaned over and asked her if she wanted all of him. ?Please give it to me baby,? she said without opening her eyes. Joe massaged her breasts as Max grabbed her shoulders and slowly slid the rest of his cock inside her. ?Oh fuck, I?m gonna cum!? she screamed. Max started fucking her slowly and she came again. They both started fucking her slowly, her moans getting louder as they fucked her harder and harder.Leigh watched them, and another lady, Abby, walked over to talk to her, ?Hey sugar, what you doing over here all alone?? Leigh pointed to the trio on the bed, ?Making sure he?s OK first.? ?Honey, it looks like he?s doing just fine,? she said. ?Why don?t you go have some fun? Several of us are about to hit the hot tub. You know everyone loves hot tubbing with you.? Leigh laughed as she thought of the last time she was here, when she ended up with two cocks in her pussy in the hot tub. Fuck that was hot, she thought to herself. ?I?ve just been getting in the right frame of mind I guess,? she said laughing. Abby called the bartender over and ordered 2 rounds of shots for them. ?Damn Abby, you trying to get me drunk?? Leigh said laughing. ?Honey, whatever it takes for you and I to have a good time,? she said as she held up the first one. She clinked glasses and downed their drinks. ?I know how much more fun you have when you loosen up girl. Don?t worry, we?ll look out for you?.and him,? she said as she motioned toward Joe. The ladies ordered a glass of wine and downed their other shots as they watched Max and Joe wear Sherry?s ass out. Max had fucked her ass for a while, then had her turn over so Joe could have a turn. Max grabbed her shoulders, fucking her pussy hard and pulling her down on both their illegal bahis siteleri cocks as she came.Leigh and Abby ordered another drink and walked out to the hot tub. ?Look who I found at the bar, all alone,? Abby announced. Abby?s husband, Mike, and another couple, Anna and Eddie, were already in the hot tub. ?What the hell you doing in there girl?? Anna asked. Abby answered for her, ?She?s afraid that stud she brought wasn?t gonna have a good time!? Leigh shook her head, ?He just doesn?t know anyone, so I didn?t want to run off and leave him.? Mike said ?I think it?s getting to know Sherry?s ass pretty well.? They all laughed. Everyone knew that Sherry was one of the few ladies in the group that was really into anal sex. ?He hasn?t talked you into that yet?? Mike asked. ?Nope, he knew up front it wasn?t my thing, so he hasn?t been a big deal.? Leigh slipped into the hot tub and Mike offered her a seat with them. Eddie asked, ?Are you the official hot tub cock checker today?? looking at nobody in particular. Anna told him, ?You?re just a pervert who wants someone to grab your cock. Doesn?t matter who it is.? ?Hey, in this group, I know it?s gonna be good no matter who grabs it.?Inside, Max told Joe, ?I?m gonna let you handle this one all by yourself for a while. I think I?m gonna rinse off, grab a drink & head to the hot tub.? Sherry rolled over and got on her knees next to him, then leaned over to give him a quick kiss. ?I want you to get behind me and fuck me any way you want to.? Not one to complain about that kind of offer, he rolled off the bed and stood there, motioning her over. She turned around and backed up to him, Sherry caught the eye of Dani, who was one of the other girls on the bed, who came over to join them without a word. Dani laid down in front of Sherry and Tasha followed. Dani and Tasha kissed, then Tasha straddled her head, grinding her pussy against her face as she licked her pussy. Joe was fascinated by what he saw, and it made his cock even harder as he slid it in Sherry?s ass again. He began to spank her, and she screamed for more as he fucked her ass harder and faster. He slapped her ass again and she screamed as she came, the spasms feeling so good on his cock as he fucked her hard and deep. She came several more times as he slapped her ass. ?Oh yeah, this is fucking great,? he thought to himself. She finally collapsed, saying she had to have a break and a huge drink.Joe went to get Sherry a drink and noticed that Leigh was out in the jot tub. He came back and as they sat there catching their breath, Sherry told him house rules were you have to shower after anal. That made perfect sense to him, and he asked her if she wanted some help. She smiled and agreed, and off to the shower they went. He followed her into the shower room, and she turned the water on. While they wanted for the water to warm up, she grabbed a handful of liquid soap and some water in her hand and offered to give his cock a ?special cleaning.?He didn?t protest, so she walked up and took his still-erect cock in her soap-filled hand, massaging him from the head down to his balls. ?So, can you always fuck this long without cumming?? she asked. ?No, but we?ve been busy all afternoon. I think she was preparing me for a marathon night,? he said. Sherry rubbed him with both hands now, one on his cock and one on his balls, slow and sensual, but still fast enough to keep him completely hard. ?So what?s it gonna take for you to cum now?? Sherry asked. ?I never know. I usually just keep fucking her different ways until it happens. But, if she really wants me to cum, she can do it with a blowjob every time, no matter how many times I?ve cum already.? Sherry looked surprised, ?So you?re telling me that Leigh could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose?? she asked giggling. ?Yep, pretty much.? Sherry led him into the shower by his cock, and got on her knees under the water, ?Gotta get the soap off somehow, and a good titty fuck does it every time. She grabbed another handful of soap and rubbed it over her breasts, and he slid his cock in between as she gripped him with them. As the soap rinsed off, she started sucking the head of his cock, then took him deep in her throat as she massaged his balls. He thought of Leigh in the shower earlier when he shot his load on her face. That was the first time he?d had the urge to cum since they got there. He backed away, ?I think we?d better finish up and get back.? She flashed him a knowing smile and got up, quickly washing herself off as they made small talk. They finished up and he started to grab a towel. ?Don?t bother, I?m sure you?re going to the hot tub, aren?t you?? He agreed, so they grabbed their drinks and walked out.He paused at the bar for refills for them both, then they walked outside. ?You two finally come up for air?? Max asked. Joe slid into the tub behind Leigh, and she reached behind her and grabbed his cock, ?I see you saved something for me.? ?You gave me quite a workout this afternoon. You knew it was going to take more than that for me to cum a third time today.? Mike looked at them, shocked, ?A third time? Damn, I have to be careful not to cum twice while we?re here or I won?t have anything for Abby when we get home.? Leigh stroked Joe slowly behind her, then massaged his balls. Joe set his drink aside, then grabbed Leigh and lifted her up, setting her back down on his cock. He could feel her tense immediately around him. He whispered in her ear, ?If you?re gonna play with my cock, you?re gonna get it.? She leaned back against him, pulled her feet up on the seat on either side and began to slowly ride him as he massaged her breasts. ?Watch out now, that?s how it started the last time. Next thing you know you got two cocks,? Mike said. ?Mmmm, I missed that. You get two cocks in my pussy in the hot tub without me?? She nodded as she pulled one of his hands down to her clit.Eddie looked around at Max and Mike, ?Hmmm, obviously he needs help. Let?s see what I can do.? He waded over and leaned in to kiss Leigh as he rubbed her clit. Joe moved both hands back to her breasts, helping her as she rode his cock. She started moaning loudly as she started gripping his cock tighter with her pussy. He knew she was getting close and he started pulling her down harder on his cock. It only took a few hard strokes for her to cum. Abby told Eddie to come sit on the side and let her help him ?firm up? so he could help Joe. She started slowly stroking him, sucking on the head of his cock, then moving deeper, covering it with her saliva as she stroked him up and down.Joe whispered in Leigh?s ear, ?Did you like watching me fuck Sherry?? ?Oh yeah,? she answered. ?Did you see me fuck her in the ass? Did that make you hot?? ?Uh huh,? she answered. ?Do you want me to fuck you like that?? he asked her. ?No, I like your cock right where it is.?Abby heard the whole conversation, ?Not going to pull a fast one on her.? Eddie slid back into the water, his cock now rock hard, ?Thank you dear,? he said to Abby, then gave her a quick kiss. ?I think she?d rather have two in her pussy than one in her ass.? Joe whispered to her again, ?Do you like having two cocks in my pussy?? She nodded, about to cum again. He pulled her down hard on his cock a few times and she squeezed him tight as she came. Eddie rubbed her clit and she quickly came again. Joe whispered to her, ?You?re a naughty girl, and we?re gonna fill that pussy up tight. That?s what you really want. You just relax now.? The alcohol was really starting to work on her now, and relaxing was no problem at all. She turned her head and she and Joe kissed. Eddie moved in and started trying to get his cock in. Joe grabbed her under her legs, forcing her to relax further. Abby licked and sucked her nipple, then they kissed while Eddie tried again.Eddie?s cock slid deep inside her and she gasped and came immediately. ?Oh yeah, that was a good one wasn?t it?? Joe said in her ear, ?My pussy likes to be full, just like when he put my fist in there. You like that don?t you?? He could feel her about to cum again already. Eddie stroked in and out of her and she screamed out as she came. The two worked together, thrusting in and out of her pussy as she moaned loudly and screamed as she came over and over. Quickly the hot tub became a jungle of intertwined bodies, the women feeding off each other?s moans of ecstasy. They fucked her until Eddie was about to cum and pulled out. Leigh was panting hard, her body twitching from the aftershocks, Joe?s cock still deep inside her. ?Mmm, you liked that, didn?t you? We?ll have to do that more often.? She just laid back against him, a big grin on her face, watching everyone else.Tasha sat on the side beside them, ?Leigh, you mind if I borrow this stud for a while when he?s no longer occupied?? Leigh just looked up at her and grinned, that well-fucked with a good buzz look about her. Joe whispered in her ear, ?You OK if I go?? Leigh just nodded and he helped her move over sitting by herself, then climbed out and walked off with Tasha. ?So what can I do for you??Joe asked. ?Well, I wanted to show you something and see if you were interested in it.? They walked to the far corner of the large room inside and she opened the door. the room was much darker even than where they?d come through, lit only by a few candles. Tasha?s boy-toy, Eric, was waiting for them. Tasha introduced them, and proceeded to explain where they were, and why. ?This is a somewhat special part of the house. I don?t play much or often the way I?d like, canlı bahis siteleri because it?s not so much in line with what you?ve seen tonight. However, Eric and I go way back, and he knows exactly how to scratch my every itch. So why do I have these parties? Because I love to entertain and I love all kinds of sex, but when it comes time to have what I really want, most of what really gets me off is in this room.? Joe wandered around for a few moments, looking at the various gadgets and instruments on the walls. ?Don?t worry, most of that is just museum pieces. The good stuff is over here.?He watched as Eric tied her down, spread-eagle, in a suspended circle, wearing a blindfold. It reminded him of da Vinci?s Vitruvian Man drawing, Eric released a lock and turned her around, facing the wall. He walked over to her, ?Have you been a good little slut today?? She didn?t answer, so he slapped her ass. ?I asked if you?ve been a good little slut today.? ?Yes,? she said quietly. ?I can?t hear that,? he said, and slapped her ass again. ?Yes,? she said, a little louder. He asked her, ?Have you been playing with pussy today?? ?Yes,? she answered, and he slapped her ass again, ?Don?t you know better than to play with pussy without me?? He picked up a flogger from the table and slapped her ass with it, making her jump, then looked at Joe. ?I think she needs a real spanking. Would you like to do the honors?? Joe smiled slightly and walked over, slapping her ass with his bare hand. ?Bad sluts get spankings,? and he slapped her ass three times in a row. He looked down and saw something wet running down her leg. Eric saw it too, ?You didn?t cum did you? Nobody told you that it was time yet.? ?No,? she answered. Eric ran his hand up her thigh to her wet pussy, then tasted it. ?Mmm, that sure tastes like your cum. I think you need more spanking.?Joe slapped her ass three more times and watched as more ran down her leg. ?I don?t believe you. I think it?s time for something different.?He turned her around and leaned her back. Then Joe watched as Eric dripped hot wax on her naked breasts and stomach. Joe could see her breathing had increased and she cringed slightly with each drop, yet she had a very content look on her face, more wetness running down her legs. He handed Joe a ladle of wax, which he proceeded to pour across her breasts. Tasha moaned as the wax ran down her body and the wetness ran down her legs. Eric then turned Tasha upside down and facing the wall. Eric reached for a vibrator, which he stuck inside her pussy. It was cold as it entered her and she moaned with delight. Joe stepped in and spanked her ass again, then turned on the vibrator. Eric stood in front of her and slowly fucked her with it as Joe spanked her ass, making her beg Eric to fuck her harder and let her cum. Eric fucker her hard and fast, ?Don?t you cum yet. You?re not allowed. If you cum you?re going to be punished and you?re not going to like it.?Tasha tensed, trying her hardest to hold back her orgasm. Joe spanked her ass again and she couldn?t hold it back any longer. She cried out and her body twitched as she came.Eric turned her over and took the restraints off, then strapped her to another contraption, She was on her knees, her legs spread, bent over, looking straight out in front of her (except she was still blindfolded). Her ankles were strapped in and her hands were tied behind her back, then her head was strapped into the harness so she couldn?t look down. ?Now weren?t you more comfortable where you were?? Eric asked. ?Yes,? she answered. ?Don?t get smart with me,? he said and Joe slapped her ass again until it was bright red and there was a puddle in the floor. Eric walked around in front of her, and stuck his cock in her mouth. ?You made a mess, so now you get to suck my cock you little slut,? he said as he slowly fucked her mouth. Joe?s cock was hard as a rock. He knew from Leigh earlier that Tasha was into anal, and what he?d seen so far meant it would be time shortly. Eric looked over at him, ?Don?t just stand there with a hard cock, this slut needs her holes filled.? Joe positioned himself behind her and slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She moaned and he slapped her ass hard. ?That?s it, suck that cock whore.? Eric said as he fucked her mouth deeper and deeper. She gagged on his cock and he buried it deep in her throat again. ?You like that?? he asked her. ?No, she replied as he walked to the table. Joe slowly fucked her, not sure what Eric was up to. He returned with an assortment of clamps. He attached two vibrating ones to her nipples and Joe felt her tighten around his cock. Eric handed him a couple more, ?Here, see if you can find somewhere to hang these from that pussy.? He pulled his cock out and attached one to each of her lips, then watched as her pussy dripped again. ?You see that?? he asked Eric.He set a tray on the floor next to Joe that had several items he?d never seen before, ?I?m sure we can find something to plug that hole up.? He grabbed an extra large vibrator and roughly stuck it in her pussy. She moaned as the vibe hit the bottom and Joe saw her twitch. Eric grabbed a small machine with wires coming out of it, and pads on the end of them. Joe watched as Eric attached one of the pads to each of her breasts, then attached another to the box that had a clamp on the end. Eric dropped the box in a pouch on the device that held her down, then handed the clamp to Joe, ?That one goes on the whore?s clit.? Joe curiously took it and clamped it to her clit, then watched as the vibrator pushed out a little. He pushed it back in hard and Tasha moaned. Eric grabbed another ladle of wax and drizzled it on her back and ass, Joe holding the vibrator deep in her pussy. He decided it was time to turn it on.Tasha gasped, then moaned, and Joe slapped her ass again. Eric slowly turned on the box attaching the leads to her breasts and pussy, making Tasha?s moans even louder. He turned it up again and Joe watched as a puddle formed under her pussy. ?She drippin again?? Eric asked and Joe nodded. Eric grabbed a different, strange looking metal dildo from the tray, and after turning it on, handed it to Joe. Joe expected it to vibrate or something, but it didn?t. ?Careful where you touch that. Put it in her cunt and see what happens.? Joe turned off the vibrator and pulled it out, then replaced it with the new dildo. As soon as he touched her, she started moaning loudly, and in moments her pussy gushed as she came. ?Internal electrical stimulation, gotta love it,? Eric said, then walked around to her face and stuck his cock in her mouth. ?You know this means that you?ve been bad again. Nobody told you it was time to cum.? Eric fucked her mouth hard and deep as she gagged on his cock. ?I think she needs something in her ass too Joe.? Joe grabbed the lube and squirted it on her ass, then slowly inserted the vibrator and turned it on low. Tasha moaned and quickly came again. Eric turned up the electric stimulators again and told Joe to put the vibrator on high. In moments her pussy gushed again as she came. Joe slapped her ass, seeing that a few little bruises had begun to form.?I think you?re going to have to fuck her ass. She?s being a bad little slut tonight,? Eric said as Tasha gagged on his cock and came again. Joe pulled out the vibrator and slid his cock in her ass, balls deep. He felt her tense as she came and he began to stroke in and out of her. He could almost swear he could feel a little of the electrical tingle from the dildo in her pussy. ?You like having all those holes filled you little whore?? Eric asked her as he turned up the stimulators again. Joe fucked her ass, hard and deep, feeling her cum over and over against his cock. She felt so good around him, and he just couldn?t stop fucking her. ?You gonna drink my cum??Eric asked her, ?or do you want us to both cum in your ass?? Eric looked at Joe, ?Who?s gonna cum in her ass first?? Joe wasn?t close, but he didn?t want to stop fucking her either. Eric pulled his cock from her mouth and brought a second electrical stimulation box over, ?Here, put this on your balls. You?ve never cum so hard in your life.? Joe was apprehensive, but he pulled out and attached the pads to his balls, then slid back in her ass. Eric turned on the unit and put it on a low setting. Joe immediately felt it, slightly painful, but so delicious. He just wanted to fuck the hell out of her ass, and he did. Eric fucked her mouth hard as Joe slammed his cock into Tasha?s ass. It only took a couple minutes and he was so close. Eric turned up the stimulation on Joe?s balls and he grabbed Tasha?s shoulders, fucking her furiously, dying to cum now. he slammed his cock into her ass again and again, so close, thinking to himself ?Come on, give it to me!? Eric turned it up again and Joe buried his cock deep inside her as he came. Eric was right, he?d never come so hard in his life. It was a total body orgasm, and it almost felt like his cum was coming from his toes. His eyes rolled back in his head as Eric turned down the stimulation and his body quivered and jerked, still deep in her ass.Joe sat in the chair and watched as Eric fucked her ass until he came as well, but his mind was in a fog. He dozed off for a few minutes, and was awakened by Tasha, who kissed his head. ?You my dear, will definitely be back.? Eric got up and went to shower, thinking about what a crazy night it had been. He was almost done when Leigh came in. ?You ready to go?? she asked, already dressed. ?Yeah, but I don?t think that you?ll be getting any more tonight.? Leigh laughed, ?It?s OK, I know where you?ve been. It takes a lot out of you.? She turned and walked outside, and he wondered just how much she knew about that room. That was something he was definitely going to have to find out about?..End of Story

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