Friends Curious Daughter 3. Mom’s turn


Friends Curious Daughter 3. Mom’s turnIt was Thursday morning around 9am; I just dropped my younglings off at school and my wife off at the airport She will be at her suppliers’ summit for the next two days. As I arrived back home, I was expecting Yulia to be waiting for me in the driveway. We have been fucking since that fateful morning 2 months ago.To my surprise I didn’t see Yulia’s car when I pulled into the driveway. I went inside and sent her a text “where are you?” She texted back instantly. “I saw my mom’s car driving down your street, I got scared and turned around” I was about to text back, when I heard a knock at my door.I went to answer the door, when I looked out the peep hole, I saw Yulia’s mom, Luba waiting with a big bowl in her hands. I opened the door thinking that she may have found out about the activities me and her daughter were up to. As I opened the door I said “good morning Luba, how are you? Please come in” She said, “Hi Jay, I’m good, I figured since your wife isn’t here to make you good food, I made some piroshki (Russian meat pockets) I hope you will like them.” I smiled and said “wow that is my favorite” She said “I know, I remember how much you liked them the last time I made them” I then said “ wow Luba you look wonderful all dressed up, are you going to a event or something? She said, “no I just felt like doing something new” She looked hot, wearing a tight knee length skirt and a button up shirt. No makeup, she didn’t need any as she has natural beauty.There was an awkward silence, while I set the food on the counter. This was our first time ever being alone. She broke the silence and said “Jay, there is something I need to talk to you about” I instantly felt she knew my secret. I said, “go ahead you can talk to me about anything” She said “ok here it goes… That night at the hotel I have a confession to make, I feel very bad about it, but also I cant stop thinking about it” Confused I said “what are you talking about” She said “that night at the hotel, I heard a sound in the middle of the night and when I got up to investigate I noticed that your covers were off, and I could see your penis”She was beat red. I was embarrassed to hear her say it, my face also turned beat red. Finally, bahis firmaları I said, “I’m sorry Luba I sometimes sleep in the nude. you said you can’t stop thinking about it? Do you mean in a bad way?” She clarified and said, “no no in a good way, I mean I like what I s…. I mean oh my god” She had tears in her eyes and wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I smiled knowing without a doubt that she wanted my little dick in her pussy. We were both still standing so I went to hug her.As I was hugging her my hands went straight to her ass to cup it and caress her round bubbly ass cheeks. She didn’t say anything. I whispered in her ear, “I too have a confession to make, I have been wanting to be with you for the longest time, you are a very beautiful women and I want to give you the pleasure you deserve.” She turned her head to meet mine, and we kissed for the first time. It was a long passionate kiss.As we were kissing, I hooked my hands in the waistband of her skirt and began pulling her skirt down, I got down to my knees and lifted her leg to pull it the rest of the way off. I reached for her panties and began pulling them off. I was greeted by the baldest and the most gaping pussy I had ever seen. I stood and she then bent down to help me with my shorts and boxers, pulling them off me with such energy and force I was taken aback. My hard cock sprang free almost painfully. We stood and took our own shirts off, she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and threw it to the floor, her breast were large and hanging low, her nipples pointed out like the pink holiday Hershey kisses. I revealed my beer belly and man boobs.We hugged again this time my cock rubbing against her bald wet pussy, we started kissing and fondling each other’s’ bodies with a passion and force. I felt her grinding her pussy against my cock, I felt the head of my cock slip easily into her slippery loose pussy. She grinded against my cock hard. I was about halfway inside her loose pussy. I was just enjoying the new feeling, as was she. She started moaning louder with each grinding motion she made, as I slowly pumped her pussy in our standing position.I pulled away and out of her pussy, breaking our embrace. I wanted a better view of her sweet kaçak iddaa gaping cunt. I directed her to the couch and had her sit at the edge and spread her long legs. The view was enticing. Her pussy was gaping at the seams, her love hole was three inches open wide with her legs only halfway spread, her pussy lips were stretched, almost looking more like mud flaps, her clit was small and far from her entrance. I had to get a taste. She had the aroma of a freshly showered smell, with the strong scent of her arousal.She watched with shock and lust in her eyes as my head disappeared into her sopping wet pussy. I found her clit and buried my chin into her pussy. As I was furiously sucking on her clit, I brought my free hand up to her nipple and began gently tweaking it. She started shaking violently, I wanted to give her the best possible orgasm. I began strumming her clit with my fingers like a heavy metal guitar master. She shook nonstop for a good three minutes before I release her clit and looked up into her glazed eyes to see the sweetest expression of total satisfaction in her eyes.I stood up, with pussy juice dripping from my face and chin and said, “Luba, I really need to fuck your beautiful pussy” She said nothing, and got up, walked over to the diner table and bent over resting on the table with her big ass and gaping pussy staring at me. I got behind her and held my dick to her sloppy pussy. Her legs are longer than mine so I couldn’t get all the way in. I had to improvise. I quickly grabbed the large pillows from the couch and set them on the floor. I stepped on them and slid my dick back into her sloppy pussy.I was fucking her long and hard, she was so sloppy wet and loose, that the only feeling I was getting was from the newness of her pussy and the fact of who I was fucking enhanced the feeling. Somehow someway she was moaning the whole time, she was nearing her climax, when I felt her body shake and her loose sloppy pussy clamp around my little dick. As soon as I felt her contractions on my cock, I began fucking her long deep and hard, until I finally felt my eruption coming! I finished hard; I shot a huge load into her. Her pussy let go, and my cock slip out of her. Just as soon as my cock slipped kaçak bahis out, we both fell to the floor, our knees weak our bodies tired and sweaty, we embraced and hugged, sliding our naked bodies together.She smiled and said, “you know if I knew I could have an orgasm during sex, I probably would have jumped on your cock that night I saw it” I said, “wait a minute, are you telling me you never had an orgasm during sex” She said “No and my husband hasn’t given me an orgasm in about 10 years maybe longer” I said “ well from this day on, I will give you one whenever you want, if you want?” She said, “oh I want” I said, “I think I am smaller than your husband, how come I could give you an orgasm.” She smiled and said, “ maybe, but yours is shaped differently and hit me just where it needs to I guess, either way I loved it., by the way your wife is very lucky to get such pleasure” I said “ yeah right the last time she let me eat her pussy was about 8 years ago, every time I try she pushes me away, plus she doesn’t take such good care of her pussy the way you take care of yours, yours smelled perfect and tasted even better” She said “I guess we have found the best supplement in each other to get what were missing” I agreed. Just then I heard the garage door open, it was the younglings coming home from school. Realizing we were naked; we grabbed our clothes and ran up the stairs. We hurriedly put our clothes on.I heard the youngest yell dad were home, and the oldest said what’s that smell. I got dressed and went downstairs and distracted the boys long enough for Luba to sneak down the stairs and out the door.The oldest asked whose car is that in the driveway. I froze and said, “the neighbor asked to park there for a little bit.” Shortly after I got a text from Luba that read “Can you bring my purse outside, its on the counter” I texted back, “give me a minute” I told the boys to go upstairs while I clean. They readily agreed knowing they would have to help if they stuck around.I ran out through the garage to give Luba her purse, she said “same time tomorrow work for you” I said, “maybe a little earlier, I can’t believe how long we lasted”. and kissed her lightly on the lips. She drove off, my balls and dick are still sore from the extra hours of pussy workout today. Not sure I have enough steam for Yulia. She was supposed to come by tonight. (maybe I’ll leave her moms dried pussy juice on my cock and make her suck it off hmm)

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