Friends with Benefit


Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the storyline is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies, but should be a concern for everyone today.


It was late on a Thursday evening and I had just finished several hours of grading the last batch of semester exams for my American History classes; I would record the grades the next morning, finish a few record keeping chores, and then have a weeklong semester break. I stepped out on the patio, stretched my sore muscles, and looked up at the starry sky; the aroma of orange blossoms from the ninety acre grove which surrounded my home filled the warm Florida air.

I thought about the conversation I had had with a female colleague before leaving school that day, “Are you ever going to settle down and find you a good woman marry?”

It was a question I was often asked by my friends and co-workers. I jokingly replied, “Since you are already married to someone else, I guess not; of course, we could have a hot, torrid affair the next time your husband takes off on one of his deep sea fishing trips.”

“Ha, you wish.”

“Yes, I do, almost every day,” I smiled and she rolled her eyes at me.

I explained, “There are just too many good looking widows in this town who need some good loving; not counting the good looking married women whose husbands leave them alone to go fishing, or chase young girls.”

Again, she rolled her eyes and walked away leaving me to watch her lovely, mature bottom undulate gracefully with every step she took; oh the life of a twenty-seven years old male with an over active libido. Humm, I could only wish.

My wishful thinking was broken up by the sound of my phone ringing. I stepped back into the dining room to answer it.


A soft, sexy voice asked, “Is this Will?”


“I hope it’s not too late to be calling you?”

“Of course not, unless you are an angry parent fussing about your child’s grades.”

There was a chuckle, then, “My name is Addison. My husband and I are house- sitting for Edith while she is off on her world cruise.”

“Yes, she mentioned you the last time we spoke. Did she get off as planned?”

“Yes, we took her to meet her boat this morning; she told us to call you and get to know you in case we need your help. Oh, my husband, Stu, is on the extension phone with us.”

“Hi, Stu; are you making sure I don’t flirt with your wife?”

“Hi, Will, no, I’ve gotten used to men flirting with her; it makes me proud knowing other men find her as attractive as I do. Edith has told us some rather exciting stories about you.”

“Oh goodness, you shouldn’t believe a word of it; I’m a true Southern gentleman,” I chuckled.

Addison spoke up, “So we shouldn’t believe the story of how the two of you met?” (See: Homemade Pie) I chuckled as she continued, “I’m sure you can imagine how descriptive she was,” she said with an almost naughty giggle. “After all these years, I still haven’t gotten used to her dirty mouth,” she said with a giggle.

I laughed, “Oh don’t be too hard on her. I’ve learned that even some of the most proper women love taking dirty; Edith is certainly one them,” I said with a laugh.

“We have known her since high school; we used to hang out together before she got married and moved away. Those were some good times, exciting times.” Stu said.

“Yes, they were,” Addison added. “That’s why we wanted to call and invite you over. You sound like a quite the swinger; a friend with benefits,’ I believe is how Edith described you” she laughed.

I chuckled, “I’m not sure that “swinger” is the right word; I prefer the French word, libertine. I’m a young man who loves women and I live in an area teeming with beautiful women. You sound more than just curious about my lifestyle.

Stu quickly spoke up, “At this point in our lives, we feel a need for a little adventure to add a spark to our senior years.”

“Yes, we were surprised when Edith told us about the two of you; Stu and I have wanted to spread our wings a bit, now that the kids are grown and away from home.”

We made a date to get together at Edith’s house the next evening for drinks; there was no mention of anything beyond pleasant conversation.

Both Stu and Addison answered the door together; I was pleasantly surprised by how attractive they were. They had to have been in their mid to late fifties since they were classmates of Edith, but they looked much younger; we hit it off immediately. Stu quickly offered a warm, friendly handshake and Addison kissed my cheek when I handed her a bottle of wine; the hard nipple straining against her silky blouse brushed against my upper arm. There was no doubt in my mind that there would be more than just conversation.

Stu was over six feet tall with graying hair; he had a distinguished look and appeared fit and tan in his polo shirt and walking shorts. It could take an entire bahis firmaları book to properly describe Addison, but I will stick with tall, attractive, and shapely with short gray hair and a very sensuous look about her. She wore a midi style skirt with large, bright flowers that appeared to sway, as if in a gentle breeze, as she moved. Her blouse was a silky yellow color that matched some of the flowers in her skirt; it wrapped around the back of her neck, crossed over the front, and tied low on her back leaving the rest of her back completely bare. The leather ties of her sandals wrapped around her legs up to her knees.

I had been in Edith’s house many times, but I followed behind Addison just to admire the movement of her hips and bottom as she walked. When we got to the sun room, I made my way to the wet bar; the liquor cabinet was still locked, but I knew the combination.

“Good, you know the combination; Edith wrote it down for me, but I don’t know where I put it,” Stu laughed.

I poured the drinks and we sat on the high, swivel stools at the bar to get acquainted. The first half hour or so was just small talk about each other. When I poured the second round, Addison suggested that we move to the more comfortable sofa and chairs. Stu and Addison sat on the sofa and I sat in an upholstered swivel chair across for them; a large coffee table separated us.

“Will, please call me Addie; that’s what Stu and Edith calls me,” she said with a sexy smile as she crossed her legs giving me a nice up skirt shot.

I asked, “So, tell me, what has brought on this urge to spice up your marriage?”

Addie blushed a bit and Stu chuckled, “When the kids moved out on their own, we weren’t sure what to do with all the time we had together,” he began.

“We started going out to parties and dances for the first time in years; we quickly realized we could have fun again and there were lots of possibilities for us. Lots of men made passes at Addie and I was surprised that instead of being jealous, I actually enjoyed it.”

Addie laughed, “When he didn’t get jealous, I sort of pushed the limits to see how far he would let me go; several times it got pretty heated before I stopped it. When we got home, he was like a wild man; the man I had fantasized about as a young girl. Our life was exciting once again.”

“When I admitted to her that I fantasized about watching her with another man; she laughed and told me that she had often fantasized about being with me and another man at the same time.”

Addie laughed, “I sometimes read those cheap romance novels; one of them told about two brothers and a woman out riding horses. They stopped in a high mountain meadow to rest and the story described in detail how the brothers seduced the woman.” She laughed again then added. “I have had that picture in my mind for years.”

Stu added, “In the small town where we live, it wouldn’t do for us to go too far out on a limb; if you know what I mean. Does that sound strange to you?”

“Not at all; I think it is perfectly natural. My philandering in this small town has caused me problems with my principal; he tries to catch me fooling around with married women,” I laughed.

I continued, “Most couples won’t accept the fact that it is completely natural to desire variety in their sex life, at least not for their spouses; so they revert to having affairs behind their back. They tie so much emotional baggage to having sex that it causes them to feel guilty which, in turn, drives a wedge between them and their spouse. I have to tell you though; it takes a strong, self-assured person to share the love of their life with another person. Are you that strong?” I asked them.

We talked about having affairs and marriage. I shared my thoughts about open, same room, sharing where partners can watch each other as they enjoy a completely natural sexual experience.

Addie spoke up, “Watching is part of both of our fantasies: Stu wants to watch me and I want him to watch me. We may not do anything more than try it once, but I think if we don’t at least try it, we will not be happy.”

“I can attest to the fact that being with your spouse while they are having sex with someone else is a beautiful thing and has many rewards.” I added.

While Stu seemed very cool and collected, I noticed that he had to make some adjustments in his shorts while we discussed having sex with others. Addie, on the other hand, was fidgeting like a kid in church; she crossed and uncrossed her legs, wiggled, and squirmed. It was obvious that something powerful was going on in her panties.

When she got up to get the bottle of wine I had brought, she asked, “Is there anything I can get for you while I’m up?”

I couldn’t resist; the bait had been cut, it was now time to fish, “Yes please, would you slip off the panties you are wearing and hand them to me; I love the scent of an aroused woman.”

The request hit her like a rock for a few seconds; she looked at her husband and saw the smile on his face then lifted her skirt and stripped the light pink, French kaçak iddaa cut garment down her long legs and handed them to me with an outstretched arm. Stu sat up straight on the sofa as I took the garment and held it close to my face and inhaled deeply.

I looked at Stu, “They’re damp; I wonder what caused that?”

Addie blushed then sat back down beside her husband; the wine I brought was never mentioned again. Stu ran his hand up the inside of his wife’s leg exposing her treasures for me to admire. I moved from my chair to the sofa and handed Stu his wife’s damp panties; I laid my hand on the inside of her other thigh.

When Stu mentioned the dampness of her panties, Addie laughed, “It’s you guy’s fault with all this sex talk; you got me so hot I can’t sit still. So what are you going to do about it now?”

I asked, “If Stu and I weren’t here what would you do if you were in the same condition and you were alone?”

She giggled and looked at her husband, “You know what I would do!”

“But we want you to tell us just to be sure,” Stu told her.

She, rather shyly mumbled softly, “I would take care of business myself, the same way I did when you were away on business trips.”

I spoke up, “Then show us exactly how you would take care of business; I’ll bet Stu has never seen how you took care of business yourself when he was away.”

“I can’t do that, it would be too embarrassing,” she said covering her face with her hands.

I retorted, “You mean to tell us that you are ready for your husband to watch you spread your long, beautiful legs and wrap them around another man, but you are embarrassed about showing your husband how skillful you were at taking care of your needs when he was away?”

Addie looked at me then at Stu, “Well since you put it that way,” she said then slid her bottom forward on the sofa and lifted her feet to the coffee table. She closed her eyes as she moved her right hand down to the patch of thick, dark pubic hair; several fingers disappeared into her puffy folds, her breathing deepened.

I asked Stu quietly, “Do you think she would like having two men kissing her breasts while she works?” A smile appeared on her face, but her eyes stayed closed.

I reached behind Addie and untied the ends of her wrap around blouse. Stu opened the front exposing his wife’s breasts to another man for the first time; there was a very noticeable bulge in the front of his shorts as we leaned over and began kissing his wife’s hard nipples. Our hands moved slowly over her smooth thighs without disturbing the work her fingers were doing. Between her moans, squishing sounds could be heard; the dark curly hair covering her vulva became matted by the secretions oozing from her folds as her fingers flickered back and forth over her pearl. Her exposed pink, inner lips glistened from an abundance of slick fluid.

Stu winked at me, “Do you think she is thinking of us or those two cowboys in the high mountain meadow?”

Between her moaning, heavy breathing, and busy fingers, Addie still managed to demand, “Shut up! I’m working here,” Stu and I chuckled then went back to her deliciously exciting breasts.

A few minutes later, Addie, gasping for breath and hollering loudly achieved her goal. Her entire body stiffened and rose off the sofa supported by only her feet and shoulders. She collapsed and went completely limp. It was several minutes before she regained her composure and smiled at Stu and I. A minute later she gave us both a kiss. I quickly invoked my guest honor privileges and took her hand away from the messy nest between her legs, inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her still glistening fingers before savoring their juicy taste.

Addie stood up, shook her head and announced, “Wow that was awesome!” She looked at Stu teasingly and informed him, “See, we don’t really need men; we just like keeping them around for our amusement,” then gave him a sexy smile.

Addie slid her untied blouse off her shoulders and walked off in the direction of the bathroom wearing only her skirt and sandals. Stu and I moved back to the wet bar for fresh drinks trying to readjust the swollen appendages in our shorts.

When Addie returned to the room she moved to the middle of the room, knelt down on the carpet, and ordered, “You boys take off your shirts and move over here; I’ll show you what I did for those two cowboys in that high mountain meadow.”

We smiled at each other and did exactly as we were told. On her knees, Addie lined us up side by side and looked up at us with a very sexy, sultry look. With each hand she quickly found the tabs on our zippers and slid them down. We stood there with our hands on our hips with great anticipation for what was going to happen.

She looked up at her husband and asked, “Darling, are you ready for this?”

He nodded that he was; her hands disappeared in our shorts. I had made her task easier by not wearing underwear; I quickly felt the warmth of her hand encircle my engorged cock, I smiled and moaned softly. Her other hand found a way through the kaçak bahis fly of her husband’s briefs; the problem she faced then was to get two fully erect staffs through the smaller openings of our flies. After some tugging on her part and wincing from us, Addie had both hands, full of genuine, turgid man-meat, in the open.

As any man would in this situation, I took a look at the completion; I had a slight length advantage, but my completion had a noticeable girth advantage. There was no obvious “biggest” in the contest.

While she pretended that having two hard cocks in her hands at the same time was a regular occurrence, there was a look of wonderment on her face as she carefully examined each one before kissing her husband’s first then kissing the one belonging to a man she had only met a few hours earlier. She then rubbed them both against the smooth skin of her face; what a beautiful sight it is to watch a beautiful woman rub the head of your cock against her face. Stu seemed to adjust quickly to this aspect of their married life after almost thirty years.

After playing with her toys for several minutes, she began to take her job more seriously by taking each cock in her mouth. She didn’t try to see how much she could take; she just took enough to fill her warm mouth comfortably. Her bare, hard nipples rubbed against our knees as she moved from one cock to the other. Stu was enjoying the sight of another man’s cock in his wife’s mouth. He did get a bit nervous when his wife put both of our cocks together to see if she could get both in her mouth at the same time, but he got through it.

Addie moved her head back after trying to take both cocks in her mouth and asked, “Is this what double penetration means?”

I chuckled, “Not really, but it’s certainly a start.”

She stood up and unbuttoned our shorts and slid them to the floor then dropped her skirt. We put Addie between us and covered her with both of our bodies. Our hands explored her curves and valleys as our lips kissed her face, arms, and shoulders.

I led Addie by the hand to the large wooden coffee table, “Addie, I have had something on my mind since the moment I met you,” I told her as I motioned for her to sit on the table; she looked somewhat puzzled as I dropped to my knees in front of her, “I’ve thought about how delicious you must taste.”

She smiled and leaned backward, supporting herself with her arms behind her as her husband stood close by watching. She lifted foot to my shoulder; her knees splayed open displaying the treat her husband and I had admired while her fingers worked feverishly to lift her to new heights. As I ducked my head between her silky smooth thighs, Addie laid back to enjoy my oral talents and pulled her husband closer; Stu stood over his wife; his legs straddled the table, his cod sack dangling close to her lips.

Between kisses, I admired the absolute beauty of her sex. Her glistening pink labia appeared to erupt from her dark, hair covered, and puffy vulva like hot lava through a fissure. I dipped my tongue into the slick, juicy folds and lapped the creamy nectar. Addie’s hips began a slow grind. I peeked over her pubic mound to see Addie’s right hand wrapped around her husband’s turgid staff and her lips closing around the part of his hair covered cod sack holding at least one of his cods in her mouth. Her left hand was too far back to tell exactly what it was doing, but I wondered if one or two of her fingers may have been the cause of the look of anguish on her husband’s face.

The glistening juices on my face and Addie’s moans of pleasure were a testament to just how much I enjoyed the taste of the beautiful, long legged Addison; I continued to enjoy her aroma throughout the evening with every breath I took.

As we sat on the sofa recovering from our coffee table activities, I asked Addie, “So tell me, how do you want your husband to see you being ravished by another man?”

See gave me coy smile and teased, “Ooh, I didn’t realize I was going to be ravished,” she laughed then added, “How about on my knees from behind?”

“Humm that sounds wonderful,” Stu nodded and smiled in agreement.

“Come on, let’s get this show started,” I said taking her hand and pulling her up.

“Put your knees on the edge of the sofa and rest your arms on the back, knees wider apart. Stu, if you want, stand behind the sofa so she can have something to play with while I work.”

I stood back and admired the beauty before me; she looked over her shoulder when I spoke her name, “Addie, your beautiful bottom looks so inviting, I’m not sure if I want to give if a loving smack or just shower it with kisses.”

“Well, I kinda like both,” she said with a warm smile.

I decided that “both” was the best choice and gave each cheek a good firm, but loving, smack then leaned over and kissed each one numerous times. Addie purred like a kitten. Stu looked down as I took my engorged cock in hand and ran its shinny head up and down his wife’s already slick furrow; I teased her by flicking it across her swollen clit and pressing it against her rear orifice. She began moving her hips from side to side yearning for me to fill her with its mass. Her hand was, once again, wrapped around her husband’s massive meat as she rubbed it over her face.

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