Fuck Ch. 03: The Pool Party


Hey guys. Thanks to everyone who has read, voted, commented, or sent feedback to me. I really appreciate anything you have to say about my stories, even if it’s not a compliment. Constructive criticism ftw! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this next instalment of the “Fuck” series. (I was very tired when I came up with the name but I guess it’s a little too late to change it.) Just wanted to say that I appreciate you guys and hopefully you will feel compelled to leave me a comment to let me know how you feel about it. Maybe even tell me what you want to see out of the stories?


Amelia was sitting on her bed studying once again for her precal class. Her final was two weeks away but the class still had a quiz to do on Friday and it was already Thursday. She stared at the formulas in her notes and textbook and practiced them endlessly. She sighed and put her pen down and looked at her phone. Nothing. Blake hadn’t said anything to her in two days. They had sat together for lunch like they were normally forced to do due to the fact that Kylie and Landon always wanted to sit together. She had taken to wearing tight, low-cut shirts so that she might get Blake’s attention. Blake would say hello and smile at her occasionally but he hadn’t bothered to text her or call her or randomly whisk her away from her studying like she had constantly fantasized him doing.

Studying was taking twice as long as normal lately because Amelia obsessed over the memories she had of fucking Blake. Masturbating would sate her for about 10 minutes but she would wish for his presence soon after that. She was also constantly engaged in the thoughts of whether or not she should have fucked or should continue to fuck Blake and whether or not he was the asshole she had always thought him to be. And of course with every thought she had of Blake came a feeling of stupidity that she was thinking about him so much just because he had given her some attention. She set her phone down and tried to focus. As soon as she did however, her phone vibrated and Amelia’s heart leaped in her chest.

It was from Kylie.

Amelia let out an audible whine as she opened it.

Babes!! Pool party at Simon’s tomorrow! It’s at 3 and you’re freakin going with us!” Read the text. Amelia thought for a minute and texted back:

“Who’s us?” She asked, hoping for a certain answer.

Me, Landon and Blake duhhh.” Kylie responded.

Amelia got nervous at the thought of being at a pool party with Blake and a bunch of other people.

But I want to see him. But he’ll be without a shirt and that’ll be so hard to deal with. I’m not great with containing my urges around him. Well fuck though he’s probably just going to ignore me like he has been. Why is he acting like I don’t exist?! Why is he driving me crazy?! God am I so pathetic that I obsess over a guy who is obviously not thinking about me, just because he fucked me? Thought Amelia all at once.

Fuck it.

She texted to Kylie that she would go.

Yes!! We’re all meeting up at Blake’s house at 2:50. B there bitch!” Texted Kylie. Amelia laughed.

She thought about how weird it might be to go to Blake’s house again and possibly remember certain events that took place there. Then her mind drifted to Blake shoving her against the wall and kissing her for the first time. Amelia looked at her papers and notes, and then she looked at her computer.

Decisions, decisions. She thought. Her hand lightly touched the part of her neck that Blake kissed the most and she closed her eyes, remembering. She looked at her math formulas one more time and sighed. She made her way to the computer to masturbate for the second time that day.

Jesus this really doesn’t cover much. Amelia thought as she stared at herself in the mirror while wearing her white bikini. It was Friday. She hadn’t done as well on her test as she thought she’d do. She just kept imagining Blake, then getting frustrated that she couldn’t stop thinking about him just because she was a horny whore. Then she would feel slightly ashamed that she was whoring around with Blake. Then she would remember she was taking a quiz and try to focus again.

It was 2:30 and she was trying to debate if she had time to go to a store and buy a more modest bathing suit before the time she was supposed to meet everyone at Blake’s house. She turned around and looked at the back of her body in the mirror. Her round ass jiggled slightly as she turned and she realized that the bottoms of her bathing suit didn’t cover much of her ass either. It kind of jumped out of the fabric. Amelia pictured Blake seeing her in the skimpy suit and realized that it would probably finally get his attention. Maybe if she looked hot enough he would regret not talking to her! She turned back around and looked at her big chest covered with minimal white material.

She thought for a second and looked in the mirror with a determined bedava bahis expression on her face:

Eat your fucking heart out Blake.

She put on a pair of tight shorts and a low cut tank top over her suit so that she wasn’t driving around in her bathing outfit. Amelia grabbed her tote bag that contained her towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes and made her way to her car.

When she pulled up to Blake’s house, she saw Kylie and Landon standing in front of the house talking to each other. Amelia smiled and got out of her car to hug her best friend.

“Amelia!!” Kylie squealed as she hugged her. “Do you want a beer? I’m driving so don’t worry about lettin loose!”

“Uh yeah sure.” Smiled Amelia. Kylie looked at Landon.

“Baby where did you put the beer?”

“It’s in the fridge but it’s behind a bowl of something and in the door-you know what? I’ll just show you.” Landon replied and they started walking into the house.

“Amelia! Meet us in the backyard!” Kylie called out.

Amelia started walking.

When she walked into the house she was hit with the smell of Blake. It instantly turned her on. He smelled so fucking good to her. She shook her head and went into the backyard, trying to compose herself.

Amelia saw Blake as soon as she stepped into the backyard. Blake turned and smiled at her.

“Hey.” He greeted. Amelia tried to greet him back but her mouth wouldn’t produce sound so she cleared her throat and was then able to say

“Hey.” Back to him.

Blake glanced at her cleavage and then turned to look forward and take a sip of his beer.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“Good…Studying a lot. Y’know, finals.” Amelia replied awkwardly.

“Have you been touching yourself for me?” He asked with a grin, still looking forward.

“What-?” Amelia was shocked but was cut off when Kylie and Landon came through the sliding glass door and handed her a beer. It was already opened so Amelia took a quick swig and tried to act normal.

“When did you guys want to leave?” Landon asked.

“Whenever.” Blake replied.

“I don’t mind when we leave.” Amelia stated with her heart still beating quickly.

“Lets gooo!” Whined Kylie.

So they all went back out to the front yard and piled into Kylie’s car. Kylie was driving so Landon sat in the passenger’s seat which forced Blake and Amelia into the back. Amelia glanced at Blake as she closed the door. He was wearing a T-shirt and his swimming trunks. Her heart started racing as she grew overcome with anxiety at the realization that he would be taking that shirt off and she would have to act normal. Kylie turned on the radio and started loudly singing to whatever came on. Amelia smiled at that. She adored Kylie and all her eccentricities. Amelia tried to forget who was sitting next to her and in her attempt, obsessed over it instead. Blake looked out of the window, allowing Amelia to stare at him…until he turned his head a minute later and Amelia was forced to pretend she hadn’t been looking at all. Kylie took a sharp turn and Amelia practically fell into Blake’s lap. Blake took this opportunity to slip his hand onto her bare thigh and rub it lightly, even after Amelia had regained her upright position. Amelia tried to quietly pry his hand off of her leg but he pushed down against her and she failed. She looked at him and he was smiling as he looked out of the window, pretending to be innocent. Amelia glared at him and then tried to look out of the window herself and ignore his hand. Amelia was not good at controlling her mind so she accidentally hyper focused on every movement his hand made. She took her phone out of her pocket and texted Blake.

Why would you ask me that?” she wrote.

Ask you what? ;P” Blake replied.

You know what. Also it’s none of your business. Get your hand off me!” She texted.

Why? Does it feel good baby?” Blake smiled at her after he sent it and slipped his hand up a little higher on her thigh as she read it. Amelia glared at him.

Can you act normal please?!” She texted.

It’s hard for you to act normal when I’m touching you isn’t it? Damn Amy, one little touch and you’re all hot and bothered.” Was Blake’s reply.

Blake leaned over with his mouth to her ear.

“I’ve been thinking about you. About all the filthy things I want to do to you.” He whispered. Amelia’s heart beat quickly and she blushed furiously. She tried to quietly push him away but he wouldn’t budge. “You get wet when I talk to you like that don’t you?” He teased. Amelia quickly realized it was true and was glad she was wearing her swim suit underneath her clothes.

How could he possibly know that?

Blake’s hand was high up enough on her thigh that he was able to poke her clit with his pinky finger. Amelia grabbed the hand on her thigh and bedava bonus squeezed it tightly as she attempted again to rip his hand from her leg. She was slightly panicking because she was soaking her bathing suit bottoms and wanted to rip off his clothes right there more than anything in the world.

“I’ll play with you again soon baby.” He spoke softly into her ear, finally removing his hand from her thigh, leaving the spot cold now that it was exposed to air.

FUCK. He HAS been thinking about me! Why the fuck hasn’t he said anything? Why is it so easy for him to torture me?! Maybe I should torture him too. Yeah! I’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. Fucking prick. Amelia plotted in her mind.

Finally they arrived at Simon’s house and they made their way to the backyard. When they got there they saw that there were about 20 other people attending. Kylie got excited. She loved people. She quickly scouted a place for her and Amelia to sit and ran off to grab Amelia a drink. Blake and Landon followed and Amelia sat alone, waiting for them to return. She quickly realized that she knew almost no one. Brian was there and she was relieved to see that he had a date. A tiny, skinny, brunette girl with a pink bathing suit accompanied him in the pool. Amelia looked to her left and saw a tall hunky guy laying on his pool chair talking to a guy who was sitting next to him. Amelia quickly looked forward so that he wouldn’t notice her staring.

There’s something to get my mind off of Blake Dickface Daine. She thought. Kylie returned with a red solo cup filled with something brown.

“Try this!” She commanded with a smile. Amelia took a sip and choked it down. A burning feeling filled her throat and stomach.

“Jesus Christ Kylie! This has way too much alcohol!” Amelia whined.

“It’s Dr. Pepper and rum!”

“No Kylie, it’s just rum. There is NO soda in here.” Amelia complained but took another sip anyway.

“Oh whatever. You’re just a baby.” Kylie looked around.

“Richard!” She called excitedly to the hunky guy Amelia had stared at. “Oh my god what are you doing here?” They both got up and hugged each other.

“I met Simon in my Anatomy class. I didn’t know you knew Simon!” Richard replied in a sexy, deep voice.

“Whaaat? Simon never mentioned me? What a dick. I’m going to hit him when I see him.” Kylie replied playfully. She looked back at Amelia and her eyes went wide with an idea. “Amelia this is Richard!” Amelia set her cup on the ground and stood up to shake his hand. “Richard this is my best friend Amelia.”

Richard looked at Amelia and smiled. “Hi.” He said as he shook her hand gently.

“Hi.” Amelia replied, glancing at the ground.

Jesus Christ he’s a ken doll. Thought Amelia.

Suddenly someone cannonballed into the pool and Kylie and Amelia got splashed. They both gasped at the cold water that made contact with their skin.

“Amy we should get into our bathing suits.” Kylie told her as Amelia thought the exact same thing.

Amelia nodded and they made their way to the bathroom.

They both went in and shut the door and took off their clothes. They both had their bathing suits on underneath. Kylie glanced at Amelia and did a double take.

“Holy shit Amy!” She said as she stared at her body.

“What?” Amelia asked as she folded her clothes.

“What is that, a child’s size bathing suit?” Kylie laughed.

“Oh god is it that bad? I’ve had it since high school but I guess I…filled out since then.” Amelia looked down at her enormous cleavage.

“No! You look so hot. Richard is going to cum in his pants.” Kylie grabbed Amelia’s hand before she could say anything and they made their way back to their spots. While going through the house, they passed Blake and Landon who were standing in the living room holding beers. Amelia glanced at Blake as she passed and saw his jaw drop slightly and his eyes widen. She smirked.


Amelia sat back down and Kylie excused herself to go mingle, obviously trying to leave Richard and Amelia alone. Amelia mildly panicked inside but faced him anyway. Richard was smiling with a perfectly white grin. Amelia blushed and looked down.

“So you go to the college with Kylie?” Richard asked.

“Yeah.” Amelia replied with rosy cheeks.

“What are you majoring in?”

“Business.” She said.

“Wow that seems hard.” Richard seemed impressed.

“Well my mom owns her own business and wants me to take over and I really want to do that so I’m trying to learn all I can.” Amelia said trying not to stare at Richard’s body. He had a little more chest hair than she liked but it was certainly no deal breaker for her. She felt her phone vibrate and picked it up to read a text from Blake.

Oh I see how it is.” It read.

“Sorry, it’s my mom, I have to text her back. I don’t mean to be rude.” Amelia told Richard. Richard nodded and sipped deneme bonusu a cup of something orange.

What are you talking about?” Amelia texted back.

Two can play at that game bitch” Blake’s text read.

Amelia looked around and saw Blake standing by the pool. He smiled at her and took his shirt off and threw it in the grass.

No. God no.

Amelia tried not to look at his perfectly chiseled torso so she looked back at her phone.

Wtf are you talking about?!” She sent. But it was hopeless, Blake obviously did not have his phone and he jumped in the pool. She put her phone aside and decided to focus on Richard instead of the sexy man that was now wet in the pool.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s all good.” Richard smiled.

“So um are you from around here?” She asked.

“No actually I’m from upstate, I just moved here last year.” Richard replied. Amelia glanced at Blake and saw that he was talking to a very hot blonde girl with a red suit on. They were at the edge of the pool and smiling at each other. Amelia’s heart dropped and she grew angry.

“Oh wow. So how do you like it here?” Amelia asked and took a sip of the poison Kylie had given her.

“It’s nice. Pretty quiet out here. But I like that.” Richard glanced at Amelia’s chest.

“So…What do you do for fun?” Amelia asked.

“Well I like going to the gym and reading. I’ve recently gotten into cooking.” Richard listed.

“You’re just now into cooking? What did you eat before?” Amelia smiled.

“Oh you know, fast food and ramen. The regular college diet.” Richard laughed.

Amelia laughed. She looked at Richard. He was so handsome. But he was totally boring her. Did she have to ask all the questions? She looked at Blake out of the corner of her eye. The blonde he had been talking to frowned, said something, and swam away from him to meet a bunch of girls in the corner of the pool. Blake visibly sighed. He obviously fucked something up. Amelia smiled in her mind. Blake looked over at Amelia and Amelia quickly looked back at Richard. Blake swam over to the edge of the pool where she and Richard were sitting. Blake pulled himself out of the pool and walked over to where they were. He had decided that since he fucked up with that girl and therefore at making Amelia jealous, he might as well just go screw with the guy she was trying to make him jealous with.

“Hey Amy.” He said acting as normal as possible.

“Hey.” Amy replied. “Do you know Richard?” She asked motioning towards him.

“No I don’t. Hey man I’m Blake.” Blake shook Richards hand rather roughly.

“Richard.” Replied Richard.

“So you new in town? I’ve never seen you before.” Blake asked.

“Not really, I’ve been here about a year. I’m going to medical school at the University.” Smiled Richard.

“Wow really? What are you studying?” Amelia asked with a smile and some eyelash batting.

“I’m going to be a pediatrician.” Richard replied.

“Wow!” Said Amelia.

“What so you’re like a pedo?” Blake joked.

“Blake what the fuck!” Amelia hit him on the arm.

“It’s ok Amelia he’s just joking.” Richard assured, momentarily placing a hand on Amelia’s knee. “I just like helping kids.” He said to Blake.

“Oh I bet.” Blake commented and took a sip of his beer. Amelia cleared her throat.

“Blake! Can you show me where the upstairs bathroom is? The downstairs one had a line last time I went.” Amelia said tensely.


“Great.” Amelia grabbed his wrist roughly and dragged him inside. Amelia dragged him all the way up the stairs and to a room at the end of the long hallway. She pushed him inside and shut the door behind them. She knew they were far enough away from the party for anyone to hear them. The house was huge and someone would have trouble finding them if they went looking. She looked around the room. It was a bedroom. It was huge. There was a bed at the far end with a massive TV in front of it and a couch next to the door of the bathroom.

“What the fuck is your problem!?” Amelia pushed Blake again.

“What are you talking about?” Blake feigned innocence as he stared at her bouncing tits that jiggled when she pushed him.

“I am NOT playing games with you Blake!” She said loudly.

“Then what the fuck is that bathing suit huh? I’m sure that’s all you have right? You didn’t wear that just to drive me crazy?” Blake said angrily, getting in her face.

“Yes! It’s all I had! I’ve had it since I was a flat chested high schooler! It’s been years since I needed a bathing suit. Not that it’s any of your fucking business. Don’t be so fucking vain.” Amelia rolled her eyes and turned away from him. Blake stared at her barely covered ass. He felt a pressure build in his cock.

“And who is that Richard guy? He seems like a total creep.”

Oh my god he’s jealous. What the hell is this?!

Amelia turned back around. “We are NOT together Blake. You don’t fucking own me and I can talk to whoever I like. Richard is a nice guy. Unlike your rude ass. I can’t believe what you said to him. What on earth makes you think it’s ok to talk to someone like that?”

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