Fucked By Four Strangers In The Train


Fucked By Four Strangers In The TrainThis story took place during the summer. I am a college student and it was the end of the semester. So, I had to go home. I was gonna travel by train. I used to travel alone all the time.I packed my stuff. My train was in the evening at 7 pm.By the way, I forgot to tell you about me. I am 5’6¨ in height, 21 years old and have very big boobs with size 36D. People used to stare at my boobs a lot. But I was used to this attention and I actually liked it. I was sexually not that active but I had sex before.Back to the story, I got ready to leave. As it was summer, I was wearing a small skirt which just covered my thighs and I was wearing a crop-top with V neck which showed a little bit of cleavage.I boarded the train. The train was mostly empty. There was a group of four guys and me in that whole compartment. All the guys were in the mid-twenties.All of them were good looking and very huge. I took my seat and put my things under the seat. As I bent down, my ass was clearly visible to all of them. They all were staring at my ass.I sat on my seat and I knew they were looking at my boobs. I didn’t say anything because I was alone and didn’t want a fight. So, I ignored and started reading a book. One of them whose name was Peyush started talking to me.Peyush – Hi, my name is Peyush.Me – Hi, I am Daisy.And they all introduced themselves. Their names were Peyush, Rahul, Aditya, and Anurag.Then Rahul asked me where I was going and I told him I was travelling to Delhi. They istanbul escort said they were also going to Delhi. And then they started talking about their college and studies with me.Then Peyush asked me if I ever had a boyfriend and I said yes. He started asking me personal questions. He also asked me if I was a virgin which I didn’t answer.Then Anurag said, “Let’s play truth and dare”. We all agreed.He spun a bottle and it stopped at me. I chose ‘truth’. They asked me the size of my bra. I got very shy but I answered and told them. “36D”.He spun the bottle again and it again came and stopped at me! This time, I chose ‘dare’.Rahul told me to get rid of my top. I was shocked and asked, “What kind of dare is this, I won’t do it”.But he came near me and tore my top. I was shocked. They all started touching my body. They were squeezing my boobs over my bra. Surprisingly, I was getting very wet. Although I didn’t want to have sex, I couldn’t control myself.Rahul tore my bra also and started squeezing them very hard. A loud moan escaped my mouth.Peyush said, “Look at this bitch enjoying this”. Hearing that made me even more wet and embarrassed.The guys tore my skirt and panty as well. I was naked in front of strangers guys. They were all bulging in their pants. They had huge bulges. I was scared because I had never been fucked by four guys.Anurag said, “Daisy, oh my god! You are sexy. We are not gonna have any mercy on you today”. Everybody avcılar escort laughed.They all got naked and they all had huge dicks. I got even more scared.Then Rahul came near my mouth. He held my hair and told me to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and he forced his dick inside my mouth.Rahul started fucking my mouth and played with my nipples. Anurag put his dick on my pussy and with one stroke, he inserted his dick inside me. I tried to scream but I was not able to scream because Rahul’s dick was inside my mouth.Anurag kept going back and forth. I started enjoying now. Anurag was also playing with my boobs, he slapped them many times.Peyush and Aditya gave their dicks in my hand to give them handjob. I was being rammed in my mouth and pussy simultaneously. I had already started to enjoy this gangbang.Then Rahul came inside my mouth and asked me to swallow his cum. Even I was about to cum but Anurag kept fucking my pussy. He had a lot of strength. Then Aditya pushed his dick in my mouth and started fucking me again. In the meantime, Peyush kept his dick on my ass. A chill ran inside me.I started crying and begging him not to fuck my ass. I was never fucked in the ass before. But he didn’t listen, he slapped my boobs and said, “Bitch, we told you. We won’t listen to a word from you”.He started slowly pushing his dick in my ass. I was unable to scream now. And in one stroke, he pushed his dick in my ass. My eyes popped out a little. He started fucking me in my şirinevler escort ass and I started enjoying it after some time.Then they all changed positions and fucked me in every hole. This session kept going on for 3 hours. After fucking me for so long, they fell asleep on me. And even I slept in there and cummed all over me.After some time, I woke up and cleaned myself. I wore my clothes. The guys were still sleeping.The train was 4 hours late. I was sitting as all of them woke up and saw me in clothes. They asked me who told me to wear clothes. They opened my suitcase and took out a small crop-top with a deep neck and a small skirt. And they asked me to wear it. I wore it as I had no option.Then they told me not wear any bra or pantie. As I was not wearing any bra, my boobs kept jiggling as they were huge. More passengers came into our compartment and they all kept looking at my big jiggling boobs.Then Peyush came to me and told me to come to the washroom with him. As we reached the washroom, he closed the door and started kissing me. I was enjoying it because I never felt this way before. This made me feel very horny. So, even I started responding and this made him very happy. He told me to open my top and I did.He then took out his phone and started shooting. I asked him, “Peyush, what are you doing? Stop it!”He said, “This is for the future. If we ever wanted to fuck you, you won’t be able to deny”. I was shocked to hear that. He took many pictures and even the pic of my ass.Then he fucked me there and we went out.The train reached Delhi platform at 8:30 in the night and we all got out. They helped me with my luggage. And they all kissed me and said, thank you. I blushed and said, “You are welcome. Even I enjoyed.”I went home in an auto and then I had another sexual encounter while going home. If you wanna know that,

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