Fulfilling Mandy’s Fantasy


Amanda stared into the mirror, practically willing the things she didn’t like to change before her eyes. She tugged the soft black skirt down an inch, frowned and pulled it back up. Her palms were a bit sweaty and though she had been planning the night out for a week now, she was getting nervous again.

When Dana had told her about the party her heart had raced with the excitement. She ran her fingers through the waves of curls in her hair and wondered if she should put anything in them to make sure they didn’t go limp. Giggling lightly to herself, she searched for the excitement -that had made her wet at the thought of this- had gotten to.

Mat crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Resting his chin on her shoulder, his bright green eyes stared at hers in the mirror.

“Mandy, are you getting nervous? I think you look very sexy.” He frowned as her eyes left the mirror to look at the cut of her blouse. “It’s time to go, will you wear your black boots for me?”

Amanda looked up and her eyes sparkled at him, “I think I can do that.” Her smile lifted a weight off his shoulders. He really didn’t think it was going to be a good night if she was all nervous too.

Grabbing her boots and her big purse, they walked out to the car. Playfully he patted her bottom as he opened the car door for her.


Dana was leaning over to take something from the oven when Amanda walked in. The short skirt rode up showing off her round bottom and Amanda’s face turned the red of her hair. A giggle announced her presence and pulling a pan of pizza rolls from the oven Dana turned and smiled. Amanda was always amazed at how her smile could light up a whole room.

“You’re here! I thought for sure you would chicken out,” the sparkle in her eyes brightening her face even more.

Amanda fidgeted and looked at the floor. “I told you I would come.”

Setting down the pan on the counter, Dana crossed the small room and stood before Mandy. She was barely an inch taller, but it meant she could look down in her eyes when she put her hand under her chin. “Oh, now that you are here you are going to cum a lot, I promise that.” Her smile was soft and teasing.

“I’m nervous,” Amanda sighed.

“I know, but you still want to, right Mandy?” Dana asked leaning in close, her silky red lips drew Amanda’s eyes, and she stared at them for a moment before answering.

“Yes,” Amanda answered quietly.

“Are you sure?” Her hand settled gently on Amanda’s hip.

“Yes,” Amanda answered with a little gasp.

Dana pulled Amanda in for a hug and whispered into her ear. “Are you wearing panties?”

“No,” the breathless answer blew into Dana’s ear and a little tremble washed over her middle.

“Good girl,” she pulled away, a bit abruptly, it wasn’t time to start. This evening was supposed to be just right. She patted Amanda’s firm bottom and sent her out to visit with the guests.

Dana smiled; the night was going perfectly. Amanda’s innocent qualities and huge eyes had gotten the attention of most of the people there and many had spoken to her more than a few times. Dana had been careful not to let there be much in the way of drinking; her apartment was for fun but not for drunks.

Mat had brought his bride of 3 years to the sofa and pulled her into his lap. Dana watched as he whispered into her ear and she turned instantly red again. Mat’s hands were large, and tan, Dana nearly drooled as she watched him slide it up her legs to reveal the tops of Mandy’s thigh highs.

Turning she saw that, while not everyone, most of the party had taken seats and were talking amongst each other while keeping a quiet eye on what Amanda and Mat were doing. Inch by inch the silky white flesh appeared behind Mat’s hand, he kissed her neck as she held his wrist.

Dana stared hungrily; Amanda’s softness was such a pleasant change from the sunbathed, oil-covered woman she usually saw in her studio. Silky, angelic skin, untouched by the harsh rays of the sun and tanning booth. Her eyes echoed the innocence, large and childlike. To look at her, no one would guess she was already 28, she looked more like 19, maybe 20. Mat had quite a lucky catch in Amanda.

Mat had approached her, knowing that the look in Dana’s eyes meant something he could rely on. Lust, was a wonderful tool when fulfilling a beautiful wife’s fantasy. He had seen them talking quite a few times when Dana had stopped by to drop off paperwork. Amanda and Dana had met in college, and though Amanda now had a full-time job, she still did Dana’s books for her.

Dana licked her lips and tried to relax. It was at least a few more minutes before she could do anything. The nearly dozen people around her had been hand selected from around the state; selected to avoid rumors and to avoid anything being too carried away. They had a special job, watch, but no touch.

Mat’s hand reached the top of her stockings and she grabbed his casino şirketleri hand harder. A part of her mind was stuck on the fact that maybe she didn’t want to do this in front of so many people. His rough fingers pressed further and her skirt came up over her hip. Her gasp was loud and as she tried to turn her head to see if anyone noticed he grabbed her hair and pulled her to him kissing her hard.

His tongue demanded entrance into her mouth and she stopped fighting him. A wave of warmth rippled through her stomach and over her chest, and his tongue forced its way deep into her mouth. His hand didn’t release her hair and suddenly she found his palm pressed hard against mound. Digging her nails into his wrist, she tried to scream, but his tongue muffled the sound. Something soft wrapped itself around her wrist tightly, and though she couldn’t see, what it was she knew it was time for what she had agreed to. She tried to pull from him, desperately trying to change her mind, but as her lips left his something else immediately took it’s place.

Dana quickly forced the black ball into Mandy’s mouth. Mat had said that she would back out immediately if they didn’t, but that in the long run, she wanted it, or she wouldn’t have suggested it so many times. The squeak that echoed behind the ball gag made Dana’s nipples immediately hard. Mat had no idea what he was asking of her. Staring at a bound and gagged Amanda was a pleasant and enticing thought one she had more than once considered before he had suggested it.

Slender fingers grabbed her hand and Dana looked into the green eyes that nearly looked scared. “Shhh, you know we won’t hurt you,” she whispered softly so no one could hear. Her tongue licked down the back of Amanda’s neck and was gifted by an instant shudder and the smaller fingers released hers.

Darkness suddenly covered her eyes, and she wanted to panic again. She knew Mat and Dana would never hurt her, but there were so many people around.

Her hands were pulled over her head as Mat held her other hand for another soft strap to wrap around. She felt her nipples instantly harden and breath coming in gasps. The waves of warmth came quicker and quicker as Mat lifted her up and the straps pulled her into the air. Without being able to see, she couldn’t tell exactly what they were doing, and she was afraid to move, afraid that she might fall.

A sliding sound echoed as the sofa moved away from her legs. As her feet settled to the floor, she felt something snap around her boots. She tried to move her legs but couldn’t, and with the way her legs were spread apart a cool draft was tickling her thighs.

Soft hands, different from the rough large hands of her husband, were exploring down her back. Moving under the hem and gently pulling the blouse lose from the band of her skirt. The gentle touch was bringing trembling to her skin as they touched so lightly it nearly tickled. The fingers reached around front and she felt the pressure of Dana’s breasts in her back, another little squeal broke around the ball as fingers begin to slide down her breasts and undo the buttons of her blouse.

Amanda leaned her head back against the shoulder behind her, breathing in the smell of lavender that was the shampoo and conditioner that Dana used. Her breasts heaved and begged the fingers to explore more while they removed the buttons. She could feel the hardness of her nipples trying to rip out of the small satin bra.

The cool draft now fell over her stomach, and she tightened it instinctively as the fingers tickled lightly over her skin as they traveled back up over her ribs. She heard a soft moan from someplace else in the room and she felt the warmth return to her cheeks.

Mat was enjoying this even more than he expected. He knew how beautiful Amanda was, but watching Dana strip her, with her chained from the ceiling and her legs spread and frozen to the floor, was very appealing. He had agreed to watch until Dana told him to help. Dana’s dominating spirit was perfect for the task, in the back of his mind he wondered what it would be like to see the two women switch places.

Dana slid her fingers over the hard little nipples under the silk. Her own nipples were getting painfully hard too. She could hear Amanda’s gasps muffled under the ball gag. Her lips slowly explored down the soft flesh of Amanda’s neck, gently nibbling and bringing little jumps from her. As she reached the base of her neck, she let her hands wander down Amanda’s stomach, softly down over the short skirt. Her teeth gently bite into the small cloth at the small of her back and she would have pulled away if not for Dana’s hands on her thighs holding her still.

She could feel the warmth growing between her legs, and the small soft hands slowly pulled the skirt up, rolling it and tucking it in to the waistband. Amanda was trembling with anticipation. Her body was screaming for more and her mind had long since given up its battle. As the fingers ran lightly over her mound, casino firmaları she leaned in to them. They slid lightly over the small patch of fur she had left after shaving, twirling into it and teasing her. She was sure she was on fire, the warmth that filled her insides screaming for release and she felt unable to contain it any longer. Suddenly the fingers slid along her shaven lips and she pushed desperately trying to get them to enter.

As she pressed, urgently seeking the fingers, teeth drove roughly into her bottom. A squeal broke out from around her lips and she felt the warmth of her own juices sliding down her leg. Squirming she tried to make it stop. The teeth held firmly, tightly, not drawing blood. The fingers drove into her and sought out more of the wetness. Her inside libia was flooded with cool air, and her clit was grabbed roughly by fingers that were not the ones seeking her hole. Amanda shock violently as her breast was pulled from her bra and sucked into a large firm mouth.

Mat smiled, the room had been dimmed besides a light that shined on Amanda, they were almost ready to remove her blindfold, they wanted her to see her audience playing, but not be distracted by looks in her direction. The mood had been well planned out, as if living a movie. In the background the music still played; dance music from Amanda’s own collection, nothing too soft, and nothing too fast.

He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and as she gasped, he knew he would have to take the ball gag from her mouth soon. She wouldn’t scream, and the soft pleas, that would echo repeatedly as her body rolled with orgasms, would add to the feel and she would be taken over the edge.

As Dana’s fingers played softly over the wetness that soaked Amanda’s lips, she licked up her thighs and slowly teased the tender skin between her thighs and her mound. Amanda bucked against her as her finger slid across her swollen clit. She yearned to slide her tongue into her slit and feel her wetness sliding down her chin. But this was going to be slow, Mat had said he wanted Amanda to beg, and even with the overpowering warmth drenching her own thighs with wetness, Dana wanted this to be perfect so they could do it again.

Fingers traveled over her stomach, soft, and gentle. Her skin trembled beneath them and warmth coursed like fire through her body. The sensations were overwhelming, and as the fingers slide over her breasts her, nipples became painfully hard. Her mind reeled as an orgasm started, how she could even be ready to start the chain of orgasms that she knew the night would bring was beyond her. Still it was starting.

A second set of fingers coasted down her thigh, lifting the edge of her skirt slowly. Moving over the sensitive skin of her inner thigh and pulling the skirt up over her hips. The first hand pulled her nipple from the bra and a warm silky mouth wrapped around it. Amanda bites hard into the ball gag. She wanted to scream she wanted to cum. Held right on the edge of wave as the fingers roughly tucked the skirt edges into the waistband.

Hanging her head back on her shoulders, she arched her back to the mouth that sucked on her breast, the teeth tugging at her nipple. The fingers were back on the insides of her thighs, moving slowly up and down; tremors were exploding through Amanda’s body in waves that she knew would have to eventually bring about a huge orgasm. Tickling over her shaven lips the fingers didn’t look for entrance, they just teased, and Amanda tried desperately to thrust her hips out to press them into her.

Releasing her nipple the silky lips moved, along the tender skin between her breasts, over her collarbone and stimulating the delicate spot where her neck and shoulder met. The fingers were moving again, assailing her swollen clit through her wet lips. Amanda’s breathing was rapid, with small gasps of pleasure, her body throbbed uncontrollably. A soft hand placed itself on her bottom and with one nimble move two of the fingers pressed deep into her waiting hole.

Amanda screamed, the muffled sound escaping the ball gag, her juices flooded over the soft hand between her legs. The fingers slowly began to press in and out of her, the hand on her bottom holding her still. The soft lips were joined by another set that started at the back of her neck and slowly explored her back. Something pressed roughly into her clit causing the throbbing to shoot another wave of ecstasy through her body.

Larger fingers encompassed her breasts and tweaked her nipples as the soft lips explored down her chest to her stomach. She could feel the hard chest, she knew to be Mat’s, pressed against her back and his warm breath in her hair. His fingers undid the latch at the front of her bra and it fell lose, tickling her sides. She wiggled beneath him, as the gentle tongue she new to be Dana’s, found her belly button and drove itself deep into it.

Pushing back she encountered the hardness beneath Mat’s jeans, and ground herself into it as another wave güvenilir casino broke over her and drenched the hand that was squeezing another finger into her. There were too many sensations, too much for her mind to register at once, hands moved over her skin slowly but firmly, and lips and tongues brought explosions of pleasure through her mind. Her muscles wrapped tightly around the fingers that pushed deep into her and another scream broke free from the gag.

Dana forced her tongue into Mandy’s little belly button, with every orgasm that rocked over her captive her own sex became more slick and warm. There wasn’t much longer before they had to move to the next step or Mandy might just pass out from all the orgasms. Dana wanted one more thing before they did, her lips and tongue slid softly over the patch of fur on her mound, pressing tiny kisses into the skin. Mandy’s scent washed over her and she wanted to dive right in. Moving her fingers from the warmth that spasmed over them, she spread the purple lips tenderly. Her tongue snaked out and flicked the bouncing little clit that looked as if it might explode.

A sudden gush of juices splashed over Dana’s face and quickly, forcefully, she pressed her palm into Mandy’s clit. Licking her lips, she stood back up. She pulled the ball gag from the pretty lips that trembled uncontrollably from ecstasy. Dana drank in the gasp of breath that sprung from her lips. Amanda nearly pulled away as Dana’s tongue pressed into her mouth. This was the first kiss, and though not quite how Dana liked to do first kisses, it would still be memorable.

Her tongue teased Mandy’s, pressing against it and then sucking it into her mouth. Amanda had never had the pleasure of tasting another women before, and Dana didn’t know if she had ever tasted her own juices on Mat’s mouth. Amanda was kissing her back, her tongue exploring Dana’s mouth and bringing about little tremor’s that told Dana the next part was going to be explosive.

Mat’s hands slid gently over Dana’s back, pulling the short skirt that had nearly matched Amanda’s up and over her bottom. Massaging her bottom, he pressed her into Amanda. Dana knew this meant that Amanda’s chains were lose enough to pull to the floor. Mat’s hands moved gently over her thighs as she grabbed Amanda’s waist and began to lower her to the floor.

The chains that held the straps on Amanda’s wrists clanged loudly as they twisted through the hooks. Dana didn’t pull her lips from the sweet kisses that Amanda was returning, until they reached the floor. Pulling Amanda’s legs from beneath her, she laid her gently on the rug. Amanda’s knees spread willingly her wetness in plain sight to the audience that was already nearly drooling at the performance. Dana smiled to herself and returned to planting kisses on the waiting lips.

Handing a fur-lined leather collar to Dana he went to Amanda’s feet and attached them to baseboards. Dana smiled gently at the blindfolded beauty, and then slid the collar around her neck and snapped it on. Straddling her waist, Dana pressed herself against Amanda’s stomach and she bucked under her. Dana gasped and grabbing Amanda’s hair planted a hard rough kiss on her as she pulled the blindfold lose. She thrust her tongue deep into Amanda’s mouth, and looked into the glossy eyes that stared her own. Overpowering need engulfed Dana and she slid her wetness down over Amanda’s mound and slowly began to grind against her.

Mat’s fingers began to pull her shirt lose as she came, her body shock and she growled into Amanda’s mouth. Closing her eyes she licked her lips and sat up for Mat to pull her shirt off. Amanda was watching closely, staring intently at the breasts the bounced out from under the blouse. Smiling Dana brought it to her mouth and Amanda latched to it, sucking roughly on the nipple. Wrapping her fingers into the soft red hair she returned to grinding, matching the pace of the hungry hips beneath her.

The soft skin beneath his fingers was incredible. Dana seemed so tough all the time he hadn’t ever really thought of her sexually before. Not that her body wasn’t incredible, teaching aerobics would do that for a girl, but it leant for muscles and that was not something Mat was really into. His fingers caressed over the crest of her bottom and down her thigh. He knew her lips were attached to Amanda’s again, and he had a special job to do right now.

Her lips were soaked her smell mingled with Amanda’s had made the room quite intoxicating. His mouth trailed kisses down her back, and he moved to make the rock hard member between his legs more comfortable. Sliding his fingers into the silky wetness, he drove them straight into her. Dana grunted and slammed back into his fingers, nearly knocking him over.

Grinning he let her ride, his fingers as he maneuvered into a position that would give his other hand access to Amanda’s sweet pussy. The girls were so purple he could barely stand to look, he wanted to drive himself into them and thought if he had to wait much longer he would fire way too early. He pushed two fingers slowly into his wife’s soft pussy; her hips arched up and began to have trouble staying in the right position. The girls were becoming completely wild.

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