Fun at the Ranch


He sat from a distance, watching one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen riding another beautiful animal. It was a black horse, with a small white patch on his nose. He watched as her shoulder length brown hair blew in the breeze, she was riding the horse with expertise, and the horse was running at what he thought was full tilt. He watched as the horse stopped, her hand moving up to brush a couple strands of hair from her face. She caught a glimpes of the guy watching her, and flashed a smile, blushing too. She hadn’t known anyone was watching her. She then got the horse to move at a trot until it reached the small watering hole from which it could drink from. She lightly swung her leg over the horse, her other foot stepping out of the foot hold on the saddle. She gently patted the horse on it’s side and then moved to the front of it, rubbing her cheek against it’s own while she gently rubbed the other side of the animals head. She then grabbed the reins of the horse and then tied it to the pole by the watering hole. She then walked away from the horse, taking off her black helmet as she moved to sit on the chair beside the pole.

She moved another strand from her hair and blushed once more as she had seen the guy that had been watching her step up to her. He wore a pair of jeans and a white tucked in t shirt. His voice was deep as he looked down to her and said, “You looked fantastic out there.” He smiled as he seen her blush even deeper, causing him to smile once more. “Your horse, she’s beautiful. I only wish to have a horse like that.” He said, watching her stand from the chair and then move to the reins, untying it.

“Thank you very much. But she’s not mine. She’s my uncles, I was only taking her for a ride. He says she doesn’t get out much.” The horse shook his head, causing it’s mien to shake all over the place. He smiled as she gently patted the horse and then started walking to the stables, the horse walking beside her slowly.

He walked beside her, his head turned and a smile on his face. “How long have you been riding horses for?”

She smiled and then said, “Ever since I was a little girl really. My uncle has had a ranch for at least 23 years, so I must have been about 2 when I started.” She said smiling. As the entered the stables he looked around, seeing another at least twenty horses in there own sepperate stalls. there were at least another ten people standing around with the other horses. She walked about four stalls down to an empty stall, and then led the horse into it. She looked to him and asked, “Could you pass me the brush?” He stopped smiling for a second and said,

“Uh, oh yeah.” He looked over to his side, seeing a horse brush right there. He took it and walked into the stable with her, handing it to her he smiled. She smiled back and said,

“Thank you.”

He smiled and nodded, “No problem.” She then started to brush the horse, while he stood fatih escort back and watched. After about twenty minutes or so of talking and brushing the horse, the sun had started to set. He watched her from behind, his eyes roaming up and down her body. His eyes narrowed on her ass, it was perfect, nice and round. Her legs were nicely shaped too, her jeans bring her legs and ass out perfectly. He heard himself speaking, “Beautiful.” and hoped she hadn’t though.

She turned to him and said, “Yeah, she is.”

He smiled and shook his head, “No, I meant you. But yeah, she is beautiful.” She only blushed and looked up to him. He then walked up to her, his body pressed tightly to her own. He stared down into her eyes, as she stared right back up. “Like I said, beautiful.” He smiled and then leaned forward, his lips lightly pressing against her own. She froze for a moment under his soft advance, surprised he would do so. Finally, she gave into the kiss, her own soft lips pressing back against her own, as well as her eyes closing. He then wrapped his arms about her body, holding her close to his muscled form, hands sliding up and down her back. His kiss then turned from the soft kiss to a kiss of pasion, unable to help himself as he felt heat rise through his body. Feeling the heat from his body only made her own warmer, her kiss turning equally pasionit. The last few people had now left the stable, lucky through the other side since they had been making out in one of the stalls. He finally pulled from the kiss and said, “Is there a clean stall anywhere around here by chance?” He smiled evily, a plan in his mind.

She smiled up at him, knowing what he was up to. “Yeah, just across from us.”

He smiled and then said, “Lets go!” He then let her go and ran to the gate, jumping over it. She smiled and laughed at his enthusiasm, doing the same following him into the stall across. He then moved his hands to his shirt, pulling it off his form. She smiled her eyes moving up and down, his mucsled chest coming into veiw. She stepped forward, and ran her hands up and down his chest, his eyes looking down at her own covered chest. He smiled and moved his hands to the middle of her shirt, lightly pulling so that all the buttons in the shirt would come undone and the shirt would open, allowing her pale white chest to be shown, her large breasts shown too. He smiled down at them and suddenly leaned forward, taking a nipple into his mouth, while he had moved a hand up to gently rub and massage the other breast. Mean while, she had thrown her head back and let own a small moan, her hands moving to run through his hair, one of them tightly gripping. He then quickly pulled away from the one nipple and moved to the other, enveliping it in his mouth, lightly swirling his tongue about the quickly hardening bud. He then pulled back from her nipple and moved to kiss her once more. He was surprised fındıkzade escort to feel her hand moving to the bludge in his pants, lightly squeezing. He then felt her hand fiddling around with the zipper and button, doing her best to get them undone.

By the time she had gotton them undone, he had moved his hands down to pull them down for her. She then pulled from the kiss, kissing him lightly on the jaw and then continuing to move down. Instead of kissing his neck and chest and then stomach, she had lightly dragged her tongue along, leaving a glimering trail of salivia. As she finally gotten to his crotch, she frowned at the fact he had left his boxers on. Her frown was immidiatly replaced with a large grin as he had a hard on and was causing a large tent in his shorts. She brought her hand up to the buldge in his shorts, and lightly ran her fingers up and down the length of it, her eyes widening at the supposed size. She then lightly hooked her fingers into his shorts, and started to pull them downwards. She gasped as she had pulled them down from his crotch, his cock bouncing up and hitting him in the stomach. It was at least nine inches long, she thought to herself. He smiled as he watched her reveal his cock, smiling at her sudden shock. She quickly got over it, her hand moving to the shaft of it, slowly moving it upwards. When she felt it twitch in her hand, she swore it was alive. She then brought her hand downwards, smiling as she heard a small moan coming from him. She then leaned forward, and lightly swirled her tongue about the head of his cock, suddenly taking the head into her mouth.

She then sucked on the tip of his cock, while her hand had started to move quickly up and down the shaft, hearing his moans and feeling his ocasional buck of the hips. As she sucked lightly on the tip of his cock, she had moved her other free hand down to her own pants, quickly undoing them and then unzipping them, pulling them down to her knee’s, he her hand immidiatly disappearing into her panties as she had started to rub her own pussy as she sucked his cock. Smiling down at her he moved his hand to rest on the back of her head, lightly running his hand through her hair, moaning as she continued to suck his dick. She suddenly took her mouth of his cock, and smiled up at him. She suddenly stood, her arms wrapping about him and her lips pressing against his. He smiled as he moved his hands to her back, and then slowly started to slide them down until they reached her ass. He smiled as he lightly squeezed, her ass firm, nice and round. He also smiled as he realed her pants were falling and desided to help them, pulling them down to her knee’s so she stood in only her panties now. She smiled as she felt him pulling her pants down, pulling back from the kiss.

She moved her hands to his chest and then pushed him back so he felt into the hay beneath him. He smiled up halkalı escort at her, the hay not bothering him as his mind was on other things. She then hooked her fingers into her panties and then pulled them down, nice and slow so her pussy slowly came into veiw. She smiled down at him as she noticed him staring, walking forward until she stood just above him, her feet at either side of his hips. She then moved down wards, her hands lightly wrapping about his cock, her pussy lips lightly wrapping about the head of his cock. She then slowly lowered herself down on his cock, moaning as she heard him moaning also. As she felt his cock finally fully in her, she lightly began to rock back and forth, feeling her tight pussy lightly moving up and down his cock. He then moved his hands to her hips, smiling up at her.

He slowly then slid his hands upwards, over her stomach and then onto her breasts, lightly squeezing them. He then took a nipple into each forfinger and thumb, and then lightly twisted. Feeling her breasts being played with she started to move quicker, her hips actually raising up and down off his hips, ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She then leaned forward, her hands resting beside his head as she had raised her hips up, twisted them to the side, and then brought them down. She smiled down at him, and felt a sudden urge in her body.

She felt like she was going to cum, so she told him. “I’m going to cum soon!” He smiled at this and then wrapped his arms around her body, suddenly twisting so that she would be rolled to her back, and him now ontop of her. He slowly pulled out of her, and then thrusted quickly into her, sitting up and resting his hands on her knee’s as he started to thrust quickly in and out of her. He continued to quickly and thrust into her hard, moaning as he did so. She continued help but toss her head to the side and then suddenly scream as she started to cum onto his long and juicey cock, unable to control her thrashing. He smiled down at her, slowing his thrusts down for her as she had started to cum hard onto his cock. He smiled as he felt her juices running all the way down his cock and then onto his balls, watching as she slowly come out of her orgasm. She smiled up at him and said, “Go for it.” This meant for him to just fuck her until he came, not to worry about her. He smiled and then suddenly started to pound in her with agusto, not able to stop. His breathing become laboured and his body shimered in sweat as he thrusted back and forth into her pussy, his cock sliding in and out of her. He suddenly not to soon after felt his balls draw to his body, feeling he was about to cum. His body suddenly tensed up as he thrusted a few more times, his intense orgasm ripping through his body, the hairs on his body standing straight upwards, even the smaller ones on his neck.

He suddenly colapsed beside her and smiled at her, “That, happens to be one of the best sex I’ve had ever.” she smiled and let an arm rest across his stomach,

“Yeah, it was fairly awesome. We have to do it tomorrow.” They then both fell asleep naked in each others arms in the hay, luckily the next day no one showed up at the ranch for a long time, not until late in the afternoon.

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