Fun in the library


Fun in the libraryQuick Information beforehand: I am not a native English speaker and generally not that good with words. Also, this is my first story. So please leave some feedback.Fun in the libraryIt started as a pretty normal summer day, I was up early and went to the public library to research for an upcoming exam. I grabbed my books, took my Laptop and searched for a nice quiet place to work. A table in a corner besides two walls with two comfy chairs looked inviting. So I started working and soon I had books all around me when suddenly someone grab the chair right next to me and sat down. I just wanted to start that it was rude to sit so close to me and disturb my books when I realized it was a girl in a bright green tank top. I wasn’t sure if I had seen her here ever before and I definitely didn’t knew her.She whispered she would be studying the same subject just in a lower class and she would be interested in reading what I was writing. A bit confused I looked at her and realized that I could see her nipples through her top. She smiled at me and blinked with her green eyes. I thought why not having someone check what I wrote can’t hurt and if it is a hot girl hell yeah why not. So I pulled my Laptop closer to us and accidentally pushed one book over the edge of the table. I wanted to bend over and grab that book but before I reacted she bent over and started to fish for it. Bent over I could take a quick look at her cleavage. Her boobs looked nice and firm. Putting the book back on the table she bumped another one and it fell down. It made a loud bang because it was one of the bigger books. We spontaneously started laughing what got us some malignant glances from the librarian walking by. We looked at each other and smiled. Secretly I was hoping she would pick up that new book and giving me another quick moment to look at her boobs. But to my disappointment she didn’t and I thought oh well let it stay there, nothing is gonna happen to a book on a library floor.So I pendik escort started to show her my text, she indeed knew what I was writing about. I told her my thoughts on what I had written and she listened closely. At one point we found a mistake and I pulled my laptop to me to start correcting it. Then suddenly while I was writing a felt a hand wandering over my leg and softly messaging the place were my soft dick was. I look up to her wondering what she did, but she said just keep on writing don’t let me disturb you. I stopped writing and wanted to say something but as soon as I stopped she pulled her hand away and whispered in my ear: As long as you keep on working I keep on playing. Okay this is going to get weird but nerveless I started to type again and her hand moved right back between my legs. She started to grab and squeeze my dick lightly through my pants on which my dick promptly reacted and started to grow. She whispered in my ear: Oh somebody is happy that you keep on working. I couldn’t say anything I was just enjoying the feeling and hoped nobody would see us. The guy on the other table in the other corner seemed to be working, when I felt her hand stop. I turned to her an and started: Hey I didn’t… When I felt her pulling down my zipper and started to release my cock from my quickly getting tighter pants.My erection was growing when she lightly moved her hand over the tip of my glans. My hands were still on my keyboard when I went fully hard and my cock protrude from my zipper like a rocket ready to start. She whispered: Oh I can feel your cock pulsating, do you enjoy our little game? I just nodded, she whispered: Oh maybe we should up our game a bit? She stands up and crawls under table pulling her chair towards the table so that you couldn’t see her. I look around but nobody seems to have noticed her move. I felt her garbing my hard cock and pulling me toward her. I moved my chair closer leaned bit back so she had easier accesses to my cock. She gives me escort pendik a few light strokes with her hand and whispers: Keep on writing big boy don’t dare to stop. So I start typing again, it is mostly rubbish but at the moment I don’t care.I feel her tongue licking around my glans. Damn that feels good, now she holds my dick at the shaft and stars kissing my cock. I stop typing wanting to enjoy that feeling when she suddenly stops. I move my hips but she backed off so I start typing again and her fingers are back on my cock. Her lips slowly slide over my cock and I can feel her warm wet mouth. Her tongue massages the small sensitive spot under my glans. I close my eyes and groan. Suddenly I feel someone tipping on my shoulder and I quickly open my eyes. It is the same librarian as before asking me if I was okay. I panic a bit and want to close my legs to hide my erection but the girl under the table is holding my dick tightly and didn’t stop to play with my cock in her mouth. I say to the librarian that I was fine and just closed my eyes for a moment to think about a problem. The librarian nods and asks me if I know were that girl went that was sitting right next to me. With a smile I answer she is gone, doing a job for me. Having said that I feel her softly biting my dick with her teeth so that I cringe a bit. The librarian looks at me but before she could say something I tell her that I had an awesome idea and want to get back to work. Thankfully she goes away, with all that liking, biting, sucking and that tension to get a blow job in public from a girl I didn’t know drove me nuts. I was close to reach my orgasm and I wasn’t sure if I could have hidden it from the librarian.I was pretty close to cumming and wanted to push her head deeper on my cock, but before I reached her she backed of leaving my cock rock hard and jumping up and down from excitement. I moan a no and hear a quiet laughter from under the table. I garbed my cock and wanted to give me a few strokes when pendik escort bayan she softly slapped my hand and the tip of my cock and heard her whispering: No no big boy you need to keep on working. So I removed my hand and started hitting random characters on my laptop I was really horny and just wanted to cum now. She slipped my cock inside her moth again and started to move her head up and down my cock while constantly moving her tongue inside her mouth around my dick. That was too much for me and I couldn’t hold it anymore and came inside her mouth. I came hard and felt several spurts of cum coming shooting of my dick. God was that good she didn’t stop moving her tongue until all my cum was inside her. I had closed my eyes and was completely sunken in that moment trying not to make any noise, when I suddenly felt her lips against mine and her tongue pushing in my mouth. Abrupt I tasted my own cum, realizing she was pushing my own cum load inside my mouth. Before I could do anything my mouth was full of my own cum. I never tasted my own cum so I was quite surprised and a bit shocked. When she released her lips from mine I wanted to get that cum outside of my mouth. But before I found something to spit in she put her hand over my mouth and whispered: You didn’t warn me so now you get it back. I wanted to back of but she put her other hand against the back of my head and whispered in my ear: If you want so see me again you have to swallow it, all of it big boy. A bit upset but still horny I started to swallow my own cum load. It took me two tries but in the end I had swallowed all may cum. She removed her hand and whispered: God boy I will see you again. Having said that she stood up and left. Confused I sat there with my soft dick lurking through my zipper and the taste of my own cum in my mouth. I rearranged my dick inside my trousers and packed my stuff. When I picked up the book on the floor I saw something green under my table and bend down to look closer. It were her bright green panties laying under my table. I grabbed them and realized they were made from silk and were moist. I took a quick sniff and they smelled good and definitely like that girl. Man now I need something to drink.

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