fun with a granny part 2

fun with a granny part 2Hi again im Micky a 14 year old black k** hope you read part 1 so i wont recap it right after i fucked and had my cock sucked by Vera a 71 year old granny in front of her husband i got a few of my friends together 6 boys and 2 girls and went round Veras house .Hi Vera said as i knocked on her door great you have bought some friends with you come on in as we all went into her living room Harry her 75 year old husband was still sitting in his armchair “hi guys “he said “want some more fun with my wife “yes please sir i said “just call me Harry ” he said ok Harry i said with a grin Vera bought us all a coke in hear you are guys a drink for you all .Right guys Vera said thought we would play a game i will give you all a number then Harry will pick a number out of this bucket the one which matches up can take part of what im wearing off hows that sound ?great we all shouted “lets get on with it then”Vera said pick a number Harry its number 5 Harry said ” thats me “leroy shouted come on then Leroy he stood up and took Veras jumper off next number 7 “me “said de de a little black girl said de de took off Veras skirt off leaving Vera in her bra and knickers next number is 2 “me canlı bahis ” said Alan he took off Veras bra wow we all said “shes got great tits guys “Harry said she sure has we all said right last number is 8 thats me Rose said she got behind Vera and worked her knickers down her legs and pulled them off now Vera stood stark naked in front of 8 k**s and her husband .” You guys like her hairy pussy “Harry asked its lovely we all said . Ok guys Vera said time for some fun im going to suck all your lovely cocks and lick the girls pussys “line up guys “we all got in line the first little boy had his shorts pulled down “thats a beautyfull cock “Vera said as she squeezed his cock in her hand Vera lifted his cock up and licked the underside then she put his cock in her mouth and sucked him he lasted just a min he came in Veras mouth “mmm thats the best taste in the world schoolboy cum “Vera said as she opened her mouth to show us all the cum in it then she drank it down “dont worry you will last longer next time “Vera told him .The next k** blasted her face with his cum as Vera worked her way down the line she took cum all over her face .The girls were next Vera worked her knickers down her tiny bets10 legs “my my ” what a cute pussy de de was jet black as Vera licked de des pussy she opened her pussy lips up and found her tiny clit and licked it de de moaned her legs trembled god that is amazing she panted and came all over Veras face with her girly cum .”MMM ” Vera said your juices are so sweet . All this time her husband was watching his wife suck and lick cock and pussy of the k**s Right time for you to fuck me now Vera said whos going first ?Me said Leroy ok how do you want to fuck me ?Vera asked Leroy doggy please Leroy said as Vera got on her hands and knees Leroy got behind Vera and put his cock right up Veras pussy and fucked her so hard her tits were flying about all over the place then with a grown he came inside Veras pussy he could feel her pussy milking his cock fucking hell he shouted that was amazing .Next guy did the same dumped his cum in her pussy then Mickys turn came he wanted to fuck her up the asshole so he did it had been years since she had been ass fucked Micky forced it up her asshole Vera was panting hard god her asshole was so tight Micky thought then he was balls deep in her asshole bets10 güvenilir mi Vera could feel his balls bouncing on her pussy lips then he came so hard he filled her asshole up with his cum .Poor Vera was a mess and there was still 2 guys and the girls to go the last 2 guys had her in the mouth and pussy at the same time .Then it was de des time to fuck Vera she got between Veras legs and put her tiny finger in Veras sopping wet pussy and found her clit she stroked her clit flicked it and pinched it Vera nearly jumped a foot in the air .All this time her husband was watching his wife getting fucked by the little k**s and loving it .More more Vera cried bite my clit de de Vera cried and de de did fucking hell Vera thought a 12 year old black girl is making me cum me a 71 year old granny with my husband watching me .Vera was bucking her hips as de de was nibbling her clit then de de stuck a finger up Veras asshole Vera went besherk she came so hard all over de des face with her girly cum .Thats was so nice de de Vera said thank you for making me cum so hard you made me cum de de said so i thought i would try and make you cum hard you sure did that Vera said best time for years guys you will have to come again .Vera had been fucked by 6 k**s 2 girls and she loved it just to finish off she cleaned all there cocks with her mouth thank guys Harry said she loved the fuckings you gave her see you all soon .part 3 later enjoy

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