Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 02

Big Cock

My response to their question was a resounding, Hell-Yes! It would give me a little more time to spend with Stephanie. The fact that there would be 3 other naked women at their house was icing on the cake. The e-mail indicated that Steph would be dropped off at the bar waiting for me, while Tom stayed home entertaining their friends, until we showed up.

I drove the hour up to the same hotel bar near their house on the interstate. My mind wandered back to our first encounter. I could feel a stirring in my pants. The anticipation of being with Steph, was also having an effect on me. That stirring turned into the beginning of an erection. Fortunately, I was able to control my emotions as I pulled into a parking space.

I walked into the bar and immediately saw her. Hell, Stevie Wonder could have seen her. Steph was on a barstool holding the attention of the bartender, a guy to her left, and a guy standing a little behind her. The cocktail dress she was wearing had a slit that began near her waist. Her entire right leg, from the top of her hip, along her thigh, right down to her ankle was exposed. Both of her shoulders and arms were uncovered, as well.

“Am I interrupting?” I asked. Steph turned and sprang off the bar stool into my arms. We held each other tightly. I could smell a strong scent of strawberries. Our lips met. This was not a family type hug and peck, there was meaning behind this kiss and embrace. When we separated I could taste her pink, strawberry lipstick.

Looking at her, I now knew why the men in the lounge were buzzing around her like bees near a hive. The entire front of her dress was open! Her nipples were the only part of her magnificent chest that couldn’t be seen. Under her throat was a large decorative button that fastened pieces of material from the back and from the front. Below her belly button was another matching button, functioning the same way. There was nothing in between those buttons, but skin.

“How is this possible?” I asked, pointing to her tits.

“My nipples are taped to the material inside the dress. I had to do that, otherwise after a few steps one or both of my girls would be making a bigger appearance,” she said with a laugh.

We ordered a couple of drinks and sat at a table. “You look amazing,” I said. “You left a lasting impression on me. It’s been very easy to get a hard-on, thinking about the last time we were together. I can honestly say that you are without a doubt the most sensuous woman I know. For the record, I would say that even if we hadn’t had sex with each other.”

Grabbing my hand an squeezing it lightly, she responded, “You made me feel good about myself. I dress a lot more sexy than I did before we met. I only wear panties, when there’s a need. I’ve stopped wearing bras. Tommy gets blown at least once a day. He sometimes has a hard time, pardon the pun, keeping up with me. I think about you a lot, especially the tender way you made love to me. It doesn’t take me long to have an orgasm, when I rub my clit and think about the way you fucked me in front of Tommy.”

Steph mecidiyeköy escort continued, “Speaking of Tommy, he thought it would be a good Idea that we spend some time together. We have a room. There are ice cubes in a bucket and a bottle of scotch waiting for us. We’ve got plenty of time before we go home. One of the couples is running a little late. Come on, let’s go.”

She grabbed my hand, just like 3 months ago, and we walked to the elevators. Every eye in the bar was on her, and with each step she squeezed my hand a little tighter. Once inside the elevator, she pushed the floor button and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. She didn’t crush her chest against me, she just melted in my arms. I could feel her heartbeat on my chest. There was no need for any extra touching or groping. We both new what was in store for us, once we closed the door to our room.

Standing in front of me near the bed, Steph once again kissed me. I could have been content holding her like this, while our tongues renewed the same sensations we experienced a few months ago. She broke the embrace and with hands quicker than David Copperfield’s, the 2 front buttons and the one on her waist came undone. Steph’s cocktail dress cascaded silently to the floor. Her 69 year old body can only be described as stunning. She looked like she had lost some weight. Her hips still flared out, but not as much as the last time I saw her. The area between her legs was completely hairless. Her pussy was smooth and inviting. “You like?” she asked. I just nodded.

Once again, she stepped into my arms and began kissing me. This time with light sensual pecks on my lips. My hands explored her her hips and ass. Her breathing quickened, and she let out almost inaudible sighs when I ran my hands along the outside of her tits and across her nipples. Our tongues danced inside each other’s mouth. She ran her tongue along my upper and lower lip, then forcefully pressed her lips to mine.

She stepped back, and began undoing the buttons on my shirt. She kissed my chest as she worked her way to my pants. With my shirt off, she licked circles around my nipples. My hands continued to slowly rub the sides of her large tits, as she reached for my pants. My belt was undone, my zipper pulled down, and I stepped out of my pants. The bulge in my underwear was apparent. When she pulled down my underwear, my dick sprang to attention, pointing directly at the ceiling.

Steph, pulled my foreskin back exposing my deep purple head. She began licking and sucking just the head. Slowly, she slid her mouth completely over my hard dick. I could feel her lips touching my body down by the base of my dick. Sensing I was about to cum, she took me out of her mouth. A long strand of pre-cum connected the tip of my dick to her lips.

“They’ll be plenty of opportunities for me to swallow your cum, later tonight. Take me from behind.” Between halting breaths, she continued, “I’ve been waiting three months to have you shoot your hot cum inside me.”

She nişantaşı escort knelt down on her hands and knees, near the edge of the bed. The last time we were together she was in the same area of the bed, but on her back. I slide my rock hard dick along her pussy, right up to her ass-hole. She began bucking her plump ass begging me to make her cum. I backed away and gently spread her cheeks. I ran my tongue along the inside of her ass. Her bucking increased.

“Please fuck me now. I’m about to cum, but I want you inside of me when that happens,” she pleaded. I placed the head of my dick at the opening of her wet gash, grabbed her hips, and slid in. Once again, I couldn’t get over the fact that her love tunnel was tighter than most women in their 20’s.

Each thrust from me was accompanied by a loud moan from her. The sound of me sliding in and out of her was mesmerizing, I placed my thumb on her little brown opening and applied light pressure. Her little opening was as wet as her pussy. We were in a great rhythm when she cried out, “Oh-My-God!” Her ass began bouncing all over the place. I slid my thumb in her ass-hole as her legs began to quiver. I couldn’t take anymore, and deposited three of four jets of warm cum deep inside her. When her orgasm ended, I withdrew my thumb from her ass-hole and my dick from her sensitive, wet pussy. My still hard dick was covered in my own cum, and her love juice. She told me to lay back and with a hand between her legs, she walked away from me. I watched her plump backside disappear into the bathroom.

I could hear water running. Steph returned with a warm face cloth and a hand towel. She expertly wipe my balls, dick, and lower body with the warm cloth. That was followed by the hand towel. She knelt between my legs and started licking my balls. Slowly, she worked up to my dick. She rubbed her big tits all over my lower body and gradually worked her way up to my chest. Once there, she grabbed on to the headboard and positioned a thigh on either side of my head.

Steph rocked her wet gash from my chin to my nose. The scent of strawberries was prevalent here as well. I stuck my tongue out and her pace quickened. The more she rocked, the wetter she got. I ran my hands up and down her hips. I squeezed her plump ass, when I could. Once again her sighs turned into low moans. As she got closer to another climax, those moans grew louder.

She climaxed on my face, coating me with her sweet tasting wetness. Once again she told me to relax, and she went to the bathroom. She returned with a second warm wash cloth and hand towel. Kneeling next to me she wiped her discharge off my face. She lowered her lips to mine and kissed me passionately. This was the kiss of a partner to her lover. We were on the edge of being more than just friends with benefits.

Steph snuggled in the crook of my arm. Her finger hand made small circles around my nipples. I glided my hand up and down her hip. She positioned a leg on my thigh and I could feel heat coming from her pussy.

I broke the otele gelen escort silence by asking her, “Are you ready for tonight?”

“Sure,” was her response. “Tommy’s been planning this for months, but I think I’ll be the real winner.” Her hand was now gently rubbing my hardening dick. “You probably guessed that over the years, Tommy wasn’t much of a lover. We’ve been together since high school. During our best times having sex, just the tip of his cock touched me. Over the years, I’ve buried dildos and vibrators inside me, or I would finger myself to a climax. Your cock, a few months ago, was the only one to fully penetrate me. Tommy would cum from a blowjob. So, I am ready. Altho, I wouldn’t mind staying here with you, until we had to check out in the morning.”

My dick was getting harder by the second, hearing the sexiness of her voice, the sighs between sentences, and the expert touch she was administering. She eventually had me rock hard again.

“Well now, what’s going on here? Would you like to cum one more time before the party? Or, would you like to save something for my girlfriends?” she asked with a giggle.

As much as I also would have liked to stay, we needed to get dressed and be on our way. “Let’s get going. If we wait too long, that rosy glow you’re sporting will fade,” I said. I kissed her on the forehead, and we rolled off the bed.

We dressed, left the room key, took the scotch, and made our way to the parking lot. Hand in hand we walked to the car. Nothing was said, but sometimes, silence speaks volumes. At the car, she suddenly threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. The front of my pants was beginning to tent.

“If you don’t behave yourself, we’ll never make it to your house,” I said.

With a heavy sigh, she said, “Take a right out of the parking lot, party-pooper and exit right at the first ramp. At the third light, bang a left. Our house will be halfway down that street. Tommy had everyone leave a spot in the driveway for us. There should be three cars in the street, in front of the house.”

Traffic was light and they really did live close to the hotel. It didn’t take us long to get to her house. We pulled into the driveway, and sat looking at one another.

“A penny for your thought,” I said.

Laughing she said, “I hope I’m not leaving a wet spot on your seat!”

I helped Steph out of my car, and this time, I was the one to initiate a kiss. We stood in the driveway, basking in the light from the street lamp, and kissed passionately. Just like in the elevator, there was no need for touching and groping.

She asked with a laugh, “Now, who’s not behaving?”

We entered the house, and could hear soft music playing behind the din of people talking below us. We heard the sounds of a small group of people enjoying themselves. We couldn’t hear what was being said, but we could hear ice tinkling in glasses and people laughing.

At the top of the stairs, Stephanie said, “What happens next, is for Tommy. What’s happened up until now was for me. Please hold me in your arms, one more time, and kiss me.” I did as she asked, while running my hands all over her ass. Her breathing began to quicken. I kissed the top of each shoulder, and ran my hands over her hard nipples.

Before we broke our embrace, I whispered in her ear, “It’s show time, baby. You go first and make a grand entrance.”

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